Attacking Dating Campaigns from All Creative and Traffic Sources

The online dating niche has always been one of the hottest markets and there will always be a strong demand for sign ups and money to be made. It’s also an extremely easy niche to break into and understand, thanks to extreme demographic targeting options available through networks like Facebook Ads and Plenty of Fish. However, this doesn’t mean at all that it’s easy to make a quick profit. Just like other saturated and competitive niches, it will take a lot of time, skill and money on your part to master the many different ways to build out ad campaigns, target your audience and create conversions.

One of the most lucrative and effective reasons why online dating is so attractive to affiliate marketers is that you are paid a nice commission to get people to sign up for a free account, and there is also a world of possibilities for promoting different dating sites, which may target their audience based on location, gender, sexual preference or special interests.

Dating Gold is one of the largest dating networks and while they do focus on the more resique and adult dating web sites, they do provide an amazing arsenal and ad copy that really compares to no other. Anyone who signs up become an affiliate of their dating network will see they have a full selection of ad copy and creatives, covering everything from Banners, Peel Ads, IM Popup Generator, Flash Ads, IFrame Join Form, IFrame Generator, IFrame Template, RSS Feeds, Text Ads, Pop-Under Advertisement, Hosted Galleries, WordPress Themes, GoogleMap Banner and E-Mail ad copy. Best of all, there isn’t just a handful of different creatives available for each promotion type, but there are hundreds of banners and other choices to choose from.

With all of that in mind, let’s cover some of the most effective and creative ways for you to build out your dating ad campaigns for all different types of dating offers.

Facebook Ads

Ever since Facebook released their self serve advertising platform a few years ago, it quickly changed everything for how effective and easy it is for anyone to create killer dating campaigns. You now have the ability to target who sees your ads based on if they are married, single, divorced, what gender they are looking for, their age and of course any interests they might have. Being able to access and target this type of information is amazing for anyone pushing dating offers. This means you can use creative images and create landing pages that match specifically with the audience you are looking to try and convert.

Without giving away too much information on current dating ads being displayed on Facebook Ads, you can get a good idea of the many different niche and demographic targeted campaigns that are currently floating around on the massive social network. Nearly anything is targetable. There are also plenty of tools out there which make the spying capability possible, which will allow you to see how people are targeting difference audiences with their dating offers.

It’s also important to note that advertising on Facebook and Plenty of Fish with “adult” and “risque” landing pages and dating offers isn’t allowed, but generic and clean dating offers will get approved in most cases.

Plenty of Fish

After Facebook Ads launch with their own self serve advertising platform, Plenty of Fish dating network soon did the same. This opened up a whole new world of opportunity for dating affiliates, and everyone on the POF network signed up to specifically find someone to date! Throw in the amazing self serve advertising and demographic targeting options of Facebook, and even more dating specifics such as body type, hair color, pet ownership and much more… let’s just say POF has been a god send for many affiliate marketers out there.

Media Buying, Banner Ads and iFrames

In addition to the success many affiliates have found through advertising offers on social networks, there is still another world out there for even more conversions and massive traffic. Media buying with CPV and PPV advertising has done extremely well with dating offers. Banner ads and text advertising are still old school and traditional methods, but they are still key components for creating campaigns that turn profits. Lastly, through the use of geotargeting and iframes, you can create your own white label dating offers to match any form of advertising and key in on any potential dating niches you can think of. Media buying is one of the best ways to promote DatingGold offers, as they are more adult oriented and you can focus your efforts and targeting on reaching the right audiences.

GeoTargeting is Still Key

As online marketers we know all of the silly tricks to get people to convert and take immediate action, and nothing grabs attention more than landing pages that reference “People in Your Area” and actually list the city/state that you are in. This tactic is several years old, but it’s still used today and still works like a charm. Something DatingGold is using on many of their landing pages is incorporating Google Maps, which allows for even better targeting and visual persuasion.

Creating Targeted Landing Pages

What do all of the marketing methods above share in common? They all perform best when a landing page is used in the process. Dating is a very competitive niche and pre-selling your audience is key. Creating a targeted ad on Facebook of Plenty of Fish that says one thing, then sends your visitor to a generic dating page is going to kill your conversions. The key is to lead your audience through a funnel process and get them to your actual dating sign up or money page with the same concept that made them click your ad in the first place. This is referred to as behavior advertising and there is a full post written up on how to target your audience and keep them hooked with your ad creatives, then landing page, then actual sign up page.

While keeping dating landing pages in mind, it’s always good to make sure that you keep up with the latest trends and methods that are being used to convert visitors into signups. Be sure to check out my other post called 7 Kick Ass Landing Page Tips for the Dating Niche, which shows examples of how many other dating networks are creating their landing pages to increase conversions.

What Dating Payouts and Structures are Best?

Just like any affiliate offer, payouts and conversions will vary heavily. The key is finding the best dating offers and landing pages that work for you. DatingGold has four big names in their network for promotion, and as an affiliate you also get to choose how you would like to earn a commission for each. You can see a breakdown of the different offers and payout options below.

Many dating offers on affiliate networks will pay a flat sign up per free sign up. If you have really great converting traffic, you could be missing out on some nice money from actual sales and rev share. These are some nice bonuses that Dating Gold allows their affiliates to choose from.

If you’ve been busy promoting offers in the dating niche and looking to expand your profits and promotions to new areas, be sure to sign up with Dating Gold and see how they can help increase your conversions and overall profits.

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