AuctionAds Earns BIG in June

Written by Zac Johnson
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Time again for the latest installment of AuctionAd’s monthly performance report. During May I was able to send over 3 MILLION impressions to AuctionAds $216.27 in commissions. Unfortunately the average earnings per click was below .01 per click. I said I would continue to run the offer through June to see if numbers improve, since the new eBay commissions were coming into play. I am happy to say I sent over 10 MILLION ad impressions to AuctionAds during June and was able to earn a sweet $1,691.42! The best part is I went from earning less than a penny per click in May to over .03 per click in June!

I look forward to seeing how July turns out. With the summer slowness, I might see a drop in overall traffic (ad impressions), but what will continually matter most is the earnings per click. AuctionAds has been a nice addition to my revenue stream, and I was able to implement the ads so I didn’t have to actually remove any other offers! How sweet is that!? Monetize, monetize, monetize!

Lastly, I will try and meet up with Jeremy Schoemaker at Affiliate Summit and see if I can get any advice on improving my already awesome numbers. As stated on his blog a few weeks ago, they are paying around $500k a month in commissions. I would imagine the vast majority of affiliates on AuctionAds are earning quite minimal amounts, especially with the free $5 signup incentive offered by so many networks and forums. While $500k is a decent amount of commissions to pay out per month, I would still like to consider myself one of the higher earners on the network. It would be interesting to see the type of sites that are earning $10k+ a month with AuctionAds, based on their traffic, earnings per click and what the high targeting keywords are. I think it would be really cool if AuctionAds added a top performers list for each month, displaying their top 10 earners. No need to show the site urls/names… just the amounts. This way no secrets are lost… just some pure motivation for existing affiliates! 🙂

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16 Replies to “AuctionAds Earns BIG in June”

  1. Im actually earning a bit more with this now too… its apple and oranges compared to what your earning, but on good days its a few bucks

  2. Hmm, maybe I'm missing something here.

    But are you earning 3 cents per click?

    Like, adsense pays at least 10 cents per click.

    What's the point then?

    1. This is so old. However, I kinda think running another additional adsense banner (that is, if you don't run 3 already) would have made more than running AuctionAds in its place. Whatever.

  3. Maybe you should put some efforts into increase the CTR? The numbers are good but .52 is pretty low. Even getting it to 1% would give you a huge boost in earnings.

    10 Million impressions is insane. Good incentive to build my own traffic.

  4. 10 million impressions? Crap in a hat! By my reckoning I'll not be getting my $1500 AuctionAds cheque for another 20 years!

    Good to see it's working out for you, though. I'm still struggling to find a way to really make it work for me. I've made a few bucks from it but not enough to make it worthwhile.

  5. Great job. I read your earlier post and was afraid you would drop auction ads. I am by no means in your league but I do at least get paid every month from Auction Ads. It is the only payment level I am making every month right now.

  6. Correct me if I'm wrong but if someone clicks on an auction, it can take up untill they make a winning bid before you actually get money right?

    1. There is a 30 day cookie. Since auctions are always ongoing and usually in a few days process, it would take some time to reflect commissions. My numbers are all over the place during the course of the month.

  7. Bob – Yeah it’s based on winning bids but there’s a 30 day cookie so even if they miss out on the original click, so long as they make a winning bid within the next 30 days you’ll get some wedge.

    1. I was wondering the exact same thing. Obviously I am overlooking something though. Perhaps they are on other sites, or landing pages?

  8. Wow this encourages me. I'm trying to find good and numerous types of revenue streams. This is a good thing to hear. I may use them.

  9. That $1690 a pretty good money on top all other sources of income. Sounds encouraging. Man, 10 million impressions is a lot..

  10. Видел репортаж в новостях по ТВ. Долго ржал 🙂 Все гениальное просто!

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