AuctionAds: Free $25 Signup Bonus

AuctionAds is back on the prowl and looking to regain the reputation they originally had, as one of the fastest and most intriguing affiliate programs around. As I’ve reported in the past, AuctionAds has had their share of problems. Issues with downtime, stats tracking problems, heavy drops in earnings and not fixing their problems earlier really made a decent amount of their affiliates think about if they want to continue running AuctionAds on their sites. Over the past few months I have seen all of these problems myself, but I have made some decent money on the side with this program as well. As much as I would like to see the program succeed and continue to earn, first impressions mean a lot, and for anyone new to the network over the past month or two… I would also be skeptical.

However… AuctionAds is on the rise and looking to make their network even better and more profitable than ever. In a new release from the company, they are now paying more and promise the network will be up to the standards that are expected. Here are some new incentives AuctionAds is offering:

FEATURE: New flashier HOT ad creatives for you to choose from.
RESPONSE: I went into detail on this feature in my previous AuctionAds post.

FEATURE: We have increased our affiliate payout from 2% of all referred publisher revenue for six months up to 5% of all referred publisher revenue for six months.
RESPONSE: This is great to hear, but even more than the percentage increase, I would like to have actual ids and tracking on the referrals sent over. I know that I have sent 20+ referrals to the AuctionAds network, but no idea on who they were and if any of them had made any money. We need stats tracking on affiliate referrals.

FEATURE: New publishers just need to sign up and they will receive a balance of $25 automatically. Please note if you signed up with us previously and have never earned a payout we will bump your current balance to $25 too!
RESPONSE: Cash always does well to bring in new affiliates, but you will need to earn another $25 in actual commissions, as payment minimums are now at $50.

I just recently added AuctionAds back to my network of sites after testing some other offers for a little over a week. I wasn’t too impressed with the other programs numbers, so I logged into AuctionAds and created some new banners with their new flashy creatives. I personally think the other ad copy would pull more clicks since you can integrate it into your content, but I’m here to test for you and show you the results. I would love to see the $1,000+ numbers I used to generate per month with AuctionAds… I’ll keep you updated on the programs performance if their improvements have helped overall numbers.

If you haven’t already tried AuctionAds, be sure to apply and your account will be credited with your free $25 signup bonus. Then simply throw a few banners up on your site and meet the $50 payment requirement.

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  1. Man, EVERYONE is talking about this AuctionAds promotion.

    In your experience, what's the best type of landing page to have for these things? Or do you already have a post explaining it?


  2. I just Build an Arcade website (

    and I wish my numbers look like Zac's..

    Iam using Auction Ads as my main source of income for this arcade website.

    the cool thing about Auction Ads is that your able to use as many Ad units with no limit. I am currently using over 30 + ad units on my site check it out to get an idea of how iam using Auction Ads. wish me luck


  3. I just saw your impression count – nice! 😀

    Mine's on "1"!!

    Though I'm not actually showing AuctionAds, I just signed up to refer people =D

  4. AA is so F'd-up i cant believe it.. I went from almost $1k/month to $16/month.. and i havnt seen a dime from my almost 100 referrals.. referral earnings are supposed to show up in your "none" reporting category.. but the funny thing is, if you remove the ads from your site, your earnings drop to zero.. where's the referral earnings now?

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