AuctionAds Mid-June Performance Update

Since last month’s update, I have seen a complete turn around in AuctionAds performance. Today we are at the mid-way point for the month of June, and I wanted to keep you updated on my performance. In my AuctionAds May Performance post, I mentioned "I would really like to see end of the month earnings around $750 and a little more than a penny earned per click." Since we are now halfway into the month (and actually two days in stats behind) and I have already nearly hit my target for the month, I am more than happy to continue running the AuctionAds campaigns on my site. Below is a rundown of the month so far.

Right on target to hit my monthly goal… in half the time!

I really can’t wait until AuctionAds improve their tracking setup (if they plan to). It’s really frustrating to see the first three days of the month in the $50 to $99 area… then on the 4th I only product $2.70 in commissions. I emailed their support and they said it was just a "coincidental down day". However, with consistently sending over 2,000 clicks a day and CTR rates always in the same area, I would just like a little more stats or explanation on what caused this. I understand sometimes there are down days, but the sporadic jumping of a down day at $2.70 days and a few high days in the area of $99.84 leaves one to wonder.

Unfortunately, I’m still hearing a lot of people not being able to produce high earnings with the program. All I can say is, KEEP TESTING! I have a lot of traffic to play with, so if you are a smaller site and seeing low numbers, I can understand. Testing can be very frustrating, and even more so when your stats are not what you expected. I went through this process last month when I started running the program. I still feel eBay’s higher commission structure that went live this month, had a major factor in my higher numbers.

I’ll keep you updated on how numbers are looking at the end of the month. Feel free to leave any comments or advice for others on your AuctionAds performance.

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  1. Great stuff, it does seem quite funny that that day dropped so much. I’ve just started using Auction Ads myself, and I think it would be nice if the reporting included a breakdown of the commissions, ie. the value of each bit of commission and what it was for (purchase, sale, new user etc)

  2. Hi Zac,

    I only started using Auction Ads a few days ago. No sales yet but I didn’t expect a whole lot to show up yet. I suspect Auction Ads would be much better on product websites than webmaster related websites.

    You have a lot of traffic to work with but I’m wondering if you would be better off with Adsense in those spots? Even at an average of 5 sent a click from Adsense you would be making almost double what you are making now. Even CPM banners might make you a lot more. Sending traffic away at an ave of about 2.5 cent a click seems almost like a waste.

    By the way, thanks for dropping by my blog. My own AuctionAds review is here:

  3. Hey Tim,

    I’m running AuctionAds in some secondary ad spots… so anything it makes is really just gravy. I would also recommend Adsense over AuctionAds if you had to make a decision between the two.

  4. Hi Zac,
    It is always so much powerful to see the results than just opinions and talk. My blog is fairly new 30 days and I am not doing any monetization on it yet, well the blog is more of an my web business building experince.

    Thanks for being transparent

  5. I went from changing my ad banner size, and just placing one larger button on the sidebar, and I’m still making some change from it.

    It seems like it’s actually been better than the complete site wide ads

  6. How do you get so many Traffic Zac ?
    to produce so many hits …

    do you have multiple websites you run the ads ?

    I would love to have that many traffic to play around with

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