AuctionAds Performance Update

I just logged into my AuctionAds account to see if anything has changed from yesterday’s stats. Looks like we are seeing some updates, and a big one at that! While not that large in revenue, it is large compared to the stats I was looking at yesterday. From the new report shown below, you can see a new commission of $8.82 was added on the 13th. You will also notice, the program received the most clicks and impressions this day as well. If stats are fully updated for that day, unfortunately we are still looking at less than .01 per click. Low cpms can usually be increased with better site placement of ads, but with volume cpc averages are usually consistant. I will need to see some high commission days soon for this program to keep it running. Will need to refer a few new members to ebay, that’s where the higher commissions come in. I will continue to run the offer til the end of the month, hoping to see earnings of at least .03 per click.

Since a little life was shown today for AuctionAds, I decided to throw the offer up on one of my gaming web sites. The listing on the new site will not have that great of site placement or volume, but should be enough to provide more stats should prove useful. I will keep you updated on how the program is doing. Also, same as last time… if anyone else is running AuctionAds, please comment to this post and let me know how it’s performing on your end.

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  1. Looks like you're improving a little. I would have really liked to see JohnChow's monthly earnings with auction ads. He had said that he was going to replace his TTZ ones with AuctionAds. But because of that one post, he got banned 4 days into it, and now he sold the spot to someone. Oh well.

    1. I'm sure he cashed in on the flat monthly placement than testing AuctionAds. I would think most visitors to his site are more interested in content, then intent to buy/ebay browse.

      1. Yeah, I would like to see John make a techy site other than the one he already has, and see him make a design around affiliates and see how much money he can make. Because there are quite a few programs out there that show electronic stuff in ads. He could benefit from that a lot and make a ton of money.

  2. well your update makes it a little more worthwhile to try, as well as that TLA is offering a 5$ sign up bonus if you use it

    1. I also saw that email from TLA today for the $5. It's a win-win for AuctionAds. Checks don't go out til you earn a minimum $10 in commissions, but is a sure bet to bring in a ton of new publishers/affiliates.

      1. yeah i dont see it too difficult earning 5$ at least eventually. I may just throw it into our sidebar or somewhere and see how it performs from there

    1. Good news for publisher but I am not longer using Auctionads because my blog is not stuff/gadget-based and U.S. visitors is not my major traffic.

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