August 2008 Blog Revenue Report

We are down to the last few “Blog Revenue Reports” for the blog, as the case study comes to an end with November 2008’s report… making it a full 1 year case study. When I first started, I never would have expected it to be as promising and valuable as it is today. It’s simply amazing how many people are reading the blog, and the amount of exposure it’s given to me. Now whenever I attend an event or conference, everyone is telling me how they read the blog. That is just awesome!

Back to the blog report… July’s numbers came in at $4,101.18 profit and a break down of this month’s numbers are below.


– Affiliate Sales/Referrals: $2,774.88
– Private Ad Sales: $1,333.33
Total Revenue: $4,108.21

– Miva Ad Campaign: $101.60
Total Costs: $101.60

Total Blog Income for August 2008: $4,006.61

The only ad costs I have running on the site right now is for the Miva campaign I setup months ago. I was sure that I turned off the “auto-replenish” of funds, but apparently not… so they gigged me for another $250 into my balance. Once that is depleted I will close out the traffic from Miva.

For the most part, the numbers between July and August are nearly identical. The blog generated over $4,000 in profit again, so hopefully that is the bottom and low amount for the blog to hit. I expect much larger numbers for the month of September, not only because it’s when things start picking up again… but I’m also determined to write at least one post every day. So far it has been going well, but it is quite a job to accomplish. I’m looking forward to seeing the final numbers for the September.

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  1. Really hard to believe that you make more than maybe $100 on your private ad sales since all your "ad spot" are just rotating affiliate links. I haven't seen one real advertiser on this site ever. No reason to publish your supposed earning when there is no way for anyone to verify the numbers. Just warning the newbs.

  2. Wow…these are nice numbers! It doesn't even seem like you are pushing the affiliate sales on your readers at all! Where is this money coming from?

  3. I sincerely hope you don’t stop posting your blog revenue reports just because you finish your one-year cast study with it.

    I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I’d definitely love to see them continue past November.

    Secondly, it shouldn’t be too far off that your blog hits the 5-digit mark and brings in $10,000 a month. I’m pretty sure you could get there within a few months if you monetized your blog a bit more, although I know that’s not one of your prime concerns

  4. Have you really found success with Miva? I opened an account with them last month, but their live help was a joke when I needed assistance. It appears all of their staff are foreign workers who can't comprehend the English language. I was very disappointed.

  5. What's so cool about being a blogger is that the expenses are allmost non-existent. Outside of direct labor (which btw, IS the largest expense), wordpress is free and bandwidth is just a drop in the bucket. Great numbers there bud.

  6. Is there a way for you to know how much of the refferals money is coming from new (this month) refferals and how much people you reffered 4 months ago? That'd give a better representation of how you did this month.

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