Tips for Integrating Chatbots into your Marketing Strategy

We have all been on a website and had a chat box pop up and ask us if there is anything that we need help with. More often than not, the person who we start chatting to is not a person at all. Chatbots are computer programs that have been designed to have a conversation with a person in a way that makes it seem they are talking to another person. How natural the conversation will be depends on the sophistication of the chatbot technology. Chatbots are useful tools for all kinds of businesses and can provide a number of marketing benefits. 

This article will explain four useful tips for integrating chatbots into your business marketing strategy.

Choose the right chatbot to suit your needs

The first thing you must do when planning to integrate chatbots into your marketing strategy is to identify your goals. The type of chatbot that you will need to use will depend on the objectives that you set out to achieve. A simple chatbot can be used to answer frequently asked questions. They are easy to design and implement and will recognize keywords and phrases in questions and will be able to give the appropriate answer from a pre-programmed list. uses a relatively unsophisticated chatbot to answer FAQs about hotel check-in policies, payment options and other basic information. The chatbot’s answers use natural language like “How can I help you?” or “Is there anything else today?” More complex engagements require a more highly sophisticated ai chatbot which is able to learn from dialogues in order to engage with customers at a far superior level. AI chatbots can be used at every stage of an outreach marketing campaign. AI chatbots are able to evaluate leads and determine whether that lead is a potential customer. Not all people who show interest in your product or visit your website are genuine potential customers and so a sophisticated AI chatbot are able to hone in on the best quality leads which will enable you to more accurately target your marketing campaign. Once a lead has been determined to be a potential customer, chatbots can be used to make the initial sales approach and analyze customer responses. Sophisticated AI chatbots will learn what approach customers react positively to and are designed to adapt accordingly.

Use chatbots for 24/7 customer enquiries

As in the case of Booking,com as explained above, one of the easiest but also most effective ways to use chatbots is to answer customer enquiries. One huge benefit of this is that you can respond to customers any time of the day without having to hire extra staff to deal with out of hours enquiries. A simple chatbot can be integrated into your business’s website through a built-in messenger tool and customers can make direct enquiries without having to email or call you. Customers have been shown to much prefer the back and forth interaction with a chatbot rather than a traditional FAQ page on your website. Facebook offers a chatbot service to businesses through the Facebook Messenger program and can be used either on their Facebook business page or integrated directly onto their website. This service can answer customer queries about operating hours, give online quotes, and take food orders for restaurants that offer delivery services.

Use chatbots for fun customer interaction

Chatbots can be used for far more than just given information or answering customer enquiries and one great way to integrate chatbots into your marketing strategy is to create an enjoyable customer experience. You only need to look at how people chat to Siri or Alexa to see that a conversation with a chatbot can be really fun. A fun chatbot experience can help to create a good feeling towards your brand or business. Fashion brands use visually-aided chatbots to enhance the customer experience. The chatbot assists online shoppers through each step of the process in the same way a stylist would, asking questions like “What kind of collar do you prefer?” and then showing the customer different photos to choose from which would then take the chatbot onto the next step, and so on until the perfect fashion item is chosen. Visually-aided chatbots are also great for recipe websites where users can choose different ingredients and the chatbot can suggest other compatible ingredients and popular recipes. Identifying what your customers would enjoy and designing your chatbots accordingly is key to integrating chatbots into your marketing strategy.

Match the chatbot’s tone with your products or services

Whilst the whole point of chatbots is to imitate a person, it is important that it is designed to communicate in a way that is in fitting with your business and the chatbot’s purpose. What this means in practice is that a chatbot should speak in the same way that you or your employees would speak if it was you who was having the interaction. For recipe or fashion websites, the tone of the chatbot can be informal and even playful. Added little remarks will make the customer experience more fun. Take the recipe and fashion website examples, a little comment from the chatbot like “That sounds delicious!” or “That style would really suit you!” can enhance the experience. In the example, it is not necessary to add little comments like these as people are just looking for important information and could be annoyed by unnecessary chatbot exclamations. Some businesses require chatbots with a far more formal tone in order to convey a more serious message or service. Lawfirms, for example, who use chatbots for client enquiries should integrate polite and informative chatbots that communicate with clients in the same way that anybody working at the law firm would. Likewise, visually-aided chatbots should not be used for businesses like these where a serious and professional impression needs to be made.

Chatbots are a brilliantly innovative way to enhance your customer experience and there are a huge number of ways to integrate them into a comprehensive marketing strategy. The evolution of chatbots is changing how businesses reach out to potential new customers and how businesses and customers engage with each other. Identify your chatbot needs and integrate a chatbot that meets your marketing objectives and fits your business’s message.

12 Ways to Keep Your Employees Protected at Work

EHS is a general term for rules, standards, programs, and regulations that may protect the safety of employees and members of the public from work-related environmental hazards. There are lots of ways that organizations can protect their employees. Organizations can use EHS programs to identify, monitor and control existing, and potential work-related hazards in healthy ways. Even though there are lots of EHS programs, they aren’t enough.

Organizations must also implement certain strategies to promote safety. Keep reading to learn about a few ways that you can keep your EHS employees protected at work. 

1.      Use the Right Programs

Managing your paperwork for training, audits, and reporting can be a challenge. Without the right program, your employees may be overwhelmed. Find EHS software that can streamline transparency and document management. Some of the most important things to look for in the software include; safety, custom tracking, compliance, and modern tools. 

With the right EHS management system, it is for organizations to comply with the existing regulations, and detect the risk of adverse events that may harm employees. EHS managers that focus on operational excellence save money in the long-run. Prioritizing employee health and safety may increase their productivity. 

Companies that leverage technology for good performance can minimize work-related injuries and illnesses. They can reduce their environmental impact and safety concerns. The right software can reduce emergency work almost completely. 

2.      Understanding the Existing Environmental, Health and Safety Concerns

It is impossible to address EHS concerns if you don’t understand them. The management must put in some effort to understand existing threats and how to address them. Come up with ways to define and document EHS policies depending on your organization’s needs. Do your research and come up with an EHS policy that can:

  • Mitigate losses that may arise from accidents or serious occupational exposures
  • Improve EHS performance
  • Comply with the existing regulations

Once you understand your policy and come up with a policy statement, review and revise it regularly depending on the changing needs. Top management must continue researching to detect emerging changes. That way, they can ensure that employees are always protected.

3.      Employee Education 

One of the most effective ways to protect your employees is by educating them. Lack of proper information is one of the main causes of security breaches. If they don’t have correct information about proper online behavior, the use of personal protective equipment, and data sharing. All security strategies should have employees as the lowest common denominator. Their education is not only important for the safety of your organization but for them as well. All organizations must use training programs that work. Even though it can be difficult to evaluate the effectiveness of a training program, you must come up with a strategy that works. Safety must be a part of your corporate culture. 

Whether you plan on creating new regulations or enforcing the existing ones, you must have the assurance that all employees have understood them. Two-way communication is important for this. Employees should have the chance to seek clarification where necessary. Consider requesting that they all sign an acknowledgment. That way, you can hold them accountable if they fail to observe the guidelines. 

4.      Create a Safe Environment

Ensure that your employees work in an environment that is free of hazards. Identify the hazards in your place of work and the possible ways to address them. Some of the most important things to do include:

  • Minimizing hazards
  • Getting rid of falling objects
  • Training your employees about the proper use of tools
  • Training employees about cybersecurity, and how to identify threats

All employers have the responsibility to assess their environment and determine the appropriate PPE. When trying to make the workplace safe for employees, there are a few gaps to be considered. They include Regulatory compliance, near-miss tracking, integration, automation, and visibility. 

5.      Update Your Policies 

Having policies in place is not enough. You must update them regularly to keep up with the emerging threats. They should outline everything that your employees need to know. This includes security threats and how to handle them. Your policy should cover:

  • Visits by non-employees and how to handle them
  • What areas are off-limit?
  • Are there times when you need to heighten restrictions?
  • How can visitors obtain authorization?
  • What are the restrictions for employees, if any
  • Visitor identification-should they provide a photo ID, pass, or badge? Do they need to be escorted?
  • Can employees on leave visit?
  • Can employees leave during non-working hours?
  • How should former employees be treated?

6.      Be Proactive

Being proactive allows you to solve problems before they happen. Take steps to address the welfare of your employees and protect your company against attacks. Your IT department should have effective strategies to control the access data, control your encryption keys, and encrypt private data. Encourage your employees to be proactive as well. Think about their environment, health, and safety ahead of time and make appropriate plans to protect them. One of the best ways to be proactive is by using software application that can:

  • Manage EHS training
  • Help in the management of your employee health and safety 
  • Help in incident investigation
  • Manage spill response

With the right software, you can stay on top of all emerging issues. Set up regular audits to identify existing and potential hazards. Even though OSHA does not require companies to perform self- audits, they are a great way to determine where your organization stands. The extent and type of audit you perform depends on your needs. Plan for inspections, hazard and exposure assessment, permits, event investigations, and employee feedback. Do not wait until you have a problem.

7.      Enforcing the Guidelines

EHS managers invest a lot of time and effort in creating safety guidelines for their employees. However, it is useless to have rules if they cannot be implemented. The guidelines exist to promote better working environments for employees and safeguard the interests of an organization. 

Come up with a clear and effective strategy for guideline enforcement. It should be fair and consistent. If employees fail to comply with the existing guidelines, there should be consequences. Come up with a clear disciplinary system to discourage non-compliance. 

Alternatively, managers may come up with an incentive system to reward compliant employees. 

8.      Proper Incident Management

All companies must have the skills and tools to keep records of workplace injuries and illnesses. They must be able to identify health concerns and track progress in addressing them. Without the right incident management tips in place, an organization may lose its employees. The remaining employees may have low morale and productivity. 

Companies with reliable incident management techniques have good corporate images. They are likely to attract some of the top talents in their industries. 

OSHA’s Recordkeeping regulation states that covered employers must prepare and maintain the records of all major occupational illnesses and injuries. The information is not only important to employers but also employees and OSHA. It makes it possible to evaluate workplace safety and understand the existing hazards. Without the right records in place, it may be difficult to manage incidents. 

9.      Management Review

The management of an organization should review their EHS management system regularly to ensure that it is effective, sustainable, and adequate. When conducting a review, some of the most important things to think about are:

  • Assessing the opportunities for improvement 
  • Analyzing the need for change in your management system
  • Reviewing your EHS policy and objectives
  • Communications from all the relevant parties
  • The results of your management system audits and external audits if any
  • Preventive action
  • Suggestions for future improvement 

Eth results from a management review should state any decisions and actions that may relate to your EHS objectives and policies. 

10. Chemical Hygiene Plan

All management systems should focus on identifying EHS concerns and avoiding them. Unless chemicals are controlled, they can result in injuries or illnesses. They may cause damage to the environment. All laboratories must focus on chemical safety. It is an OSHA requirement. 

The goal is to minimize the exposure of employees to chemicals that could harm them. 

According to the OSHA Laboratory Standard Hygiene Plan, a ‘Chemical plan’ is a written program that employers create and implement to set forth equipment, procedures, work practice, and PPE to protect their employees from the health hazards caused by chemicals in their workplace. 

If an organization carries hazardous chemicals, employers must develop and implement the provisions of their Chemical hygiene plan. The plans must cover topics such as:

  • Emergency preparedness 
  • Chemical management 
  • Employees’ responsibility for chemical hygiene
  • Lab housekeeping
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Basic operating procedures
  • Emergency action plans in case of accidents
  • Compressed gas safety
  • Radiation safety
  • Environmental monitoring 
  • Basic training
  • Chemical waste policies

11. Annual Chemical Inventory

It may be difficult to manage your chemicals if you don’t know how much you have. Keeping a chemical inventory is essential for the safety of any organization’s employees. Come up with a clear system to maintain accurate inventory of your chemicals. Benefits of regular chemical inventories include:

  • Ensuring that the chemicals you have are stored properly
  • Getting rid of expired or outdated chemicals
  • Promoting the efficient use of laboratory space
  • Replacing torn or missing labels 
  • Ensuring that you have appropriate shelving cabinets
  • Updating hazard warnings 
  • Making it easy to find chemicals when you need them
  • Minimizing the cost of educating employees about the available chemicals
  • Compliance with record-keeping regulations

Creating a chemical inventory is not enough. You must update it regularly. All organizations should perform a physical inventory at least once every year. Even though different companies may have different ways of going about it, a basic chemical inventory should include the following:

  • Chemical name (Including its synonyms) and Abstract Service number
  • The location of a chemical within a room, and the room number
  • The chemical manufacturer and owner

The information makes it possible to track chemicals when necessary and minimize the need for frequent inventories. Consider the safety needs of the employees who perform the inventory. Ensure that:

  • They wear the relevant PPE 
  • They are familiar with the existing safety requirements 
  • They use a step stool to reach the chemicals on higher shelves
  • They stop every other activity in the lab 

12. Risk Management 

If you prepare for possible risks adequately, you can prevent them before they affect your employees. Risk management does not only protect your employees but also improves their productivity. When they know that an organization has their best interest in mind, they can have better morale for the job. Preparing for risks can protect a business from both financial and people losses. 

Risk management tools should apply to EHS organizations. They minimize job-related illnesses and injuries, improve workplace safety, and compliance with the existing regulations. With the right risk management strategies in place, you can save a lot of direct and indirect costs. 

With a standardized system, reliability improves. It sets the pace for consistent improvement and a proactive approach to problems. 

The role of an EHS manager in an organization cannot be overstated. Some of their responsibilities include:

  • Job hazard analysis
  • Implementing safety and health management programs
  • Risk management 
  • Conducting incident investigations
  • Industrial hygiene and collaborating with industrial hygienists
  • Worksite safety observation
  • Collecting and analyzing EHS lagging indicators 
  • Running safety committees
  • Sustainability performance management 
  • Ensuring that the company is compliant with the existing regulations

The managers have lots of responsibilities and it may be necessary to split the tasks. 

In conclusion, there are lots of ways to keep EHS employees safe at work. Some of them include risk management, being proactive, creating and implementing a chemical hygiene plan, using the right program, proper incident management, and proper employee education. The need for EHS software has increased significantly over the past few years. The right software can have lots of benefits. Some of them include: protecting the interests of employees, improving transparency, connecting employees, and saving time and money. Implement the options that apply to you depending on your organization needs and budget. In the end, keeping employees safe and happy is one of the most valuable investments a company can make.

What Entrepreneurs Should Consider When Buying Life Insurance

When you launch your own business, you’ll quickly learn how important it is to protect yourself, your assets, and your future. Not just from the standpoint of your business and customers, but also how your personal life, finances and family might be affected by your decisions down the road.

For example, you might need to get a professional indemnity solution that will defend you from any incidents that occur with your company and invest in long-term solutions that should help you to keep earning cash when sales start to slow.

However, one of the most critical ways that entrepreneurs can look after themselves in this current landscape, is also something that we often forget about – life insurance. It’s not a fun topic to talk about, but the reprecussions of not having a life insurance plan in place can be detrimental.

For these reasons and more, it makes sense to ensure that your family has the tools they need to sell off your company and deal with any debts that you might leave behind when you’re no longer around.

The question is, how can you figure out what you need? That is exactly what we will be covering today.

Research the Market

The first step in choosing a good product is always doing your research. Before you choose a supplier for your product, there’s a good chance that you spend some time reading about their history and checking out online reviews.

In the same way, you should also look into the options that are available for you when it comes to life insurance too. Think about the different policies that are available in the market right now and ask yourself which one is going to give you the best peace of mind.

Remember that you don’t have to jump into a deal with the first provider that you come across either. You can get a wide selection of quotes from different providers and set up meetings with agents to learn more too. 

Interpret Your Personal and Financial Needs

Once you’ve researched the market, you can begin to think about what you need most based on what you’ve learned. These decisions and plans are often looking outward for decades, and are hard to fathom being used in the short term–but it happens.

For instance, you might decide that you want a settlement clause built into your insurance coverage. If you or your company ever gets into a tight spot, then selling your life insurance policy for cash could help to get you back on track a lot faster.

If you’re not sure what kind of protection would be suitable for you, then the best option is usually to speak to an advisor. There are financial experts out there that can look at your company and your earnings and tell you what kind of coverage is most suited to you.

Don’t be afraid to get some help, and nearly all of the life insurance providers out there have easy access phone numbers and support teams to help in your decision.

Consider Extra Factors

Finally, remember that there are a variety of things to improve the value of and reduce the cost of your insurance if you know where to look.

For instance, some companies might be willing to give you a discount on your premiums if you buy health support at the same time or acquire policies for your employees from the same business. If you belong to a professional organization or trade group, then you might be able to find additional saving opportunities by speaking to specialists in your field.

Whatever you do, make sure that your search for savings doesn’t mean that you cut corners. You need to ensure that you’re not leaving your family in a dangerous position when you’re no longer there.

Life Insurance is a Must for all Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

No matter how successful you might be right now, or think you will be down the road, it would be a huge mistake to not have a life insurance plan in place. This is especially true if you have a family. If not, it might not be that high on your priority list… but who’s to know what might be around the corner.

The truth is, “life insurance” is “insurance”… and it’s there just in case something does happen. After reading through this article, you should have a few things in mind to start looking for to help in your life insurance planning and decision process.

Common Customer Service Mistakes to Avoid

Customers are the most important people to keep happy when you want to grow your business greatly. If they are facing a problem or issue with your product or services, they should be able to reach and contact you quickly to gain the required assistance, help or guidance to get rid of the issues as soon as possible. It is all about providing them with excellent services whenever and how they want. No business or organization can underestimate the significance of quality customer services. The ability to make your customers delighted with your services and making them feel valued is a golden rule to make your business flourish. 

Here is how you can make your customers pleased by getting rid of common customer service mistakes. Otherwise, they have plenty of options regarding with whom to do business. 

Not making smart and data-driven customer services decisions

In this era of analytics and data science, giant brands and companies leverage different types of customer service data to provide their customers with great services. Use of a customer service software is the best way to gain data analysis not only about your customers but to evaluate the performance of your customer care team. In this way, you can have insights on which customer services agent delivers great services and what areas need to be improved. Thus, don’t only rely on software to make decisions but also encourage your team to use their professional skills and expertise to provide users with personalized services experience.

Forcing customers to use a specific medium

Everyone has own communication preferences and you shouldn’t be forcing your customers to use a particular communication channel to contact you. For instance, if you export LinkedIn contacts and reach your connections to convert them into customers, don’t force them to communicate within LinkedIn but provide them with multiple options so they can conveniently reach and interact with your business. Limiting your customer service mediums gives your competitors a chance to grab your customers.

Surface-level understanding of Customers

Most of the businesses just contact their customers to make sales and then forget. Smart business owners and companies take time to get to know the customers more and gather more details about them like what they do, how they prefer to interact and what their corporate culture is. The more you know your customers, the better you will be able to present your products or services that fit their needs. 

Only communicating when something went wrong

A dialogue or conversation shouldn’t always have to be started by the customer. Don’t wait until something go out of order to interact with customers but keep talking with your customers often to make them feel special and valued. The only communication with customers when things are out of order is known as reactive service. Smart businesses focus more on proactive customer services to build strong and trusted relationships with customers. 

Impersonal Response

Using automated responses or common messages saved in your software is no doubt a smart way to save time on typing and respond to customer queries instantly. But you should remember to personalize each message before sending it to provide customers with a personalized experience. You can personalize a saved message within moments by adding the customer’s name in it. Commonly used customer service phrases annoy the customers more. So, try to send personalized responses to make customers feel special. 

Inconsistent customer experience

If your customer care department is quick to pick up calls but the IT team is not there to respond to emails or social media messages, then your customer services are bitty and inconsistent. Customer interaction via different communication mediums should relatively be consistent for each of your customers and the attitude of the customer service agents should also be positive and assistive. Sometimes customers are unable to use a particular channel to reach your business for help or assistance, and they opt for another option to contact your customer care team to get a quick and positive response. Responding to your customers in real-time no matter what medium they are using ensures that you value your customers and are always there to resolve their issues as soon as possible. 

By avoiding all the above-mentioned customer service mistakes you can provide your customers with an excellent and faster experience to keep them engaged with your business for longer.

Advantages Of Taking Your Postgraduate Studies Online

The competitive world of today will challenge you to take your yearning for professional development and personal growth. One of the most recommended ways to do this by going back to school and starting your postgraduate studies. 

Doing so shouldn’t take you back to the same situation you had back when you were just earning our bachelor’s degree. Around this time, you must have found full-time employment, running a business, raising your own family, or miles away from the university you want to enroll in. Although traditional schooling seems to be the ideal way for most to earn their masters and even their doctorate degrees, your options do not end there anymore.

Online Postgraduate Studies 

Online postgraduate studies is also called distance learning. It is called so because you can earn your diploma even if your university is miles and miles away. A lot of prestigious universities around the globe have options that allow people to take their classes online. This is complete with a virtual package, self-learning kits and manuals, modules, learning assessment, and instructions from a professor. 

Have you ever thought of earning your post-graduate degree from a university overseas without ever moving to that country? This is completely possible by studying online. You can inquire in some of the universities abroad wherein some of them even offer scholarships to deserving students. Everything, from the classes to your diploma, can be achieved virtually. 

Flexible Schedule

Since it is different with a typical classroom session, schedules for each class can vary depending on the student. In most cases, the student has a choice on their learning schedule to accommodate other more important daily activities. As such, you can start your online class after your work shift or duty, and even after you have hit the gym. Even if this is the case, some school work is still bound in deadlines, but these are also made more flexible. These allow people to have individualized learning that makes them proceed at their own pace.

More Choices

You do not have to be stuck in the same school all over again and stay in the same academic tradition that you have always been exposed to. To actually learn more, you have to take in more experiences as much as possible. Taking online classes for your postgraduate studies will help you with that exposure. As mentioned at ECU Online, an Australian University that offers online classes, there are various course choices that can be taken online with differences in duration as well. You can have a full diploma or earn  certificate with the other equivalents. 

Avoid Travel Woes

The internet has created a global village which will enable you to leave your comfort zone, virtually and explore more options all around the world. If you want a more diverse learning environment, you can enroll in online classes which allow you to experience being a foreign student without having to spend costly travel expenses. 

Before, people mostly opt to go to the nearest university in their area because going to a more preferred school would mean that they would have to move places and travel more hours a day just to attend class. This isn’t ideal anymore since a lot of schools permit students to only log in their website and have their classes online. So imagine if you have no choice and you want to learn abroad. You would probably have to pay as much money to travel as your tuition fees in school. Not to mention, you would be away from home where your family, loved ones, and friends are. 

Working While Studying

Even in the past, people have been studying and working at the same time. This has been a common practice no matter how young a person is. Even at a younger age, kids learn to take on summer jobs and college students take one or more side jobs just to pay for school and other expenses. While these are all noble ways, these are totally different from the job that’s providing you with the money you need to live day today. If you want to continue studying, you should do so, but without having to sacrifice your employment for it. 

Schools in the past have actually made this possible by conducting post-graduate classes at night. While these are favorable to people whose work ends at five and who do not have other commitments and family to go home to, this does not apply to people who work night shifts and have a family to go back home to every day. With online learning, you take your education with you at home while you go out and do your job for your family during the day.

Opens Opportunities

Taking your postgraduate studies will present you with a lot of opportunities later on especially in your career. Become a specialist in your field and vie for that promotion in your company. You can also have opportunities to take a teaching profession since you have complied with the requirement of having a postgraduate education. This will greatly give you an edge so you can stay on top of your career. Furthermore, with lesser cause of disruptions that can prohibit you from completing your studies right away, you can earn your degree faster so you can also earn the rewards sooner. One advantage of going back to school is that you are given an opportunity to know about the latest development across your field and  do your own readings regarding it. With the support you can get from your lecturers online, you can take studying onto the next level.

There is no stop in learning and the modern competitive world is one great advocate for it. In growing into a better professional and learner, you can earn the perks from global postgraduate studies without having to leave the comfort of home and sacrificing your daily routine. Studying has never been this easy, so grab the opportunity and get that master’s or doctorate degree you need to make that next step.

7 Traits of Every Great Looking Coming Soon Page

Are you or your business associates looking for advice to improve the reach of a website that is simply ‘Coming Soon‘ or sitting there in maintenance mode?

The concern, of course, is that so many customers visit your website but leave without a great impression.

If this is what you’re concerned about, and you hope to improve your website experience while creating your product, then you’ve come to the right place.

The reality is that you must consider opportunities to create raving fans even when your website, service, or product is pending.

Like you, we have recognized over time that there are so many benefits to having a placeholder while your website is in creation mode.

That’s where Coming Soon pages can play a pivotal role in your company to drive new potential customers to your brand.

This article will help you understand everything you need to know about great-looking Coming Soon pages, and also what you can do to ensure yours is customer friendly.

What you will learn:

  • Why you need a Coming Soon page
  • 7 Traits to Consider
  • How to create a Coming Soon page
  • Final Thoughts

Why you need a Coming Soon page

The fact is that many people are trying to launch a website, and often most sites fail. The reality is that they fail to attract traffic to these sites.

You should know that it does take time to get that momentum going on a website and to start to see a decent amount of traffic visiting your site.

During this time, you should plan for future visitors by putting up a Coming Soon page. This step will alert the google algorithm to your site being online.

You will also be able to add valuable information, such as :

  • Product or service information
  • Share context around your offering
  • Share invite-only content to first browsers
  • Social proof to build site authority earlier on

You can also start building a great email list right off the bat. This email list can help you engage your growing following, turning these followers into customers that continuously support you.

Even better, if you are using WordPress to power your site, all of this can be done with simple plugins and themes instead of hiring a designer for custom work that continually needs to be change.

A perfect example of this would be creating a WordPress coming soon page right from a multi-use plugin like Branda and Hustle from WPMU Dev.

With the Branda plugin, you can easily create a coming soon page for your site, and then use the Hustle plugin to set up email submit or mailing list forms. You can see a quick example of this below, along with a countdown timer for when the site officially launches.

Also a Coming Soon page helps you to hide the behind the scenes work that makes your site look quite unprofessional in its early stages. Don’t overlook this aspect as the first impressions generally last.

Therefore it’s so important to have a Coming Soon page. Next, I will share more information on the traits to consider when creating that page.

7 Traits to Consider When Creating a Coming Soon Page

As with most pages online, you must always think about your end consumer experience and how the Coming Soon page can benefit that consumer. This one thing will set your business apart for the better.

These are the seven traits you must look out for:

1. A Clear Value Proposition

A clear value proposition will give your new visitors a specific idea about you and your business. It tells them what value you can bring into their lives.

Ultimately, it’s a one-sentence phrase that’s catchy and easy to remember. This phrase is generally one of the first things your customers see.

Yet, many entrepreneurs have got this wrong and found that their traffic decided to go elsewhere.

As pointed out in this article featured on Business2Community, there are plenty of ways to cover all of your bases when creating something as simple as a “coming soon page”. You can see what we mean through the visual below.

Think about it; customers visit your page for a reason. And that reason is to gain something or for a benefit.

If you aren’t offering anything beneficial, they move on over to the next vendor. This point is so important, yet also attached to this you will find a  rarely used aspect which I will detail in the next section,

2. Core benefits of your product or service

Simply put, the core benefits of your product or service is a breakdown of the features and benefits that your customers can expect.

The modern-day consumer has high standards simply because so many vendors are available to sell them the product at their specification. You must keep up and prove that your offering is the best.

You can do this by making it easy to access, and including it just below your value proposition. The structure will also have to be visually pleasing. Consider using a bullet list of benefits. It’s systematic, and your customers will love that.

Naturally, remember that benefits help your customers imagine visually how your product will give them value and make their lives easier.

Think about any new purchase you make; you always visualize how it will fit into your life. Ultimately that leads to you swiping your credit or entering your credit card details online.

3. Single call to action (CTA)

A call to action is one where you direct your customer to act. It will involve several things.

I’ve made a list of examples to consider:

  • Free ebooks which can attract customers to your email list
  • Rewards/giveaway which educate your customers about your products
  • Exclusive invite to a discount on your product if they share your offering on social media

Ensure that you have a bold call to action that grabs attention at once. Yet it should also be related to your product at hand. Again, this can all be set up by using the lead generation or pop up plugin for WordPress.

Avoid unrelated CTA’s, they only confuse your customer and make them feel annoyed by your brand.

These CTA’s will be vital to increase your fan base while you’re building your product. Once you’ve indicated an excellent call to action, your next focus must shift to building authority for your customer.

4. Social Proof

Social proof is simply a way to show your potential customers you have some authority in the marketplace, and it builds a sense of trust.

Examples of social proof include:

  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok followers
  • A published book
  • Testimonials from experts in the industry
  • Videos showing celebrities raving about your service

Social proof is of enormous importance for a brand to succeed. And if taken seriously, you can build a large following through social media presence.

Do this by using Facebook ads, networking, affiliate marketing engagement, or leveraging your other brands. Another great option is to use testimonials or to show where you might have received news, media or press coverage in the past.

Alternatively, engaging influencers on various social media platforms can yield excellent results.

The idea of influencers also brings me to the next point, which you will see is quite essential when consumers have the opportunity to imagine themselves using your product or service.

5. Photos or videos of the product in use

This ties in nicely with using influencer marketing, and onboarding influencers onto your network to share your product.

You will find a win-win opportunity whereby your influencers can provide you with quality content for your Coming Soon page while they get a fee for lending their brand name to you.

Alternatively, you can make use of websites like Fiverr and Upwork to get high-quality content at a reasonable price.

Another critical factor is that users want to visualize how your product or service works, so make sure you provide this tool.

Many websites currently try to keep things minimal, yet I would steer you towards using as much leverage as you can when starting a new brand. Let’s look at the next section that will show you what every Coming Soon page must adopt.

6. Exclusivity

The average consumer wants to feel unique, special, and you have to create that feeling when they visit the Coming Soon page. Exclusivity can be a vital trait during the early phases of a new brand.

Here are a few ways to create exclusivity:

  • Include a “by invite-only” section – it will make potential customers wonder how to get in
  • Have a VIP mailing list, which they can only access once they meet specific criteria
  • Attach yourself to more prominent brands, and aim to leverage their brand

Yes, it may seem simple but can do wonders for your engagement on your Coming Soon page and ultimately lead to more sales and more traffic too. 

7. Create Scarcity

Scarcity is another tool you can use to keep your visitors engaged on a Coming Soon page. The idea that you will miss out on something somehow always drives consumer behavior.

It’s so common there is even a word for it: FOMO.
It means the Fear Of Missing Out.

Here are a few ideas to include for scarcity:

  • Add a referral element with rewards and have a time frame for people to use it
  • Include a countdown timer on your website for exclusive access to content

Scarcity is an excellent way to persuade people to take action on your page. You can use many tools to do this, including plugins on WordPress, Shopify, Wix, and other popular platforms.

8. Bonus Trait

We have covered seven traits, but we have two more that you can use on your Coming Soon page that will improve your customer satisfaction and improve sales.

Use a survey: Often, when your website is not up yet, you may still be in the finishing stages, and it’s a good idea to engage your prospective customers with a survey. People love to share their opinions, and it will build an emotional connection with your future customers.

Keeps things very simple:  Simplicity keeps site visitors on your page. They are often eager to understand more about your page and also what they can learn from it. This step will create an air of mystery and consequently get people talking.

How to Create a Coming Soon Page

Now that you have a good understanding of the traits of a great Coming Soon page, you may be wondering how to do it.

Not to worry, we have you covered. Historically, it was a challenge to create beautiful one-page sites. I have good news for you; you can now create these pages on your own.

The bad news is that you may need to do a little extra work to set up the page. That said, it will be worth your time.

Since WordPress powers over one-third of websites on the internet, we highly recommend finding a coming soon or maintenence mode plugin that makes the creation and management process a whole lot easier.

Final thoughts on Creating that Perfect Coming Soon Page

In this article, we have taken a deep dive into Coming Soon pages and how they can help your business show a professional face while building your product or service.

It’s important to note that these pages have vital traits to consider to ensure that you maximize on any traffic coming over.

These are simple opportunities to keep your customers in the know. Keeping customers informed will serve another purpose too. It will be pivotal in building a continuous customer relationship that helps you provide value now and in the future.

Now, it is all about implementing the seven traits, and you can do this through your current website platform or use an automated service.

The choice is ultimately yours, but whatever you choose, remember to incorporate these ideas for maximum exposure.

Thank you for reading along so far, and we hope you implement these tools to take your Coming Soon pages to the next level.

Advertising Trends: The Top 5 Must-Know Digital Marketing Trends of 2020

Are you trying to stay up with the latest marketing trends so that your company can grow its audience? With advertising constantly changing with the rise of social media marketing and eCommerce, it can feel hard to keep up with the newest, hottest trends your company needs.

Keep reading to learn about the biggest advertising trends we will be seeing this year so that you can get the most out of your marketing plan and budget.

1. A More Shoppable Social

Rather than posting on social media to get your followers to your site, platforms like Instagram are making it much easier with social commerce. Social commerce is a shoppable post or ads, meaning the viewer just needs to click the product tag on the photo to head to its product page and make a purchase on your site.

This makes it as easy as possible for customers to make a purchase with you, an important quality in our convenience-based society. The fewer steps you provide in product purchasing can help to decrease your companies percentage of cart abandonment.

Linking your shop to social media platforms is also pretty easy, as Instagram and Facebook work to link to your eCommerce site. Platforms like Snapchat and Pinterest are also rolling out this feature.

2. Revamping Email Marketing

Email marketing remains to be a great way to reach your customers in 2020, but many companies are taking their emails to a whole new level. Many brands are saying goodbye to newsletters, or plain letter emails full of text and are instead focusing on high-quality images and graphics. This approach is eyecatching to viewers and also lets them quickly scan the information you’re sending them.

Images overlayed with interactive, call to action buttons such as “Shop Now!” and “50% Off” that customers can click to connect to a certain page on your site are a great way to lead someone to make an easy purchase. Creating stunning images and graphics for email marketing is the best way to captivate your subscribers this year.

3. Influencers Still Thriving, But in New Ways

While influencers are still going to be a great way to market to new audiences this year, many companies are turning to micro-influencers as well. A micro-influencer is someone with a medium-sized following that is more niche. With the rise of the mega-influencer within the last few years, hiring them to market your product can get pricey, which is where micro-influencers come in handy.

A great way to utilize micro-influencers is to find one who is more tailored to your audience. This assures that your influencer and their audiences are more likely to be interested in your brand and products. The micro-influencer is more likely to be in touch with their followers, and not overwhelming them with product referrals.

Another upside to using micro-influencer is that they have much more time to engage with their followers. As engagement rates become more important than ever, this can be a great way to get people talking about your brand and products.

4. Engagement to the Next Level

Social media engagement has become increasingly important over the years, and companies are taking communication with their customers to a whole new level. Many companies are using direct messaging (DM) with customers to get more personal and accessible to their consumers.

This tactic helps to increase sales, as customers can directly message your brand to ask questions about products they are interested in purchasing. By answering customer questions and concern, they are much more likely to make a purchase with you, lowering your abandoned sale rates. This is a great way to build brand awareness, loyalty and trust with customers old and new.

By giving your customers a convenient place to contact you it can also be more convenient for your company to address these concerns via DM rather than phone calls and emails. If you roll out this feature, be sure to let your followers know to DM you for questions, comments and concerns.

5. Video Marketing Is a Must

As digital marketing is finding new ways to covey quick, easy and personal content, it’s no surprise that video marketing is going to become a must for companies in 2020. Thankfully, social platforms are making it much easier to use this marketing strategy. You can avoid building a whole YouTube community and instead launch videos on Instagram and Facebook instead.

Try posting live broadcast or video posts to engage your customers. This method is much more compelling, interesting and eye-catching when viewers are scrolling their feed.

This is also a great way to pack in tons of information without having to give your audience long pages of text. Make sure your team brainstorms on interesting topics and ideas that would engage your followers.

There are plenty of video content topic options, such as an informational video about one of your new products, or a behind the scenes look into your office. This kind of marketing is so engaging because you’re getting personal with your audiences, helping them and also bringing them into the interworkings of your brand.

If you’re trying to organize your marketing plan and budget, book a QuickBooks training session today.

Digital Advertising Trends You Should Be Using In 2020

If you’re not already incorporating these advertising trends into your marketing plan, you should start. Make sure your company is at the top of its marketing game with these engaging advertising techniques that can grow your following and customer base.

For more articles on digital marketing, be sure to check out our latest article on Stacked Marketer and how they continue to deliver industry breaking news through email and social media!

Expert Torrent Troubleshooting Tips For Downloading Files On Your Mac

With torrents, you can easily and quickly download an array of files, such as movies, music, films, and more. With the peer-to-peer file sharing service, the download comes from multiple sources simultaneously. As long as there are enough users (i.e., seeders) that are distributing the data, the speed to download the files will be fast.

While this is true, there are situations where the torrent may become sluggish on your Mac. You may run into some other issues, too. As a result, you are probably looking for some viable solutions.

Keep reading for some helpful torrent troubleshooting tips to ensure the download process is fast and easy.

The Torrent Download Doesn’t Start

One issue with torrents is they are dependent on someone else seeding the file from their computer. Seeding means you let another user download parts of the file from your computer.

In some situations, no users are seeding or downloading the file, which means it can’t be downloaded. You can likely fix this issue by finding another file.

While finding the right file can be tricky, it is possible. Sometimes it will be a process of trial and error, so don’t give up.

The File Downloads Slowly

One of the most common reasons uTorrent for Mac moves slowly is because there isn’t enough hard disk space. Not only will this issue slow down the uTorrent application, but your Mac’s performance, as well.

Another issue is if there is an overflow of deleted file entries in the registry of the app. Every time uTorrent loads on your Mac, it checks the download list to check the file entries. The operation uses up the app’s resources on outdated .plst files and broken records processing, which causes slow work.

Unfortunately, using a registry cleaner may not speed up the uTorrent download very quickly. This doesn’t help much, but there are other things you can try.

Correct the Port Settings

Port forwarding is an option to provide your uTorrent with a speed boost. Also called port mapping, this method is about redirecting a communication request from an IP port/address number combination to another via the network gateway (a firewall or router).

If the proper permissions are granted to outgoing or income communications, a firewall is going to block them by default. That’s why the firewall permissions must allow UDP and TCP communications in both directions. It’s possible for you to set the permissions for the uTorrent app in general and the uTorrent port, particularly.

With routers, Mac users have two options. One option is to make settings for Universal Plug and Play – UPnP – that’s built into uTorrent. With UPnP, the application can create the port mapping through the router without a user’s consent. Even though this is convenient, this can pose a security issue, if being used outside of the residential network.

If you plan to use this method on your Mac, be sure to run a test to determine if it is prone to any malicious attacks via the UPnP.

For a more secure option, use the second option here to set up your port forwarding manually. To check and see if the UDP and TCP are both forwarded on your router, you can go to Options and then Setup Guide.

Correct the Client Settings

Another option for speeding up the uTorrent download is to set the proper upload limits and the quality/number of peers. Usually, the more upload that’s given out, the more download will be received from other peers. However, leaving your upload unlimited isn’t a good idea because that’s going to hinder the outgoing communications.

Using the proper upload calculators will allow you to determine the upload speed of the uTorrent app based on your internet connection’s speed. To figure out the upload speed, run an online test.

Try uploading files at server speeds, beginning at 80% of the maximum speed capacity and then move down gradually.

Another option for speeding up the uTorrent file upload is by making a bandwidth setup. Create a limit on the seeding rate and several active downloads/torrents in the queue with the desired upload number in mind. These specific preferences depend on the quality of the internet connection, so try different settings to find the best result.

Correct the Router Settings and/or Firewall

The goal is to correct these to allow incoming connections. To do this, use the following steps:

  • Visit uTorrent, choose Preferences, then Network
  • Click the “Randomize Now” button to increase the TCP port number past 10K
  • Disable the “Randomize port during launch” option (this affects the download speed of uTorrent)
  • Check “Automatically map port” if you use a router

It’s also a good idea to use the online port check-up services to figure out if the uTorrent’s default TCP port is blocked or open. If the port is blocked, switch to a different one.

Torrent Troubleshooting Tips: Now You Know

As you can see, several issues may arise when it comes to using uTorrent on your Mac. The torrent troubleshooting tips found here will help you make the most of your download efforts and ensure everything moves smoothly.

While it may seem confusing at first, the more you use the app and services and the more you download torrents, the more everything will make sense.

If you are looking for more help and information about using your Mac, business topics, or affiliate marketing, be sure to check out our blog regularly. Our team is posting quality and helpful content regularly.

Basic Information Needed to Generate an Online Invoice

Generating an online invoice is an option that is available to everybody conducting business in this age of high-speed communications. It doesn’t matter if you are an offline business, a sole entrepreneur or even a blogger or affiliate marketer–we all need to get paid, and invoicing is one of the most popular ways to accomplish this.

When it comes to requesting or making payment, invoices work best, as they act as record of transaction for both sides. By implementing an effective invoice creation tool and solution in your day to day operation, this option makes doing business easier, because one does not have to create invoices manually or from scratch. 

There are many templates available on the web and most of them are free. Let’s now take a look at what an invoice is, why your business should be using them, and how to get started with your first invoice template today.

What is an Invoice?

An invoice is a document that records the sales or transactions of any business. Whether you are a freelancer or a company, creating an invoice for every service that has been provided is important. The invoice establishes an obligation that the customer or buyer of the product or service will pay to the service provider. The invoice contains all the necessary details that establish an agreement between the two parties. It is a bridge between professionals.

Basic parts of an Invoice

Invoices can have a unique template or look for every freelancer or business, however, there are basic parts that should be present in order for the document to be considered an invoice.

  • The label “Invoice” should be part of the invoice.
  • The seller or service provider’s name, address, and contact details should be included. 
  • The buyers name and address should be included.
  • The date that the invoice was issued and the payment due date should be present within the document.
  • There should be a specific invoice reference number for every invoice issued.
  • There should be a description of services provided or rendered, including the breakdowns of each transaction.
  • The total amount charged and tax information, if available, should be present.
  • Available payment methods should be indicated, such as cash, credit card, and other payment methods available for your company, your business and in your area.

Given that the basic parts of an invoice should be present, the style or format for them is flexible to the needs of a business. 

Online Invoice Generators 

There is much to be said for the online invoice generators available on the internet now. While most of them are free, providing a user with a basic template with which to fill in information, there are some that epitomize the cutting edge of the online invoice generation, such as FreshBooks Cloud Accounting. By using this intuitive invoice generator not only can you create basic invoices, you can also customize them into twelve different languages, include estimates and proposals, accept credit cards directly through the invoice, and even get updated instantly as to when the invoice is viewed and also when it is paid. The invoice service can be accessed by an app on your mobile phone which gives you more versatility as an entrepreneur or a freelancer.

Invoice Templates

Making use of a good invoice template will save you time making your invoices in the old fashioned way of actually writing them out physically and also in figuring out a complicated template online. Simplicity is key so that you can focus your time and energy on your business instead of worrying about creating a professional invoice in order to get paid for your services.


A good invoice template should help you accept payment in different ways. It should also help you organize your invoices and save you time. This means that you will not have to fill in the template every time you use it. It should be customizable so that it reflects a professional look as well as a unique visual signature that you may want for your business or service. Sending invoices online and even through an app on your mobile phone is great, but you may also want to consider the template you are using can be downloaded and printed easily so that you have physical records of your transactions.

The Invoice Process

Whether you are using an invoice template that you will print out or are sending the invoice to your customer through the internet, keep in mind that the invoice is prepared after the service is provided or the product has been delivered. First, the customer is clearly identified. And then, the product or service is clearly defined. This includes the name of the product or service, the quantity of the product as well as the length of time that the service was provided, and also the rate of the service (per hour) or item (per unit). Each item is identified and given a line on the invoice. All the lines are then totaled for the final amount. 


Discounts can be applied to your services or products. If so, they should be identified. Discounts can also be connected to the manner of payment, depending on which methods you prefer, such as cash or credit card. Another element to factor into the invoice are the terms of payment. This means identifying when you want the customer to pay or when the entire balance of payment is due. This can also translate to discounts for early payment. When the client or customer has paid in full, the invoice number or code is included in the sales receipt. This transfers an account whose payment you are waiting to receive into an account that you have already received.

Key Information of an Invoice

Invoices usually contain a company brand or logo on the heading of the document as a signature of their products and services. More importantly, they should contain the company or freelancer’s name as well as their contact information. This is actually a requirement and not just a matter of style. An invoice should also contain the name, address, and contact information of the client. An invoice number is a code that helps you to be organized about this process. It helps you keep track of your client’s payment status. It is also important for an invoice to have a date since this tells you when the invoice has been sent. These parts of the invoice help you file your invoices in an orderly manner.


There should be included in the invoice clear and concise descriptions of the services rendered or products provided. This way there will be no confusion on the side of your client as to what they are paying for. Matching with the description of each item or service, there should be the cost of each item or service along with the rate of each. All these costs will be added to the total amount that the client should pay for. 


The terms of payment are a key element for any invoice. This part spells out how the client should pay for the items obtained or the services received. If you have a refund policy, this is the part that states that eventuality. For late payments, the penalties should be clearly stated as well. Choose what payment methods work for you and state whether the client should pay through cash, credit card, check, or bank transfer. If it is the latter, then the invoice should contain the bank account information so that the client will know how to pay you.  

Standard Invoice

A standard invoice has twelve parts compared to other more specialized invoice formats. It should declare that it is an “Invoice”. Each invoice should have a unique number code to distinguish it from others. Both your company name and address and that of your customer or client are clearly stated in the document. It has a summarized description of the goods or services. Also, the dates of supply are present along with the date in which the invoice was created. The amount of individual goods or services are clearly broken down within the invoice and the total amount to be paid is present also. If there is a purchase order number, then that should be included along with the terms of payment and the instructions for paying the invoice.

VAT Registered Invoice

A business who is registered for Value Added Tax  should have a VAT registered invoice. This is not so different from other invoices, however, a VAT invoice needs to contain additional information than just what is contained by the standard invoice. Along with the unique invoice number, business name and address, customer’s name and address, and the date that the invoice was issued, there should also be a VAT number in the invoice. The VAT registered invoice should have the total amount for the items or services excluding Value Added Tax. Then, the total amount of VAT should be indicated. The price per item excluding VAT as well as the quantity of each item should be indicated in the document. Finally, it should contain the total amount to be paid which includes the Value Added Tax.

Invoice payment terms

Every business or freelancer can customize their terms of payment on their invoice. You can choose to stipulate PIA or payment in advance for new clients or those who have an inconsistent payment history. This means that you are requiring the client or customer to pay in full before delivering the goods or service. Net is a common term of payment which indicates the time before the payment is due. N30 or Net 30 means that the payment is due within thirty days. End of the Month can be added to the payment terms. This means that the time will start at the end of the month that the invoice is issued. Net EOM 30 stands for the payment is due thirty days from the end of this month that the invoice has been issued. A discount can be given to your clients if they pay within the time period you specify. Let us say you want to extend a 5% discount if the customer pays within 15 days of the invoice being issued otherwise the full amount is due within 30 days. The standard shorthand for that would be 5/15 Net 30. Offering discounts is a good motivator for your clients to pay sooner rather than later. Stage payments are usually practiced for big projects in order to minimize the risk that the cash flow will be negatively affected by a missed or late payment. Some companies or service providers may ask for the payment to come in 2 stages of 50% up front and 50% upon completion. Others may prefer different stages to be applied. 75%, up front and 25% upon completion of the project or delivery of the goods may be more convenient for you. Whichever is the case, stage payments are usually applied to big transactions.

Invoice payment methods

Cash and check payments may be more common in the local setting, but for bigger business transactions, especially those that cover long distances, a bank transfer may be more convenient for both parties. Bank transfers or Banker Automated Clearing Services (BACS) are electronic payments from one bank account to another. They usually take three days to clear and be available for withdrawal on the other end. Important information to add to an invoice with a bank transfer payment method would be the name of the bank, the sort code, and the account number. International business transactions, especially between European countries, New Zealand, and Australia require IBAN information to be present in the invoice. An International Bank Account Number allows you to receive payments in foreign currency. Most banks use a BIC or Bank Identifier Code but for transactions with companies from the USA or CANADA a SWIFT code is also needed. A Society for Worldwide InterBank Financial Telecommunications code helps identify your specific bank among all the other banks in the world. The invoice should include a BIC, IBAN, or SWIFT code if the payment terms call for it.


Generating online invoices allows companies, entrepreneurs, and freelancers to operate more smoothly. The ability to generate invoices that can be downloaded and printed or even sent directly through email to clients or customers even around the world sets a new standard for conducting business.

By familiarizing yourself with the basic information that is needed to generate online invoices, you are equipping yourself with tools that will help you collect payments for your goods or services.

5 of the Best Logo Redesigns of All Time (Updated for 2020)

Logo design is more than just freelance and graphic work. Your logo brings life to your brand, while also making it stand out from the crowd and relate with audiences in ways other marketing campaigns can’t.

Just take a look at names like McDonalds, Starbucks, Nike and Target, who can all use their logo identity and not even need to mention the brand name for audiences to know what it is. Now that is brand power!

However, not all businesses and brands get their logo design correct the first time around. Or maybe the problem is that it’s an old idea and the company is looking for a fresh new look. No matter what it is, re-branding and logo redesign is on the rise.

Doing an entire corporate rebranding can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. With that kind of investment, you want to make sure that you get it right.

Take a lesson from these companies and their logo redesigns. By learning their approach, you can make your new logo an effective one.

1. Morton Salt

The Morton Salt logo first featured the iconic little girl with an umbrella in 1914. Over the last century, she has received updates to stay current with hair and clothing fashions. This has led to redesigns in 1921, 1933, 1941, 1968, and 2014.

What’s brilliant about Morton’s logo update is that they stay true to their brand. Instead of following marketing trends, the company keeps current with social trends. This ensures the company remains true to its personality while also staying current in society.

2. Netflix

Do you remember when Netflix was a mail-order DVD rental company? It seems like a lifetime ago when you compare it to the streaming behemoth that it is today. So with the change in direction, a logo update was long overdue.

The old logo worked well for the red envelopes as the black outlining and drop shadow popped on the vibrant red. The new logo leaves the shadow behind and focuses on the red color, which is the brand’s identity.

3. Pizza Hut

The original Pizza Hut logo used four different colors. It’s also a bit busy in the design. The company made a smart choice by reducing the number of colors down to one, red.

Not only is red a brand color for the company, but it’s a common color associated with Italian restaurants. It also evokes feelings of hunger.

One signature feature of Pizza Hut is the slanted roof. The company was smart to keep this identifying feature in its new logo.

4. Olive Garden

Olive Garden needed to update their logo because their original one was everything a logo shouldn’t be. It looked more like a street sign. It’s almost as if the local family Italian restaurant got bought by a corporate name, and they never bothered to update the logo.

The new logo brings the chain into modern times and embraces the new healthier menu. The simple font cleans the logo up and gets rid of the distracting details. They also replaced the off-brand grapes with a more fitting olive branch.

5. Marriott

Marriott did a beautiful job of giving its logo an update. While there was nothing inherently bad about their old logo, the new one is simplified while staying true to Marriott’s brand identity.

Instead of using the entire Marriott name, the logo was trimmed down to be just the fancy M. This draws your attention to the elegant M. It also makes the logo much easier and smaller to use on outdoor signs and in the room.

If you want to create a Marriott style logo, then try using a logo creator. Take a look at your logo and see if you can choose a letter or two to create the logo.

Get Inspired by These Logo Redesigns

One reoccurring trend throughout each of these logo redesigns is that the company stayed true to the brand’s image and personality. Each company looked at how it could take the core elements of their old logo and rework it to have a fresh and modern feel.

As always, we cover a wide range of topics on, so be sure to browse our blog for more business-related articles to help make your venture a success.