4 Ways to Start a Weed Business During the Legalization of Marijuana

No matter where you go, CBD and smoke shops tend to be all over the place. With sweeping legalization of marijuana and CBD now quickly going into affect across the country, right now might be a great time for you to focus your efforts on this global trillion dollar industry.

The good news is, there are plenty of ways to start or promote such a business without the need to actually grow or sell physical marijuana or CBD products.

With this in mind, today we will be highlighting three different ways you can start taking advantage of the situation at hand.

1 – Create a Marijuana Resource Guide for Those In Need

First thing first, with CBD, weed and marijuana benefits now getting more attention than ever before, more people are heading to Google and social media to see what they can find out — versus going to a local dispensary or doctor first.

This means there is a huge demand for high-quality marijuana and CBD resource sites.

A perfect example of this can be seen in this weed delivery services in Boston article. Not only does the site make it easy to find such delivery options in that specific city, but they also break down such services in different states across the country.

The benefit for having such a site, is that it provides value to an audience, while also being extremely useful for the businesses, brands and dispensaries that deliver such products — which ultimately leaves a lot of monetization options on the table for the site owner.

2 – Start a CBD and Dispensary Directory for Local Businesses

In addition to creating an online resource website or blog, another option is to open your own directory. In previous years, this would have likely been a huge pain to set up, but now with SaaS platforms in place, it’s easier said than done.

You can see a live working example of such a directory, at CBD Hemp Finder, which currently lists thousands of locations across the country for the buying of CBD and hemp related products — again, all without needing to sell anything on their own.

While there are many similar benefits to launching a CBD/weed directory in comparison to a resource site, there is also less manual work and writing on your part — as the ability is there for smoke shops, dispensaries and health stores to add their own listings and manage their content.

Once again, the real business model and value here is making the information and content easily accessible for those looking for it. And through the use of paid listings, upgrades, affiliate marketing and more, the sites are able to generate revenue in the process.

3 – Launch a Weed/CBD Advertising Agency

Another excellent way to make money in the business of marijuana without actually needing to grow or sell any of the product, is to cater to the needs of the many businesses and sellers already in it.

If you have a marketing background or an agency in place, the opportunities in setting one up strictly for those businesses can be use.

HempireSEO is a great example of a brand that was able to make the shift from a normal SEO agency, to branching off and focusing strictly on weed and CBD clients.

With more people now searching for such products and information online, the demand for ranking higher and attracting new audiences is also higher than ever.

So how can one start an SEO agency of their own focused specifically on this industry? Simple… if you know enough about how SEO works and have the necessary resource in place, launch a new site and brand and then perform the required outreach to gain new clients.

4 – Become an Authority and Expert within the Industry

The common theme across all of these methods being highlighted today, is the power of information and providing it to an audience that is greatly in need.

In the last example of how you can start a business or brand through the use of providing audiences with the most value possible, it’s all about becoming an authority and trusted brand within your niche.

Outside of Google, where are people going when they need information? It’s usually YouTube and social media — which is the perfect segue into our next examples of influencers changing the market.

What was once a banned topic, is now one of the hottest and fastest growing markets on YouTube today. With thousands of high traffic YouTube Cannabis Channels now in place, more will surely come in the future — however, those who have been putting in the time, work and effort to continually create content and grow their followings, are now the industry experts and influencers of today.

And when it comes to revenue options, it’s not just about YouTube video ads. Instead, these influencers are getting paid big bucks to create video content, work with sponsored placements, and sometimes even getting annual sponsorships and paid contracts for media placements and content outside of YouTube.

With Google being the largest search engine in the world and YouTube being the largest video search engine in the world, if you are doing any type of video content — this is simply a no brainer.

How to Make the Most Out of the Early Days of Legalization

With 2021 only getting started and new regulations coming into effect daily on the legal use of marijuana and CBD, the industry will only continue to grow day in and day out.

If you are currently on the sidelines and wondering how you can start making money in this industry, and terrified with the idea of being a grower or opening your own store location, these four ideas and working methods might be perfect for you.

As with all business opportunities, it’s important to not only research the industry beforehand, but to also have an action plan in place as well.

Be sure to skim through each of the listed ideas and opportunities and see which best fit your existing expertise and services in place. If you are already well versed in multiple areas of content creation and online marketing, you may way to implement each of these methods by starting your own agency.

The Power of Mentorship, Expertise and Blogging in 2021

No matter your passion, expertise or goals in live… when you start to share those feelings and emotions with others, it resonates with them as well.

This can be for pretty much anything in life. However, more often than not, it gets more emotional and personal when it’s relevant to a lifestyle, goal or challenge we may personally be working on.

With this in mind, once you find what you are great at and start sharing it with the rest of the world… that’s when the real magic starts!

Today, we are going to highlight three different entrepreneurs and industry experts that took their own expertise and passion for business, branding, investing and teaching others… then expanded into much bigger roles as world influencers, teachers and mentors.

Let’s get started!

Timothy Sykes – Stock Market and Penny Stocks

If you’ve ever done any research online for the stock market or investing in penny stocks, then you will have likely come across the name “Timothy Sykes” — and also that he is known for turning $12k into more than $6.7 million.

While investing in penny stocks was how it all started for Tim, now his bread and butter comes through the brand and business that he’s built up over the past several years as a result of teaching others how to accomplish the same.

And like many others, this journey started out with a blog and social media, while also highlighting his many failures and successes — and of course including amazing photography of the various places he’s been day trading around the world.

Today, Tim has a network of investing and education sites, live events and conferences to attend, and online courses and subscriptions for all of his students.

Now let’s highlight how Tim is using each of these three methods to grow his brand, reach and business.

  • Mentorship – Online courses and coaching programs
  • Expertise – Everything related to penny stocks
  • Blogging – Daily posts on his blog and social channels


Gary Vaynerchuk – Brand Marketing and Agency Services

Of the many different examples of successful individuals we could cover when it comes to creating content, sharing their expertise and being a mentor to others, Gary V likely would be the most well known.

What’s quite amazing about Gary’s journey, is that he’s not only found success time and time again (whether it be in Wine, social media, investing or branding), but also that he is inspiring others throughout the process.

A perfect example of this can be seen through his podcasts and video interviews where he discusses his passions for flipping products and finding garage sale deals. This isn’t making him a ton of money, but it’s motivating his audience, getting them started and growing his brand loyalty and following in the process.

Now let’s highlight how Gary is using each of these three methods to grow his brand, reach and business.

  • Mentorship – Through personal coaching but mostly social media content
  • Expertise – All forms of marketing, but enforcement of putting in the work
  • Blogging – Gary Vaynerchuk blog, Medium and top social platforms

Ashley Alderson – Boutiques, Ecommerce and Networking

Not every example of success and fame needs to be well-known of backed up by millions of dollars in wealth. This is the exact story behind Ashley Alderson, who has become quite the coach, influencer and success story in the niche market of unique boutique shopping.

While it may seem small at first, the truth is… the more you niche down the better. Then as you continue to show off your expertise and passion, while growing a brand in the process, then you can really start and see what’s possible.

What started out small, is now a large company with staff, and also influencing and motivation thousands of members around the world. The Boutique Hub, founded by Ashley, is for all boutique types, apparel, accessories, beauty, decor, and with all selling types from e-commerce, brick and mortar, mobile to social

Now let’s highlight how Ashley is using each of these three methods to grow his brand, reach and business.

  • Mentorship – Through a massive network of users at The Boutique Hub 
  • Expertise – Personal, business and life expertise that relates to her audience
  • Blogging – Main site, blog, media interviews and top social platforms

How to Grow Your Own Brand or Business by Sharing Your Expertise with Others

As you can see from each of the examples above, when you put in the time and effort to share your expertise, talents and passions with others, you can really grow into quite the brand and business of your own.

With the internet now making it easier than ever to get started with a site, brand or business of your own, what are you waiting for?

Be sure to follow each of the examples above on both their social media channels and websites or blogs, as they will not only keep you inspired, but will also teach you how to take advantage of such platforms and networking methods as well.



Starting Your Business Career: Tips for New College Graduates

The day you’ve dreamed of has finally come, you’ve graduated from college, and you’ve accepted your first full-time, grown-up job. What happens next?

Is it time to jump into the workforce, further your education even more, or immediately take the first job available and try to pay down your college debt

With so many different options available, how are you supposed to know which is best? The truth is, everyone has their own path and the decisions you make at this point must be decided by you and only you.

However, there are several resources out there that can help you out in this decision process. And we hope this article can provide you with a little bit of guidance as well.

Read on and discover how the steps below can help you make the adjustment from student to employee and thrive in your new position.

Create a Budget and Pay Down Your Debts

One thing you don’t want to worry about in your first year on the job is not having enough money to meet your expenses. If you budgeted in college, this is one of the reasons why, so it wouldn’t seem so unfamiliar once you were out in the working world.

However, even if you didn’t, you can learn. You know what your salary should be, so your next step is to assess all of your expenses. If you have student loans to repay, keep in mind that there may be money saving options.

You can use a calculator to see what your savings can be if you refinance or aggregate multiple loans. As for the rest of your budget, make sure that in addition to necessities, you are putting away some money in your company’s retirement plan and building an emergency savings account.

Have Realistic Expectations

You are in an entry-level position. This means that you probably won’t get the most interesting tasks and your duties might not even resemble what you ultimately hope to be doing in your career.

Few people have a thrilling job straight out of college. Focus on what you can learn, communicating effectively and having a good attitude.

And at the same time, don’t dismiss the power of the internet and how it can instantly put you ahead of the competition. Even by just registering your personal name as a domain name and going live with a simple little blog, this could be the difference between getting hired or passed over.

Remember that you are part of a team now, and what you do affects your coworkers. It’s also a good idea to be observant in those first few weeks until you get a better sense of the culture in your office.

Keep Networking

The work relationships that you build may be the most important element for success in your career. If you networked through college, this is no time to stop.

If you didn’t take part in networking, it’s time to start. And just like we highlighted in the previous point, the internet can make this process a whole lot easier.

If you aren’t currently on LinkedIn, make sure you get on it immediately. Start to build out your profile, resume and expertise, while also connecting with others in your industry. You never know who someone might know, and being well connected on LinkedIn is a huge asset to have.

You can do this both in person and online by taking opportunities to join any professional organizations, attend seminars and connect with other alumni from your college who are also in your field.

Have a Plan

Where do you hope to be in one year, five years or even ten years?

The most successful people are those who specifically identify what they want and go after it. And this all starts right when you graduate from college and start to build a story and path for yourself.

If you want to climb the corporate ladder, find out what the best way to do that is. If you hope to gain the experience that will get you a foothold elsewhere, learn as much as you can about the place you eventually want to be working for.

How to Make the Most of Your Time Right Out of College

Throughout all of this, keep up your networking and be sure to center people in whatever you do. There’s a difference in being competitive and getting ahead by undermining or hurting other people.

There may be a few cutthroat business environments where you can get away with this for a while at least, but in general, people will remember you and recommend you for promotion if they feel you are an asset to their team and not someone who is only out for themselves.

7 Most Effective Tips to Monetize a Blog

Blogging can be both a hobby and a source of income. At first, it will become a source of additional income, and in the future, if you are able to grow traffic to your blog, it can even become the main source of your income.

One of the most difficult parts of monetizing a blog is growing the number of daily visitors, though only a proper promotional strategy will help you increase these numbers. Also, it is important to come up with more than just a few ways to generate profits from your blog.

Therefore in today’s article, we will share some tips and tricks that will help you find more ways to monetize your blog.

Tip #1: Sell Your Own Merchandise

If you already have a proper number of daily readers, you can release your own merchandise in order to make some extra money. If this sounds like a big investment that may not pay off, we ensure it will be a successful experiment if you produce the merchandise via a print-on-demand platform. 

The first best thing about a print on demand platform is that you do not need to foresee how many items you will need, order them in large quantities, or pay upfront for those large quantities. The second best thing is that the production and delivery are up to the POD platform. The number of orders Printify stores have received has tripled in June 2020. The numbers indicate that Printify is one of the best choices for your print-on-demand needs as far as orders go. 

Tip #2: Offer Online Courses

Depending on your blog’s main concept, you can create an online course and promote it on your blog, or you could start teaching online. Building a course will take some time at first, but it will become a form of passive income afterward.

On the other hand, if your readers appreciate you as a personality and follow you on social media, being able to talk to you online might be a bonus point for them, but in a longer time, teaching online will take more of your time. 

Tip #3: Accept Guest Posts

If your blog has good ratings and generates great traffic, many link builders might be interested in publishing guest posts on your website. You can either choose to write an article yourself and add their links or accept an article that is already written by them.

However, when accepting guest posts, be selective about what you publish. You need to make sure that the link builders provide unique quality content and that it matches the concept of your blog. Publishing random content for money will lead to decreased traffic, and no one wants to publish guest posts on your blog anymore.

Tip #4: Do Freelance Blogging in Addition

If you are an experienced blogger and have been writing your blog for years now, you can do freelance blogging. More to it, if you have been creating and publishing quality content on your blog through the years and have generated great numbers of traffic, the link to your blog will work better than any portfolio.

To find projects that need freelance bloggers, make sure to check out freelancer websites such as Fiverr and Upwork. Also, you can find projects to work on in Facebook freelancer groups, local or worldwide. 

Tip #5: Write Sponsored Reviews

Depending on the main topic of your blog, you can offer paid product or service reviews. For example, if you are a beauty blogger, you can review various kinds of decorative cosmetics brand products.

On the other hand, if you run a blog that publishes content on such topics as marketing or SEO, there will be fewer products or services for you to review. However, you can share your opinion about specific online courses or online tools.

Tip #6: Use AdSense

Adding Google AdSense to your website will help you grow your business revenue by showing related ads on your website, which means that each website visitor will see different ads on your website, depending on their geographical location, interests, age, gender, and so on.

Tip #7: Add Your Own Ad Banners

If you want full control of what kind of ads are shown on your blog, you can add stationery banners to your website and offer payment packages for the brands that want to advertise on your website.

If you choose the ads well and make them relative to your blog, your readers will find it rather beneficial than annoying. For example, if you are promoting a new social media marketing online course with a discount code, your readers will appreciate it because it’s not only informative but also beneficial.

How to Find a Niche that Makes Money and Promoting with PUSH Ads – Step By Step Guide

Have you ever wondered how brands, affiliate marketers and ad agencies create super effectively and highly profitable ad campaigns from pop up style ads that appear on your mobile device and across the internet?

If so, you’re in luck! As today we will be highlighting the basics of Push Ads, while also walking through the most basic and advanced steps in setting up a campaign. We’ll even be covering affiliate marketing, and what makes it the perfect partner in push advertising.

By the end of this article, you will have a much better idea on everything you need to know about finding and promoting affiliate offers that make profits.

What Are Push Ads?

Push Ads are short notification messages combined with an icon or image that appears on users smartphones on computer screens as soon as they are triggered.

Push notifications are sent by websites or apps, and most of the time used for weather forecasts, news, alerts, social media updates, or whatever types of info you want to see.

So basically, Push Ads delivers advertisements instead of weather, social media or other kinds of information.

How it works is pretty simple, visitors first must agree to receive push notifications from a website or app. then ads are sent to the user’s mobile phone or computer in a notification form, then when they click on the notification, they will be directed to a landing page or directly to the promoted offer, it’s up to you.

What is Affiliate Marketing with Paid Ads?

Affiliate marketing allows you to earn commissions from promoting other company’s products or services.

You can become an affiliate by signing up to that affiliate programs and you will get a special link that allows them (the seller) to track the people who clicked on your special link (affiliate link) and simply if they buy something (or complete some kind of action like signing up to a newsletter, or downloading something etc.), you earn a commission.

So affiliates can get paid in more ways, sometimes you don’T even have to sell anything, in some programs it’s enough to take some kind of action, like filling out a contact form or signing up for a specific website.

Affiliate marketing with paid ads basically mean you buy traffic from some kind of traffic source (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Zeropark, Taboola, etc.) and send that traffic to the affiliate offer you promote.

To start affiliate marketing with paid ads you will not need an established website to get started, you can simply use a 1 page website (landing page) to send visitors to to pre-sell the user on the product you are promoting.

This method is the fastest possible way to get traffic to your affiliate offers, however you need some knowledge on how to run these ads on various platforms, how to optimise and things like that.

But the whole point of this strategy is to make more money from these affiliate programs then you spend on advertising.

Why Affiliate Marketing Is A Legitimate Way to Make Money Online

Affiliate marketing is the best way to earn money from promoting already popular products for example. Every merchant needs advertisers to grow their business and profit, so basically they need you.

And you don’t even have to create your own product which can be very complicated and time consuming, basically you are the middle man who makes the connection between the customer and the seller.

Affiliate marketing allows you to make good money, you can do it from home or anywhere you want, and you can even generate passive income while you sleep.

Why Spy Tools Are A Must In the Affiliate Marketers Toolbox

With Spy Tools you can easily spy on your competitors ads, you can see how they are running their campaigns, what landing pages they are using, what ads images, texts etc. and most importantly, what are their winner combinations.

So you can determine which ads, landers, offers are performing the best right now, and you can use this information to get an idea what you should run for yourself.

One of the most important things in Affiliate Marketing is to always start testing proven offers, and by proven I mean offers that are doing well for other affiliates.

And the easiest way to find proven offers is by using a spy tool, that’s why it’s extremely important!

How To Find Offers and Verticals That Are Making Money For Others through Spy Tools

As I mentioned above Spy Tools will make your job a lot easier, when it comes to finding proven verticals and offers.

My favorite Spy Tool is Adplexity. They offer spy tools for different traffic sources and verticals like Mobile, Desktop, Native, Push, Ecommerce and more.

So for this guide we are going to use Adplexity PUSH.

By loading up Adplexity Push it will show you the most recent ads being launched on Push traffic sources.

In the left sidebar you can set different filters like Date, Device Type, Ad Category, Country, Connection, Traffic Source, Affiliate Network, etc.

You can start spying and looking for verticals just by firing up Adplexity and scrolling and see what others are running the most,

If you see something pop up multiple times while you are searching, that means it’s doing good, otherwise they would not run it.

For the best results set the date filter for the last 30 days

Then go to the top right corner and select ’’Received most traffic’’  by doing this it will sort the ads for you based on which ads received the most traffic in the last 30 days.

Then you can browse through the best performing ads based on receiving the most traffic, and see what pops up multiple times.

As I see right now, dating and sweepstakes are hot on push, so it would be a good idea to try to run those.

To see more details, like landing pages, geos, traffic sources and more, simple just click on the ads.

On this page you can see the ad image, ad text, the target Country, Device types, Connection type and the Landing page.

If you scroll down you can see even more data, like the top publishers, placements and traffic sources

To see the landing page click on the red ’show more’ button in the landing page section.

And click through the links in the redirect chain.

So here’s the Landing page in this example:

Then if you click through the landing page, you will be redirected to the offer.

So here’s the offer:

So this is how you can see the ads, landers and offers runned by other affiliates.

You can also download these landing pages and edit them to make them your own.

To download a landing page simple click on the ’’Download this landing page’’ button.

So when you find the vertical you want to run you can use the filters to find ads in that specific vertical. 

Let’s say we want to run Sweepstakes in the US.  

I can just go to the left sidebar, locate Ad Category and select Sweeps:

Then I set the Country filter to United States:

Or you can just simply type in specific keywords to the search box and search for ads that include you keyword in the landing page or in the ad text.

Then to find the best performing ones, use the 2 additional filters I showed you before, set the date filter to ’Last 30 Days’ and sort the ads by ’Received most traffic’.

How to Prepare Your own Image Ads and Angles and Landing Pages for Your Push Campaign

The best way to make your own Images and Angles is by looking at the current top performing campaigns in Adplexity Push.

Select the top 10 ads, make a note of the ad texts, and write your own ones based on those. If you find it hard, try to reword them or hire a writer to write very similar texts.

You can do the same thing with the images.

Find the best performers and create new images based on those.

The required image size from push creatives on Zeropark is 192×192 pixels.

So you can create a blank image in photoshop (or whatever you use) 

then create your own images from there.

Here’s an example:

When it comes to the Landing pages you can work with the same principle.

Locate the best performing landing pages in Adplexity, then you can easily download them. You can actually just ’’rip and run’’ if you want, however I don’t recommend doing that.

It’s always better to add your own twists to your landers.

So it’s better if you rip a few and use them as templates, then you can easily change the text and the images with a source code editor like Notepad++ or Sublime text.

But weter you just rip’n run or change things in the landers, keep in mind, there might be malicious codes and hidden scripts in those landing pages, designed by pro coders to steal your traffic. People usually call these scripts Clickjacking’ or Click stealers.

So if you don’t know how to spot these malicious scripts I highly recommend hiring someone to clean these landers for you.

I always clean my landing pages with bannerslanders.com and I highly recommend them!

How to Setup a Campaign on ZeroPark PUSH Traffic Source

Setting up and launching your campaign is actually the easiest part of the job.

To get started go to Zeropark, from the dashboard click on New campaign and select Push.

Next is selecting your campaign’s targeting type. First you should always start with a RON campaign which allows you to buy all the available traffic in the chosen Country, and later when you are optimizing, you can launch Target and Source campaigns based on the data you got from the RON campaign.

Next you need to name your campaign and choose the Country you want to target.

Next you set the Bid, Daily budget, device type you want to target (always create separate campaigns for each device you want to target) 

Then it’s time to upload the creatives and texts.

To add your creatives you can drag and drop all your creative at once, or you can click on browse and add them one by one.

Then you need to add the Title and Description and that’s it.

The maximum number of creatives you can use per campaign is 10.

Then finally you need to add your Destination URL (your tracking campaign URL)  and set up S2S postback for tracking purposes.

*You can always reach out to your rep at Zeropark if you need help with setting up the postbacks properly.

That’s it,  campaign created, now you just need to wait for the approval.

How to Analyze the Data & Kill The Bad and Leave The Good

When your campaign is approved and starts getting traffic, you should go to your tracking software immediately and check the tracking campaign report.

If everything was set correctly you should be able to see the data coming through the dynamic variables (creative id, source id, campaign id ect.)

In Redtrack you can check this by locating your campaign and clicking on the repost icon:

Then if you check the reports on the Sub IDs

You should be able to see the data coming through like this:

If you can’t see anything there (but you already see some clicks) then it means that something is wrong, so in that case pause your campaign and troubleshoot the problem because it’s crucial to be able to see the data you are buying.

Without it you won’t be able to optimise and make your campaigns profitable later.

So after a day or so when you have enough data you should start optimizing your campaign.

I always start with Landing pages and Creatives.

So click go to your campaign stats, click on ’Landing’

And as you can see I already have some significant data. One of my LPs got 20 conversions, the other one only 9.

So it clearly means that my first Landing page is better so I can stop the other one.

Next I do the same thing with creatives. 

Check the data on your creatives and cut the ones that are significantly worse then the others. Only keep the ones that perform best.

*TIP: Creatives burn out pretty quickly on push traffic, so I suggest checking and optimizing your creatives every day. When you cut some, always add a few more that are very similar to the best performing ones.

Next we need to focus on optimising the placements.

Since we are running a RON campaign, we are buying all the available traffic in all available placements. 

Some placements are doing good and some are horrible, that’s why it’s super important to get rid of the bad ones that are eating up your money as soon as possible.

You should start with killing the bad placements that spend 1-2X the offer payout and not getting any Conversions.

You need to do this regularly until you left with the best placements for your campaign.

How to Scale The Winning Combinations

A great way to start scaling your winning combinations is by launching separate campaigns with the best placements, ads and lander combinations.

So we are going to launch another campaign, but this time instead of choosing RON at the beginning, we are going to go with ’Target’.

This way we can upload the top performing sources (targets) from our RON campaign and run ads only on those sources.

The easiest way to do this is by exporting your data from Redtrack, then copy paste the best ones.

To do this go back to Redtrack, click on your campaigns report icon, select ’Target id’ in the Subs menu, then click on ’Export’

Then go back to Zeropark, set up your campaign the same way as you did before, and at the end it will ask you to add the Target IDs.

You just need to copy the best targets from the CSV file you exported and paste them here, and that’s it.

You can also scale by playing with the bids, and with the daily budget. You can raise them carefully and see if they become more profitable or not. 

Also you can scale your winning campaign to other traffic sources as well.

So grab the same ads, creatives, landers and launch new campaigns on different traffic sources if you want to scale even further.

About the Author:

This super mega post was written by Attila O’dree of http://iamattila.com/. To learn more about how to make money online and scaling your business to the next level, be sure to check out his blog and his book “From Zero to Super Affiliate“, available on Amazon.

A Better Understanding of the Cryptocurrency Market

With the ongoing craze in cryptocurrency trading, you might have been thinking about investing in it. However, the lack of knowledge about how this type of trade works and all the unfamiliar jargon just makes it a daunting industry to risk your money. Don’t worry; you are not alone. Everyone goes through that newbie phase and has to give themselves time to advance in the learning curve.

We’ll demystify cryptocurrency trading to give you a better picture of what you will be dealing with once you’re in the playing field.

What is Cryptocurrency?

First, let’s define the subject at hand to be on the same page. Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that’s being safeguarded from unscrupulous individuals through cryptography – an encryption technique used to hide and protect valuable data. This digital money is used to buy and sell goods and services but cannot be utilized for purchasing any commodity, like gold.

How do you buy and sell cryptocurrencies?

Buying and selling of cryptocurrencies are done online and does not require any identity disclosures. They are sold and being bought in virtual marketplaces called cryptocurrency exchanges. These entities act as the middlemen for crypto traders who want to buy or sell cryptocurrencies. There are many crypto exchanges out there. Some of them include Coinbase, CashApp, Binance, among many others. 

Getting started in cryptocurrency needs you to sign up to your preferred exchange, go through the two-way verification process and select your payment method. However, be careful in choosing your crypto exchange since there are bad apples among them. After signing up, you can now trade cryptocurrencies to your heart’s content.

How do you trade cryptocurrencies?

Before we dig into trading cryptocurrencies, you must first need to have a wallet to protect your cryptos. The wallet is kind of safe that stores your data, including your private key and public address to sell, buy, and hold cryptocurrencies.

  • Private key – is your access to use and send your cryptocurrencies.
  • Public address – the address where others can send you cryptos

Now, let’s get to business. Trading cryptocurrencies is not an exact science, and it needs patience and willingness to learn. 

You can start trading through the Atomic swap by which you trade your cryptos directly to another trader, also called peer to peer. When using the Atomic swap, you will have to decide together with the other trader a shared secret which will be validated upon an attempt to swap cryptos. If the secret matches, then you’re good to go. This is also to ensure that even if a third party wants to intervene, they will not get any of the coins because they are not in on the secret.

You can also trade cryptocurrencies via day trading. This is where people sell and buy cryptos several times in a day. Day trading takes skill but it’ll be worth it once you get the hang of it. Although you have to remember that cryptocurrencies are a highly volatile investment and it will take you down on a roller coaster ride once you start playing on it.

Understanding the World of Digital Cryptocurrency

Now that cryptocurrencies have been demystified and you understand a little bit about how it works, you can start the hard work. Research more on how to play the game. If you can, use demo accounts to dig deeper on how it really works.

5 Things You Must to Know to Launch a Successful Blog in 2021

Blogs are everywhere. Celebrities have them, businesses need them and pretty much anyone with an opinion can start one. With so many blogs all over the place, why are some more successful than others, and how can you start one that’s more likely to succeed?

At the end of the day, the main reason why there are so many websites and blogs on the internet today, is simply because it’s so cheap and easy to get started. Heck, you don’t even need to have any technical or design skills anymore, with most site builders offering simplistic drag and drop editors.

A perfect example of this can be seen with the millions of users that have gone through the process to create a blog on Wix. In fact, they even have an ad campaign that shows celebrities creating their own sites in seconds — showing it really is that simple.

However, even with it being extremely quick and easy to start a blog of your own… does it mean that you should? Nothing in life worth doing is easy, and that’s the same with creating a successful site or blog as well.

To stand out from the crowd and create a site of real value, you are going to need to pre-plan for the launch of your site and how you will continue to grow it over time. And that is exactly what we are going to be covering today.

1 – Know Why Are You Blogging in the First Place

What’s the point in starting a blog if you don’t have a reason for one? Well, that is why you need to first think about it and consider the different options available.

Of the many different reasons to start a blog, here are some of the most common reasons:

  • Inspire your audience and share your story
  • Improve writing ability and being more tech-savvy
  • It’s a fun and exciting new skill to learn
  • Building a site and brand for your business
  • Generate income through content, traffic and ads
  • To meet new people and become a voice online
  • And many more…

As you can see, when it comes to blogging… you don’t really need to have a reason to get started, you just need to get started.

The more clear of an idea and message you have for your site, the more likely you are to succeed with it. Also, try to stay as niche focused as possible, as this will help with your content creation and audience targeting — which we will be talking about next.

2 – Decide Who Your Target Audience Is

So, you came up with an idea for your site… now what? Ideally, you would want to promote it and bring new visitors to your site.

Before we do all of this, you need to know who your target demographic audience is, where you can find them, and also how they are going to get value out of your site.

This is important because there are already a billion different sites on the internet, already talking about a million of the same things… So why would your site be any different?

With both this point and the previous one in mind, try to think about why you are going to create a site, who it’s meant for, and why it’s better than what’s currently out there.

And if you think your new shiny little blog has no potential or chance for success… just take a look at this story on a woman that created a coupon blog, which then turned into a multi-million dollar success story!

3 – Go Live with Your Social Media Accounts

When you think about social media, you might be thinking this is something you would want to set up after your blog goes live. Actually, it’s best to start it before going live.

There are several reasons for this, but the first is that you can secure a nice set of names across each of the social platforms. It would be best to try and get the same name as your domain name, but this is often hard to accomplish.

When creating your social profiles, try and make sure they are all branded in the same colors and language, so they have a consistent look and feel across them all. You will also want to link back to your site from your social profiles as well. This will help people find your site.

Once your site is live, it’s important to share all of your blog content across each of your major social networking platforms. You can also create a Facebook Fan Page as well, along with accounts on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

4 – Launch Your Site with Live Articles

Another important thing to consider before actually going live with your site, is to make sure that you have a few live articles for people to read as well.

Many people will go live with their blog and share it with everyone, and only have one article on the site. It’s very exciting to get your site live, but if it’s just one article… then there isn’t much else to do.

With that being said, try to have at least three to five articles live on your site. Also don’t forget to add some nice visuals within each article, and to also link out to any other reliable references or sources you talk about.

5 – Learn the Basics of SEO and Social Media Marketing

After your site is live, you will then want to focus more of your time and effort on the outreach and promotion process. This can best be accomplished through the use of SEO to rank in the search results and social media marketing.

Google will eventually index your site in the search results for free, but you will need a lot of backlinks from other sites and high-quality content to compete against other sites.

For this reason and more, social media marketing is often the go-to method for new bloggers and site owners. Since most of us already have friends and a following online, it’s much easier to share new blog content with friends versus trying to rank in Google.

If you’d like to learn more about the many different ways to bring new audiences to your blog, be sure to read through these 8 recommendations from Forbes.

How to Start Your Blog in the Right Direction from Day One

No matter what type of blogger you are, it’s important to try and make your blog as fun, informative, visually pleasing and useful as possible. With a billion other blogs out there fighting for attention, you are going to need to do something special to win your audience over.

The best way to accomplish this is by making sure you read through each of the questions and data points we listed above.

The more you know about your site, it’s audience and reason for being, the more likely you are to set a foundation for success.

The most important thing for you today is to start planning and getting everything in motion. Blogging is an extremely fun process, but can be slow at times, so best to get started now versus later on.

The Best Social Media Scheduling Tools

Besides creating amazing content for your business’s social media profiles, another super important aspect to consider is posting the content at the right time, on a consistent basis.

Of course, doing that manually is possible, however, when it comes to posting 10-15 pieces of content at the right time across 5 different social media profiles, it can easily become a full-time job. Find Social Media Marketers for my business.

To overcome this hurdle, and save you a ton of time, you should invest in a social media scheduling tool, which will post all of your content at a set time. So, if you need to reach an audience in the morning in the UK while you are in the USA, you won’t have to stay up until 3-4 AM to do that. 

So, in today’s article, we will provide you with a list of the best social media scheduling tools that you should make use of right away. It will save you a ton of time and money.

#1 CoSchedule

This is one of the top social media scheduling tools in the market, and you should try making use of it at some point in your social media marketing journey.

CoSchedule is an all-in-one social scheduling tool as it offers a wider range of possibilities for business owners and social media marketers. Some of the benefits of CoSchedule include:

  1. You can schedule as many social media posts as you want across a range of different social media platforms.
  2. You can coordinate your blog posts and other content that you create to save a lot of time, making it perfect for solopreneurs or small scale businesses that are looking to save time on their social media marketing activities.
  3. In-depth analytical reports.

#2 Hootsuite

This is one of the most popular scheduling and social media management tools in the market. Hootsuite can be used across a range of platforms, and the functionalities increase depending on the plan you pay for.

If you’re just getting started, Hootsuite offers a free plan that allows you to schedule 30 messages across three different social media platforms. Although this is limited, it is a great place for you to start out, especially if you’re looking to test the platform and know if it is a good fit for your business. 

Hootsuite’s premium plans begin at $30 per month. 

#3 Buffer

Buffer, just like every other scheduling software, allows you to create and schedule your social media posts to go live at the appropriate times for your audience. Some of the Buffer benefits include:

  1. A free plan that allows you to schedule up to 10 posts for your social media platforms. This should be enough to know if the platform works well for you and your business. 
  2. Buffer‘s paid plans come with extra functionalities like allowing you to customize social media messages, and add web details easily to your scheduled posts. 
  3. The analytics tool offers helpful insight that can help you with your social media marketing efforts. Buffer also supports your social media marketing efforts by suggesting the best times of the day for your social media posts. This way, you stand a greater chance of pushing out your content at the right time for your audience. 

#4 Loomly

Users of this scheduling tool agree that it offers an easy-to-use interface for their social media marketing activities (including scheduling). Below are some of the features of this tool that make it endearing for users:

  1. The possibility of collaboration, and the ease with which this is possible. Loomly was created with the knowledge that sometimes it takes more than one person to be part of a successful social media campaign and as a result, it offers an interactive and collaborative platform for social media scheduling and campaign management. 
  2. First-time users get a free 15-day trial where they have access to most of the features of this tool. This time frame doesn’t require card details so, Loomly allows you to decide if they’re the best fit for your business after all. 
  3. Creating and scheduling posts is simple and straightforward. 

Getting the Most Out of Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

If you hire a social media marketing agency, they will tell you how important and time-saving scheduling tools are. As a business owner who wants to make the most of social media marketing, scheduling tools are a great place to invest some money because they play a vital role in making sure that you hit your marketing goals while saving a ton of time.

4 SEO Trends to Look Forward to in 2021

The goal of every blogger and Internet marketer is to generate a steady stream of converting traffic. Even in 2021, Google is still the most dependable traffic source. According to Impact Plus, Google accounts for roughly 75% of all desktop search engine traffic. Since search traffic converts considerably better than social and referral traffic, marketers should prioritize their search engine optimization strategies.

SEO strategies have evolved significantly over the years. Google and other major search engines are constantly updating their algorithms, which render some old SEO strategies obsolete. Some elements of SEO are evergreen, such as building high-quality links and creating high-quality content. Other aspects of SEO campaigns are constantly changing.

If you are trying to create an SEO strategy in 2021, then you must understand how are the rules are changing. You will be more likely to rank higher in Google if you follow the best practices and keep up with new algorithm changes.

Understanding Important Changes to Make with Your SEO Strategy for the New Year

Last year has finally come to an end, and 2021 has arrived. It may have been a challenging few months for marketers, but there’s always something to look forward to in the field of digital marketing. Of course, it’s critical to account for the changes this year has brought. Will the same techniques work in the coming year? Let’s find out more about the predicted SEO trends for 2021 and how this might impact your ongoing strategies.

User experience optimization is a core focus

Google started paying close attention to user experiences about a decade ago when the Google Panda algorithm was rolled out. The search engine has been placing even more weight on the importance of user behavior in recent years. You need to make UX a core focus of your SEO strategy moving forward. This isn’t just important for boosting conversion rates, but also for increasing your traffic volume as well. 

It’s been a long time coming, but Google has been hinting at the importance of user experience for years now. All the algorithm updates of this search engine giant have been heading in this particular direction. According to Ocere.com, you can expect more focus on key SEO metrics such as page loading time. Any aspect of SEO that directly impacts the user experience will be an essential consideration for the coming year. As such, marketers need to advise their clients to ensure that their websites are user-friendly, mobile-friendly, and fast.

There are a variety of metrics that bloggers should pay attention to when conducting user experience optimization. The average time on site and pages per visit are two of the most important metrics to evaluate.

Voice search is gaining steady popularity

SEO experts predict that voice search will continue to gain popularity, hence impacting search results and rankings significantly. Voice-operated devices such as Alexa, Google assistance, and Siri should be a major component of any SEO strategy. Optimizing for voice search typically involves using long-tail keywords and phrases that people use in ordinary conversation.

Mobile searches get indexed first

Google is still the primary search tool and will likely remain so in the coming years. Last year, Google introduced mobile-first indexing, where the rankings gave priority to mobile versions of web pages. This change correlates with the steady rise of mobile use among users around the world. Therefore, any marketing expert will tell you that for SEO to succeed in 2021, websites should be optimized for mobile phone use. The good thing is, Google has also provided a free resource where businesses can test if their website is mobile-friendly.

There are a number of things that you should do to make sure that your site is properly optimized for mobile devices. Neil Patel has some great tips on this page. Since mobile users are looking at your site on much smaller screens, you should make sure that the mobile versions provide much more succinct content. You should remove any extraneous details that are not absolutely necessary. It is also important to provide scrolling menu bars end check boxes to make it as easy to provide input as possible. Finally, you should make sure that the text is large and images are highly visible.

Local businesses will be the main focus

In a post-COVID economy, local businesses will be given the main focus. Those economies heavily impacted by the pandemic will likely make an effort to help local businesses thrive. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, local SEO is the key. And as more people aim to help businesses within their community, you need to make sure that your products and services are visible on local searches. One way to do it is to have your business added to Google’s “My Business” listing.

You should also learn more about the different ranking factors that are specific to local SEO. Co-citations are especially important for local SEO. In order to use them properly, it is important to make sure that any local information on your website is accurate, including your full address and phone number. This information has to closely match the information that you share across Yelp, Google Places and other directories and local listings across the web. 

The Future of SEO and Where We are Headed

The trends mentioned above are only a few of what you can expect in 2021. However, SEO is constantly changing, and there may be new techniques to try in the next few months. There is indeed some uncertainly caused by the pandemic, which is why the best marketers are always on the lookout for the latest trends. By making sure that you stay on top of what’s happening in the world of SEO, you can ensure that you’re always at the forefront of innovation and ensure that your strategies for the coming year will yield favorable results.

You will see a lot more changes with Google in the coming year. It is important to keep up with new algorithm updates and trends, so that your SEO strategy will be more likely to succeed.

VIPRE Advanced Threat Protection Review – Protect Your Business

If you operate a small or medium-sized enterprise, you may be concerned about how well protected your business might be online. Ultimately most companies have to have an online presence, and with that comes eventual security beaches.

Gone are the days when we knew every type of malicious attacks such as malware, phishing, or virus that would occur.

Technology has evolved, so too has the level of malware, viruses, breaches, and other harmful online security threats.

Since these threats can no longer be handled manually, you have to use advanced software that uses machine learning to stop the threats in their tracks.

The good news is that you can get peace of mind by using Advanced Threat Protection.

Therefore, we’ve included our review of the VIPRE Advanced Threat Protection software to help you protect your business.

Let’s start by looking at the software in more detail below.

What is VIPRE Advanced Threat Protection?

VIPRE Advanced Threat protection applies a multi-pronged approach to cyber threats offering you full network protection. This is so important for security operators of companies to quickly detect, analyze, and control potential hazards to your organization. All in all, the aim is to ensure that when anything is detected, it can quickly be remedied.

This helps bring back the system to normal functioning.

This option is an advanced one for businesses that know how powerful cybersecurity software can leverage machine learning. Ultimately this capability is shown by offering the threat analyzer sandbox, cloud-based intelligence in the form of ThreatIQ, and support to help you manage it.

If this is your first encounter with VIPRE, it’s so important to know that the company has been around since 1994, serving the titans of industry with an extensive suite of business protection options.

Let’s consider more detailed information about the software and how you can leverage it effectively in your business.

Features and benefits


ThreatAnalyzer is a dynamic malware analysis tool. This works like a sandbox and helps you safely unpack the impact of malware on your organization. This means you are more prepared when there is a real threat.

This works well in that we will often see security risks disguised as files we know, such as PDFs, MS Office documents, and more. We easily click the links, and that’s when it can lead to malicious sites, and that can quickly negatively impact your business. Using the ThreatAnalyzer, you have a powerful weapon against future attacks.

ThreatAnalyzer has an extremely customizable environment. Therefore, you can recreate your virtual and native application stack. This will show you exactly how the malware behaves across your systems.

More than that, you will be able to identify your network shortcomings quickly. This is done by looking at the malware and typical patterns that help it exploit all your environments.

Finally, the behavioral detection engine looks at unknown malware and looks for signals that it might be a threat. It will consider how to fight this attack.

This can be used on the cloud, where it’s housed, or directly on your company server. It’s a matter of which option for the best method for you.

How it works:

  • It will analyze and win against almost any cyber attack.
  • Using this tool, you can quickly review suspicious attacks and reroute them.
  • You can use the tool to curb ransomware, zero-day threats, which can be moved to a sandbox, where it is detonated and then used as a model to fight future attacks.
  • A great benefit is that you can learn more about future attacks without compromising your current system.
  • This can be used anywhere, even for the most sensitive organizations like government security.
  • You can then run the executable files and URLs in the monitored space, and then it will do the work to identify those threats
  • Once you detonate the malware samples, you’ll also know which systems need work since they can easily be affected.

Let’s now look at the second part of the protection.


ThreatIQ gives you real-time information to prevent and strengthen your security online. This can also help you stop any attacks before they even start. We know how sophisticated cyber threats have become, using drive-by websites, ransomware, and other attacks like phishing emails.

The good news is that ThreatIQ is cloud-based threat intelligence. This is done by using dynamic behavioral analysis reports. The malware samples are then sent to VIPRE labs, where they send back analysis in detail of the challenges.

Additionally, there are online border patrol reports, which means that any suspicious or malicious domains, subdomains, and IPs are checked.

Also, you will have access to a variety of malware traffic reports. This includes network captures files that have potentially harmful samples.

How it works:

  • The software provides you with current data. This includes real-time information from across the globe to give you an idea of where attacks may originate.
  • This helps you focus your cybersecurity effectively.
  • The lab can then support you to quarantine these attacks.
  • In that way, it doesn’t just stop one attack vector but a variety of them using ThreatIQ, so you are always covered for every type of infiltration.
  • It also works on a flexible set of REST API’s to make it so easy to operate.


These are some of the advantages of using VIPRE Advanced Threat Protection:

  • Comprehensive threat protection that uses machine learning and sophisticated software to stop malware in its tracks.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Support labs offered by VIPRE to help identify potential risks.
  • Provides rigorous reports on threats to your company and also helps you plan for future threats.


These are some of the challenges of Advanced Threat Protection:

  • It does consume a lot of space upon the first installation, so that may slow down your computer.
  • It may involve a learning curve if you are new to the software, so allow for this.

Final Thoughts on VIPRE Security Solutions

VIPRE Advanced Threat Protection is a cybersecurity software that uses advanced tools to help you keep your company’s network safe from malware, hacks, and phishing.

It always stays ahead of the curve by offering two parts.

The first being the ThreatAnalyzer, which will help you review any suspicious activity on your company network, isolate it, and effectively deal with it.

Additionally, you can also take it a step further by using the ThreatIQ part of the software, which intelligently works to give you real-time information about online threats and learning more about potential malware.

Understanding both parts will be helpful when choosing to use this software. We recommend reviewing your company’s security needs and VIPRE Advanced Threat Protection’s features and benefits before making the final decision.

If you enjoyed reading this post on VIPRE Advanced Threat Protection, please feel free to check out more information on their website here.