Second Zac’s Free Affiliate Summit Pass Winner

November flew by extremely fast, and that means it’s time to picked the latest winner in the "Zac’s Free Affiliate Summit Pass" giveaway. The blog entry itself now has 70 comments/pingbacks and after this free pass is claimed, we only have 1 left up for grabs. If you haven’t entered already, please do so and you can still win one of the last two remaining tickets… it only takes a couple minutes to write a post to earn a cool 15 entries, or at the least, make a reply to the original post for a quick single entry!

On to the BIG NEWS… James from, who was randomly selected as the winner. James will receive a free full conference pass to Affiliate Summit West 2008, next year in Las Vegas ($949 value). James made sure to write a quick post on the contest and how he would like to attend the event. Lucky for him, he did… this quick entry was worth nearly a GRAND! If James is unable to make it to the event, or does not claim the prize, a new winner will be selected.

There is only 7 days left til the last and FINAL winner of the "Zac’s Free Affiliate Summit Pass" giveaway is selected. If you have not entered yet, why not? So far the two winners did not have the biggest blogs on the web, anyone can win this contest! Will you be the next big winner? Get your entry in today and hang out with all of the big money makers in Las Vegas for Affiliate Summit West 2008!

Make Even More Money with NeverBlueAds New Interface

Yes, I rave and update on NeverBlueAds all the time, but it works. I tell you how I am making money, so you can make more money! Once I started making money with NeverBlueAds, I decided to start letting everyone know about them. Just last month I talked about how I went from $0 to $10,000 in monthly earnings in just five months, then this month I followed up with a post on passing $50,000 in earnings with NeverBlueAds. There is not reason for me to brag about these numbers, I’m just stating that these figures are real and are attainable with just one ad network. Today’s post will focus on the all new user interface which NeverBlueAds just went live with.

New Main Page Login
Right when you login, you will see a completely new interface. Right off the bat, I really like the summary area and it gives your most recent stats, but now includes your growing totals and other figures. You’ll also see the "Featured Campaign" and can easily located the newest campaigns and news.

Pixel Tracking
I talked a lot about pixel tracking in my "Super Affiliate’s Guide to PPC Marketing", and I always get emails asking on how to set them up or which networks allow you to place pixels. Now NeverBlueAds has made it extremely easily to place your own pixels, in their "Global Tracking Code Placement" section, which is found in the "Tools" area. Inside the "Tools" area you can also setup "Ad Rotators", "API Data Statistics", "Postback URLs for Lead Tracking" and more.

Campaign Section
NeverBlueAds already has a ton of offers for you to choose from, but now they have made it even easier for you to find which best match your site. There are a few hundred offers spread across 20 different categories. You can also search by keywords, or even better Top EPC (earnings per click). The campaigns page is much cleaner now since it offers the option of multiple pages, instead of a long one with all offers.

Other New Features
– Batch Creative Download Option– download multiple creatives for a campaign in one easy step.
– Banner Creatives– easily add banners to your Banner Ad Rotator right from a campaign.
– .XLS Excel
download option for reporting.
– Network EPC– earnings per click stats now available on most campaigns.
– Personalized Recommended Campaigns– customize your Home Page with the types of campaigns you’re interested in! Plus, Top Ten campaign lists are now personalized, based on your traffic.
– Campaign-Specific Postback URL– you can now use Postback URLs for individual or specific campaigns! This is an improvement from the existing Global Postback URL feature, which allows for a Global Postback URL across all campaigns!.

If you are looking to make money off your current web site with some great CPA offers, or even dive into testing some pay per click campaigns, I highly recommend joining NeverBlueAds. They will keep you updated with fresh new offers, while offering payouts that beat any other network. If you signup and have any questions or comments, please let me know and I’ll see what I can do about getting your account quickly approved.

If you haven’t already, apply for NeverBlueAds through this blog and you’re application should be approved without a problem and very quickly. To entice the offer even more, send me your affiliate id and I’ll send you a free t-shirt when you earn your first $50 with NeverBlueAds. (This has nothing to do with NeverBlueAds, nor a paid promotion by them. I simply want to help others make more money!)

Click here to apply for NeverBlueAds.

Top Money Making Blogs

Money Making Blogs is a super fast growing niche area right now, and Mark from came up with the perfect opportunity to cash in on the situation. During early September, Mark wene live with his "Top 100 Money Making Blogs" list. When he first went live with the list he only had 73 blogs being tracked, as of now he has 262 on the list. It’s not Alexa and it’s not Technorati, but it’s still a pretty cool list of top money making blogs all in one spot. It’s also a lot of fun to see the fluctuations on the list and who’s moving up and down. A few weeks ago I was in the low 30s range, and I’m not happy to say I’m in the TOP 20, with the 19th position. (A cool feature I would like to see on Mark’s Top 100 Money Making Blogs list, would be something like "last month’s rankings" or a way to look back on past numbers.)

Heading into almost nine months of my new blog being live, I’m very happy with the growth I have seen in such a short period of time. Even more so than the numbers, the amount of people who have emailed me, thanking me for helping them and seeing become a daily resource for so many, has just been awesome to say the least. I have every intention of making this blog so much bigger and so much more helpful, but let’s first take a look at where this blog currently stands "statistically" against other web sites and blog.

Alexa: 26,103
Compete: 39,251
Technorati: 8,776
Technorati Authority: 483
Google Page Rank: 4
Top 100 MM Blogs: 19
RSS Subscribers: 1113

More than anything else, these numbers are just fun to watch. The value being offered through the site and the user interaction is worth so much more. I can’t wait to look back on these numbers a few months from now and see what type of growth increase we see. I won’t be happy till I see 10s across the board… Top 10,000 Alexa / Compete, Top 10 on MM Blog List, 10k uniques daily and 10k RSS subscribers. It should be a fun ride for me and hopefully you’ll get some new profitable ideas along the way!

What is Your Google Quality Score?

Recently I’ve been spending a decent amount of time on setting up new landing pages and campaigns for Google Adwords and some PPC marketing. I get emails all time about what offers to promote and how it all works. One of the very important factors to successfull marketing on Google Adwords, is to know and manage your "Google Quality Score". I’ve been playing around with PPC for a while now and knew about "Quality Score", but for the longest time I was sure how to actually check it. Let’s make sure the same problem doesn’t happen to you!

First, let’s refresh our memory on what Google defines their "Quality Score" is:

Quality Score for Google and the search network is a dynamic metric assigned to each of your keywords. It’s calculated using a variety of factors and measures how relevant your keyword is to your ad group and to a user’s search query. The higher a keyword’s Quality Score, the lower its minimum bid and the better its ad position.

The components of Quality Score vary depending on whether it’s calculating minimum bid or ad position:

  • Quality Score for minimum bid is determined by a keyword’s clickthrough rate (CTR) on Google, the relevance of the keyword to its ad group, your landing page quality, your account’s historical performance, and other relevance factors.
  • Quality Score for ad position is determined by a keyword’s clickthrough rate (CTR) on Google, the relevance of the keyword and ad to the search term, your account’s historical performance, and other relevance factors.

Now that we know what components make up your quality score, it’s time to find out your grade.

1.) Login to your Google Adwords account and select one of your active campaign. Then navigate to the keywords tab in your AdGroup. Click on the ‘Customize columns’ option shown below.

2.) Once you click on the "customize columns" link, a pull down menu will appear. Scroll down and click on "Show Quality Score".

3.) With "Show Quality Score" now selected, your Google Adwords stats chart should look something like the following, with Quality Score now added.

Amazingly enough, this was a super simple walk through, but the knowledge of knowing your "Quality Score" is priceless. Please keep in mind, Quality Score rankings will only show for Adwords campaigns on the SEARCH network and will NOT appear on your campaigns on the CONTENT network.

For more information on setting up a campaign through Google AdWords and advertising with PPC marketing, please refer to my "Super Affiliate’s Guide to Pay Per Click Marketing".

Make Money with Associates Program

A while back I wrote a post on "Motivation for the New Guys", which focused back on when I used to promote’s Associate program many years ago. I went on to make over $100,000 in commissions, but the actual commission per sale was low, so I moved onto bigger markets. is still thriving and many affiliates are still making good money with their program, especially now that they sell almost everything.

I was just checking out a blog of someone I recently met at BlogWorld. In addition to them having a nice and helpful money making blog, I also noticed a new widget on their site. This was the Deal of the Day Widget. It’s been a while since I last checked out the Associates Program, so it was pretty cool to see they actually had a decent amount of widgets to choose from. An example of their 468×60 "Deal of the Day" widget is shown below.

If you already have an affiliate account with, you can login right from their Widgets area and it will create your selected widget, imbedded with your affiliate id of course. If you aren’t a member, simply signup to their Associate Program. offers linking and widget methods for many of their different categories and store sections, such as aStore Widget, Product Links, Product Previews, Text Links, Context Links, Omakase, Banners, Search Boxes and Recommended Product Links. might not offer the best commission rates around, however they have a well branded name that almost everyone has already shopped at. You can also take advantage of their product database by using it for actual site content and being able to offer targeted ad/sales to customers actually looking to buy this product.

We are able to go full swing into Money Making Holidays season, so if you aren’t already testing out these widgets, give them a shot. If you don’t make any money, you might actually just come across a hot "Deal of the Day" which you can buy through your affiliate link!

Money Making Holidays are Here

Right now we are about to go full swing into the fun time of the year when people just love to start spending a ridiculous amount of money on anything! Here are some of the big dates coming up, that you should be preparing for and taking advantage of.

  • November 23 – Black Friday
  • November 26 – Cyber Monday
  • December 20 – “When It Absolutely, Positively, Needs to Be There” Last Ship Date
  • December 20-25 – Target Last Minute Shoppers
  • December 26 – Post-Holiday Sales

Every year I have ideas that I want to setup and implement, but it just seems like it creeps up so far every year, and I am back in the same position the next year. Were you able to come up with any great ideas to cash in on this years 4th quarter of massive profits? There is still plenty of time to take advantage of this annual shopping extravaganza. There are a ton of CPA deals that you can throw onto your site and start pushing through ppc marketing. NeverBlueAds just added a new offer, "Personalization Mall Christmas Ornaments", which pays almost a $10 commission every time someone orders a customized Christmas tree ornament. Setup a ppc campaign on Google, Yahoo or MSN and start cashing in. There are so many ways for you to cash in this holiday. I haven’t started setting up any ppc campaigns yet, but I promise you… I will be ready before this month ends!

Even if you haven’t come up with a killer idea to make money off this holiday season, it doesn’t mean that still can’t make out with all the killer offers from everyone else. I came across these two sites for some sweet Black Friday and Holiday discounts and offers. Feel free to post your holiday promotion ideas or any other coupon/deals sites you have come across.

WidgetBucks Updates & Referral Earnings

WidgetBucks was the one of the main circulation of news a couple weeks ago, especially once Shoemoney made a post on how he does not agree with their network terms. Andy Beard then came out with a post saying "Widget Bucks is Now Safe to Use". It’s also a funny issue how WidgetBuck’s main web site isn’t listed in Google. Search for "widgetbucks", and my blog is numbers #7, with my "WidgetBucks Top Performer" post.

Aside from all of the publicity (good and bad), let’s take a look at how WidgetBucks is actually performing on an earning standpoint. As you know from my last updates on the program, I am running a few of their banner rotations on general traffic content sites, so I was not expecting any great numbers. Here is the run down for October’s earnings:

As you can see from the stats above, the impressions were high (approx: 1,463,371), while earnings ended up at $123.55. This comes out to an .083 cpm, which isn’t horribly bad considering the location of the ads and non-targeted traffic going through the site. I did multiple ad testing to see which categories did the best. MP3 Players pulled the best Earnings Per Click, but they also had the lowest Click Through Rate. Game Consoles had the most impressions, but with such a low click through rate, it didn’t do too well. As expected, the Movies categories pulled the best Click Through Rates, but with an average earnings per click of .07, it was still low.

We can now take a further look into WidgetBucks performance by examining stats so far for November. Once again I had switched up a few categories and removed the less performing ones. For November I have only been running Jewely, MP3 Players and Game Consoles banners. The stats for November are shown below.

In a quick comparison from October vs. November, you will see both Jewelry and MP3 Players have lower click through rates, while Game Consoles stayed the same. Jewelry earnings per click increased .13, MP3 Players decreased by .07 and Game Consoles also decreased by .05 per click. Average cpm for November is .065.

Something new I noticed today when I logged in to check my stats, was that they are now showing earnings from referrals to the network. I don’t expect to make any decent money off referrals to the network, but this is definitely an area I was waiting for, and one that AuctionAds was never able to implement/update.

I still think WidgetBucks is a great solution for sites that have content targeted to the ads being displayed. Unfortunately for the time being, I am testing this program with general traffic. I might setup some niche sites so I can test how much the program would earn if I was sending relevant content.

BlogWorld Expo Videos

For those of you that could not attend BlogWorld Expo in Las Vegas and still thirsting for more, I’ve compiled a great list of videos from the event. While I didn’t take any videos at the event, I was right next to Gary Vaynerchuk when he was being recorded by Jim Kukral at the ShareaSale Wynn Party the day before BlogWorld. The funny thing about this video is, the last day of BlogWorld, I was up in my hotel room watching "Late Night with Conan O’Brien", then all of a sudden he has Gary Vaynerchuk on as a guest. It was pretty funny, he kept making Conan taste and eat all of this weird stuff to get the real taste of wine. I’m sure Conan had no idea what he was getting into, you can watch the video here.

Below is a collection of various interviews and sessions from Blog World.

BlogWorld Expo Sessions:
– Blog World Expo: Anil Dash on Open Social.
– Blog World Expo- Finding your Voice
– Blogworld Expo – Keynote Session, Matt Mullenweg

BlogWorld Expo Interviews & Various Video:
– Shoemoney at Blogworld Expo
– John Chow at Blogworld Expo
– Brian Solis at Blogworld Expo
– Blogworld Expo – Joel Comm Interview
– Blogworld Expo-Debbie Weil Interview
– Simon Chen Interviews Des Walsh at Blogworld Expo 2007
– BlogWorld Expo 2007- On the Scene with CURB STEVENS
– BlogWorld Chats – A Christi Day Interview with BlogWorld Winners
– Carsten Cumbrowski from BlogWorld Expo 2007 in Las Vegas
– Blogworld Expo – Dave Taylor Interview
– Leo Laporte at Blogworld Expo
– BlogWorld Expo: Interview with Bud Bilanich
– Mark Cuban at Blogworld Expo
– BlogWorld Expo – Rich Brooks
– Blogworld Expo – Marc Harty Interview
– BlogWorld Expo: Interview with Bud Bilanich
– Blogworld Expo – Marc Harty Interview
– The Blog Squad Team at the Blogworld Expo.
– BlogWorld Expo – Anne-Marie Nichols
– BlogWorld Expo: John T. Unger
– BlogWorld Expo – Dave Taylor
– Andy Wibbels at Blogworld Expo

You can also try YouTube for BlogWorld Expo videos. I did a quick search and it looks like they have a decent amount. If you find any other videos, feel free to leave a comment with the url.

$50,000 in NeverBlueAds Earnings

Each month I like to do a little summary report on my money making progress with NeverBlueAds. I’ve even written two FREE pay per click guides (part of my Super Affiliate Guide section) on how to make money using their network (PPC Guide & PPC Dating Guide). I really just started using NeverBlueAds seven months ago. If I was using them previously on my sites and for some ppc campaigns, I would easily be well into the mid six-figures range with the company. However, over the past seven months, I have now earned over $50,000 in commissions using their network. I tell you this not to brag or boast, but to continually motivate you. As a reader of this blog you know I am not trying to sell you products or services, I simply want you to make more money. I am not selling ebooks or tickets to expensive learning seminars, I am writing content like my PPC Guide and my PPC Dating Guide for free, and offering you my stats to backup these statements.

During August and October I was able to pass the $10,000 figure each time. The slight miss in September was due to one of my main revenue generating campaigns being pulled. In exception of September’s slight drop, there has been quite a consistent increase in month over month since I started using NeverBlueAds. This is an always changing business, and you need to be ready to start up fresh with new offers and new ideas to continually make money. Over the past 10 years, I’ve changed markets and niches so many times. Master your markets and niches, but don’t rely on them forever.

So what offers are generating money and how can you start benefiting from my numbers and success. The following campaigns have generated at least $1,000 in commissions. SmileyCentral, MyFunCards, Zwinky and Popular Screensavers. Offers like Webfetti and CursorMania have both produced commissions above $10,000 each. I’m not focusing on promoting these offers through PPC, though I know many successfully are. These offers have been around for well over a year now and enough people are cashing in on them to share the wealth. I’m sure others would say I am shooting myself in the foot by releasing this information, but this is what I do… I want you to succeed!

If you haven’t already, read through my original PPC Guide and my new PPC Dating Guide. After getting an idea on how to make money through PPC marketing, join NeverBlueAds and start promoting some offers. Once you apply, shoot me an email and I can get you approved faster, or will do my best to get you approved should there be any problems. If you have already started to make money off my ppc guides or blog, please send me an email, I would love to hear about your success!

Mark Cuban Keynote at BlogWorld Expo

Once I heard Mark Cuban was keynoting at BlogWorld, I was extremely excited. Besides that Mark Cuban is an internet marketing, billionaire, blogger and owns a basketball team, he is also a very cool guy. Here’s how the final session of BlogWorld went down.

It was awesome to personally meet with Mark Cuban.

Many people were excited to see Mark Cuban speak at the BlogWorld, but I’m sure I was at least in the top 3! I made sure to arrive a good 45 minutes before his starting time and I was one of the first in line to enter the room once it was opened. There was already a session going on in the same room, so everyone had to wait for them to leave first. The line to enter the room was now a couple hundred deep and it was time to go in. Reena and I secured two nice seats in the center of the room and second row from the stage. We were both sitting down as people started to enter the room, and then I noticed Mark walk in with a few others. He then sat down on the corner of the stage as others walked in and passed him by… I guess most people just didn’t realize it was him at the time. From past experience, most keynote speakers do their bit and bolt from the conference, let a lone spend any time to talk and meet with attendees. There was a couple minutes before he was going to speak, so Reena and I ran over to try and meet with him before everyone realized he was here. I introduced myself and we shared a few words, (he also said he liked my new jacket! :)). I managed to give him my business card and grab a photo with him, it was really great. I was surprised and really appreciate that Mark didn’t run out right after his keynote, he spent a good 10-15 mins speaking with everyone afterwards, even Reena was able to get a picture with him!

It was now time for Mark’s introduction. My good friend Jim Kukral had the opportunity of making the introduction. You can read the full story at his blog. In short, Jim made a site called and tried to get in touch with Mark Cuban. It got picked up by a paper and then they called Mark’s assistant and was given the response “Mark Hates You and Will Never Call You!“. Jim mentioned to me there was a chance he might get to introduce Mark and had some ideas in his head for what they might do. Before the keynote Jim was able to throw together a funny slideshow of how he compares to Mark Cuban… and in the end they are both bloggers, like everyone at BlogWorld. It was a really great intro and I’m very proud and happy for Jim for being able to pull this off.

Jim’s introduction to Mark Cuban was creative, funny and awesome!

During Mark’s keynote he talked about how he got into blogging, what motivates him, his recent time on “Dancing with the Stars” and so much more. What I love about Mark is that he is such a personable guy, but what’s really cool is that even if he wasn’t a billionaire or the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, I feel I would be able to talk with him at any internet marketing conference and he would understand and be able to relate to me. Mark has been in the game for over 10 years now, just like me… and it’s funny to see him talk about how Google Adsense works, what YouTube/Google are doing wrong and just other stuff us bloggers and marketers talk about. Mark Cuban is definitely living the dream and as he said during his keynote, “I hope no one ever pinches me, because I don’t want to wake up”. Mark is a great example for all of us to look up to. You can read up on what Mark is up to at his own personal blog,

Below is the full 1 hour and 13 minutes intro and keynote to Mark Cuban at BlogWorld Expo in Las Vegas.