Automated Guest Blogging Practices with BackLinkMetro

I’m always talking about guest blogging on this blog lately and it’s not just me! Everyone is going nuts about guest blogging because it’s the best way to legitimately building links on other web sites and blogs that have content that is related to yours.

Here are just a few of the reasons why guest blogging is so hot right now.

  • Every site needs original blog content
  • You don’t need to pay if you are writing your own content
  • Writers and site owners like to share their content on social networks
  • Quality guest posts are original content that people find value in

However at the same time guest blogging does have it’s problems.

  • You need to be a good writer and know what you are writing about
  • Writing quality content takes a lot of time and effort
  • Finding and managing sites that post your content can be a huge pain

Ah yes… the world of guest blogging can be quick rewarding yet time consuming and annoying at the same time!

Building Quality BacklinksThere are plenty of link building and guest posting management services out there that are trying to make the process a lot easier and effective.

One of them is, which is taking a different approach to the guest posting market. Instead of just focusing on getting your content out there and making a quick buck, BLM is not only offering guest blogging but they are also implementing comments and contextual links in to their marketing as well.

Another thing makes BackLinkMetro stand out from the average guest posting service is that they don’t charge high upfront costs of $100-$200 per guest post. Instead they have a monthly member plan that allows you to pay a small amount for your content and links to go active on sites. This means you can slowly add new incoming links to your site every few days and not have to shell out a ton of money.

In the screen shot below you will see how BLM breaks down their membership levels and how many credits they offer for each. The $49 package includes 1,000 credits, then when you scroll down you will see a PR5 post will only cost 80 credits per month. Now you can see how effective it is to scale your campaigns out over time with little cost.

BacklinkMetro Rates

The secret to getting quality links to your site isn’t about putting as much guest blog posts out there as you can, it’s about finding relevant blogs with content that matches yours. It’s also important not to build all of your links at once. If you are building 10-20+ links per day for a new site, Google will notice this. BLM has made their system easy to use for anyone to scale out their content and link building over time so it looks completely natural.

Some of you might be asking what makes BackLinkMETRO different from closed blog networks that have had problems in the past.

Grow Position Link Building MethodsBLM answers this question with the following: We don’t own any of the blogs on which your links are placed. The blogs are owned and managed by publishers who’ve opted to belong to our network. Over time, the blogs in our network change and evolve, as publishers join or leave according to their own preference. Therefore, your links are placed on independent blogs exactly as if you had contacted these blog owners one by one and asked for backlinks on their site. Your backlinks appear to be organic and natural, and there is no identifiable “footprint” for Google to detect.

BackLinkMetro is built for both advertisers and publishers. This means that you can start buying link building services through their site or you can sign up as publisher and start selling placements on your site. There is also the option for you to sign up as both within the same account.

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  1. Guest blogging is losing its effectiveness because of services like this. Wouldn't use it on sites you cannot afford to lose. The next Google update will be painful for many…
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  2. Well I have a combined account here and their service seem really very promising. Since they review each website and publisher gets full control on the links which are going to be published on their website.
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  3. I completely agree with you that guest blogging generates good amount of traffic, but my question is how to get quality blogs as many good blogs don’t allow us to post as a guest blogger. What technique are you using to search blogs ?

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