One of the most effective ways to grow out your web sites and blogs is to build a mailing list of your own. Mailing lists are an excellent way to keep visitors coming back to your site, while also being able to contact a massive amount of people through broadcast mailings and building your own autoresponder series.

Aweber has been the company of choice by most site owners and online marketers for list building. I’ve been an active user of Aweber for many years now and an have made thousands of dollars as a result of my mailing list.

Through their site you can create an account then build your own mailing lists, on site forms and popup windows to increase signups and manage your subscriber lists. Below you will see just a handful of the top marketing and email management features offered through Aweber. Creating your own mailing lists and being able to custom design your own newsletter forms, manage your subscribers, create autoresponders and track your open rates and subscribers are all key factors why so many customers love Aweber.

Creating Autoresponders with Aweber

One of the biggest selling points for Aweber is that they allow their users full access to setting up their own autoresponder series. What this means is that you can build a mailing list and have your scheduled mailing series be sent out to each of your subscribers on a set daily/weekly or scheduled basis. Every time someone new signs up to your autoresponder list, they will get your specific mailings on the set schedule. This means you only have to set this up once, yet it will keep working and mailing for you as long as you keep your account active.

How Much Does Aweber Cost?

Through a special promotion with, you will get your first month of Aweber list hosting for only $1! The next following month will be $19, then depending on the size of your list, your account and pricing plan will be updated.

For new web sites and blogs, $19 a month might seem like a lot of money, but the actual return on investment you will make from having your own mailing list will drastically increase the amount of people coming back to your site. If you have a monetization plan or an autoresponder series in place, you are sure to pay off your $19 monthly investment in no time.

Many bloggers and online marketers regret not starting their own mailing lists earlier than they did. The truth it, every day that you don’t have a mailing list for your site, you are losing more and more long term visitors. Try out Aweber for just $1 for your first month and if you don’t feel like it’s working for you, cancel your account… though I’m sure you will love their site and the results you will see from having your own mailing list.