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Maybe it’s something in the air, or just great timing… but a bunch of my good friends all recently came out with new books (both ebooks & paperbacks). Though I much prefer to listen to audio books on my ipod, (since I can work at the same time) these books are just killer and have to be read. Most of you already know that I’m not a big fan of ebooks, because so often they are filled with recycled material that doesn’t help the majority of us, but the two featured ebooks on this post have been very useful and I find them worthy of promotion. As for the paperbacks, I’m still waiting on their arrivals and releases. I approve these books and I’m sure you will too!

101 Wines, by Gary Vaynerchuk
Gary is the star of and has amassed a huge cult following over the past couple of years. What started with his own father’s liquor store, has turned into one of the most watched and visited Wine & Entertainment sites online. So why am I talking about wine on a marketing blog? Gary is amazingly emotional and passionate about what he does and gets this industry. Gary is a celebrity among wine enthusiasts, internet marketers and every day people, this is nothing to not like about this guy. Gary will also be the keynote of Affiliate Summit West 2008, just to give you an idea of how awesome he is. (I’m currently waiting on the arrival of this book, so I can start reading it)
– Buy & Read Gary’s Book through

Search Engine Optimization: Your visual blueprint for effective Internet marketing, by Kris Jones
Easily one of the best speakers and marketers I’ve ever known, Kris is a master in his field and one of the best in the world. Through his blog, you can read more on how Kris was contacted by Wiley Publishing and the massive efforts he put forth to make sure this book deserved to have his name on it. As Kris intended, this book not only covers SEO, but also has two chapters on PPC marketing and talks briefly on Google Analytics, Monetizing Site Traffic and Social Media. I’m also waiting on the arrival of this book to start reading, and is now available through and can also be found in most book stores.
– Buy & Read Kris Jones’ Book through

AdSense Secrets 4, by Joel Comm
As much as I don’t like ebooks, Joel Comm is one of the masters at writing and knowing Google Adsense, and he is one of the few out there that gives ebooks a good name. I’m still making my way through this 232 page ebook, but have already gained a bunch of ideas and plenty of motivation to start trying a few of his ideas out. I just printed out the ebook on 50+ sheets of paper (4 mini pages per paper), so I can write notes on everything that I like and want to implement. I definitely recommend picking this ebook up, especially since it’s only $9.95. It would be hard not to make back your initial investment several times over with this one. (eBook comes with a $29.95 monthly subscription, unless you cancel within 30 days)
– Buy & Read Adsense Secrets 4 on PDF ebook

Killer Domains: a Resource for Finding the Perfect Domain Name for Your Blog, by Daniel Scocco
Daniel from just released his ebook which focuses on finding the perfect domain name for your blog. It’s funny the book was just released, because I’ve spent a lot of time over the past two weeks looking into domains and trying to pick up some older ones through expirations and domain auctions. Through “Killer Domains” you’ll read about the process of thinking up a name for your blog and doing the proper keyword research to target towards your audience. You’ll also discover plenty of resources on where you should purchase your domains and how to secure your name in the long run. I’m still reading through this 55 page ebook, and for those who aren’t heavy readers, this ebook is compiled with pictures, data keyword charts and is written extremely well and makes it a very easy read.
– Buy & Read Killer Domains on PDF eBook

ProBlogger Book: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income, by Darren Rowse & Chris Garrett
Even everyone’s favorite money making blogger, Darren Rowse, now has a book of his own out. What’s the book about, as Darren says on his site… “the title really says it all“. The book is still waiting to be released, but you can pre-order your copy through, or signup to the official book web site and read the first chapter for free! I’m looking forward to the release of this book as well.
– PreOrder ProBlogger Book through

Just writing this recap and review on five books that came out, it took well over an hour, so imagine how long it would take to read through them all! As I read each of the books, I will try and come back with more tips on what was covered and what new discoveries I received from each book. Check back soon as I may have a few of these up for grabs in the next couple of weeks! 🙂 If you have already read any of these books, or are in the process, feel free to leave a comment and let others know what you think.

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  1. Personally, I am not into these types of books however I read Joel, Kris and Darren's blogs as much as I can so going thru here from the recommendations all found in one place is kind of refreshing so that is appreciated. Now where's the Zac Johnson book? Are there any plans for this?

    1. I'm not sure that I would learn much from some of these books either. I suspect that much of the information is already available from the blogs directly.

      1. I agree that us marketers that have been doing this for a while, may know most of what is already in these books, however they may also refresh and get our minds going on ideas that we forgot, or moved away from. I read all of these guy's blogs too, and enjoy them.

        This is one of the main reasons I hate ebooks, I could write half of the ebooks out there and provide obvious content and sell it to my readers and newbies, but I've always been against that. At least these are books with content I feel it worth reading.

        As for a ZJ book… hmm, only time will tell! 🙂

        1. I think it would be nice to have one, affordable, ebook that covers the most important subjects. But, I guess that is subjective in itself. One thing that I have noticed is that most of the information out there is not new. Occassionally, someone comes up with a new twist but, most of the time the strategies do not change.

          Do you agree? (keep your book cheap and maybe I'll buy it!)

      2. The advantage of getting books is that it's a much more condensed version of the author's thoughts on the subject.

    2. I want a video of Zac doing random things in Spiderman costume. Things like getting groceries, leaving his car for valet, strolling through downtown, etc.

  2. Daniel’s e-book is surely helpful and easy to read information guide for domain name. I am glad he released this one. You have posted some good titles here Zac.

  3. funny you dont mention seo-book by aaron wall, as it's probably the only 'e-book' worth any money. again, can't help but notice you didn't actually read the books before doing this review.

    1. I didn't mention Aaron's book because I have a dedicated post coming up for him. He has a new membership service and forum on his site in addition to his SEO Book.

      Also, can't really read a book until it's released… I made that clear in the post.

  4. I too am not a big fan of ebooks but problogger's and joel comm's written stuff would surely be a good one and informative. 🙂

  5. I don't really like thick books…But however I realize that reading is a must if we want to develope ourself. Thanks for the info.

  6. I'll be waiting for the problogger one, I haven't read any of the others but all seems pretty interesting

  7. Zac you forot to mention that Joel is selling a29.95$ subscription unless you go to the bottom of the order page and press cancel. Just a heads up.

  8. Gary Vaynerchuk is a great choice for the keynote at ASW2009, I saw him talk at the video session at Affiliate Summit in Vegas and the guy has passion and is entertaining as they come.

  9. I am looking forward to reading Adsense Secrets 4 by joel comm… his previous books were great !

  10. I never knew that each one has an affiliate program :mrgreen:

    I love joel comm and problogger's book.

  11. Great Site,

    Enjoyed reading it. Basically, you are applying open source concept to everything, which I support very much. I hope to learn more from you and share ideas.

    Best wishes,


  12. Thanx for information.

    I was going to read ProBlogger for a long time ago but I can't find force to take it in hands. I mean, to buy first. No time(

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