“Back to School” is Big Business

There are so many businesses that are reliant on only one holiday during the year, which brings in the majority of their revenue. American Greetings for example, they make a killing on Valentine’s Day and Mother’s/Father’s Day. When you think of the biggest holiday spending, which comes to mind? Christmas is on top of everyone’s mind, but I bet you didn’t think of “Back to School” spending as the next largest retail shopping season. Over 76 million Americans go back to school every year, (source & figures; Entrepreneur Mag) and this is a recurring model model you can truly bank on!

$3.7 Billion will be spent on new shoes.

$594.24, average back to school spending per child.

$54.1 Billion spent on back to school gear.

So who’s already banking every year and making money on this? The obvious winners are retail stores like Walmart and Target, that already sell what most parents are looking for. The next best thing is the Internet, where once again, the huge powerhouse sites will generate a ton of money; Amazon.com. Keep in mind there is $54.1 billion up for grabs and even the smallest percentage of that is a great deal of money.

Parents and back to school shoppers aren’t loaded rich, and everyone wants to save. Coupon sites are the source to all of these big outlets, and will earn a hefty commission on all referred sales.

Just because we are almost into October, it doesn’t mean you have missed this year’s big back to school spending. Parents are continually buying for their kids throughout the whole school year. Put some ideas into effect on how you can build up a coupon or resource site for parents and you can continually bank on “back to school” buying year after year.

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    Don't forget about buying for "dances/proms", back to school after Christmas. College books when a new semester starts. Buying continually happens throughout the year.

  2. I agree with Zac. Most people just focus on the start. In schooling there is really no “cut-off”. It almost never ends. School guys buy different things in different period of school years..

  3. I agree that the expanses are coming al over the year, but let face it the biggest amount you have it at the begining of the year. Or this is my opinion at least

  4. It is worth noting that plenty of these special occasions, including Valentine's Day or Office Clerk Day were invented by creative marketers only for the purpose of generating more sales

  5. Interesting post. I agree that most of us have probably overlooked this seasonal trend. It sounds like there is a lot of money to be made though. So I really should get some seasonal type websites going. I just wouldn't look forward to the long time between peak seasons.

  6. This just makes sense, Wal-Mart, Kmart, etc go crazy when "Back To School" comes around. I used to hate it as a kid because it meant.. well back to school, summers over, eh! Thanks for the article Zac.

  7. Good advice. Back to school is a big spending season. I'm sure a lot of those purchases are made online these days. It makes sense since a lot of the items are generic products that can be purchased in a wide variety of stores. Still a lot of them would be in-store purchases since kids often get supplies lists on the first day of class. They can't always wait for products to be shipped from ecommerce stores.

  8. Definitely back to school is big business, I know this first hand being a student, and I am sure there are others that know as well, the funny thing is… most of the time people over spend to much during back to school time, which is great for retailers and those of us marketing online =D

    Till then,


  9. This is so insightful. You are so so right. I have never thought about it. Thanks

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