Behind the Scenes at NetFlix

Have you ever thought about the business and management process of NetFlix? With over 10 MILLION subscribers and over 2 BILLION movies shipped since 1999, it must be a daunting task to fill customer requests, mail out new dvds, and repeat the process several million times over. Personally, I would have thought they had some type of automatic process and machines helping them sort out the dvds, and getting them ready for re-shipment. However, I was wrong.

In a new slideshow from, you can see the process of receiving, sending out and how the customer management team at NetFlix works. It’s quite interesting and is mainly all done by hand. The slideshow is from the Northborough, Mass NetFlix warehouse, where roughly 50 employees repackage more than 60,000 discs every day!

You can click here to walk through the 13 different pictures and captions in the slideshow. The NetFlix web site also has a selection of pictures from their management and inspection team.

NetFlix Affiliate Program
It’s not hard to say that NetFlix wouldn’t have the growth it has today, if it weren’t for affiliate marketing. Not only does NetFlix have their main affiliate program through LinkShare, but their offers can also been seen across affiliate networks such as NeverBlue, CX Digital and XY7. Payouts are usually in the $17-$27 range. I couldn’t find any running numbers, but it would be great to see the amount of money NetFlix has paid out in just affiliate commissions over the years.

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  1. Interesting article. It is amazing how much Netflix has grown. I actually became a member of Netflix from an email I received from an affiliate marketer about 2 years ago. It has grown so much that I see offers all over for it, as well as on my Xbox 360, since you can stream movies straight from Xbox now.

  2. That's over 1000 disks per person per day!

    Netflix are a big company and i thought they would've used a machine to this or something.

  3. Netflix is by far the best I have the Roku setup in living room to watch on demand videos prob will get another one love taking a break from affiliate marketing to watch a movie online so easy to do Netflix is gonna replace the video store already is!

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  4. Netflix is an awesome company and I've always been amazed at how they've made the dvd rental business so strong. These pictures look cool and I can't believe they still rely on so much manpower. I wonder how long it will be before they go to an automated system

    <abbr>Matt Fyffe’s last blog post..I Need You to Justify Me</abbr>

  5. hi zac, long time listener, first time caller, as they say.

    a bit off topic- with the market becoming more crowded each day, can you still get decent click ( let’s say under a dollar) for decent products?

    can ppc without acai and other shitty products can still get made right?

    this is also a question for anybody else, but i am wondering how are people doing and are they still getting 0.5 to 1$ clicks on anything, as nitch as it would be.

  6. I've always wondered how this company works, and it's kind of great to see there are REAL humans working behind the scenes. I've had almost no problems with their service in the last few years, and they are always great about giving you a pass if you genuinely lose a disc. Order fulfillment amazing-ness. And a revolutionary yet simple business model. Total foresight in the market.

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  7. Great post Zac, I always wonder how netflix worked, and it is pretty cool

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  8. Nice slideshow of it. Kind of interesting how they do things, never really thought they did so much by hand, and never knew they had that many employees.

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  9. After about 30 free trial accounts and earning $20-30 for about 10-15 times from GPT sites, it’s quite amazing that they are still alive 😀

    It’s funny how if you just use a Virtual Credit card, you can even keep the movies 😉


  10. Wow, those people must be pretty bored with their lives. Just looking at the pictures makes me feel depressed.

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  11. Wow, I too would have thought that it was more automated, but that's cool that NetFlix is more hands on, for a job like that though, they sure need reliable employees though hehe.

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