Best Coupon Sites to Save and Make Money

Paying full price for anything on the internet is usually a bit mistake. Most of the time you can find a good coupon, promotion or discount code laying around somewhere. The problem is, most people simply won’t take a few minutes to search around to save a quick 10% or more.

Depending on what you are purchasing, it might be easier or harder to find coupons for what you are looking for. For example, Amazon… everything on their site is already usually discounted, and you simply aren’t going to find random coupon codes and promotions online to buy from their site. However, you will for nearly every other site on the internet — even for most affiliate / internet marketing services as well!

To start finding coupons online, the most obvious place to start is with Google. Simply type in the name of the product, service or brand you are buying from, then add in any of these fancy coupon related keywords as well. [brand name + one of the options below]

  • – coupon
  • – discount
  • – coupon code
  • – in store coupon
  • – online coupon
  • – free shipping
  • – printable coupon

There is really a wide variation of terms you can use, and depending on whether you want to make a purchase while you are in a retail store or online, your keyword choices should vary. It’s also a good idea to include the year in your search, as many sites will list old coupons that are expired… which just wastes your time.

How Coupon Sites Make Money and Why They Exist

Just like you receive coupons in the mail or receive future discounts and promotions while you are shopping in a store, it’s their incentive to make you want to shop again. While you might be saving .50 on your purchase of dish detergent, there is a good chance you are going to buy other items while in a store as well.

The same holds true for Black Friday. While a store might be giving away a handful of $2,000 TVs for only $100 each… the other thousand customers who went to the store to try and get some amazing deals are also very likely to buy a ton of full priced items while they are there.

In short, coupons are to get you back to the store and to make another purchase.

Clipping Coupons to Save Money

In the world of online marketing and shopping, the same concept applies. The difference is that affiliate marketing is the main driver behind the success and focus of most coupon related sited. Every time a site posts a coupon or promotion and someone clicks on that link and buys something from the brand they just suggested, there’s a very good chance the coupon site will then earn a commission on the referral.

This is something I previously wrote about in my coupon sites are cash cows article.

Top Coupon Sites on the Internet

There are thousands of coupon sites across the internet and the top sites are all unique in their own way. The ones that do the most business are usually the ones that rank on top of Google for any relevant coupon codes, as that’s what people are looking for and ready to take action on.

I’ve listed some of the top coupon sites across the internet, not so much to highlight only the best, but also how they are each different, cater to their audience and monetize their business model in the process.


The largest coupon site on the internet is RetailMeNot, which has continued to grow in size since the launch of their site back in 2010. In addition to having over 500,000 coupons for over 50,000 stores, they also offer the ability to create member pages based around your most sought after coupons, discounts and brands to follow. The site is constantly updated with the latest coupons and deals being distributed across the internet and they also have specialty pages for black friday, cyber monday, christmas and other big shopping events and deals with direct partners.



CouponSherpa is one of the best resources for finding printable coupons that can be used in local retail stores (even when you don’t have a printable version). While most coupon sites focus their efforts on “online coupons”, CouponSherpa has allowed millions of offline customers save money in the process. This all ties back into helping grow the CouponSherpa brand and helping customers save more money online.


Chameleon John –

ChameleonJohn is a very clean and straight forward coupon and discount site that allows you to scroll through their best promotions when you are on their main page. With over 100,000 active coupons on the site, customers are saving an average of $25 per order. In addition to being a source for coupons and deals, ChameleonJohn has already made their site stand out from the crowd by offering scholarships to students and schools throughout the course of the year.


FatWallet –

FatWallet is one of the largest and oldest coupons resources and sites on the internet. Not only do they have thousands of coupons for every brand or site you could think of, they also have a powerful community of active forum users who post their latest coupon finds while also keeping everyone updated about new promotions in the coming days. In addition to providing coupons to their audience, FatWallet also offers cash back shopping and services to members how join their community. FatWallet was also rated one of the top 10 coupon forums on the web and also a top 10 financial blog.


The Krazy Coupon Lady –

TheKrazyCouponLady is a blog all about coupons and it’s updated several times on a daily basis. Unlike your traditional coupon sites that focus on highlighting the major big name brands, TKCL shares coupons for individual items that we all buy on a daily basis. The site was started by accident when two stay-at-home moms began blogging about their coupon clipping success… and the rest is history!


Coupon Sites – How to Save & Make Money Online

There’s no doubt about it… everyone loves a good coupon site!

Whether you are looking to save a few dollars on your next purchase, or discover how to make money through the use creating a coupon site of your own — it’s all within your grasp and there are plenty of successful examples out there for you to already learn from.

Take a look at each of the coupon sites above and see how each of them are creating and building a legitimate business and brand through their audience… at the least, you might save some money in the process!

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  1. Coupon Sites are Cash cows Noone wants to Pay full price for anything if they can get a deal:)

    I use Fat Wallet all the time for there newest coupons when I am picking up a new domain name VIA Godaddy.

    Nice list.

  2. Thanks for providing this massive list of places to find discounts and coupons. I have to be more diligent at looking for discounts. I am normally the type of person too lazy to find a promo. After reading this post, it does sound pretty silly to pay full retail for anything if I can get some sort of discount.

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