Best Halloween Costume Affiliate Programs

Written by Zac Johnson
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Every year around this time I start to think about all of the insane money that is to be made in the 4th quarter of the year. No matter how close or far away, Halloween actually is, it seems like everyone is already getting ready for the massive spending that is going to take place — especially retail locations around the world. What’s great about running a business that is catered to towards an annual holiday or event is that you know you are going to do a ton of business every year like clock work.

Halloween costumes are the biggest seller and when it comes to finding that perfect costume for your party or even for your kids, there is no lack of money they will be spent. Let’s take a look at a few stats from previous years of Halloween spending.

Halloween Season Srars

  • 7 out of 10 Americans will celebrate Halloween
  • 41 million Trick or Treaters
  • $72.31 average spend per person (costumes, candy etc)
  • Total of $6.8 billion spent on Halloween related products
    – Source: CNN / US Census, National Retail Federation

If these numbers aren’t enough to get you excited, also be sure to check out these other posts on Halloween and fun ways that you can start profiting off the big money maker that comes around once every year!

Obviously the best way to make money with Halloween is through the promotion of Halloween costumes. You can open up your own site to drop ship and sell your own merchandise, or even hook up with a franchise and open shop with your own retail store in your area (these always do well). If you were to ask me, I would much prefer to simply be an affiliate of an online Halloween costume store! This means you just need to send customers to their site and you will earn a nice commission on every sale… with no annoying purchases, rent costs or inventory to manage!

Top Halloween Costume Affiliate Programs

Through list below, I’ve highlighted some of the top affiliate programs online for promoting Halloween costumes. Each of the programs have different costumes and Halloween merchandise, along with affiliate payout rates and where they host their affiliate programs.

All of these details have been included in each write-up and you can click on the screenshot to link to their affiliate program details.

Yandy Affiliate Program

Halloween costume websites come and go, but there are an occasional few that actually generate a great deal of business throughout the year. is one of these sites, as they don’t only sell Halloween costumes, they also specialize in lingerie, swimwear, dresses and more.

Shareasale: Up to 15% commission on new sales and the opportunity for bonuses with volume (Click here to join)

BuyCostumes Affiliate Program is the largest online store for buying costumes online, with over 10 billion costume combinations! If you are going to be promoting costumes through out the year and looking for the largest selection, BuyCostumes is a must to check out. The BuyCostumes affiliate program stands out from others as they also offer affiliate promotions and contests for big cash prizes.

Commission Junction: 10% commission per sale / 25% commission on costume of the week

Spirit Halloween Affiliate Program

Spirit is one of the sites and brand names that you simply can’t ignore. These are the same people that usually setup the local Halloween stores in your area and malls. Check out there excellent site and massive inventory for everything relating to Halloween. Spirit Halloween also boasts one of the largest affiliate payouts in the Halloween niche!

Commission Junction: 13% commission per sale

Costume Craze Affiliate Program

Costume Craze is another excellent site that has seen amazing growth over the years. Just like BuyCostumes, they have an amazing collection of costumes and accessories and they also boast some of the best prices online.

Commission Junction: 12% commission per sale

Fright Catalog Affiliate Program

Fright Catalog has an excellent and fast loading online store that allows you to quickly run through their site and inventory, while they also have great sorting options for finding the best costumes for men, women and children. In addition to their great site navigation they also have thousands of costumes, decorations and props for any occasion.

Shareasale: 12% commission per sale

Halloween Express Affiliate Program

Halloween Express is another very large site for finding and buying Halloween costumes and merchandise online. However, with so much competition in the Halloween costume niche, it would be tough to promote their affiliate program when they pay 8% on “most” orders, and 5% on the rest, while other affiliate programs pay in the 10-12% range which is almost double.

Shareasale: 5-8% commission per sale

Halloween Mart Affiliate Program

Halloween Mart is one of the oldest online stores for selling Halloween costumes, as they say they have been in existence since 1994! Much like the other online stores for Halloween costumes, they have a selection of thousands of costumes and an easy to navigation store.

Shareasale: 10% commission per sale

Where to Promote the Best Halloween Affiliate Programs

When it comes time for you to choose which affiliate programs you are going to promote, there are two networks that you are going to have to sign up, Shareasale and Commission Junction. While Commission Junction might have the bigger name brands like BuyCostumes and CostumeCraze on their network, Shareasale makes up for it in volume. When performing a search for “Halloween” on Commission Junction you will get 42 relevant advertisers. The same search on Shareasale will result in 200+ related merchants/services to promote. Be sure to create an account with both so you can view all of the affiliate program options that are available.

Next, check out my post on the many different ways you can start making money with Halloween related affiliate programs, such as building your own blog, creating a following on social networks targeted towards costumes and much more!

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  2. Great tips Zack..I never monetize Halloween till now, I usually do my marketing efforts during Christmas.
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    Well looking at the figures, spending per person and the market from your post it looks very good. I have had many great opportunities to set up affiliate businesses for seasonal products but have simply passed the opportunity because of what I heard early in my career 'never get involved with seasonal products'.

    Can you please elaborate on this?

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