OptinMonster Review & 35% Off Coupon Code

We all know that “the money is in the list“, but if you aren’t aggressively building your mailing list, then you are simply leaving money on the table.

OptinMonster is simply the best and fastest way to grow your mailing list!

In this post I’m going to show you why OptInMonster is simply the best way to build your mailing list and how other top sites are using the WordPress plugin to grow their mailing lists by up to 1200% overnight!

OptinMonster – Explode Your Mailing List!

The truth of the matter is that 70% of the people who visit your site for the first time will never come back. The best way to keep your audience and grow traffic and revenue for your site month over month is through the use of a mailing list.

When it comes to building a massive mailing list, it’s all about providing value and engaging with your audience. At the same time you are also going to need your audience to provide you with their email address — and this is where it can get tricky!

Syed, the co-creator of OptinMonster, used this very plugin to increase his subscriber growth by over 600%! (some OptinMonster users have reported seeing as high as a 1,200% increase!)

Here’s an example of how he did it!

WPBeginner Popup

If you were to visit WPBeginner.com (or any site running OptinMonster), you will see the popup above appear over the site content. The viewer then has the option to enter their email address to get the free resource or report, or to close out the popup and move on.

You will also notice how the popup automatically takes over the full screen and fades out the rest of the content. While this may seem slightly annoying, most of these popups are set to appear only once per visitor per 30 days.

The one time intrusion to your visitors is well worth it, as you are not only providing them with a value added bonus, but you will instantly see a huge increase in your subscriber growth.

Imagine if 2-9% of your daily site audience were subscribing to your mailing list! Some sites are seeing conversion rates at these high levels.

The Many Features of OptinMonster

The example above was the most basic form on what OptinMonster has to offer. Here are the many other features built within the plugin.

  • Beautiful Optin Form Designs – The secret to getting the best results out of OptiMonster is having the ability to create your own forms and designs. Best of all, the design builder is created right within the plugin and is extremely easy to use. There is no limit to how many variations and designs you can create and this feature is available for all OptinMonster additions, such as lightbox WordPress popups, floating bars, slide-ins, after post forms, sidebar forms, and many more.
  • A/B Testing – Just an important as creating a killer design and call to action for your subscriber form, is knowing what text, images and ad copy works best. OptinMonster also has built in A/B split testing so you can run different variations and see which converts the best. Split testing has never been so easy!Here’s an example of just how important split testing on your site really is. I was playing around with two different versions of a popup I created with OptinMonster. With one simple change I was nearly a 100% difference in conversions! If I kept running the lower converting version, I would have been missing out on half of my current daily new subscribers!

OptinMonster Split Testing

  • Page Level Targeting – Most of the pages of your blog are probably general audience, but what if you have a high target page and want to treat that traffic differently? No problem! OptinMonster has page level targeting setup so you can create specific popups and subscribe forms to only appear on certain pages. This is a great way to offer additional value, promotions and increase conversions.
  • Exit-Intent Technology – As mentioned earlier, more than 70% of the people that visit your site will never come back. The best way to keep them engaged and on your site is to grab their email before they level. OptinMonster has built in exit-intent technology which allows people to freely browse through your site and when they plan on exiting your site (by moving their mouse to close out the window), your popup will then appear as a last call to action to grab their email. (this method works amazingly for conversions!)
  • Analytics – With all of these amazing features, it would only make sense for the plugin to also offer analytics tracking, which it does! From within your WordPress dashboard you can analyze clicks, views and overall conversion rates with our built-in analytics. You’ll also have the ability to see which pages or optin forms are converting best. No matter what, where or how — conversion and split testing is everything!

I did my best to give these killer features the respect they deserve, but reading text is nothing compared to seeing it in live action on your site. There is no better option for increasing your subscriber count than what OptinMonster has to offer.

OptinMonster – Created by Syed Balkhi

One of the masterminds behind OptinMonster, is co-creator Syed Balkhi. In addition to Syed’s involvement with OptinMonster, he also has a long history of internet success which includes being an expert at WordPress and also having over a million YouTube subscribers through his List25.com site.

You can learn more about Syed by listening to my interview with him on the Rise of the Entrepreneur podcast. Syed is also one of the featured experts found within Blogging.org, where he shares advice on how to get the most out of OptinMonster and drastically improve the conversions and sign up volume to your mailing list.

OptinMonster 35% Off Coupon Code

OptinMonster Coupon Code

With all of the Black Friday madness going on, OptinMonster wanted to get in on the action and provide you with an awesome discount in the process. All you need to do is click here for their promo page, and enter BF2014 in the coupon code area.

This will allow you to save an awesome 35% off your purchase of OptinMonster!

If you don’t see an increase in your conversions and subscribers to your list, OptinMonster offers a full 14 day money back guarantee. Try it out!

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