Best Tech Blogs to Kick Start Getting Your Geek On

Blogs have truly revolutionized the way we browse the internet, due to their often unbiased views, bold and unapologetic statements and their creativity. Back in the day, if you were seen with a blog you’d have been laughed at, but now almost everyone has one and it’s a great way of reading up on topics you’re interested in, whilst potentially learning a fair bit, too.

Here we’ll look at the best technology blogs that will help you kick start your passion for all things geek.


TMZ is one of the leading sites which provides readers up-to-date information and stories about celebrities. The ‘gossip’ side of the site can be seen as just a rumour-mill at times, but with a considerable amount of time in the game and many hundreds of thousands of users, TMZ has become a serious force in the blog sector of the web.

It may be full of celebrity news, but if you’re a serious fan of all things sparkly, TMZ is the site for you.


A serious blog and site for geeks, Gizmodo covers all things technological, interesting or ‘gadget’-based. It’s a site that offers plenty of variation and has become more popular over the last few years.

With fantastic news articles, intriguing blog posts and thought-provoking content, Gizmodo is like a one-stop-shop for all you tech-fans out there.

The Huffington Post

A more serious blog site, The Huffington Post is one of the most popular blogs on the internet, as it ranks highly in almost every segment. Perhaps not as ‘opinionated’ as the aforementioned, The Huffington Post takes a slightly more political viewpoint whilst continuing the idea of a blog-based website.

It still deals with technology and entertaining, but also covers politics and world-news issues, so really it’s like the brain-box of the metaphorical blog-school.


BuzzFeed is anything but a shy and retiring site, as proven with its sub-heading of “the hottest, most social content on the web”. But while their modesty may not be present, their content definitely is. BuzzFeed deals with all types of seriously interesting content that the youth of today love to read about.

Articles like “The World’s Largest Spider” and “Madonna flashes nipple on stage” are exactly what the young ones of today love. It’s as stupid and as brilliant as owning a pet donkey.


Mashable! is a blog that has over 5 million monthly page-views and covers the reviewing of new websites and services on the internet. And with so many followers, it’s no wonder why this blog has become of the most respected blogs you can visit.

It may be a bit on the geeky side, but hey, we are what we are.

The Verge

If you’re into your laptops or mobile phones you’ll absolutely love The Verge. The blog focuses on technology, especially the aforementioned type of tech, which can really be an exciting and fast-paced segment of the market.

With so many new phones and computers becoming available, it seems that The Verge’s popularity can only continue to grow.


Another blog for all the computer technology geeks, Engadget has become the place to go for all your up-to-date news regarding computers. Articles which look at the noise levels of a computer’s fan and the latest Android-devices have become very popular on the site, so this is a must visit if you want to get your geek on.

Of the blogs lists above, which are your favorites… and which did we miss?

This guest post was written by Jonny D, who loves discovering new blogs and improving his tech knowledge by reading what others have to say. He currently writes for Ladbrokes Games.

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  1. Nice Collection of Blogs. I usually visit Gizmodo and Engadget for latest updates because I run a Tech blog. Cnet blog is also cool.

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    Thanks For Sharing,
    Bradley Nordstrom
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  6. Buzzfeed is great. I usually find a random story to post to my Twitter every now and then to keep the content ticking over.

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  8. Nice list 🙂

    I am a regular reader of Engadget and gizmodo.Android-Police is also a great blog for android stuffs.
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  9. Sometimes I visit such website as TMZ, because i can find here much useful and interesting for me information.

  10. Great collection, I visit Mashable,BuzzFeed and The Huffington Post, and now I'll visit all others that your share

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