Better Earnings with AuctionAds

Written by Zac Johnson
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Now that we are a week into June, I can finally show you some numbers for AuctionAds performance this month. Last month I earned $216.27 with the program, and that was my initial testing with the program for the last 22 days of the month. May’s final earnings per click sent to AuctionAds ended just under .01 per click. As May was coming to a close and the news of eBay’s new and improved payout structure was soon to come into effect, I was quite hopeful for much higher earnings in June. From looking at this month’s stats below, it has done just that. While it took roughly 22 days last month to make $216.27, I am already at $335.29 only six days into the month. What I don’t understand is how I can be making $50 to $99 a day… then have a $2.70 day on the 4th??? I know earnings stats are delayed on AuctionAds, but some of the numbers just seem weird some times.

$335.29 in Six Days… Much Better Than May’s Performance!

As per my last post on AuctionAds, I said I would like to make at least $750 during June, with a earnings per click average of higher than .01 per click. Right now I am clearly on my way to heavily passing that $750 target, and currently seeing earnings around .02 per click. I am still targeting towards the same keywords as last month and using all of the same creatives/sizes and placement. I can only assume the new high numbers are from the new eBay payout structure. Should these numbers continue, I will gladly push this program month after month.

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9 Replies to “Better Earnings with AuctionAds”

  1. Quite the improvement on revenue already. Those are some really great numbers. What type of sites do you have running auction ads? Great work Zac.

  2. I like reading your blog as it has good content, and hope you make good money online with AA.

    I have other bloggers like John Chow on my feed but they have become boring lately with less than average content.

  3. Wow that is really nice. Maybe once I get a blog started geared more 'gadgets' or 'technology' I can start using auctionads.

    I remember running across a blog that just posted on new technology items and ran AA on his site. Every banner was listed before and after every post (i think) and it blended in his site really well.

  4. Zac how many websties do you own ?

    what is the name of the website your running the AA ads ?

    i dont see any ads on this blog

  5. I've already decided to drop this program when I reach the 10$ payout. Some days I earn 1+$then many days I get nothing. I'd be better off with adsense I think.

  6. hey,

    your auction ads earnings improved so many blogs do you have?i am working in auction we can earn from auction ads?

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