Big Money Panels at Blog World Expo

Written by Zac Johnson
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The last day of Blog World Expo 09 turned out to be the best day of the event. When attending conferences, usually the attendance drops like crazy on the last day. If you this one, you really missed out on the best of BWE09.

The morning keynote “The New Celebrity“, was with a bunch of celebrities that have been utilizing social medial. The panel was made up of Brian Solis, Jermaine Durpi, Anthony Edwards and a few others. What may have been expected to be a name dropping and self promotion session, actually went quite well. Instead the speakers talked about how they can interact with fans in a new perspective and actually share their lives with fans. Other discussions were on how Twitter and social media had now given every a “brand” and how important it is to watch what you say and tweet. A great point made during the session, was how much money and awareness can be made using Twitter and social media. Blog World Expo is also the new World Guiness record holder for a social event having the most tweeted hash tag, which was #beatcancer.

Finally it was time for the “Blogging Super Panel” with John Chow, Darren Rowse, Brian Clark and myself. As expected, the session went perfect and provided a lot of insight and advice for attendees. Each speaker gave a quick 2 minute bio, then we went straight into full Q&A and blog reviews. The panel probably went through 10 different blogs and answered a ton of questions. When you think about it, how much would it cost to actually hire someone like this big name bloggers to look at your blog? Instead you just need to attend Blog World Expo and you get a bunch of big name bloggers to give a full critique for free.

The last session I attended was “How to make $60,000 a month with a membership program” with Timothy Sykes and his web designer. Timothy Sykes is a funny and outgoing guy. During our Blogging Super Panel, Tim went up for a Q&A and asked how to make more with his site model. Unlike most of the big name bloggers on the previous panel, Tim makes most of his money through his monthly membership to his Stock Tips newsletter. Tim is famous for turning $12,000 into $2 million, and shares his stock trades with your right when he is buying and sell. This is the same type of business model I talked about with Jim Cramer’s Action Alerts Plus.

Blog World Expo 2009 was a great success and is now in the books. On a closing note… WTF IS UP WITH ALL THE LIFE COACHES?

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8 Replies to “Big Money Panels at Blog World Expo”

  1. Your panel session sounds pretty interesting. Even if you don't get to have your own site critiqued, hearing you guys analyze someone else's blog would be a great way to learn the right and wrong things to do.

  2. I can appreciate monetizing a blog by membership, providing stock tips, forex predictions etc. Pity they don't share more about how they drive traffic.

  3. A super panel indeed! I really like the work of Tim Sykes, but the bottom line is that you need some serious value to offer people in order to get that kind of buy-in. Far too many internet offers are all hype and hot air, with little real value, and as such are unsustainable in the long run.

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