Bill Gates’ Last CES Keynote Video

As much as I wanted to attend CES this week in Las Vegas, I simply couldn’t fit it into my schedule. Luckily, John Chow was able to make it to the event and was sporting my MoneyReign shirt on the exhibit floor! What really disappoints me is that this is the last year Bill Gates will be keynoting at the event. This is something I should have realized early, but simply forgot. I’ve followed Bill Gates for many many years now, ever since I was a child. Later on this year, Bill will leave his position at Microsoft and for the first time since he was 17, he will no longer be working at the company. Here is a funny video from his keynote at CES this year, on what Bill will do after he finally leaves Microsoft for good.



Or click here to view the video on youtube.

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  1. He has probably reached a point where he has nothing to prove to himself or to anyone else for that matter and, as such, has made this decision.

    Alan Johnson

  2. Hahaha, what a great movie Zac,

    It was hilarious. But in the same time a bit spooky :-). I mean, when you think of what he made in the past millennium…

    As much as some hate him this at the end looked kind a sad.

    Just my thoughts,

    Hrvoje Livnjak

  3. Indeed, while not everyone is a great fan of his company, he definitely deserves credit for his great achievements as well as for his contributions to charity.

    Alan Johnson

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