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In the old days of Internet marketing, advertising could oftentimes take on more of a blanket approach. The same static banner could be shown to every visitor to a website, regardless of that visitor’s individual characteristics. In some cases, this is still how advertising on the Internet can appear, but through the powers of more advanced targeting, we know this doesn’t have to be the case. We know that this is a waste of time and resources for advertiser and publisher alike. We know there’s a better way.

That’s precisely what leads us to BitterStrawberry today. It’s a performance network where you can dig really deep into user targeting, all without having to integrate any other tools. Do it all from a single wizard and reap the hugely lucrative benefits as a result.

An Attractive Network with Intelligent Monetization

A mantra that you may have seen floating around the Internet for the past several years is this sense of reaching a global audience, but interacting with users on as hyperlocal a basis as possible. That is the core philosophy and strategy behind BitterStrawberry.

What you get here is a mobile-oriented affiliate network with offers specifically targeted at users clear across the globe, with a powerful performance tracker and analytics capabilities that help you deep dive and easily optimize your campaigns. Using the unified interface, you can filter and target your efforts based on country, operator, connection, device, operating system, browser, and time, providing more “intelligent monetization” for your web properties.

The scale is truly impressive. BitterStrawberry processes over 900 million clicks and over 4.6 million sales each and every month. Advertisers can lock in with automatic sales and clicks caps, which isn’t completely out of the ordinary, but publishers can do this too. This further enables you to maximize your revenue based on the data that you are gathering from your campaigns.

A Bright and Modern Interface

The affiliate dashboard with BitterStrawberry is at once familiar and unique in this space. You get plenty of white space, but you also get these huge splashes of the company’s signature bright pink. It screams personality, while still offering the same robust functionality you’ve come to expect from top networks.

All of your main navigation links are found along the top of the page, including quick access to the statistics, marketplace, and referral sections, as well as spaces where you can check your messages and notifications, plus the contact information for your dedicated affiliate manager. You can typically get in touch via telephone, Skype or email, even ICQ if you’re still on there.

I also find it quite helpful that the live feed for top opportunities, filtered either by carrier or country, are also featured prominently on the dashboard. This gives you a good sense of where you may want to refocus some of your efforts. As of this writing, for instance, it looks like there’s good money to be made with Meo in Portugal in particular, but these numbers naturally shift in real time.

Stay relaxed with SmartLink

No time to be on top of each offer? BitterStrawberry’ performance – benchmarked Smartlink will auto-optimize your traffic and maximize its performance. Practically it’s one single URL that segments traffic behind it, which covers all GEOs, and sends it to the most profitable offers in the world for each specific target. This tool allows you to target offers that match your every visitor with custom ads to meet the criteria of your user: Country, Connection, Carrier/WiFi, Device, OS, Browser, Day/Night Parting & more. You can choose different setup for your SmartLinks and customize them with different settings and promo tools: Pops scripts, Banners scripts, Smart API or Split API.

Into the Mobile Offer Marketplace

Of course, a network is only as good as its advertisers and their offers. To this end, BitterStrawberry boasts literally thousands of offers across some 250 markets across the globe. None of the offers are rebrokered and approximately 40% are exclusive. They operate on CPA, revshare, CPM and CPL payment models across a number of verticals, accepting all sorts of traffic types.

The offer marketplace is shown in a grid layout by default with each offer “card” highlight key characteristics like the RPM, the category and the country. Since there are literally thousands of offers here, browsing through page-by-page can be inherently daunting. Thankfully, you can filter through based on special, hot or VIP, as well as with more advanced filtering by country, category, operating system, type and billing flow.

Quickly skimming through some of the offers, I found that an abundance are more adult-oriented, which can be very lucrative for the right kind of traffic. If you tend to stay away from that vertical, you’ll also find an abundance of offers for entertainment, sweepstakes/surveys, and mobile apps.

When you click through to view the details of any specific offer, you can review the available targeting and the special restrictions. Note that there may be multiple versions of fundamentally the same offer, except the advertiser is targeting a different carrier or a different OS, for example. Keep this in mind as you look for the “perfect” offer for your audience.

Two other things that you’ll notice is that most offers do not have a set payout rate, but rather you’ll find the max payout and the RPM figure. That’s because the offer is constantly being optimized for both advertiser and publisher. The other thing that you’ll notice is that you’ll need to apply for most of the offers in the network. Approval shouldn’t a problem, but they want to know who’s promoting what.

The Power of the HybridLink

Perhaps the strongest attribute of BitterStrawberry is the mechanism with which you will promote the offers within the network. Instead of generating a simple, single link that will send all your traffic to just one offer, you build a HybridLink that can dynamically direct the traffic exactly how you want it to do it.

You have the possibility to create your own rotation of offers with custom rules and split the traffic between offers with your own conditions. Set it up once and you get access to thousands of single offers, freedom of choice in selecting what YOU see fit for your audience, all in ONE place, with no other tracking tool or platform needed.

While there may be some third-party solutions out there, the vast majority are paid and they are necessarily external to the network. With BitterStrawberry’s HybridLink, you never have to leave the site and everything can be managed in-house and for free. That’s great power.

The HybridLink is a powerful A/B testing, so you can split traffic as you feel like, with custom weight split test. Just pick the best-performing offers for your traffic.

The interface might look a little daunting at first, but it’s actually much more straightforward than you might think, consisting of four, easy-to-follow steps. After naming your HybridLink profile and defining the traffic source, you choose the link type. With both custom link and smart API, you build a link that can drive your mobile traffic according to your specific targeting. If a user falls outside of this targeting, the system can process the traffic with a backup smartlink. If you’d prefer to redirect this traffic elsewhere, you can use the split setup.

In the third step, you filter through the vast catalog of offers based on your specific targeting and the offer list will dynamically populate for the fourth step. You can add and manage multiple rules within the same profile, helping you further capture the right traffic with the right offer. You can search by offer ID if you already know it or, when the list populates, click on the “i” button to get more information.

And when you have offers that are targeting the same traffic, you can scroll to the lower portion of the page to distribute this traffic by cap or weight percentage. The offers/rules can then be enabled and disabled as traffic data starts to come in. It’s a really powerful system and it’s built right into BitterStrawberry.

In-Depth stats, updated every 10 minutes. They provide the most detailed multi levels in depth stats on the market about the performance of your HybridLinks, Marketplace offers or SmartLinks, on different metrics and filtering options. Here’s an example for the HybridLinks stats: quick stats & advanced stats.

Maximize Your Revenue Potential

It doesn’t make sense to put up an offer targeted at Vodafone users in Italy when the actual visitor to your site is using Telekom in Albania. With the advanced and smart targeting of BitterStrawberry’s HybridLink technology, you’ll make sure that all your traffic is monetized to its full potential and you’ll be in full control every step of the way. BitterStrawberry pays out on a net-5 basis when you reach the minimum balance of $100 US, weekly, bi-monthly or monthly. Payments are issued via Bitcoins, PayPal, Payoneer, WebMoney or wire transfer.

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