Blink Health Affiliates Make Money Saving on Prescription Fills

The pharmaceutical industry is one that generates billions of dollars a year, while also being a completely legitimate business in the process. At the same time, it’s also helping billions of people around the world find cures and temporary solutions for everyday common colds, serious diseases and everything in between.

However, throw internet marketing into the mix and the pharmaceutical space isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. With re-bill offers bringing a bad taste to the industry years ago and everything now being white-labeled under the sun and sold as a miracle pill, wouldn’t it be nice to promote an offer that people can actually find value in while earning a decent commission in the process? Yes, it would!

Today I would like to introduce the affiliate program, where site partners and affiliates are paid a commission to help their audience save money on their prescriptions. Best of all, it’s free for your audience to sign up and they will also receive a $15 credit on their first prescription fill.

Before we cover the basics of their affiliate program, let’s first take a look at how Blink Health works.

Blink Health – How to Save Money on Prescriptions

Blink Health was created with one concept in mind, which is to help everyday people save money on their prescriptions, while not requiring them to signup for a medical plan or even make any additional payments on top of their regular prescriptions. We all know that not everyone has a great insurance plan, and even for the ones who do, Blink Health may be able to save them even more. What’s even more exciting about Blink Health, is that it’s completely free to use.

To understand how Blink Health works, I highly recommend you join their site and walk through the process. In the process, you may discover that you could also save a good amount on your prescriptions just by using their site!

Step 1 – Search for your medication

Blink offers low prices on over 15,000 medications. Search for the medication your doctor prescribed. Be sure to select the form, dosage, and quantity that matches your prescription.


Step 2 – Pay for it online or through the app

You’ll get your proof of purchase – your Blink Card. You can print it out. We’ll also text and email it to you too. Remember, the name and date of birth on your account must match your prescription.


Step 3 – Pick up at your pharmacy

Fill your prescription at your pharmacy like you normally do. Show the pharmacist your Blink Card and ask to process Blink as the primary payor. Your copay is $0.


To summarize this process and to see everything Blink Health has to offer, watch the short video below.

In addition to all of the benefits of using Blink Health as a customer, you can also download their mobile application to manage your account and prescriptions right from your mobile device.

How to Make Money with the Blink Health Affiliate Program

Like most successful websites and services online, Blink Health recently launched their affiliate program that rewards site partners with a $10 commission for every new verified signup to their site. A sign up is any new visitor who comes to the site, signs up for an account and successfully fills their prescription. A huge incentive on this offer is that your audience will also get a $15 credit off their first purchase.

In addition to a high-paying affiliate commission, Blink Health is also partnered with and trusted by some of the top pharmacy names in the world today, including Walgreens, Target, Safeway, Rite Aid, CVS, Kroger and more


To get a full understanding of how the affiliate lead acquisition takes please, refer to the diagram below.

How the Blink Health Affiliate Program Works

Since the concept of is so easy and effective, it’s basically a no-brainer for anyone in the United States today. After all, who wouldn’t want to save money on their prescriptions? Especially when the process is the same as if you weren’t using Blink Health — filling a prescription and picking it up at your local pharmacy.

The Blink Health affiliate program is currently managed through Rakuten LinkShare, one of the world’s most successful and trusted affiliate networks in the world today. If you are already an active affiliate with LinkShare, click here to apply for the Blink Health affiliate program. If you are new to LinkShare, click here to create an account while also applying for the Blink Health program.

Join Linkshare

Benefits of Promoting Blink Health as an Affiliate.

When it comes to promoting an affiliate offer online, it’s always great when you can find one that has real value and is of substance for your audience. A good example of this would be something you’d actually use yourself and are happy to share with your friends and family. Affiliates of Blink Health also have access to the following benefits:

  • Earn a generous $10 for every new user that completes a transaction by picking up their Rx at their preferred pharmacy
  • Access to our top-performing banners and ad creative
  • Monthly newsletters sent out to affiliates with top marketing tips
  • No minimum payment threshold on affiliate payouts
  • Custom ad creatives to match the look and feel of your site
  • Responsive affiliate marketing support team
  • Payment and tracking through Linkshare Affiliate Network

As with most affiliate programs, special ad copy, creatives, and payment options are available for premium site partners that can push high-quality volume. You can see a sample of one of their affiliate ad banners below. All banner creatives are accessible once logged into your LinkShare account.

Blink Health Affiliate Banner

Make Money Promoting Blink Health to Your Audiences

The pharmaceutical and prescription meds industry is growing day by day. Now through the use of an affiliate partnership with Blink Health, you can start cashing in as well. What’s also really great about this program, is that it applies to nearly every audience out there — no matter what type of content or site audience you have.

How to Make Money with Blink Health

Here are just a few effective ways you can start making money today as a Blink Health affiliate.

  • Banner Ads on Relevant Sites – Getting Blink Health in front of the right audience is key. Prescription meds and health sites are ideal. However, since this offer applies to pretty much anyone that goes to the doctor, all audiences apply. Blink Health has a great selection of banners to choose from.
  • Free Stuff / Coupon Sites – Bargain hunters are always looking for new ways to save money. Free stuff and coupon sites would love an offer like Blink Health. If you don’t currently have one of your own, start one today or start buying ad space on other sites to grab the attention of that money-saving audience. 
  • How to Save Money Articles – “How to” and “Resource Guides” are one of the best ways to convert an audience into high-quality leads and sales. Should you publish an article on the concept of “7 Ways to Save Money on Doctor Visits” or anything related to prescriptions, this would be a great opportunity to target an interested audience, while also introducing them to Blink Health in the process.
  • Guest Blogging on Health Sites – Another option for marketers who don’t have access to sites of their own, is to start contributing content to other sites. Since Blink Health is ideal for all health/medical audiences, it’s a great reference to include within your content.
  • Send out a Mailing to Your List – Since Blink Health is an offer that applies to almost everyone, this could even fit in well as a promotional mailing or a personal story on your blog. Top online marketers and bloggers often share many stories about their everyday lives with their audience. Saving money on their recent prescription and having their audience take part in that same beneficial process can be one of them!
  • Media Buying on Health Info Sites – Health sites are everywhere and their reach is massive. With so many sites out there, the opportunity for buying cheap ad space is all over the place. In most cases, you could even start buying media placements on other health sites to further promote any of the methods mentioned above.

Everything has been laid out for you, now it’s time for you to take advantage of the opportunity at hand. Blink Health’s affiliate program just went live this month, so the opportunity for increased conversions and earnings is quite high!

Click here to apply for the Blink Health affiliate program today.

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