Blog commenting can be a very powerful and effective way to build links when done correctly. If you get too spammy or start posting your links all over the place, not only will your links get removed, but you can get a really bad reputation in the process.

How does blog commenting work?

Simply, visit any blog and you will find a comments section at the end of the post. Usually the fields will be name, email, url and an area for your comments. When you provide this information, your comment will have your name and your comment. On most blogs, your name will become a clickable link back to your web site.

You can see an example of how a blog comment may look in the screenshot below. The name “Cheap SEO” is clickable, but there is also a link back to the users web site, as some blogs use a plugin called “CommentLuv”, which will show the last blog post written by a commenter. This is a way of saying thanks to the commenter, and giving them some link love back.

You can read more about commentluv in my Effective Free Link Building Strategies post.

What blogs should I comment on?

If you are commenting strictly to build more link backs to your web site, I would recommend sticking to blogs in the niche of the web site you are trying to promote. However, it is extremely important that you are leaving comments on blogs that are useful and relevant to the post topic. The last thing any blogger wants to see if spam on their blog and they will remove it right away.

There are services out there that will do manual and automatic blog comment posting for you. I advise you to stay away from these services if you are trying to build a legitimate authority web site, as these will only hurt your link building strategies and reputation.