Blog Monetization & Sports Blogging at Blog World Expo

Today kicked off day 2 of Blog World Expo in Vegas. With another jam packed schedule, I hit up two sessions for the day. The first was called “Are You Getting the Most Money Out of Your Blog?“. Most of the previous sessions I had attended were covering all of the basic stuff. This panel was actually decent and showed what the panelists were doing on their blog to make money. The panelists were Dave Taylor, Tim Jones, Chris Pirillo and Chloe Spencer. Not well known for being “big money” bloggers, but still a great learning source for people in the audience from speakers covering a wide range of blog topics and size. Chris Pirillo also talked about how much more effective it was for him to release videos on YouTube to sell / review ebooks/products vs. making blog and twitter posts.

Monetization methods used and discussed were from revenue generating services Kontera, VibrantMedia, BlogAds, Technorati Ad Network, Izea / SponsoredTweets and TextLinkAds. Most of the panelists were relying on a combination of the networks above and Google Adsense.

As I mentioned yesterday, instead of hitting the usual affiliate marketing & blogging sessions, I made it to a sports blogging session as well. The session was called “Incorporating the Web Across Multi-Platform In Sports Media“. The main reason I wanted to attend this session, is because it included former NBA star Jalen Rose. However, after the session started, it was actually one of the better sessions of the event. Rob King of ESPN was also on the panel and he talked about how he used the internet and setting up a web page to secure his first big job. This was back in the mid-late 90s and having a url on your resume was huge. Across the board, this was an excellent session and can’t be summed up in a few sentences. I hope Blog World Expo releases video this year of the sessions they record.

Tomorrow is the last day of blog world. There are another few sessions I am looking to attend, along with my speaking session with Darren Rowse, Brian Clark and John Chow on the “Blogging Super Panel” at 3pm. If you are at Blog World, be sure to stop by and have your blog critiqued by some of the best bloggers in the world.

Next time you go to a conference, make you sure go outside of your comfort zone, or the sessions your used to. You might just be surprised what else is going on outside of your little niche.

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  1. sounds like a great place to be to get some new tips…thanks for hooking up the readers with a little taste bro!

  2. Will you be putting up more information about the sports blogging session? It sounds like it was pretty interesting but you don't really provide too much in the way of details here.

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