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We just finished our 60 Question in 60 Minutes Blog Monetization Panel at Blog World. It was a really fun and great panel… and not to toot my own horn, but it was definitely the best session at BlogWorld because we focused all of our efforts at the audience, and had so much audience participation. Go into any other session and you will get a few questions if you are lucky, our session had a ton of user submitted questions, which the panel then answered. I don’t think we ended up getting anywhere near 60 questions answered, but it was a great session full of quality content.

The Blog Monetization panel was made up of John Chow, Ryan Gray, Jonathan Volk, DK and myself. We covered a wide variety of questions such as how to find advertisers for a blog, how much a blog should make vs. the amount of traffic it has, how to monetize non-US traffic and outside methods for revenue generation besides on site advertising and through ebooks, to name a few.

This session was excellent not only because of the awesome collection of speakers we had on the panel, but also because of how the audience always reminds us that it’s never too late to start blogging or start a new business online. How many attendees at BlogWorld this year will have just started their blog or business, and come back next year with a killer success story, or the results they were only dreaming of. The best way to reach these goals is to get out their, put your thoughts into action and network with some of the best people in the game.

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      1. It was actually a lot of run. Ryan Gray joined in on the panel right in the last few minutes, which made for another great addition. John Chow added some fun as well with his iPad pre-answered questions.

      1. Come on Bham, spend a little money :-).
        It was indeed a good session, being an audience member.
        Not sure if there were 60 questions though, I lost count. I think I recorded some of it, will see what I got.
        I highly recommend BlogWorld for anyone in Internet Marketing and blogging.
        This was just of the many great sessions.
        I had trouble figuring out who Zac and who was Jonathan :-).

  1. I was just about to ask the same thing as Ps3, I wanted to see the videos. The questions that most interests me is "how to monetize non-US traffic" I can't wait to hear the answer on that. Thanks so much for sharing Zac.

      1. You can also survey them and ask them what information they are looking for and build a product around that information.
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    1. This is great to have a video link of those presentation. Surely i will watch those rare video.
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  2. looks like it was a fun fill event with useful points, would like to see more of these……..

  3. Hope similar seminars are held in India too
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  4. Too bad I missed a seminar. It should be interesting, especially to hear speech from such a great gurus like you.

    I hope l can see it next year!

  5. Great Post. Inspiration for the beginners. Many bloggers on the globe will get energy and inspiration to work hard for their blog. If this kind of events may happen in India.
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  6. So since we are talking about monetization, how do you all monetize your sites?
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  7. Zac- As always great stuff and very interesting. What does the future hold for events that you will be at over the next year. If you could only go to two as a newbie whick would you go to. Thanks and as always your da goods

  8. hi Zac,

    It seems here that you are really enjoying what you are doing. And I know that you have learned a lot of things from the speakers.

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