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Written by Zac Johnson
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Here are some updates on what’s going on at With the blog going live less than two months ago, there has been some amazing growth. Through testing with PayPerPost,ReviewMe and my "Review Me & Make Money" promotion, there have been a some great bloggers out there reviewing the site. As the blog continues to grow more and more each day, my Technorati and Alexa rankings only seem to keep getting better.

From over a 1 million plus ranking… to a one week average around 29,000. Alexa rankings are looking nice.

This blogs’s Technorati is also increasing in exposure and "Authority" lately. Next target is 50,000!

There are still plenty of exclusive promotions on the blog as well. I wanted to give my loyal blog readers a way to cash in and make some easy money to invest back into your blogs or just for a nice dinner out! πŸ™‚ Here is a recap of what’s going on.

Review Me & Make Money
– Looks like there are a couple more spots open for the first set of reviews. One lucky winner will receive $50 paid through paypal for their review on this blog.

Top Commenters Contest
– Lots of commenting action on this blog, and we’re just getting started. The top three commenters at the end of the month will each win cash prizes.

Favorite Me on Technorati
– A new promotion I just added the other day, and this one is super simple! Just click this link and add this blog as one of your favorites on Technorati.

Good luck to everyone on the contests and I thank you again to my loyal readers that continue to make this blog grow!

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12 Replies to “Blog Updates & Promotions”

  1. Zac, congratulation your blog is experiencing an awesome growth. Even my blog don't grow this fast. Money do make a different.

  2. Regarding the "Favourite Me on Technorati" promotion…do you favourite everyone who favourites you..because otherwise it's not really a promotion !!

  3. your technorati stats are okay, but your alexa rank is pretty impressive. good job

  4. hey zac

    you can disregard my comment above as i have since then found out more about the 'fave me on technorati' promotion.

  5. Simply amazing! Hopefully my new businesstwins blog that I'm running with my brother grows this fast :D. You and JohnChow are just crazzy.

  6. Congrats, Zac!

    I hope that the reviews we posted in our blogs helped to contribute to your traffic πŸ˜€

  7. You're doing a great job promoting your blog and I'm sure you'll continue down this path..

    Here's a suggestion for your blog's development – you must have a FAVICON in order to make your blog look as professional as it is! Actually you're the first high profiled webmaster/blogger I've seen whose site doesn't have a favicon..


  8. Hey Zac, i've been following your blog for some time now, congrats on the stats… I'm running a Technorati experiment on my site you may be interested in getting in on…


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