Blog World Expo Kicks Off in Las Vegas

I’m now in Las Vegas for BlogWorld, onc of my favorite conferences. Unlike regular affiliate marketing based conferences, BlogWorld is cool because it brings together such a diverse group of people. Bloggers, marketers, media companies and even some celebrities. The high end companies that BlogWorld brings together every year is quite amazing… just a few of the top sponsors this year include Ford, Kodak, Sony, Southwest Airlines, Pepsi, YouTube, Coors Light and so many more.

A great improvement BlogWorld made this year, was to hold the conference at the Mandalay Bay Conference Center instead of the Las Vegas Conference center. This is a great change because attendees can stay at the actual hotel of the event, instead of having to walk or get a taxi to the Las Vegas Convention Center.

That’s not all… BlogWorld is only in it’s first few hours of starting and they continue to impress. Another change to the venue was the addition of lunch vouchers. How many times have you been to a conference and the lunch venue was just crap? It does happen a lot. BlogWorld took their game to another level this year and provided $20 lunch vouchers to the Mandalay Bay food court and a few resturants around the hotel.

So far this year’s BlogWorld is off to a great start! Tomorrow morning at 11am I will be on a 60 min Q&A Panel with John Chow, ShoeMoney, Jonathan Volk and DK. If you are here in Las Vegas, be sure to stop by and say hello!

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  1. Looks like a great event! I wish LA was closer so I could all the great events they have!
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