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I first came across Blogging Tips when John Chow had done a review on the site about a month ago. I very happy to have Kevin Muldoon be the first to order a paid review on my blog. Not only because it’s related content, but now I get to spend some quality time to thoroughly read his blog, which I already visit often. Thanks again to Kevin for being the first to order a review!

Right when you visit the site you are hit with the big header on top “BLOGGING TIPS” and with his awesome Superman (Kevin Muldoon) logo/toon. Everyone already knows I’m a big fan of the cartoon mascots and I’m also a huge Superman fan… this site already has me hooked! In addition to the great header and character toon… the domain is excellent; Sometimes forking over a few extra bucks for a domain really pays off! You can read more on Kevin through his About Me page… and his adventures around the world and Taekwondo training back home, while taking on some Thaiboxing in New Zealand! How cool is that!

I find a lot in common with my blog and Kevin’s. Like myself, Kevin does his best to try and have a new blog update to the site daily. Quickly glancing over at his Archives section, you can see an average of around two posts per day over the past couple months. Just having time to make one post a day can be quite a task, so Kevin also has an arsenal of other blog authors to post for his site. (Think you can write? Try applying for his blog.) Another big PLUS for the blog is how Kevin also spends time to reward his users with promotional contests. This month in his “June 2007 Competition”, Kevin is giving away 3 Blog Hosting Packages, A Complete Blog and a sweet $100 in Prize Money. I’ve held some contests on my blog as well, and I really think it helps to offer your blog readers incentives to come back and post often.

Now, onto some posts which I found really useful and enjoyed:

– Why Paying for a Review on JohnTP was Worth the Money
Like Kevin, I also spent a lot of money on ordering reviews for my blog since starting. Blog reviews can get expensive and sometimes offer little to no help on reviewing your blog. This post explains not only why some blog reviews are worth buying, but also why blog reviews are more beneficial than free advice from forums.

– How to Install WordPress
To some, this post may be usless as you may already have WordPress installed. However, there are thousands of new bloggers every day, not to mention the growing amount of users on free blogging networks that want to expand to their own domain. Kevin does a great job walking you through the process on installing WordPress and setting up your own blog. (Through Blogging Tips you will also find many other posts on WordPress widgets and ways to improve your blogging experience)

– Links Round Up
Occasionally Kevin will post his “Links Round Up”, which are a collection of some of the most informative and best blog posts he has come across. These posts are a big favorite of mine because they offer a wide selection of new blogs that you might not have seen yet, while pointing out what’s new and hot. I even got listed in his June 5th post!

– Advertising Networks: Stop Basing Our Advertising Rates on Alexa
This is an excellent post and spreads the knowledge of how manipulated Alexa rankings are. I have sites that are up in the 500k-1M range… but still make money, while other sites are ranked 50k-100k and make a lot less. This one is a must read.

In the end, I find myself and Kevin have a lot in common. Aside from both of our awesome toon characters 🙂 , we are both looking to help others with blogging and to make more money! While other blog reviews sometimes rip sites apart and tell you what they don’t like, I did not feel the need for much improvement on this site. The layout, colors and content are all great and you are allowed to easily read the content without advertisements and contextual popups in your face. I look forward to future updates from Blogging Tips and recommend you read over the blog too!

This has been a paid review, ordered by If you would like to
have your blog or web site reviewed, simply click here. Your site will be thoroughly reviewed and posted within four business days.

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  1. many thanks for the review zac – i’m honourned to be the first 🙂

    yeah the domain cost a bit at the start but i believe it will prove to be worth it in the long run…fingers crossed haha!

    i was very pleased with the review and im sure you’ll start getting a lot of orders as you have a lot of readers and your posts get a lot of comments (thats what i personally look for)

    thanks again 🙂

    1. Hey Kevin,

      Thanks again, I really enjoy keeping an eye on your site and all the new updates! I’m sure it will continually grow and be one of the larger and most helpful blogs online.

  2. Its good to see your first review order, Zac =)

    I have visited Blogging Tips once but did not subscribe to its feeds then.. Looks like I have one more blog to read 🙂

  3. good review, thats how i found his blog too, from the john chow review and kumikos

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