BlogWorld Expo 2009 Agenda Released

BlogWorld Expo has just released their agenda for BlogWorld 2009. You can see the full list here, or the Monetization Track below. While BlogWorld Expo covers blogging on all angles, the “Monetization Track” is what most businesses and affiliate marketers are interested in. Last year was an excellent event and the Super Affiliate / Blogger Panel went extremely well. It went so well in fact, that Rick, the founder of BlogWorld, decided to bring it back again. It’s one of my favorite events to attend, and I haven’t missed one yet. Whether you are just a blogger, or affiliate, and I would recommend BlogWorld Expo to everyone!

BlogworldExpo Monetization Track

Day 1

Solo – Jay Berkowitz
Session Title: Making Social Media Make Money – The Top Ten Strategies
Social Media has become our first choice for communication with friends and for business. Most of us start our online sessions with Twitter or Facebook. Social Search poses the first real threat to Google’s dominance. This presentation will explore practical applications to deliver real bottom line profitability for business and leading strategies for building your personal brand online.

* Twitter Rocks! Learn how to build credibility and parlay a loyal following into real revenue.

* The New Explosion of Social Search Marketing. Learn how to use Social Search to drive traffic to your sites and social locations.

* Top techniques for making blogs make money

* Podcasting is alive and well! Discover the top strategies for building a loyal audience and generating revenue from podcasts.

* What breakout innovations are driving Social Media success, how can you integrate these strategies for business?

* Which Social Media tools are the most important for business?

* How can you use these tools to build a breakout personal brand?

Panel: Affiliate Marketing Blogging Secrets
Description: Top bloggers already know, and have proven, that affiliate marketing is a top three money making tactic for their blogs. Now is the time to learn from the affiliate marketing experts about how to incorporate high-converting affiliate marketing efforts into your plan of attack.

· Missy Ward

· Scott Jangro

· Kim Rowley

Panel: The Money Making Potential of Continuity Programs
Description: The business case and money making potential of creating and maintaining continuity programs.

· Tim Kerber, Owner,

· Ryan Lee, Owner, Ryan Lee Internet Marketing

Panel: How to Earn A Big Ole’ Pile of Money By Making Lots of Killer Blog Content
Description: One way to make money on your blog is to create tons of high-quality content. But how do you do that if you’re a one-person shop? Learn from the experts about how they create massive amounts killer blog content that helps them earn like Web rock stars.

· Rosemary

· Warren Whitlock

· Dan Gray

· JB Glossinger

Day 2

Panel: Blogging Super Panel Live Feedback Site Reviews
Description: Is your blog optimizing its potential to make money? Find out! This panel of the top money making bloggers of all time will spend a few hours reviewing your blogs live. So get there early and step up to the mic and be ready to have your blog picked apart by the pros who know.

· Darren Rowse,

· John Chow,

· Jeremey Shoemaker,

· Zac Johnson,

Panel: Are You Getting The Most Money Out Of Your Blog As You Can?
Description: You may think your blog is earning well, but what if someone showed you how you’re leaving money on the table and could be earning much more? Well, this panel will show you how to extract those extra revenues out of your blog that you’ve never thought of. Ready to make even more income next year? We’ll show you how.

· Chris Pirillo

· Dave Taylor

· Tim Jones,

Panel: How to Make $60k a Month with a Membership Program?
Description: Learn the secrets of how to take a niche topic and turn it into a profitable membership program from scratch, capable of earning $60k a month or more. It wasn’t always easy either. Learn about the early days and the problems we ran into, as well as the mistakes we made in the process. Also learn how to turn on the marketing machine to attract new members.

· Timothy Sykes, Owner

· Adarsh D Pallian, Biz Dev,

Solo – Mari Smith
Session Title: Facebook & Twitter Fortunes: How To Strategically Grow Your Business Using the Top Two Online Social Networks
Description: Facebook is the largest online social network and Twitter is the fastest growing online social network. These two giant sites have changed the landscape of online marketing with significant implications for business owners, marketers, and entrepreneurs. Facebook boasts over 200 million active members and is growing at a rate of over one million new members per week. Twitter has grown 2300% in the past 12 months. Facebook Advertising, Twitter and other social media sites are extremely powerful marketing mediums through which to exponentially grow your business.

During this information-rich session, Mari will share proven strategies for generating significant online profits using social media, including:

·         The most effective ways to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

·         Simple strategies to powerfully leverage your visibility and brand.

·         Proven ways to identify and attract your top paying clients.

·         How to build a team of lucrative Joint Venture partnerships.

·         How to use Facebook in just five minutes a day and still yield huge, measurable results.

·         How to build a targeted, responsive following on Twitter.

·         Secrets to leveraging, automating and delegating to get maximum results from your social networking.

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  1. Really looking forward to attending BlogWorld Expo for the first time this year. I've heard so many good things about this conference and now that I've seen the agenda, I'm even more excited about it!

    We should definitely try and setup a bball game while we are there too! I'll start recruiting next week ;-).

  2. good strategy for developing online business and friends circle so that we can use the opportunity


  3. I sat in on almost every session in the monetization track last year. It was excellent from start to finish. From the list above it looks like another home run.

  4. BlogWorld always puts together an all-star lineup at the sessions and events. Looking forward to this year's show!

  5. On the plus side, rooms are quite a bit cheaper this year! 🙂

    Did they ever release videos from last year's sessions? I missed out on your session, as I was attending another panel that ran at the same time.

  6. <a class="replyTo" href="#comment-110378" rel="nofollow">@Celebrity Seats:

    Unfortunately I don't think videos ever did get released. I would have like to have seen some of the sessions I missed.

  7. WOW what a great post, I love all the free site reviews places you gave out. Hope they all take a look at my sites asap.


  8. It seems that will be an intresting expo this year. This blogging business is growing from year to year and for sure there are a lot of new things to learn or to share. thanks for the post.

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