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Written by Zac Johnson
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For those of you that could not attend BlogWorld Expo in Las Vegas and still thirsting for more, I’ve compiled a great list of videos from the event. While I didn’t take any videos at the event, I was right next to Gary Vaynerchuk when he was being recorded by Jim Kukral at the ShareaSale Wynn Party the day before BlogWorld. The funny thing about this video is, the last day of BlogWorld, I was up in my hotel room watching "Late Night with Conan O’Brien", then all of a sudden he has Gary Vaynerchuk on as a guest. It was pretty funny, he kept making Conan taste and eat all of this weird stuff to get the real taste of wine. I’m sure Conan had no idea what he was getting into, you can watch the video here.

Below is a collection of various interviews and sessions from Blog World.

BlogWorld Expo Sessions:
– Blog World Expo: Anil Dash on Open Social.
– Blog World Expo- Finding your Voice
– Blogworld Expo – Keynote Session, Matt Mullenweg

BlogWorld Expo Interviews & Various Video:
– Shoemoney at Blogworld Expo
– John Chow at Blogworld Expo
– Brian Solis at Blogworld Expo
– Blogworld Expo – Joel Comm Interview
– Blogworld Expo-Debbie Weil Interview
– Simon Chen Interviews Des Walsh at Blogworld Expo 2007
– BlogWorld Expo 2007- On the Scene with CURB STEVENS
– BlogWorld Chats – A Christi Day Interview with BlogWorld Winners
– Carsten Cumbrowski from BlogWorld Expo 2007 in Las Vegas
– Blogworld Expo – Dave Taylor Interview
– Leo Laporte at Blogworld Expo
– BlogWorld Expo: Interview with Bud Bilanich
– Mark Cuban at Blogworld Expo
– BlogWorld Expo – Rich Brooks
– Blogworld Expo – Marc Harty Interview
– BlogWorld Expo: Interview with Bud Bilanich
– Blogworld Expo – Marc Harty Interview
– The Blog Squad Team at the Blogworld Expo.
– BlogWorld Expo – Anne-Marie Nichols
– BlogWorld Expo: John T. Unger
– BlogWorld Expo – Dave Taylor
– Andy Wibbels at Blogworld Expo

You can also try YouTube for BlogWorld Expo videos. I did a quick search and it looks like they have a decent amount. If you find any other videos, feel free to leave a comment with the url.

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12 Replies to “BlogWorld Expo Videos”

  1. Sounds like BlogWorld was awesome, Zac. I hope to be in a position to make it next year.

    I’ll have to check the videos out at home since my J.O.B. blocks them

  2. Wow, you have really aggregated ALL the coverage regarding the Blogworld Expo. Could take me some time to go through the whole list.

  3. awesome. i was searching last night for videos and speeches but i couldn’t find a good list. i want to make sure to watch all of them since i spent most of the time wandering around the expo hall throwing stuff at people

  4. I enjoy John Chow and Shoemoney’s videos. I am definitely checking blogworld expo out this year.

  5. BlogingWorld looks like it was awesome. It looks like you got to meet a lot of cool people while you were there.

  6. Thanks for posting this Zac. As you know I was there, but I didn't get a chance to see most of these, as I was too damn busy hanging out with the blogger-folk!

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