BlogWorld Partying Pics

Me, Reena, Jim Kukral, Sam Harrelson and a bunch of other friends all headed over to the Hard Rock Casino for a nice steak dinner at “AJ’s Steak House”. Afterwards we headed over to the “Opening Night Party & 2007 Weblog Awards” at The Joint in Hard Rock Casino. It was a bit busy, so we didn’t stick around too long… me and Jim had some gambling to catch up on anyway!

Before leaving the BlogWorld party, I made sure to get in a few more pictures. I also got to debut my new BLACK t-shirt. Get ready for new some new promotions to get your hands on one! 🙂

Jim and John sure make me look short!

Even Darin is bit taller than me… Honestly, I’m 5’10”!

Chilling with my new friends, Adam and Bill.

Before bouncing from the Hard Rock, me and Jim threw up some retarded gang symbols. Represent!

Tomorrow will be a exciting… we have Mike Arrington (TechCrunch), Leo LaPorte, Ted Murphy (PayPerPost) speaking through out the day and Mark Cuban closing everything out with his keynote. Hopefully I can grab a few photos with these guys and have them posted for you tomorrow.

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    1. That's my symbol for "No, I don't need another Casino Host"…

      Nothing was rolling my way tonight. We had a better chance of seeing Barry Manilow on the casino floor… oh wait, we did!

    1. Haha yea, John was telling me about the story earlier in the day and he was complaining to them about why he isn't listed in the top 100 blogs, yet he is #41!

  1. OH MY! I can't wait until I can get my hand on one of those Money Reign shirts 🙂 They really look good.


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