Everyone knows that all successful businesses start and grow with the right connections and knowing how to get the best deals in any industry. When I was writing Blogging Tips: Confessions of a Six Figure Blogger, I wanted to make sure that I could team up with some of the top brands and companies on the internet and provide my readers with some excellent coupons and discounts that not everyone has access to. Not only did I end up working with some of the biggest names in the industry, but they are all names that I’ve been working with for a while now and trust. These are some of the best names in the industry and they are all amazing at what they do, so make sure you start working with them as well!


If you are looking to make money with your own web site or blog, or even drive traffic to your sites through your own affiliate program, Shareasale is a must have. Affiliates can promote thousands of offers, while merchants can have access to thousands of affiliate marketers to run their offers, while paying only a 20% transaction fee.



HostGator currently has over 8 million domains and web sites hosted on their network. Use coupon code “ZACJOHNSON” and get your first month of hosting for only 1 cent!



Discover the strategy of making money with your web site or blog within your actual content. Contextual marketing through Clicksor will not only earn additional revenue for your blog, but you will also not be taking up an extra ad space in the process. Advertisers can use Clicksor to gain access to over 500 million impressions daily across their network of 100,000 web sites and blogs.



Take advantage of the current 20% off promotion through UPrinting.com and leave a lasting impression when handing out your business cards. If you would like to find the last coupons and deals from UPrinting, be sure to visit their promotions page.


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