Brand Management – What Are People Saying About You?

Written by Zac Johnson
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The internet is completely changing the way businesses and brands have to run their businesses online. At the same time review sites, customer feedback and negative reviews are completely changing the decision process for when it comes time to buy something or hire an individual for a job.

This is all quickly compiling together into the new world of “brand management“.

Back in the day you didn’t have to worry about search engines and what someone might have thought about your product or service… it was only one customer, right? Now that has completely changed thanks to Google and social networking. Now one complaint can wipe out a whole company.

Brand Management Tools

Before we jump into some useful tools that you can use to monitor your brand and name in the search engines, let’s first take a look at some crazy stats on how influential customer reviews are.

  • 90% of customers trust recommendation from people they know
  • 89% of consumers trust customer reviews made by strangers online
  • 87% of consumers are influenced by positive reviews.
  • Consumers trust customer reviews 12 times more than manufacturers descriptions.

The scariest stat among the bunch is “89% of consumers trust customer reviews made by strangers online“, which means the majority of people on the internet will trust whatever they read… even when it’s not from a trusted source of someone they know!

Brand Management Tools You Can Use

In order to make the most out of your brand management, you need to have access to different tools and solutions to help you a long the way. Now it’s time to share some useful tools that you can start using to track your personal name or brands online.

Google Alerts

One of the best and easiest ways for anyone to stay on top of their personal name or company brand is through the use of Google Alerts. It’s extremely easy to setup and you will get alert notifications right into your email box whenever a new article or mention appears on the internet. (Google Alerts)

Google Alerts for Reputation Management


Remember the last time you went to Google and started typing something into the search box and Google started to help recommend other searches for you? This is called “Autocomplete” and it’s Google’s way of helping people perform better searches so they get exactly what they are looking for. For example… if you were to search “brand management” you would get a wide range of results… but if you were to search for “brand management tools” or “brand management services” you would find much better results.

With this same concept on mind, UberSuggest is a great free tool for finding out what other people are searching for and what Google is autosuggesting for people. Type in any search phrase, then hit space bar, then hit another letter on the keyboard and you will see all of the suggestions for that specific phrase and starting letter. (Ubersuggest)

Brand Management Ubersuggest

Twitter Search

When something happens in the world, it usually reports first through Twitter. With a few hundred million users on the site and Twitter users scattered through out the world, one simple Tweet can set anything on fire. Make sure you are always monitoring your brand names through Twitter and seeing what people have to say. Expand the search to use the “advanced search” options for best results. (Twitter Search)

Twitter Search Brand Management


This site is a lot like Google Alerts, but with a lot more information, stats and recommendations on related keywords and sources. You can setup alerts, sort by social network, blog, page type and much more. Lots of information on this one! (SocialMention)

SocialMention Brand Management

Google “Me on the Web”

Another tool from Google, but not so well known is “Me on the Web” which is right inside of the Google Dashboard for anyone who is using it. Through the use of this tool you can search for yourself and see the results from Google, setup web alerts that go directly to your email and also review and manage your Google+ page. (Google “Me on the Web”)

Google Me Brand Management


Speaking of social networks… everyone is on them and you and your brand should be too! The problem with social networks and domain names is that once they are gone, they are gone for good. Use KnowEm to search your personal name or username instantly on over 550 popular and emerging social media websites. This is a great way to secure your brand name and let you know if anyone else is using it! (Knowem)

Knowem Brand Management


There are currently more than 60,000 registered users that are using Trackur to monitor over 20 million mentioned a month, which spans across another 100 million new sites, blogs, social networks and more. Trackur is a premium tool with packages starting out at $27 per month. This is one of the most advanced tools out there for tracking and monitoring of personal and name brands online. (Trackur)

Trackur Influence

Brand management is only going to keep getting more important as the internet keeps getting larger and gives the individual person a powerful voice to say whatever, whenever and wherever they want! Your best bet is to be prepared before it’s too late, and your reputation and brand name is not something you want messed with!

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6 Replies to “Brand Management – What Are People Saying About You?”

  1. Timely article!

    Things have changed, what happened between you or your employee or with your customer won't stay private. Whether that be good or bad, it will always be shared online, especially on social media platforms.

    That can either be a good or bad thing, that's why it always pay big time to stay nice and do everything to make your customers happy. You can't please everybody, but at least you've done what you can to maintain a good reputation.

    The stats are quite predictable. We always trust recommendations from people we know, and we're always apprehensive about company's descriptions about themselves or their products that's why we seek reviews for a more honest magnifying glass.

    Nice tools, by the way. They are definitely important to have. 🙂

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  2. Your brand is your mark of distinction. You have to conduct a brand management strategy that will inspire trust in your company. Public relations and publicity, Online like Facebook, Twitter and a lot more since we have several platforms in the internet.

    Participating in a conversation in any platforms you have is important. Also, making regular posts and replying direct messages from customers can add a good impact to your business. We know how important building rapport between your company and customer.

    And you are right that either the comment is positive or negative, you must take note of this because these will help you to improve or to make a change.

    I found this post shared on, the Internet marketing social site, and I "kingged" it and left this comment.

  3. Nice points Zac,

    However I think instead of using twitter search, one should go for Topsy as it's amazing tool and finds out deep information related to your search term. What you say Zac??
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