Bring in the Bling, with Joel Comm’s KaChing!

My good friend Joel Comm went live with the release of his latest book today, called “KaChing”. A few months back Joel Sent me a green big plastic button with a dollar sign on it, and when you push it, it makes a big “KaChing!” sound. This was for the pre-release of his KaChing book, and you can see the actual push button on the cover of his latest book.

Joel has pretty much been a mentor to many in the affiliate and internet marketing world. Having written many successful books already like the Adsense Code & Twitter Power, creating “The Next Internet Millionaire” and making a ton of money with the infamous iPhone Fart application, Joel has had is hands in every aspect of online marketing.

In his latest book KaChing, Joel talks about how to expand your business from being a daily headache and “job”, to creating a full online business that runs itself. No matter what profession you are in, if you are working for an hourly wage and killing yourself on a day to day basis, you are eventually going to wear out and top off on how much you can make. Turning your passion into profits is what Joel Comm is all about, and has been stressing for years.

With over 15 years of experience, Joel knows what works and what does. Using only what has worked in the past, Joel breaks the process down to five primary methods for building a business and making money online. While there are 8 chapters in the book that go into detail, a breakdown of the book and these five methods are shown below in simple, practical, duplicable step process.

* Defining your niche and turning it into success
* Creating and profiting from original content
* Creating and selling information products
* Becoming affiliates with web merchants
* Setting up membership sites
* Developing an online coaching program

Today is the official launch of Joel Comm’s KaChing and I just went over to to show how it’s doing in sales. It’s currently listed at 65 out of ALL BOOKS ON AMAZON! Right there in that one statement it shows the pure power and marketing behind Joel Comm.

Purchase your copy of Kaching today, or simply leave a comment (about Joel Comm or his new book) and you will be entered to win a free signed copy of the book by Joel Comm. The winner will be selected on July 31st, 2010.

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  1. I Love Joel Comm And All His Books! He's My Favorite Mentor Since I've Started My Internet Marketing Journey! Thanks Zac J & Joel C. 4 Allllllllllllllllllll You Do For The Internet Marketing Industry! God Bless!

    – Jeffrey McCain

  2. While this book sounds interesting, and I have read several of Joel's e-books, I am probably going to wait to check this one out. I've got a lot on my summer reading list already and I would like to hear what other people are saying about the book before making a commitment to reading through another book about making money online.

  3. I would love to read this book. Hopefully this comment make this minidresm Come true 🙂

  4. As a sales training company it's important for us to stay ahead of the curve. Great article. "Kaching" sounds like an excellent way to learn about how to increase sales online, for both newbies and advanced marketers.

  5. I've read thru' the whole book in the bookstore the other day. It is a great book for beginners. Nothing groundbreaking, but inspiring though.

  6. This book is on my list to buy next month. I read a couple of books from Joe and I think he is spot on. So, I will be back soon to get the new one.

  7. Just saw a review on this over at Jonathan Volk, I'm really liking the contents. Seems like a good, easy, straight forward read. And I love that he sent you a green KaChing button. I want one!

  8. @Jeffrey McCain:

    I agree. Joel Comm is one of the best internet marketer today. I really like his mentoring and his approach when teaching people.



  9. Hi Zac, I think you were the one that accepted me into neverblue the other day 🙂

    I have heard of Joel Comm quite a lot on various forums, since I am going on holiday soon, I might pick this book up. I hate to admit, but the title in itself is worth a place on my bookshelf !



    Great site!

  10. I've always heard Joel Comm was great about this stuff on the internet. This would be a very interesting book to read so i just might get it. Thank you for this blog post.

  11. Seems like a must read since online businesses are blooming and growing larger than ever.

  12. I have nevr read any of Joels books, but that will change:) Hope it works for me.

  13. The article presents a nice idea, but the over generalization of its potential to help absolutely anyone, while failing to provide a single specific example of how that is true, convinces this reader that the only person who would benefit from the purchase of Joel Comm's book would be Joel Comm.

  14. That button reminds me of the Staple's hit me button. I think simplicity is a great thing.

  15. Great review! Joel Comm's blog is full of awesome nuggets. I really enjoyed Twitter Power and got a lot of useful tips out of it. I'm excited to check it out KaChing. It's on my list.


  16. Very nice ideas. I would be interested in actually reading the book and getting some tips. I just started an online business and this could definitely help me along the way. Thank for the info.

  17. This is a book I would be interested in for sure. I have been thinking about starting an online business so this is very timely.

  18. Thanks. Very great idea. This book could very well help me with my blog. It will definitely be a back up in case I want to take it up a notch.


  19. It's good that he wrote this book to help people figure out how to turn an online business into an actual moneymaker rather than simply a waste of time.

  20. The book probably have a lot of key things that you have to be on top of. I mean reading the book can't hurt and it probably will have alot of useful, good to know information.

  21. I hope I win the book! Sounds like there's a lot of good ideas and advice in there that could really be helpful for me. Thanks for the article.

  22. I would agree this is a very good read for any one looking into making a good profit online.

  23. i would love to be the one to win the free book and find out all the secrets to making free money on the internet!

  24. The book's got a catchy cover, which is a must-have these days. I really feel that cutting the process into many different steps is really going to help out the average joe to start a first business.

  25. I don’t know… It seems to me like all these people making money online always need to capitalize on their earnings through training sessions and book deals. Seems like they might not be doing as well as they say.

  26. That's an awesome pre-release strategy sending out the kaching buttons. That's a sure way to make people remember his upcoming book. I don't normally read this kind of book, but I am tempted to buy this one.

  27. Do'h, I missed getting into the contest.

    Is there another way? I guess, I could stop by the local Barnes and Noble and read and take notes :P. (John Chow style thinking.)

  28. Might buy this off

    Would you say it's more for beginners or people who know a fair bit about making money online?

  29. Just ordered it from Amazon… I'm sure I'll learn, once more, some great trick!

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