Britney Spears, Now on Twitter

Britney’s back!  But even more importantly, she’s now on Twitter! The immediate exposure Britney will bring to Twitter, along with the vast reach the service will bring provide Britney, is a win-win situation for both parties! It looks like the marketing and branding team behind Britney Spears are finally getting it. After a complete re-branding of herself, from the hottest celebrity icon in the world, to the most crazy… then back again… this may be her best move yet. In addition to her making the move to Twitter (which is most likely her management team), her new Britney Spears web site has a web 2.0 feel about it as well, and seems to be in a new blog format. Already with only a few posts at her new site, each are receiving hundreds of comments.

For Twitter… this is simply a dream come true! Already Britney Spears’ new twitter account also has 2,323 followers and 16 updates (UPDATE: Just a few hours after this post going live, Britney’s twitter account is now up to 3,574 followers). While this isn’t a lot of followers compared to other big name marketers on Twitter, this is a sure to be one of the fastest growing accounts. Not to mention the free exposure Twitter will get out out it. Having Britney Spears on board will not on bring massive exposure, but will open up the site to a whole new audience of fans and users. Should any other celebrities jump onto the bandwagon and create Twitter accounts, we all know Twitter will soon be on the buying block or start generating revenue sooner than later. Even the web 2.0 savvy MC Hammer has been on Twitter for months and already has a steady following of 6,000.

What do you think about the future of Twitter and why has it taken the media and celebrities so long to take advantage of the web!

– Follow Me, Britney and MC Hammer on Twitter! 🙂

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  1. Of course, its about time! I like Britney Spears and of course she will have an affect on Twitter. All bloggers etc… will benefit from the possibilities. Time for others to follow 🙂

    1. This is the biggest thing happen with twitter so far, i guess there are more to come in the way…

      1. Twitter is gaining popularity, and fast. Every major star will have a twitter account. You can see most anchorman and news announcers already have one and are using them for live news.

  2. I was a HUGE Britney fan back when she started. I used to own . It’s pretty cool to see her come back like this 🙂


    p.s. Maybe the stuff I collected has value again lol

  3. Wondering when some celebrities will join twitter.And voila. I believe that more will follow.

  4. I’m kinda growing addicted to twitter, but I do wonder how many people add me and then never even read what I have to say!!

  5. it is crrrazy and her followers number just keeps climbing… ehhh personally don’t really care what she has to say however I’d rather follow someone like gawker who has the dirt on her… hehehe…

  6. Thats a great thing for twitter users, at last britney has to say this " Follow Me" – following you britt

  7. Twitter got a mention on the sit-com, Big Bang a couple weeks ago, too. I thought it was pretty cool, but I'm concerned about the "celebrity" of Twitter.

    Twitter seems to have enough trouble with the traffic they have, currently. What if a bunch of celebs get on and "break" Twitter? I'd love to see it grow — come one, come all, I just hope they can keep up with the added traffic it will bring to the site.

  8. Have you seen the new Britney Spear video? All I can say is wow!

    She may be a slut, but I'd still do her.

  9. It's good to see her back in action with a bang!! honestly i didn't thought so! lol!!

    All I can say is she is gaining popularity and that to too fast.

  10. I am excited that Twitter is getting more exposure now that they have a celeb like Britney on board. And better yet, I am excited that Britney is making a come back. She just got mixed up there for awhile, but who doesn't go astray and then eventually find there way back.

  11. Wow…….Twitter me pink:) or whatever color Britney likes. I have had a Twitter account for about a month now. That is great to think it is starting to get big now.

  12. Twitter is about to become a joke if celebrities use it just to promote themselves. I am also a Britney fan and wish she could find a producer like Rick Rubin who would help her to re-establish the career that she deserves. 🙂

  13. The only thing i'm afraid of is that Britney could rise up just to fall once more. That would have serious consequences for her..

  14. Its good to see now many celebrities have this twitter account.Good thing for us bloggers and fans got something write too and being updated.Its good to see her back in action.

  15. Well…the idea of having celebrities join social networking sites is an amazing way to get traffic and this might definitely get twitter to be a face to face competition with our very own facebook !

  16. The only thing i’m afraid of is that Britney could rise up just to fall once more. That would have serious consequences for her..

  17. Britney Spears is on twitter! What a news update dude. I kinda surprised to read that views. I just found her o twitter. Thanks!

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