Britney Spears, Plenty of Fish & $500,000!

Have you seen Britney Spear’s latest music video, “Hold It Against Me“? If not, you should… and it’s not because of the music or video, but instead because of the marketing genius and branding put into the video. It’s reported that Britney Spears has earned $500,000 just for the product placements in her latest video, which includes sponsors such as Sony, Plenty of Fish and more.

You can watch the video below, and here’s how the paid placement and sponsors appear throughout the video.

0:39 – Britney is handed a bottle of perfume, which she sprays on herself, followed by a close-up shot of Radiance logo
0:47 – Make Up Forever eyeshadow appears in shot, followed by a shot in which Britney applies the eyeshadow
1:27 – First shot of Plenty of Fish screen
1:30 – Britney clicks on Plenty of Fish logo
1:32 – Britney clicks on Plenty of Fish logo again
1:34 – Shot of Sony logo
1:35 – Plenty of Fish logo appears prominently in shot
1:36 – Shot of Plenty of Fish profile page
2:40 – Close shot of Sony logo
2:41 – Shot of Britney performing on Sony TV

Celebrity gossip and new web site, PopEater, says “Plenty of Fish has already reported a 20 percent increase in traffic to their site since Spears debuted her video last week.“. Considering the massive amount of traffic flowing through Plenty of Fish, to a see an overall 20% increase is quite amazing. Plenty of Fish looks like they are actively getting into the music video advertising business, as this is now the second music video they have had paid placement in. The first was with Lady Gaga in here “Telephone” music video.

While other music artists like Katy Perry thinks it’s caddy and actually tweeted “do it w/style & grace…Not so in ur face like some. U hv to get creative w/it. Some artists don’t care tho, & u can tell.“, I can tell you that there will always be a market for monetization, and if one celebrity isn’t making use of it, another will. Just think about all of the paid placement in TV shows and movies on a regular basis… it happens because it works!

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  1. it really sucks if the music videos filled with ads, so it's important whether the idea itself is genius or not. One the other side, people love pop stars like Britney or Lady Gaga, people just love them, their music, their fashion style, everything ! So the ads are far more easily to be exposed to the masses…
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    1. To the average person the promotion in this music video won't be right in their face obvious, but those with a marketing mentality will spot it right away.

  2. I found out about this in wickedfire. It's an interesting way for a celebrity to monetize their videos.

      1. Thanks Zac 🙂
        I still have a bunch more goals to reach, but I should be able to achieve them.

  3. I have to agree that the product placements do seem a bit over the top in the video. But, as you mentioned in a response to one comment, we all are a bit more attuned to spotting marketing messages than the average consumer. So, maybe it wouldn't seem quite to blatant to a typical Britney fan. I do appreciate a clever product placement or any other creative way to deliver ad content. But, I wonder if product placements in music videos becomes too commonplace if the concept will lose its effectiveness.
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  4. Monetization in music videos was really just a question of time in my opinion. I've got no doubt about we will be seeing a lot more of these in the future. The reason why it happens is because it simply works.

    My friend bought a pink gucci shirt just because he's favorite actor wore it in a movie role. Just shows you how easy people can be influenced, with a few carefully placed ads, recommended by a person they admire.
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  5. I have also seen PoF advertising in a Kesha video. Just so you know…
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  6. There's no wonder why she is still rich even if she isn't that visible over the television. A 3-minute music video can give her tons of cash. I wish I could be like her.

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  8. I think this is a brilliant form of advertising and I don't think it takes away anything from the musical video. I'm surprised that she is not getting paid more…millions will watch this video. Brilliant!

  9. Thanks for posting this one, Zac.

    I also saw one in Lady Gaga's Telephone (Plenty of Fish) and Avril's What the Hell (Sony).

    Smells Fishy. 😀

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  11. I wonder who will be the first blog to sponsor celebrity videos? Maybe Perez Hilton should give it a try? 🙂

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