Building Quality Backlinks with SEO Content Network

When it comes to building a successful web site or blog is that is going to generate traffic and leads through the search engines, there is a lot more to think about than just creating quality content. With the internet more alive and social than ever, you need to create a wide variety of incoming links and activity from other sites on the internet. Even if you do have a great collection of incoming links, you will still need to worry about the DoFollow and NoFollow guidelines while also keeping up to date with any recent changes that Google decides to implement anytime in the future.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization is growingWith Google as the sole judge and jury, they can simple wipe out hundreds or even thousands of businesses overnight with any changes they make on their end. This is exactly what happened to the majority of blogging, web sites and news networks out there that were being used for backlink creation. However, this doesn’t mean there are no longer any effective ways for you to build content and scale out your backlink building in bulk. is one of the last blog/website/news networks to exist after penguin and panda came out, and they have been able to withstand the ups and downs of Google algorithm changes by adapting their business model at the same time, which includes

  • Weathering the storm because follow Googles rules on syndication.
  • Following Googles rules on DoFollow and NoFollow links.
  • Not sharing url link data with our customers

In addition to keeping up with Google guidelines and ethics, this also allows for their network to stop spam backlinks, index checking and page rank checking.

Let’s take a look at how SEO Content Network works.

The concept behind SEO Content Network is one that you are probably already familiar with. Their network is built up of several hundreds of different web sites and blogs spanning across a wide variety of categories. Each of the sites carefully built up with original content, while also having legitimate backlinks, social proof and many other well known SEO methods.

SEO Content Network

The beauty of using a service like SEO Content Network is that you can have access to all of the sites in their directory without having to worry about the time and effort it takes to build up these massive sites of your own. As a user of their site you can create articles and post them on relevant sites in their network and have full authority over the article content, urls and anchor text linking back to your site. This is also in addition to choosing the type of sites that you would have hosting your content and linking back to your site as well.

How to Start Building Quality Backlinks

SEO Content Network has done all of the hard and dirty work for you by creating the network of web sites and blogs for you to start posting content to. It’s now up to you to create content and start submitting it through their service.

The process of creating and submitting content is simple, and is broken down in a 6 step process below. If you don’t want to write the content yourself and would like to save time, I recommend using 99CentArticles, and they provide a quality content in a short period of time. You will want to make sure you have a decent amount of articles, as this is where the value comes in when using SEO Content Network. The more articles you put out there, there more incoming links and diversity you will have.

Posting Daily Articles

There are three different membership plans available for SEO Content Network and they are broken down by the amount of articles and links you would like to obtain/submit each month. The cheapest package is the BASIC SEO which is $119 a month and includes over 300 daily articles across over 100 sites. The highest package, which is $997 a month is the All Star SEO plan and includes 5,000 daily articles across over 500 sites. The premier packages results in over 150,000 links per month, which is quite serious!

How to Get Started

A good way to measure the success and quality of an SEO and link building network is to see what their signup page looks like. If they just let any fool into their network and sends you right to a sign up page, there is no telling who else they are allowing into their network. This is another area that makes SEO Content Network stand out from the crowd.

Closed Network

If you would like to get setup with your own account and start accessing their network of sites to submit content to, all you need to do is visit their site at and click on the “Sign Up Now” button and it will show a popup form like the one above. Fill it out and someone from their team will contact you right away to assist you with the sign up process and get you going.

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  1. Thanks zac – as always, a good review. I'll try these guys out – seems quite unique.

  2. There is no spinning of articles, right? Just syndication. Seems like these networks will not die.

  3. Another awesome article and I will definitely test out this service. I have found the best results by writing articles, not spinning content, then hand placing the content on sites instead of using services. If we have learned anything from the Google releases, it is that Google is out to kill services like this service. Therefore I like using my team to hand place. For, I am trying to not cut one single corner with link building, just built organically with Quality Content (Exactly how Google has instructed). Definitely is taking much longer to get the results though, my client sites are getting traffic boosts faster than my own site.
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  4. Thanks for adding the review about SEOContentNetwork. Planning to try their service. Google is strict nowadays so we should take care while creating the backlinks.

  5. google is hard these days ..i am planning to try these for sure
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  6. So many famous SEO's are saying that doing SEO with whitehat methods is becoming outdated because fresh content and quality backlinks is not 100% what we need to get high rankings. What is your opinion about manipulating search results with black-hat method Zac ?
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  7. Hi Zac

    The content network looks good. Yes after penguin update trusting on these kind of networks has become difficult. But trusting on your review i think i should give it a try.

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