Building Your Business Through Logo Branding

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If there is one thing I’ve learned over the past few years while running this blog, it’s the power of a good logo. The Zac Johnson toon has taken on a life of it’s own and has become a very recognized symbol in the affiliate marketing and blogging niche. Without the extra branding from this logo and having it seen all over the place, it would be tough to achieve the same success the blog has seen over the past few years.

Not currently using a logo or design to brand your blog or business? You should be. Imprint an imagine in the minds of your followers, readers and customers. Doing so will not only allow them to remember a symbol and not just a name, but it helps extraordinarily for your branding purposes. Pepsi, Apple and Nike are all recognized by their logos… not their names. Twitter has been an amazing tool for branding purposes. If you are using Twitter and just have a basic background, you are missing out free branding and advertising every day. Most of the big name bloggers and branded companies have their own Twitter backgrounds which usually include their logo, web site name and personal or company info.

As easy as it sounds to brand yourself, it’s actually one of the hardest tasks to accomplish. First you have to think about what type of message and visual appearance your logo is going to display. Since the majority of us are not designers, you will also have to find someone to design your logo and make it look professional. I’m going through this process all the time, as I like to launch new web sites with only the highest designs and with their own unique logos. Logo Mojo

is a design company that actually covers the majority of what I talked about above. I’m always looking for new quality designers to work on projects. After looking through their site and portfolio, they have a nice selection of logos that they’ve designed, and compared to other design services, they prices are quite reasonable. The design process is laid out really well on the web site, as it walks you through the process on how to best describe your logo concept and how you would like it to be perceived.

Whether you are looking to have a new logo identity created for your web site, blog or Twitter, it’s a great idea to visit Logo Mojo. Not only can you get inspired by their designs and tips, but walking through their design questionnaire will also help you determine the look and feel you are trying to get with your new logo.

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  1. I was just thinking about how I need to get a logo and twitter background for my personal brand. A lot of people fail to understand that and always look over twitter backgrounds but that is one important factor.

    1. If you are an active user on Twitter, it is a must! I rarely use Twitter, but still had one created for when people do take a look at my profile page.

  2. Hello, Thanks for the information. ya its true. By making logo branding one can successfully promote his business. I was looking for the information on logo branding since long time and I got it right here. Thanks

  3. Hi Zac,
    branding is extremely important, whether by name or image. I was wondering who did your Twitter background. I have been looking around but can't find anybody for the new Twitter layout. Any ideas.
    Logo Mojo is a excellent service, highly recommended.
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  4. Logo is, as you say, very important… it is the first step in building your brand and should be planned with a lot of consideration… your blog is a clear example of that!
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  5. I've noticed a lot more attention to my blog now that I have a nice logo. JD in the shape of a hawk. Pretty awesome I gotta give it up to my designer.

  6. Zac,

    What elements do you think are most important when having a logo designed. Or in other words; what direction do you give your designers?

    Great article; look forward to your answer.


    1. Look for other logo designs that you like. Tell you designers to work off these concepts, but give them a spin so they don't look similar. Also look at what you biggest and most branded competitors have for logos.

      1. Agreed, inspiring from other concepts is called research, though one should never copy an entire concept. After all, talent and creativity can be learned 🙂
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  7. John Chow's situation is funny because his name has become a symbol and logo on it's own. While I don't think he needs a logo to help his branding, it couldn't hurt.

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