Business Training Videos and What’s Your Elevator Pitch?

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of TrainingVOD. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’ll be honest with you… I’m not a big fan of reading books, long tutorial guides or even straight text pdf files. It’s tough to stay interested, grasp what you are reading and implementing the concepts and goals of your reading for future reference. I’m more of a visual, walk through and hands on person. I know I’m not alone!

The business of teaching through video is growing more and more each day. Companies and organizations are finally taking the time, money and effort to create quality learning videos which can help others to succeed. One of these such companies I will be reviewing today, and they are TrainingVOD, a video on demand site for business learning.

While they aren’t so much a marketing learning resource, they do teach and stress the importance of understanding how big business works, how to handle your business and the keys of selling product and working with customers. Now some of you might say, “I’m an affiliate, I don’t need to know that stuff“… which is a typical, but incorrect response. Business is business, and the practices that have worked decades ago, still work and drive successful businesses today.

The Elevator Pitch…

Let’s take an “Elevator Pitch” for example… everyone should have one, but if you had to describe your business to a high level CEO or investor in only 60 seconds, what would you say that would make them want to work with your company. The response of “I’m an affiliate marketer” or “I make money advertising for other companies online” just won’t cut it. This is such an elementary topic, but so important for so many businesses and entrepreneurs.

Among the massive collection of learning videos available through TrainingVod, how to create your elevator pitch is one of them. For anyone looking at different areas, TrainingVod also has videos relating to Adobe, Improving Leadership & and Negotiating Skills, Microsoft Office, Photoshop Tutorials and more. After viewing several videos among different categories, I was quite happy with the consistency in quality. There are even full screen tutorial videos walking you through introductory, intermediate and advanced features for using Microsoft Office and Adobe Products.

Each course also comes with a whole set of student and learning materials, which can be downloaded and kept forever. To access the online training videos, you will need to have an active account, as all videos are hosted through their members area.

You have the option to subscribe to the individual sections (mentioned above) or you can take the plunge and become a full access member and have no limitations. The software sections are $19.99 a month or $149.99 per year; the business sections are $39.99 a month or $39.99 per year; and the all access pass is $49.99 per month and $499.99 a year.

I’ve spent a good amount of time looking through the site, watching videos and I’m actually quite satisfied with the site and their content. It’s really tough to justify spending money to access video and learning content online, as there are so many sources readily available, but TrainingVod has done an excellent job on creating a quality site with content. In the end, it comes down to how much time you want to waste searching for free content, vs. paying for quality and heavy everything in one place.

With that said, for anyone looking for a one stop solution to improving their business skills and learning MS Office and Adobe, check out TrainingVOD. At first I thought the $39.99 a month price tag may have been high, but after looking through all of their site content, it’s actually quite fair.

Wait, Win a $299 Annual Subscription to TrainingVod!

Now is your chance to share your elevator pitch and grab some free promotion! Simply leave a comment below with your best elevator pitch for your business and two winners will be selected based on their response. Each winner will receive a full year’s subscription to TrainingVod which grants access to 197 courses, worth $399! Winners will be selected and posted on July 10th, 2010.

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  1. Hi Zac, here goes our 60 second elevator pitch.

    "GILL Technologies helps companies manage their communications with a 360 degree solution. Our solution encompasses your critical areas of communication management; namely, cost savings generated through audit and reviews, customized reporting providing a global picture of all costs regardless of service, carrier, or location, and single point of contact support and order fulfillment personalized to your companies individual user needs while driving company policy. If you're interested I would love to meet and share with you why the best run companies are tapping into what we do and see if your company could benefit"

    Thanks for all the great information Zac, your blog provides.


  2. affiliates cannot afford this lol. We will be shaved by networks more than the subscription PER YEAR .. boooo

  3. <a class="replyTo" href="#comment-118205" rel="nofollow">@An Affiliate:

    If an affiliate can't afford to spend $39 a month for training of any sort, they shouldn't, as they aren't doing affiliate marketing full time.

    On the flip side.. I'm giving away two free passes worth $399, so affiliates should be more active in entering and listing their elevator pitch.

  4. Thanks for sharing this Zac. I also don't like reading 50-100 page long pdf report as well. Good thing that you mentioned this. Will check and try this out and see the results.



  5. Anyway this looks like very good learning tool, video is better for understanding things at first glance.

  6. Hi Zac – Graham's 60 second elevator pitch

    Just as the door was closing, this beautiful girl rushed in and then dropped her folders on the floor.I helped her pick them up and then I said

    "Hello" and asked her if she was at the business seminar?

    She replied that she was and so I asked her "How's it Going Then?"

    She replied… "Pretty Boring Really"

    I laughed and she looked 'sheepish' and then she asked "What Do You Do Then?"

    I replied "I am an Internet Marketing Affiliate"

    She looked puzzled and then asked "What's That?"

    I smiled again and said "Are You Staying at this Hotel?"

    She then smiled at me and said "Yes"

    So I replied, smiling again…"Well if Your'e Free For Dinner Tonight – I can tell You what being an Affiliate Marketer is all about, and if you're interested in Affiliate Marketing On the Internet, then maybe I can Help You Get Started Online"

    She smiled at me with a twinkle in her eye, laughed and then said "OK"

    ……………………….we agreed to meet later.

    Don't You Just Love Internet Marketing?

  7. If you cannot get a verbal executive summary down to 2 to 5 minutes then your doomed in the corporate world. Most people frown on this idea but even if you never use this kind of pitch it will serve you to clarify your business for yourself.

    The 2 minute Door Opener.


    I help people make more money. More importantly, I can help you and your business make more money.

    – Wait for them to engage you.

    I have a few ideas on how you can make more money and I want to share them with you but first may I ask you a question.

    – Wait for permission to continue.

    How does your business currently help people .. and how would you like your business to help people in the future ….

    – Now this is important, once you have the person in a conversation ask for permission to continue the conversation. I have always found this to be a consideration most people do not do and it will surprise you new client.

    Basically ask them, are you ok for time. (or do you need to get to your next appointment)

    Three things will happen, they will continue talking to you, you will be given an appointment, either way your in the door.

    and the third thing, is they will remember you because you demonstrated you are willing to help them.

    The idea is to get them to open up about their business and trust me they want to; they just do not know you are willy to help them with any problems they may have or ideas they have never heard of.

    *Note the first line,

    "I help people make more money. More importantly, I can help you make more money."

    You can change it up to suit the circumstances like,

    I help people make more money – using the internet – buying ad space – buying traffic – or providing blank services. More importantly, I can help you and your business make more money.

    Well, That's my Buck 50, 2 cents doesn't cut it anymore,

    I hope you have benefited from my post,

    Mr. C

  8. n the flip side.. I’m giving away two free passes worth $399, so affiliates should be more active in entering and listing their elevator pitch.

  9. I would post my elevator pitch, but I am still working on it at the moment. TrainingVOD actually seems like a pretty awesome product. I kind of want to come up with an amazing elevator pitch really quick just to try and win the subscription.

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