– How I Quickly Became a #1 Author

I do a decent amount of guest writing on other web sites and blogs and it’s always interesting to see how things play out.

Some blogs will get you a lot of clicks, while others get you a lot of comments and activity.

For these reasons it’s always important to see what works best for you and to compare your results.

I was setup with an author account on (5,374 on Alexa) a couple months back, but after checking out their site again last week and seeing a “Top Contributors This Week” section, I was interested in seeing what it would take to be the #1 featured author on the site for that week.

After some quality writing and submitting to the site, soon enough I was the #1 contributing author on the site!

B2C Top Contributor

Keep in mind this is just for the one week, as there are plenty of authors on the site with 100+ contributing articles.

During this testing period I had contribute around 15 articles for the week.

I was also able to write up an excellent article on how to take a dying blog and turn it into a cash generating machine.

This article went on to be featured in their “Popular Today” section and was also trending for several days.

B2C Popular Today Featured

As of today, the post is up to 135+ social shares.

So here’s what I’ve discovered while writing for Business2Community over the past week.

One of the many features I like on the site is that you get a full author box that links to all of your web sites and social profiles.

This makes it very easy and clear for people to see who is actually writing the content on the site.

Zac Johnson Business2Community Bio

I also like the full setup an navigation of the site and how they allow for people to post content, get exposure through their profile and that a decent amount of sharing is done on their sites.

It was unfortunate to see that there is a minimal amount of commenting going on at the blog. Most posts have 1-2 comments if that.

Business2Community Referral Traffic

Tracking Referral TrafficOne of the biggest benefits to guest blogging and writing on other sites is that you will likely receive traffic from your efforts, and any internal linking that you get to place within the articles.

While B2C is a high traffic community site, the referral traffic just doesn’t seem to be there, as I received only 52 clicks from the site to and

However it is important to note that these articles will be live forever and will continue to provide incoming links and traffic for many years to come.

Overall Thoughts on Business2Community

At the end of the day, I really like the setup that B2C has.

They are basically a news site for the internet marketing industry, as they are pushing so many new articles on the site every few hours.

The good thing is that they have a collection of authors that are continually pushing original content to the site and the site owners aren’t pushing massive ads through the site.

If you enjoy writing and want to gain exposure in a new area, I would recommend checking their site out and seeing if you can be accepted as a contributor to their site.

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  1. Guest posting is big. But getting to the Top Contributors This Week is another thing. Must also have been very time consuming.

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