Buy an NBA Team Today… Mark Cuban Did!

After I just wrote about Mark Cuban attending BlogWorld next, I started thinking to myself again about NBA teams and how much it would cost to acquire a team. After some research, I found an article that is a couple years old, but still a good resource. It’s called "Five NBA Teams That Could Be Yours for the Right Price" and it lists the following five teams at the following asking prices:

1.) Portland Trail Blazers
ASKING PRICE: $350M minimum

2.) Philadelphia 76ers
ASKING PRICE: $350 – $400M

3.) Memphis Grizzlies
ASKING PRICE: $300-$350M

4.) Orlando Magic
ASKING PRICE: $300-$350M

5.) Milwaukee Bucks
ASKING PRICE: $275-$300M

The prices on these teams aren’t bad considering Forbes did a full report on "The Business of Basketball" and evaluated all of the NBA teams and players. The New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers would cost you almost $600 Million at market value prices. If only I had that extra $350 million laying around, I could pick up the Orlando Magic! 🙂

After looking up all of these different reports and sites, I found one more interesting article about the Charlotte Bobcats and how they have been stuck with the domain name, for the past three years, because the rights to belonged to a bobcat breeder in Montana.

"Barbara Roe owns Bitterroot Bobcat and Lynx in Stevensville, Mont., and had the rights to the Web site name for 10 years. She says team officials began asking her in 2004 about buying the rights, but the early offer of a couple thousand dollars wasn’t enough. Roe says the team earlier this year met her price of about $50,000."

Personally, I would have played hardball even more with the domain name. Forbes currently ranks the Charlotte Bobcats worth $277 Million. With a company of that size, and when they pay their players several millions of dollars, I’m sure an extra $50,000 on a domain name is nothing to them. I wouldn’t have sold for under six figures, and lifetime season tickets :). Congrats to Barbara Roe, as I’m sure the $50k was a pleasant surprise. However, the funny thing is, if you search Google for "Charlotte Bobcats", "Bobcats" or "Bobcats Basketball", the listing never appears… only the redirect. I’m sure they just wanted to pay the $50,000 so they could advertise their new short domain name on top of the NBA backboard and for promotional purposes.

Anyway, this was just another fun post to inspire you to make more money online and help you reach for your goals. I’m sure Mark Cuban never thought he would be living his dream of being a billionaire and owning the Dallas Mavericks if you asked him 10 years ago! You could be next! (and don’t forget to hold onto your domains, you never know who might want them next!)

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  1. Hey Zac , do you know where I could sell my domain names,

    I have tried selling them thru Godaddy,Sedo and no luck 🙁

    I think iam doing some thing wrong or my Domain names suck.

    This are the ones I think there great but I guess not.





    what do you think ?

    and when you buy a domain name what are you looking for?



  2. I remember that story. $50k looks pretty low for a single-word dot com, let alone one that has a rich strategic buyer!

    Six figures and season tickets would indeed be much better 🙂

  3. One would think she would have been able to get quite a bit more than that. I haven't read enough of the stories to know if she had anyone consulting her on the sale, as she might not have realized someone would be willing to pay so much.

    I'd love to own a sports team but I would prefer football or baseball before owning a basketball team.

  4. I remember about a month ago I saw for sale on eBay. How can an NBA team not secure that domain name? I remember thinking "Wow, they have the $ for a Franchise but weren't willing to pay under $100k for a domain?" Oh well, their loss, seeing how most people who will look up the team will try, than they will try

  5. Interesting post, investing in a NBA team would make your millionaire life a lot more interesting ;).

  6. I wonder how much it would cost to buy the Cleveland Cavaliers. I am guessing they should be worth about half $400 million due to Lebron James

  7. As far as I remember there was an equally ridiculous story about an NHL team's domain name. I don't recall which one at the moment but it happened a while back.

    So, who's up for getting me the Lakers? No one? Okay, how about the Red Sox? What, they don't sell? Mavericks? No?

    How about some comments then?


  8. I think it would be fun to own the Bucks. It would give me a good excuse to go to Beijing from time to time to negotiate with Yi Jianlian's cronies. I could Shanghai them whenever I wanted (no pun intended). Michael Redd, Andrew Bogut, Maurice Williams, etc. comprisea good young nucleus which can compete fore championships soon. Thus, give me the Bucks!!1

  9. This girl knows how to make the price right. Good job for the $50,000 for the domain name. I suggest what if you play in that game show "The Price Is Right".

  10. Looks like I am going to have to keep working for 1000 more years to have an NBA team. But, at these prices, I am going with the Magic for sure!
    My recent post Watch David West and the Hornets Take On the Portland Trail Blazers Online February 16th!

  11. Go ahead and add the Cavaliers and Sacramento Kings to that list, those dying franchises need a completely new marketing strategy to get themselves out of the hole. Or they can wait another twenty years for the next Lebron.
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