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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Rouper for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Recently, all the buzz has been about buying and selling web sites. Over the past couple of years, the process of buying and selling web sites has become a lot easier through the use of online marketplaces. No longer do you have to search through old forums, or try and contact web site owners directly. Here are just a few of the problems you may come across when it comes to buying or trying to sell your website outside of using a third party or market place.

  • Annoyance of finding contact information
  • No medium for actual value of web site
  • Accepting or actually getting paid
  • Fraud, scams and denial/refund of payment

The list can go on and on, which leads to why we need a marketplace for buying and selling web site. Flippa has shown us the importance of having a marketplace where buyers and sellers can connect and they are pushing some massive volume the amount of web sites trading hands on a daily basis… however, there is plenty of room for competition., a new marketplace for buying and selling web sites has caught my eye recently. I’m starting to see their banners appear on many familiar web sites, and as I’ve been watching their web site over the past weeks, I am seeing more people listing web sites and using the service. Though the marketplace is new, I think if they play their cards right, they can be a top competitor in this unsaturated game. In the screenshot below you will a preview of one of the site listings.

If wants to compete in this competitive space, they will need to be offer something the top players in the game aren’t. I also think some extra work into their site design is needed. Right now the site is a bit too plain and could use the following upgrades to their site:

  • Main page shows full directory, and not option to choose to BUY or SELL
  • All listings with in directory should include screenshots
  • Minimum amount of listing information and text required
  • Provide all web site information/stats/seller info etc on listing page (no tabs)
  • Increase overall activity and attract some big site sales

As mentioned earlier, the marketplace is new, but that doesn’t mean they should be overlooked. You never know who may come across and find a web site they really like, and end up purchasing. As for listing fees, you can see the rates below, which are listed in their terms and conditions.

Success Fee. Payable upon any sale. 5% of the dollar value of the sale net of any taxes. The minimum success fee is $100.
Success Fee (upfront option) Instead of paying the 5% success fee upon sale completion you may choose to pay a non-refundable $499 success fee upfront when creating your listing.

It will be interesting to see how Rouper grows and continues to develop their marketplace in the coming months. It would be healthy for competition and the business of buying and selling web sites, to see a few more big resources and names pop up in the industry.

List Your Web Site on Rouper

Now that you have an idea on what Rouper is all about, why not list a web site and see what happens? From now til October 31st Rouper is offering a coupon “64W0SJ87“ that will allow sellers to list for only $1 instead of the regular $49 price. In the meantime, whether you are a buyer or seller, keep on your radar and check out their site listings for any hidden winners.

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  1. Nice place for sale or purchase websites and beside that we can get experience about sale and purchase websites.
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  2. I think it is an excellent idea and adds some competition to Flippa. It is very difficult to put a value on many websites, so it would be interesting to know who actually sets the prices. Is it the website owner, or does the third party (Rouper) recommend an independent value.
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  3. Great post Zac. I purchased your "Flip This Website" ebook and now reading it again. When I'm ready to website flipping, I'll try to use rouper.
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