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Written by Zac Johnson
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Since internet marketing first started, email addresses have been scraped, sold, bulked up and spammed to death… so why should Twitter be anything different? Yesterday Jonathan Volk wrote a post on a service called Followers for Sale. The concept is simple… pay these advertising networks to bring new followers to your Twitter account. In addition to Jon’s post, I also had a request this week to review a paid Twitter service on another blog I run. With two Twitter services gaining my attention in one day, I thought it would make for an interesting case study to see how well these companies work, what they charge and if these followers will actually stick around… or most importantly, are of any value!

First I had to go out and find what services are available. The best way of doing this is just going to Google and searching “buy twitter followers“. You will get a big mess of results.

The best way to setup this case study and to measure results, is to create a few new Twitter accounts and use them separately on each of the Twitter follower services. This is also necessary because Twitter limits the amount of people you can follow daily. Using the same account along with each of these services would be a huge red flag and would ultimately ban your account.

For this Twitter Follower case study, let’s use 10,000 followers as the price point and what I will order for each Twitter account.

Here is a list of paid Twitter services and their rates. = 10,000 Followers for $49.99 (0.0049 each) = 10,000 Followers for $60.00 (0.006 each) = 10,000 Followers for $74.95 (0.0074 each) = 5,000 Followers for $104.97 (0.0209 each) = 10,000 Followers for $150.00 (0.015 each) = 10,000 Followers for $447.30 (0.044 each) = 10,000 Followers for $474.99 (0.047 each) = 5,000 Followers for $249.99 (0.049 each)

As you can see, there is a bit of swing between follower services. being the most expensive. For this study, I will use the first three providers, test results, the possibly compare to the most expensive solutions and see if it’s actually worth the money.

The majority of these sites specialize in bringing you “untargeted” followers, but for a higher price it’s possible. If you are looking for a self managed and cheaper solution, I’d recommend Tweet Adder. Instead of paying a service to send a select amount of users for a one time cost, you can use your own software to continually bring in new targeted followers every day, and for multiple accounts. It can be a pain to follow users, then remove the ones that aren’t following you back… but you can build up a 10,000+ Twitter account for under $100 with adder software programs.

I’ve setup the new Twitter accounts, made orders with the first three follower services listed above. Now we just play the waiting game and I will report back next week on first results.

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    1. Well, we tried SocialKik, and they gave us 0 new followers in the month after the campaign started. (our business account actually shrunk in size by a few fans)

      We tried to email them afterwards to get clarification about what was going on and we didn't get a response.

      I think SocialKik is a scam. But don't take my word for it. Google them for reviews and make up your own mind.

    1. I saw a bunch of Facebook follower services too. Was going to check that out and case study it as well in the future. I would think FB users would be better than Twitter users.

      1. @:

        Yea that certainly seems like the way to go at first. Twitter doesn't have as much user participation, so to speak, compared to Facebook since there's more interactive content.

        Till then,


  1. Agreed on the FB followers, I think you can benefit greater overall because people are more active on FB and you can reach a wider audience.

    Keep us updated with the Twitter study and if you do the FB thing, make sure you share, please 🙂

  2. I am not sure these are good followers… Why not promote your twitter account with Adwords instead? it should be more efficient, even if you will have to pay more for this.

  3. Love it Zach. I love seeing actual studies on internet entrepreneurial blogs instead of just opinion. The data on this is actually going to be very valuable. One point I did not get, are you actually going to take these new twitter accounts and see if you can make a profit by buying followers, and then doing paid tweets to them?


  4. I didn’t know you can buy followers. Are those like real people or spam followers?

  5. I purchased Tweetadder but I didn't know how to is… it just seemed like a lot of work and I didn't want to risk getting suspended since I didn't know all the Twitter regulations which seemed to change all the time. So I finally decided to leave it to the experts and I end up going to and purchased 10,000 followers to my Twitter account.

    Socialkik delivered on time and It really brought so much traffic to my site !

  6. I don't think this will have a bottom-line effect, they need to be naturally interested in your topic. Very interesting topics recently Zac, Thanks!

  7. This is a very interesting question. Personally I think a handful of followers is not really worth it, as most people won't necessarily be interested in what you have to say, and maybe they are already following many more people for the same reason, maybe just to be followed back. I think where this gets really worth it is by the tens of thousands, based on the large numbers you might get your message through to more people. Also, I would rather pay more for such a service than pick cheaper ones which require you to follow back and do other daily administrative actions. Maybe I'll save a couple of bucks but I'll spend countless hours on administration.

  8. Thank you Zac for this excellent topic !

    I must give another 2 thumbs up here to, they just finished adding 10,000 twitter followers to my account for $150 and here is what I found out:

    I used the Woopra App to track referring URLs to my ecommerce website and Twitter is now among top 3 referring URLs, just behind Nextag & Pricegrabber for which I pay close to $5k monthly!

    I searched for my business name on Tweetmeme and found a few people tweeting about it!

    We started a Giveaway Contest on twitter and the interactions on twitter page started immediately which proves that the followers are real ! and not just fake followers.

  9. Hi,
    Good article I will be waiting to see your overall results, Thanks!

  10. Great article! I’ve been looking for someone to review these services for a while now…
    I was really skeptical in the beginning but after seeing many bloggers writing good reviews about Socialkik , I decided to give them a try since their prices were quite low comparing to my advertising budget.
    I ordered 25K followers from them last week and I can tell you that the number of followers has been growing steadily ever since!

  11. I've payed for 2500 targeted followers to socialkik, but they don't contact and do nothing.4 days ago. Still waiting. Be aware.

  12. Thanks for this informative list zac .. however i would like to share my experience with Facebook fans promotion Company SocioNiks. I got referred to them by one of my freinds who used their service .I was a little skeptical about it, but on contacting them, i found their customer support to be very helpful.The properly guided me on how to "promote the facebook page" rather than just buying some random fans from these companies than never work!!. And what i got as a gift was an attractive landing page for which charges are upto 300$. My order is nearly 75% completed and i have seen great results from it , thanks to social media marketing. Also they have much more to offer other than facebook and twitter. I guess you all should check it out.

  13. Thanks david for your advice, I got my FBML FACEBOOK FANPAGE Up and running in 1 day!!!! thanks to SOCIONIKS , check out at .. i have already placed an order for my FACEBOOK FAN PAGE PROMOTION with Socioniks..I hope it works fine!!

  14. @Zac Johnson:

    You should definitely take a look at SOCIONIKS INC. , They dont sell the facebook fans, but help to <a>Promote facebook fans organically , their package has fbml landing page, followers , apps all in one!!!

  15. Did you ever follow up on this case study? Would like to see what the results were. I couldn't find the follow up blog post

  16. Where is the follow up to this case study? I would like to see the numbers if any of these three services are useful.


  17. SocialKik is just a scam! I pay for $140 facebook fans. NO SERVICE AND NO REPLY!! BEWARE!

  18. 10 days after we submitted our order for 2000 targetted fans

    – no response from socialkik to our enquiries

    – addition of 14 non targetted fans (not of the country we wanted)

    you judge yourself.

  19. @mark:

    Better try <a>SOCIONIKS.COM , they have delivered to many customers..i see their reviews on many sites. Also the response is very fast.. and fans start adding after 1-2 days only.

  20. I started a website recently and purchased 10,000 Twitter followers from for our Twitter page and the results were amazing! We passed all our competitors when it comes to the number of Twitter followers… some competitors have been in business since 1999, but now we have 30 times more followers than them on Twitter, which made it seem that We’ve been in business much longer than them !

  21. I had a good experience with I bought 1000 followers for $50 and received all of them as promised within 2 weeks. After I placed my order they responded quickly, and when I sent a question to them they also got back to my quickly. What was nice is that it was an actual response to my question too, not like an automated very general email, but like there was actually someone on the other end of the operation monitoring emails and responding to customer questions (…there’s a novel idea).

  22. Wow, i never thought that 10,000 follower can be bought.. is it reaL? and is that effective to be use in marketing campaign or else?

  23. I'm happy to see some of these services actually working…I have seen many people that didn't get the results they desired. Good to see that there are still people online that are doing good business. I'm eager to get more followers as well and purchased a Twitter package for 10,000.

  24. I got a service from
    All are real people, I was amazed they gave me more than 250 followers within 3 days, all having good history in twitter.

    Well this is too a great article, Thanks for the info

  25. Twitter is a fantastic marketing tool and if used correctly can be so much more than just an extension of your website content. Buying followers of one of the fastest ways to grow your Twitter account which in turn increses your brand or company audience reach.
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  26. I find that youtube is the place to be right now. I don't do much with my twitter account, but my facebook page and youtube accounts are very active. I found many more targeted visitors through those venues than twitter and anything else. thank for the great post
    My recent post Dj Equipment For Beginners – Buyer’s Guide

  27. I will tell you the truth about buying twitter followers.I was looking for information how to get more followers for my business and I came across a lot of freelancers and sites promoting their twitter followers services in forums and blogs.The result was that all of them swear to deliver you high quality followers but the reality is far from it.
    And me and my team have decided to do an experiment to find really worthy suppliers.
    Experiment includes 5 sites:

    We bought 1000 targeted and 1000 non targeted followers from each site.
    And tested with same method to measure click through rate and money made.(will not go into detail….)

    The result was a bit disappointing:
    All non targeted followers did not earn even a penny and clicks were also very low,maybe followers from was a bit better than others.

    Targeted followers were better but only followers from made some money for us and clicks were very high.These followers seems to be really targeted in what we offer that's why they are worth investing money.

    Buy only targeted followers

  28. Personally I'd never buy Twitter followers as you're not buying an engaged audience. Tweet Adder is a superior product and I've invested a lot of time in the setup to the software to show how it can be used in a very natural way.
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  29. I used the Woopra App to track referring URLs to my ecommerce website and Twitter is now among top 3 referring URLs, just behind Nextag & Pricegrabber for which I pay close to $5k monthly!

    I searched for my business name on Tweetmeme and found a few people tweeting about it!

    We started a Giveaway Contest on twitter and the interactions on twitter page started immediately which proves that the followers are real ! and not just fake followers.
    My recent post Marketing on facebook

  30. i love this blog, got some great info on affiliate marketing. I am now looking to use social marketing to increase my affiliate income. thanks for the info zac!

  31. Even i am looking to buy twitter followers but i cant find a website selling it for cheap prices, if you can send any info please contact me via email. I found some websites via google search but some charging too high price and turnaround time is bit long for my liking. If you have any suggestion from where i can buy guaranteed twitter followers, please contact me.

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