Buying Established ClickBank Products through Flippa

One of the hardest parts of releasing a product and making money, is the actual product creation and launch. If you are continuously working on a product for release, and keep tweaking and improving, you may never find yourself ready to launch. Another scenerio is that you already have enough side projects going on, and you are simply spreading yourself too thin, and your product is not getting the attention it needs.

If you are focused on selling a product of your own, that’s great. With your own product you can keep the majority of the proceeds, and not just push another affiliate offer that is making someone else rich. If time or product concepts is a concern, you may want to look into buying an established product that is already launched, but never found the success it could have. An excellent place to start looking is through Flippa.

There are plenty of ClickBank products and membership web sites being listed for sale on the auction market place. Some of these listings are for products that are generating a great deal of revenue each month, but the majority are for products that never took off, but are still quality products and already listed in the Clickbank market place.

So why do some products succeed, while others don’t? The main reason is usually the person who is behind the product, and the marketing efforts involved in getting others to see the product. Though it can sometimes be both.

With that said, there is a wide range of products and membership sites for sale on Flippa, which can range from under a hundred dollars, to almost a million dollars! Let’s take a deeper look into some auction listings found on the Flippa marketplace.

Watch Out for Low Quality ClickBank Products

Just like any market place, you are going to come across products that are worth it, and others that aren’t. In the end it also comes down to what a seller is looking to sell for, which can usually give you a good idea in the true value of a product. In the example below you can see two ClickBank product web sites that both successfully sold.

One site sold for $50, then the other for $300., yet they are the same product. When you are looking through the Flippa market place, make sure you look for any replica and exact product matches. Some times the seller of these products will offer full resale rights, which basically means others can sell the same product for any price they want. This is something you will want to stay away from.

Buying a Real ClickBank Product Business

Once in a while you will come across a real product that has a flowing supply of customers and recurring revenue, that is exactly what we have in the example below. “Blogging to the Bank” has been one of the best selling “blogging / make money online” products on ClickBank and it was quite exciting to watch the auction take place. It’s a legitimate product, which has been promoted by many well known and high end web sites. The killer here is that the product generated over a million dollars in sales, but still sold for only $900,000. Flippa is usually focused on selling much lower end and smaller web sites, so this one may have done better with a broker/independent sale, as I assume many Flippa users didn’t have a million laying around to spend on a web site business.

Nonetheless, the point is, you can find some really great web sites and products for sale on Flippa, along with a few duds as well. Make sure you take the time to differentiate between the two and find the potential winners for your business.

When looking for an already created product, keep the two simple questions in mind:

  • Does this product match my web site or blog audience?
  • How can I make this product better?

To search the current listings on Flippa that are ClickBank related, simply visit their site and perform a search for “clickbank”. There is also a post on the Flippa web site about how to transfer ownership of a ClickBank product, after the sale.

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  2. I have certainly made clickbank products that have flopped. I really don't like clickbank anymore. Instead I've been using Plimus. In fact, I just made a product that I was really thinking about putting on Flippa before I even had a chance to release it… But I just released it anyway.. Today in fact. So, here's to hoping it doesn't flop (or it'll end up on flippa). GeoMarketingPro is the WP plugin.
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  3. I have looked at sites like that in the past but I am not sure if they would be a good investment as I'm guessing they sell multiple numbers of them.

  4. Great post I am seriously looking into finding an established Clickbank product to buy on Flippa. It is an extremely efficient time saver and all you have to worry about is promoting it.
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