Case Study: How to Create a Killer and Profitable Niche Blog in 5 Simple Steps!

If you’ve ever wanted to create a niche blog site of your own that will actually make you some good money, then I have a great post here for you. I’m not going to waste your time with fluff and filler to make this post longer than it has to be, this is just going to be pure content… 1,120+ words of it to be exact!

Let’s get started!

1.) Find a Profitable Niche

Every business needs a concept and a business model. The foundation for internet web sites (big or small), all have a common theme… and that’s being in a niche of their own.

YouTube is a video site… Huffington Post is a news site and Amazon is a shopping site.

While these are very generic and large site focuses… they are still a form a larger niche.

We are going to focus on a much smaller scale as it will be easier for you to compete, rank and make money.

With a niche web site you are going to become a resource and news related site for the individual topic and niche you decide on. The goal of your site is to provide the service of answering questions people might have and being the ultimate resource for your topic… then leading them to complete your lead gen offer before leaving your site.

No matter what niche you decide to go after, make sure it’s one that has an affiliate program or some method for you to generate revenue from the traffic, while also not being extremely competitive.

You will also want to go after a niche that has a lot of long tail keywords for you to target and get ranked for in the search results.

2.) Research Your Potential Offer

In this example we are going to search for an offer that we can promote, while also choosing a somewhat non-competitive/yet profitable niche.

This means we wouldn’t want to go and build a site around a movie, a popular product or a fast food chain.

Why? Simple… we would have too much competition and not an effective way to make money off the process.

Instead we are going to choose an offer in the “senior life alert” niche, which would be something like those commercials you used to see on TV…”help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!“.

Now we just need to find an affiliate offer to build all of the content and site around.

A quick check on some popular ad networks and no offers are to be found!

Next step… search through the search engines for the best option.

Using a simple search like “life alert affiliate program” I was able to find a quality site that has an affiliate program.

life alert affiliate programs

3.) Build Your Niche Blog

Now that we have an offer to focus our efforts on, it’s time to build a niche site.

The purpose of your site is going to be a resource for everything relating to senior life alert search queries.

Want to know what people are searching for? Just head over to Google Keyword Tool for some ideas.

Senior Alert Niche Site

As you can see, there are plenty of things that you can write about, and easily rank for.

Once you have your niche site setup, you will want to create quality content that people will find value in and hopefully find when they are searching for reviews and questions in the search results. (ie: what is the best senior alert system?)

For best results, focus on creating unique articles in the 500 word range to rank for individual long tail keyword. When possible, use the keywords in your titles and lay out the content in paragraphs and use headlines and bullet points to make for easy reading. It’s also a good idea to include some high quality images to complement the content as well.

The result would be a niche blog that might look like the following.

Medical Alert Tips Design

This site was created in a short period of time using the Niche Website Theme. Then I placed an order for original content to be written up for the site, targeting other well known life alert related programs and questions that people often search for when planning to purchase the product.

4.) Start Building Content & Backlinks

Every site is going to need some form of backlinks to generate traffic and improve your search rankings.

If you already have a blog or site that is focused in online marketing and how to make money online, it’s easy to build links through guest blogging on other popular sites of people you may know in the industry.

But what are you going to do for a medical review type of site?

Once again you can go with guest blogging, but it will take some extra work on your part.

You have two options… you can email as many news and medical (niche topic) related sites as you can find and hope they accept your guest blog request. Or you can join a guest blogging network that can make the process much easier for you.

In the example below you will see a guest blogging network called PostRunner. You can create medical news related articles and submit them to related web sites listed on their network. Using their directory you can search out sites in any niche that are currently looking for guest blog content. Within each of these articles you can build relevant content back to your niche site.

PostRunner Niche

5.) Monitor Your Site and Expand Your Reach

Zac's Recommended ToolsWith your niche web site now live and ready for traffic it’s only a matter of time before you start generating real visitors and leads through your site.

As you continue to grow out your site with new content and backlinks, be sure to always focus on your long tail keyword reach and how you can continue to rank for more keywords and search phrases.

Depending on the niche that you are in, you may also want to expand your reach into the world of social networking. With over a billion users on Facebook and another few hundred million on Google+ and Twitter, it would be silly not to take advantage of these audiences some how.

Once you’ve mastered the art of creating your first niche site and have found success, repeat the process again in a new niche.

The best thing about this whole process is that it’s extremely EASY to setup, it’s a very FAST business model and can be done within a week’s time and it won’t cost you much MONEY either.

Don’t forget to check out my list of recommended tools and services I use to make this process go quite smoothly!

Get to work and let me know how it goes!

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  2. "As you can see, there are plenty of things that you can write about, and easily rank for."

    You made this statement under the screenshot of Google Keyword Tool results that shows search volume only.
    Without a competition analysis how could you jump to the conclusion that you can "…easily rank for"?

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