What’s All the Drama with ClickBooth?

Since posting a review on ClickBooth the other day, a new wave of drama has ensued around the company and their reputation. After writing the review and responding to several comments, I did some additional searching on the company and what others are saying in the industry. Here is just a few of what is being said about ClickBooth, from both angles, whether it be a blog post, network review or talk among affiliates and markets in web site forums.

– Is ClickBooth Destroying their Business?
Apparently someone decided to make a video on the ClickBooth drama despute between ClickBooth and their affiliates. The creator of the video talks about how there are blogs and discussions on how ClickBooth has not paid a number of affiliates. He then goes on to talk about why this is untrue and goes into some detail on how ClickBooth business works, along with their compliance department.

– Clickbooth Setting the Pace for Affiliate Marketing Companies
Neil Patel, a very well known and successful affiliate marketer, wrote about how the recent drama around ClickBooth has given them a bad reputation, but still recommends the company as reputable. A quick post, but still on topic.

– ClickBooth – The Best Affiliate Network Ever
While this page looks more like a lens/content mess for search engine traffic and lead generation, it does provide several outside links to other resources about ClickBooth and their marketing/business practices.

– How ClickBooth is Destroying their Business
SlightlyShadySEO has been doing his own writing on his thoughts and experiences with ClickBooth. After his original posting, he follows up with a response update from ClickBooth.

– ClickBooth is Suing Me & WickedFire – LOL
Website forum WickedFire was recently sent a C&D for their comments and actions towards ClickBooth.

– Affiliate Scout ClickBooth Review
A decent sized affiliate review site, which provides generic information about affiliate programs and networks. Average visitor rating for ClickBooth 2.15/5, average review 5/5.

– Various Forum Posts
You can visit both ABestWeb and DigitalPoint for several threads and posts on ClickBooth. I was attempting to list them, but there are many and varied in both directions. Multiple posts have interaction with both affiliates and ClickBooth staff.

My review on ClickBooth and their network was written without being an active affiliate of the company, though I’ve had an account with them for some time. I based my review on their network setup, offers available, cpa payments and comparison to other affiliate networks. I also have campaigns actively running through ClickBooth. I will keep the review updated as more information and payment follows.

The sites and forums listed above are just a few samples of the various posts and discussions on “ClickBooth”. Do a simple Google search and see for yourself. This is becoming a very heated topic and once the dust settles, I hope everything will be cleared up. This situation is so in the open now, it’s up to the company and their affiliates to prove their legitimacy, and prove the doubters wrong. As with all affiliate programs and networks, do your due diligence and spread the word, good or bad.

Jason Calacanis Doesn’t Understand Affiliate Marketers

Before any Affiliate Summit sessions even started, Jason Calacanis had set the stage for what would become one of the most controversial Affiliate Summit yet. From past reputation, it was expected that Jason Calacanis would provide a useful keynote, or take a hatchet to the industry and do whatever it takes to turn the event around and make it his own. While most of Calacanis’ keynote was on how spammy the affiliate marketing industry is (by his terms), it was also a bash fest on many well known figures in the affiliate industry such as Seth Godin, Shoemoney, myself and Ted Murphy. The keynote will also go down with some memorable quotes, such as “Affiliate marketing is bullshit. Thank you.” and “Anyone here from PayPerPost? You need to kill yourself. I’m kidding. Well, I wouldn’t mind it if you did.”.

I’m Not Hiding… I’m Happy with My Life and My “Pathetic” Six Figure Checks.

Love him or hate him… Calacanis made some valid points during his keynote… but how much will actually be done as a result of his keynote or commitment to the affiliate industry. Some of you may have thought his Affiliate Summit Keynote was simply amazing, and it’s about time someone stood up to the industry. However, his Affiliate Summit keynote really wasn’t that original at all. Just refer back to when Jason did his keynote at the Le Web conference. It’s almost like we are watching the Affiliate Summit keynote all over again… he even says the same exact things. I can only imagine Calacanis took a few hours to browse through the affiliate industry to pick out some new targets to liven up his multi-purpose keynote speech.

A new focus for his keynote this time was to point out “pathetic” top affiliates who posts large checks from affiliate earnings, such as Shoemoney and myself. Calacanis goes on to say You guys think small. Holding up a 6 figure check is just pathetic. That’s your industry’s biggest success? Really?. Yes, it may be pathetic to the boys in Silicon Valley who live and die with venture money and only count money in millions. However we are the “affiliate” industry, and more than not, we enjoy our “simple” lives of dedication and earning what we earn while working out of our homes. I would never trade my life or income levels to impress anyone or work outside of my current work ethic.

The whole intention of releasing my check post (which was less than 2 weeks ago), was to inspire and help others achieve that dream. Telling someone who is just starting out in the industry to go out there and make $25 million is just irrational. I am not a long sales page… I am trying to help and inspire. The Calacanis keynote at Affiliate Summit only angered, confused and discouraged any new life that was in the audience that day… it should be the other way around.

Whether it be WickedFire or ABestWeb, everyone seems to have a different opinion on the guy. If Calacanis’ intention was to come to Affiliate Summit and stir up some attention for himself, he has done a good job. Here are just a few of the blogs which have posted on his rants about affiliate marketing.

Blog Coverage:
You’re Not the Boss of Me | My Thoughts on Jason Calacanis | Jason Calacanis Keynote | Thank You Jason Calacanis | ASW08 Calacanis Keynote | Jason Calacanis Keynote Recap Affiliate Summit | Don’t Pollote the River, Affiliates Told | Keynote Jason Calacanis | Jason Calacanis at Affiliate Summit West 08 | Are You an Affiliate Marketer? You Suck! | Affiliate Summit Day 1 Speech | Affiliate Summit Day 2 | ASW 08 Looking Back | Why Mahalo will Fail and the Problems with General Search | Controversial Jason Calacanis Summit Keynote | Affiliate Marketers Pathetic | Jason Calacanis Insults Affiliate Summit Attendees | Jason Calacanis Embarrasing ShoeMoney

Revenews Coverage:
Live Blogging the Jason Calacanis Keynote at Affiliate Summit | Mahalo’s Missing DNA Back at You Jason Calacanis | Calacanis and the Real Hurdles of Affiliate Marketing | Four Thoughts from Affiliate Summit West 2008

The bottom line is, Calacanis came to Affiliate Summit with the intention to get attention and that’s what everyone gave him. Not to mention the awesome viral exposure it has given to Affiliate Summit itself. I agree there is a great deal of problems in the affiliate / marketing industry, but do you think the same people causing these problems are the ones paying $1500 a head to attend Affiliate Summit? As for the personal and industry attacks from Calacanis… (if you weren’t able to attend the UnKeynote at AffiliateSummit), it’s all water under the bridge. I’ve been pointed out before for my efforts and dedication to this industry and I’m still as motivated as ever… if not more!

Shareasale Palms Affiliate Summit West Party

Once again, Brian has thrown together a party for the record books. This time around Brian Littleton held his Affiliate Summit West party at the Palms Casino. Everyone is is anyone in the industry was at the event. This party was so excellent, that Reena and I managed to stay there for nearly 5 hours. Here are just a few of the contacts I met at “the party” of Affiliate Summit West 2008.

My Good Friend & Evil Blogger, John Chow!

Man of the Hour, Brian Littleton and Marketing Genius Kris Jones.

Longtime Friend Brad Waller, of AdJungle.com.

Sam Harrelson of CostPerNews & Revenews.

A group picture with Reena, David Stack and Rosemary Zalewski.

With My Affiliate Summit Ticket Winner, Israel of FatManUnleashed!

The Affiliate Summit Veterans Gang!

The picture below was taken on the Palm’s suite balcony, which had an inground pool which extended outside of the hotel over over the side of the building. The Palms 2 story suite was simply amazing and you could see the complete strip and all of Vegas as you went through all of it’s luxorious rooms.

Every year I look forward to what Brian has in store for the Affiliate Summit Party, I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next year. It will be hard to top this one!

Yahoo Success Center. $1.95 Shipping, then $59.90 a Month!

Are you aware of what type of programs or subscriptions you are currently promoting through affiliate networks… or a better question might be, do you even care? For some marketers (like myself), there is always a moral issue on what campaigns to promote, and which to stay away from. For other marketers, the bottom line is all that matters. I was reading through GoogleLady’s blog the other day, and noticed shes did a review on a new program called “Yahoo Success Center.” or “Search Success Center“… varies per network/landing page. Her post was mainly on the new program (which is available through a few affiliate networks), and how it’s setup to help you effectively setup a new business, using pay per click marketing through Yahoo. After reading GoogleLady’s review on the program, I wanted to look into’s details a bit further.

First off, the “Yahoo Success Center” (I won’t bother pushing this through an affiliate link, as I don’t recommend it) is currently available on at least two networks. One of them being NeverBlueAds, and the other is AzoogleAds. The program pays $28.50 per signup through NeverBlueAds and $27.74 through AzoogleAds. NeverBlueAds also shows that the offer is currently earning around .80 per click, across the network.

So what exactly is “lead” on this offer? For you to earn your $27+ commission, you simply need to get your traffic to submit their information and complete the 2nd-page with a credit card, which pays for the $1.95 S&H cost. Seems like a great deal for the customer, at first. Once you are a paid member of the site, “you will have immediate access to the Yahoo success center and will be able to begin setting up your new online business“. The only information shown on the main page is that you will receive a 14 day trial when you signup to the program. Once you fill out the main page with your user information, you are sent to the next page which asks for your billing information, and shows a $1.95 bill to cover the shipping and handling cost.

On the bottom of the 2nd signup page, if you are looking for it… you will see the following disclaimer/terms and conditions:

By submitting this form I authorize Pacific WebWorks, Inc./eAuction to immediately charge my credit card $1.95 for the shipment of Search Success Center for Yahoo. Please allow 5 to 10 business days for delivery. I hereby request that Pacific WebWorks, Inc./eAuction activate my account and authorize them to advance funds as indicated. Monthly Service fees will commence 14 days from the date of this purchase, and will be billed monthly thereafter. After the 14 day trial you will be billed $59.90 monthly for the continued service of the website, eBay auction software and for the membership to the TradeWorks product club. No refunds will be given for failure to use the requested and provided services. We reserve the right to transfer your billing to a third party Merchant of Record. This authority will remain in effect until revoked by me. This agreement will remain in effect each month until cancelled by me. You may cancel at anytime by writing to 180 South 300 West Suite 400, Salt Lake City UT 84101 or calling 1-800-497-4988.

I have not personally signed up for this program, or went past the second signup page… but imagine how many people are signing up to this offer and not reading the fine print and expecting to only pay the $1.95 shipping, then getting nailed for $59.90 a month! I can tell you right now, “Yahoo Success Center” must be pulling in some decent conversion rates to pay $28.50 per 2nd page signup. The average signup only has to stay for one month for them to make a profit. This is a completely legitimate business, and if their backend / members area provides what they promise, then it may be a decent program. The site is also a listed Microsoft Certified Partner, for whatever that’s worth… it seems easy to get. However, I feel if this was the case, they wouldn’t have to hide the $59.90 a month billing so secretly.

A few days ago Mark from 45n5.com wrote a post called “Do You Promote Things You Would Recommend to Your Friends & Family to Run Away From?”. Basically his post was on the same topic of what I’m talking about now. There is a big difference between running advertisements on your blog or website vs. being a ppc master. When promoting through ppc marketing, you really have no branding and no one knows who you are (when pushing other sites/products). However, if you were to advertise or recommend a product like this on your blog, how would your readers feel about you afterwards? If your family wanted to try and make money online, would you recommend an offer like this? I’m not battling the offer… just the ethical issues behind how these companies pull in hundreds of members thinking they are only going to pay $1.95 for shipping… then start getting hit for $59.90 a month. Yes, it is the customer’s fault for not reading all of the fine print… but I would prefer to work and/or promote a company that doesn’t have to play with their member’s billing to make a decent earning.

When choosing an offer to promote, do you look into the program details before setting up a new campaign, or recommending it to your blog readers?

Insider Secrets to Making a Million Dollar Web Site!

A few days ago I released my first post on “How I Made $860,538.38 PROFIT in 4 Months!“, along with the picture of my $306,373.24 check. Due to the massive exposure and questions generated from the post, I thought I’d bring you the second installment to How I Made $860,538.38 PROFIT in 4 Months! This time we will go with a Q&A theme.

What is the web site you made all this money with?
The site I was able to have so much success with is MySpaceNow.com. There is no programming on the site at all, and it’s made up of over 10,000 pages of content, such as images, myspace layouts and social networking applications/flash. Yes… you can imagine how long that took to put together. However, when you are seeing results, you just want to keep making your project bigger and better!

What is the current status of your site?
My myspace resource site is still running and still turning a decent amount of profit each month. The traffic is lower than it used to be, but that’s expected. I was one of the first to get into the “myspace resources” niche, and now it is more saturated than ever.

What is/was your site traffic?
I first started the site from scratch and with no traffic. The first method of advertising, were a few text links on a couple of my other sites. Next was to get the word out on MySpace and other social networks. Once the users started to grab content and link back to my site, it was golden. The high point for site traffic was around 185,000 uniques per day. Currently the site receives around 15,000-20,000 uniques per day. Yes, this is quite a drop… but as mentioned above, I haven’t focused on this site in over a year now.

Having Multiple Dedicated Dell Servers to Manage Traffic was a Must.

When was the last time you updated the site?
I’ve been quite busy with many other projects, so realistically, I haven’t touched or updated the site in nearly a year. Meanwhile the site still receives several thousands of visits per day, while also earning several thousands a month. My only maintenance is monthly servers fees, which are much lower than they were back when I was working on the site full time.

How did you make so much profit over costs?
The myspace site I created was a huge viral success. Once a few sites picked it up, the traffic was tremendous, and search engines were sending me a ton of traffic as well. Since I did not have to worry about marketing costs, I could focus on providing content, managing ad space, and making sure the site was always accessible. The main costs in running a site like this (outside of the hundreds of hours of time spent), are server costs. Over $100,000 was spent on shared hosting, buying new Dell servers and hiring a server management team to make sure everything was always running.

What were your advertising and hosting costs?
As mentioned, the site was pretty much all viral. After running the site for several months with no advertising costs, I decided to give Google Adwords a shot. I was able to target towards some pretty cheap traffic, since my Quality Score was super high, and this was a niche market that wasn’t oversaturated (yet) and click prices weren’t insanely high. Marketing through Google Adwords brought in over an additional MILLION clicks. Even after $27,721.89 in adwords cost, the site still had no problems clearing seven-figures. Hosting costs ranged per month from $300 (when first starting out), to up to $10,000 a month, before buying my own Dell servers and hosting myself.

I was able to generate over 1 MILLION clicks using Google Adwords!

What other ad networks did you use on the site?
In my last post, I focused on some of the big earners from the site, which were Yahoo Publisher Network, NeverBlueAds, CasaleMedia and ValueClick Media. Other earners on the site were Interclick (which is another cpm banner network), Miva (which provides screensaver/wallpaper downloads), Google Adsense (generated nearly six-figures in revenue), AuctionAds (I posted multiple times on my earnings with them), WidgetBucks (another new program, which I also posted earnings on)… along with a few other networks. All of these advertisers combined generated over seven-figures in revenue for the site… which clearly covered the hosting costs, making this a seven figure profitable site.

You made a lot with Yahoo, but what about Google Adsense?
Originally I had no expectations for the success of this site. I was providing a service and it exploded quickly. Once the traffic was flowing through the site, it was time to test different ad placements and to see what worked. Luckily, the Yahoo Publisher Program had come out (and accepted my site), just a few weeks after my site went live. I was originally running Google Adsense, then started running Yahoo Publisher Network instead. After comparing numbers, Yahoo was providing much better numbers. I would continually rotate advertisers on the site and see which performed best. While Yahoo earned nearly seven figures alone on the site, Google Adsense accounted for nearly six-figures in revenue as well.

Google Adsense in itself generated almost $100,000 in Extra Revenue.

Would you have sold your site if you had the chance?
The opportunity to sell this cash cow of a web site did come into play around the 7th or 8th month of it’s existence. I wrote a post about this a while ago, which was called “To Sell or Not to Sell“. While I was offered nearly a seven figure package deal for the site (more/less depending on performance), I’m still glad I never accepted their offer. The parent company that was interested, was purchasing up a bunch of Social Networking Resource & Entertainment sites… which they then all turned into crap sites. I also heard that this company screwed many of their “partners” on payments owed from their buyouts.

Why did you wait until now to post your check?
I’ve never been one to look for attention, or brag. The intention of posting my check was not to impress anyone, but to stress to everyone the possibilities before you. Yes, the check was received back in 2006. However, keep in mind… this blog is still less than a year old. I have literally spent the last year debating on whether or not I wanted to be put in the spotlight, if I was to post this check. But I decided to take the risk… my intention is the same as always, I want you to succeed, make money online and live the dream that us affiliates and ppc marketers are living.

Why didn’t you post your resource site in your original post?
The main reason why I didn’t like my resource site in my original post is because this is a blog, and it’s purpose is to keep people coming back and giving them more. A lot of people were leaving comments, asking what my site was. You were not being ignored… you were part of the process. Not only have I released my site information, but also how I promoted the site, my advertisers and actual earnings numbers.

Is this your only big and successful web site?
I’ve been making money online for over 11 years now, since I was 15… and have never had any other job. A one-hit-wonder I am not. Over the years I have adjusted to every market change there has been. I’ve done freebie sites, permission based email marketing, ran my own ad network along with my own network of entertainment sites. Was this site one of my biggest and fastest money makers? Yes! I saw an opportunity here and made the most of it. I am now focusing on several other different niche areas and projects.

Aren’t you worried people will copy your site idea now?
They say being copied is one of the highest forms of flattery… well, when you own a web site, and you’ve been copied… IT SUCKS… but, I’ve been copied plenty of times before. There is still plenty of money to be made in this market, but it’s also plenty saturated! You want to make a resource type site? I say “Go for it!”.

As mentioned before, I’ve been making money online for over a decade now, (since I was 15!) and have some close friends that advise me on what I should post and what I should not post on my blog. There are risks associated with everything. Some have warned me about giving away too much information. However, if I didn’t meet up with these people in the past, that took their time to help me along the way, I wouldn’t be where I am today… I only wish to do the same for you and all of my blog readers. Yes, it may be risky providing the amount of information that I do, taking risks and trying different things is how I got to where I am today. I’m willing to take that risk to benefit my blog readers.

How I Made $860,538.38 PROFIT in 4 Months!

First off, I would like to make it clear that this post is NOT to impress you, but to impress upon you what’s possible! This is a quick review on how I went from one of my worst years of making money online to my best year, and all it took was one big idea, one web site and several hundred hours of effort along with many sleepless nights. This is “How I Made $860,538.38 Profit in 4 Months!“.

Time and time again, I talk about how you must change your marketing niche every once in a while to continuously make new money online. Over the years I have done everything from content web sites, to sweepstakes and freebie type sites, to running my own affiliate programs and even permission based email marketing. In early 2004 I had one of my best years with making money online, then later on in the year things started to slack off and this continued on through most of 2005. At the time I wasn’t making much money and it was quite depressing. It’s very tough to get back into the groove when you hit a few underachieving projects in a row. In short, I was in a dip… and at the bottom of my latest successful wave. It wasn’t until October 2005 that I came up with my next big idea that would soon bring me my best months and year!

Social networking was just starting to catch fire and for months I knew there was a way to profit from it, but I just hadn’t come up with an idea yet. MySpace had millions of users on their network 24 hours a day, there had to be a way to take advantage of this. Soon enough I realized, instead of trying to sell to all of these users, why not offer them something for free. I ran through some ideas and came up with my own site to provide free content for social network users. To make a long story short, my site and my content went viral extremely fast. Instead of having users upload their own content or have to search around for what they were looking for, I provided everything for free. In no time I was receiving thousands of users to my site daily. At max points I was pushing up to 180,000+ unique visitors per day, while pushing TERABYTES of data bandwidth. Imagine hosting thousands of images, viewed by millions across several different social networks!

Just two months after going live with my new site, I was starting to accumulate some amazing hosting costs. Imagine the cost on hosting thousands of widgets, text applications and images, which are loaded millions of times a day across social networks like MySpace! The only reason why I was able to afford these insane hosting costs, was because of the massive volume of users I was receiving back to my site, not only through social networks, but also from Google and other search engines. You only need a small percentage of a very big number to click on ads, fill out surveys or take any action, to make money. In two short months I went from having a single dedicated server to having over TEN, then with the insane bandwidth costs added in I was paying up to $12,000 a month. At this time I was currently with EV1Servers.net, and leasing all of my servers. Since I’m not a tech/programmer type guy, I also had a server management team watching my servers constantly to make sure they were always running, just being down for a few minutes would have lost $100s of dollars. This server management team was not part of EV1Servers, and cost $1000 a month to manage all of the servers, and keep the servers balancers in place. By the end of the third month, I talked with my server management team and we decided it was time to for me to invest in my own servers and take out the middleman for hosting. I went on to order 17 servers from Dell, which are all held and managed in a data center now.

On average, my site was receiving around 100,000 unique visitors per day, and I was generating most of my ad revenue through Yahoo Publisher Network, ValueClick Media and CasaleMedia. It wasn’t until a year later that I would start testing CPA offers on the site. To my surprise, the CPA offers from networks like NeverBlueAds worked extremely well. Originally I had stayed away from promoting a few of their offers because I thought they were over saturated and wouldn’t convert. I finally took their advice and listed a few on the site and to this day they are still pushing some great earnings through the site.

Back in April, I wrote a post asking the question… “To Sell, or Not to Sell?“… This was a question I had to ask myself when I was approached by a company that wanted to merge/purchase my MySpace resource site. I not only turned down their seven-figure deal, but I was lucky enough to not be one of the many sites screwed by the company, as they tried buying many other sites as well. Once acquired by the company, they would wreck the site with adult-like video content and I heard from several people on how they got screwed out of their owed money and contracts.

Two years, and over seven-figures later… my little site idea that rapidly became one of my most profitable ideas yet, is still running strong. Despite the fact that I really haven’t touched the site in several months, it’s still receiving over 25,000 uniques per day and still making a decent amount of change.


As I mentioned earlier, three of the main initial revenue sources I monetized my site with were ValueClick Media, CasaleMedia and Yahoo Publisher Network. While I did use other programs such as NeverBlueAds and Google Adsense later on, these three programs were heavily used during months of peak traffic. As for promotion costs of the site, during this three month period, there were none. No PPC Advertising either, everything was viral traffic and a couple links off my other sites. This write up focused on how I made $860,538.38 PROFIT in 4 months. The site is now well over two years old and has since earned over seven figures in profit/earnings.

ValueClick Media is a company that buys your web site advertising space on a CPM basis. From my stats chart below, you can see the monthly increase in revenue went from $243.63 to nearly $30,000 a month.

CasaleMedia provides the same type of service as ValueClick Media, but are more strict with acceptance into their program. They also have higher CPM rates, but usually purchase a smaller percentage of your ad space. Peak earnings with CasaleMedia were around $7,000 a month.

One of the major reasons for my dramatic increase in income, was due to the release of the Yahoo Publisher Network. This program, run by Yahoo, is basically their response to Google Adsense. Like Adsense, you are paid an unknown percentage for each click you send to the contextual advertisements displayed on your site.

It wasn’t til about a year after launching the site, that I would start testing with CPA offers from NeverBlue. To my surprise, the majority of offers I listed on the site performed extremely well. Even though I thought the market was over saturated on these offers, there was still a high demand. With the new revenue generated from NeverBlue, the site was able to pull in another $60,000+.

For any of the doubters, or photoshop addicts… Just to prove my legitimacy, take a look at the video below!



American Express Business Card 5% Savings Program with Yahoo!

American Express and Yahoo! have teamed up for a great new promotion available to American Express Business Cardholders. American Express is now offering discounts of 5% on all Yahoo! Search Marketing & Yahoo! Small Business Solutions. I’ve personally had an American Express Business Gold Card for years now and absolutely love their service and rewards program. I’ve been running ppc campaigns with Yahoo for quite some time now, so this is just a nice bonus for myself and everyone using the program, and that have their own Amex card.

American Express Imagine spending $1,000 a day on Yahoo Search, then getting 5% back? That would be amazing, as it would heavily increase your profit margins. Unfortunately there is a cap on the program from American Express, which is a “Maximum annual combined savings across YSM and YSB of $500.”. Even though the program is capped, $500 a year in savings is still great, and will make it that much easier to find a profit margin on Yahoo search campaigns. In terms of ppc listings, you could also look at it as, increasing your ppc rate .01 for ever .20 you bid. Higher bids = more traffic.

If you don’t already have an American Express card, I highly recommend you apply for one. The rewards and perks offered by the company are pretty sweet. Other discounts available to business partners through the program are:

Travel and Dining
– Delta(R): 3% off flights (plus 2% with co-branded Business Cards)
– JetBlue(R): 3% off flights (plus 2% with co-branded Business Cards)
– eSkyGuide: 20% off digital flight timetables
– Hyatt Hotels & Resorts(R): 3% off hotel stays
– Hertz(R): 5% off car rentals
– Courtyard by Marriott(R): 5% off hotel stays
– Fairfield Inn by Marriott(R): 5% off hotel stays
– SpringHill Suites by Marriott(R): 5% off hotel stays
– Wingate(R) by Wyndham: 5% off hotel stays
– Ruby Tuesday(R): 5% off dining

Supplies and Services
– Yahoo! Search Marketing: 5% off internet marketing
– Yahoo! Small Business: 5% off internet business tools
– FedEx: 5% off express and ground shipping
– FedEx Kinko’s Office and Print Centers(R): 5% off business services
– 1-800-FLOWERS.COM(R): 5% off flowers and gifts
– American Express Incentive Services: 5% off prepaid cards
– Symantec: 10% off security software

Business Building Tools
– BizFilings: 20% off incorporation services
– Ceridian: 20% off payroll services
– Constant Contact(R): 5% off e-mail marketing services
– ExpensAble: 25% off expense management software
– Logoworks by HP: 15% off logo and graphic design

If you aren’t already advertising on Yahoo, in addition to your 5% discount from American Express, you can receive a $25 credit towards your PPC ad campaigns.

I will soon write a follow up post on incentives and rewards I’ve earned from American Express over the years. If you are going to be spending thousands upon thousands of dollars a year in advertising for your business, you should use a credit card that’s going to reward you! Do you have an American Express card, or another credit card which helps reward your business?

The Super Affiliate’s Guide to Mass Promotion of a Campaign

In this guide, we will focus on how to take an existing offer and try to promote it from many different angles. This will not be a guide on a quick fix on how to make money, but will take some time and effort. Should you follow this guide, you will find that not only have you created a new source of revenue, but also a long-term residual stream and possibly a network web site which can be sold for a decent amount. This guide will focus on the 123InkJets offer available through RocketProfit. I highly recommend that you join their network so you can follow this guide in detail, along with taking a look at their other promotions.

Step 1: Signup for an account at Neverblue.
(If you already have one, simply login and view your campaign creative.)

Step 2: Write out Your Marketing Plan. (Shown below)
For this guide, your marketing plan will be to setup a new blog, create a new ppc campaign and take advantage of social networking.

Step 3: Find a New Offer & Repeat
Once you have setup your first campaign with all of the marketing techniques above, you can repeat the process. Within a decent amount of time, you can have 3-5 heavy niche traffic sites generating revenue.

Most of you are already familiar with blogging and may already have your own. If not, I recommend you read up how to setup your own blog. To make the most of your new marketing campaign, I recommend that you create a new blog for your new niche market. In this example, you could create something like My-Ink-Blog101.com. The purpose of the blog will is not only serve as an information source, but once you have enough content and traffic on the site, you may soon start to receive organic traffic from the search engines. This means you can start bringing in targeted leads and sales for ink, without having any advertising costs. Within your blog, you will imbed text link and banner ads on your site, which will redirect to your affiliate urls. While an ink jets blog may seem boring, you should think of different ways to stay on topic, while still providing useful content. Blogging about discounts, holiday promotions, different ink jets and toners, paper quality are always great resources. Every day someone purchases a new printer or fax machine, when they need new ink, they will likely search out what they need online.

PPC marketing is one of the quickest and most effective methods for making money with a new campaign. If you are not familiar with pay per click marketing, I recommend you read through my “Super Affiliates Guide to PPC Marketing”. There are many ways to market with ppc. First you can promote a campaign without creating a web site, and using a redirect instead. If you have an existing web site, you can also promote your own landing page or a dedicated blog web site, like we mentioned above. No matter what type of method you use for marketing through PPC, you should always use SUBID or cookie tracking. (For more information on subid tracking through RocketProfit, please read over my review on their network.)

You can easily setup multiple tracking urls using the RocketProfit affiliate area.

Stretch your ad dollars farther with a new accounts from Yahoo and MSN. When you start a new campaign with Yahoo, you will receive a $25 credit. You can also setup a campaign with MSN AdCenter for an additional $50 credit. The offer is good per credit card. This means that you can setup two separate accounts (if you have two credit cards). Use one account to promote your new niche blog web site, then create a new account to promote the offer directly (using a redirect) or landing page. If you take advantage of both networks, for both marketing techniques, you are looking at a bonus of $150 in ad spending!)

The last method of advertising for mass promotion of a campaign, is to utilize existing social networks and forums. Go to any search engine and look up “inkjet coupons” or “discount coupons”. I’m sure you will come across a forum or two that focus on coupons and promotional deals. When you signup to these forums, you can let others know about about your content rich blog, which focuses on the niche products and promotions they are looking for. Referring these types of users to your blog, may actually help you get better indexed in search engines, as visitors may leave comments, link to your blog or email their friends about it. Another free method of advertising is to set your niche blog up on social networks like MySpace, Facebook and Squidoo. The main target is to setup as many resources for your targeted niche area as possible. (Make sure to setup multiple links to your niche blog and your affiliate tracking urls. Check to see how each compare in conversions)

Using all of the techniques about, you should be able to effectively mass promote your new ad campaign. If it sounds like a lot of work, it is. This is a not a get rich over night plan, this is your first step to building a series of established money generating web sites. The idea behind this method of mass marketing is to have some balance and stability to your marketing efforts and business plan. Your ppc marketing efforts should be divided up into two search, one for promotion of your affiliate urls/landing pages, and another for promotion of your niche blog. Over time your blog should grow in rss subscribers and readership, this will take time, but once establish, it will be very profitable. Lastly, once you have an establish blog in place, you can decide on whether you would like to continue to build up your network with a new offer or niche market… or if you would like to try and flip your new blog for fast cash on one of the webmasters / marketing forums.

Make Money with Gevalia Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program Review:
Yesterday I touched on the emphasis of promoting high quality brands and the impact it has on conversions and campaign success. Today I will introduce another campaign that has the same high quality branding to it’s name, and that’s Gevalia Coffee. Like Omaha Steaks, this has been one of the best and consistent money makers in the affiliate marketing space for some time now. While competition in the “coffee” area can be tough, the combination of a high commission payout and the incentive of a free 12-cup coffee maker, it shouldn’t be tough to have success with this offer.

Gevalia is spread across a decent amount of affiliate networks, and most of them with their own unique twist to the campaign. Hydra Network and offers ranging from $10-$13.25 cpa, which all offer a free coffee maker and the campaigns are also divided up by banner/search promotions. NeverBlueAds has a $13 payout on any leads that try request any of their four 1/2 pound packages of coffee for $29.95, and receive a Deluxe Coffeemaker and Stainless Steel Coffee Scoop as a special gift. Lastly, Gevalia is also available through AzoogleAds, with a payout of $14.50. Through AzoogleAds you have a various amount of promotional ad copies for banners, text and search marketing. Each network has their own specific campaign setup for individual marketing, so make sure if you are promoting through search, to only grab the search urls.

Landing Page Screenshot:

Participating Networks:
– Hydra Network (CPA), NeverBlueAds (CPA) & AzoogleAds (CPA)

Commission Rates:
$10.00-$14.50 per Lead

Traffic Allowed: Search, Banners, Text, Email

Related PPC Keywords:
coffee, discount coffee, coffee makers, coffee gifts, gourmet coffee, free coffee, premium coffee
(Refer to my Super Affiliate Guide section for pay per click marketing tips. Test this search campaign with Yahoo and receive a $25 credit and/or Start a new campaign with MSN AdCenter & receive a $50 credit.)

Relevant Categories:
Shopping > Food > Beverages > Coffee and Tea

This affiliate program review post is part of a new series on this called “CPA Spotlight“. A new affiliate based offer will be reviewed and featured daily. Along with a full offer review, you will receive information on where you can promote the offer, along with payout ranges, traffic promotions and keywords to target your ppc campaigns.

New AzoogleAds Referral Terms Screw Affiliates

It wasn’t til today that I caught attention of the new terms and conditions set forth by AzoogleAds on their affiliate referral program. I’m pretty sure I didn’t get their email notice, and I’ve talked to a couple others who also didn’t receive it, but are still an affiliate of the network. The news is already a couple days old, as already discussed by CPA-Affiliates, Cashtastics and many posts on WickedFire, but I will go into some detail on what I think of the changes of how it will affect future relations with AzoogleAds.

Let’s first take a look at the new terms in place by AzoogleAds:

The new terms and conditions are made up of nine new bullet points, though it’s really only two big changes, which are shown below.
• Referral commission will continue to be 2% of referred publishers’ revenue but will now expire after 6 months.
• You must maintain a minimum revenue level of $1,000 in your primary account on a monthly basis in order to receive any referral payouts for that month.

Let’s first focus on “Referral commission will continue to be 2% of referred publishers’ revenue but will now expire after 6 months.“. I can’t stress enough how awesome “lifetime” commissions are, and that some affiliate networks are offering this as an incentive is great. I know many networks that only pay commissions for 3-12 months of the affiliates earnings with the network. While I’m not sure how much volume AzoogleAds’ earns each month based on referred affiliates from affiliates, but I can’t imagine the 2% “lifetime” that they were paying affiliates, would put them out of business. After all, you are only making money if your referrals make money. I believe AzoogleAds is large enough and have been successfully pulling large enough margins on their offers to have a decent profit margin. (Despite recently laying off a bunch of staff and removing their rewards program!)

Second point, “You must maintain a minimum revenue level of $1,000 in your primary account on a monthly basis in order to receive any referral payouts for that month.“. I’m currently an affiliate with almost every network out there. I want to see what offers are new, which can make money, and update my blog readers on network news. This new requirement of having to earn $1,000 a month from actual AzoogleAds campaigns, to get credit for any affiliate referrals is just ridiculous. What about all the bloggers or network directories out there that only specialize in referrals to networks? Well, if you were making money with AzoogleAds, now you’re screwed. I’m sure $1,000 a month isn’t much to many, but to make it a requirement… you’re just digging your grave. I put forth the time and effort to give you accurate and detailed information on how to make money with these networks, a clear example of this success is my “My Blog Readers Have Earned Over $100,000!” post. I will no longer recommend AzoogleAds to my readers…

I really hate to see when an affiliate network doesn’t have it’s own referral program, but the new terms are AzoogleAds is almost at that. How much would it suck, for you to look at your stats and see you made some earnings off your referrals, but won’t be paid because you didn’t hit your $1,000 monthly mark… or to see a “big” referral go black after six months. While it sucks for us, it makes sense for AzoogleAds to not do away with the whole referral program since any referrers will probably still keep their existing links up (I wont), which results in free advertising money for AzoogleAds. However, if AzoogleAds keeps up their tactics and pisses off enough affiliates and referral networks, they may find that their advertising costs to bring in new affiliates would possibly match or outweigh that 2% lifetime in which they used to offer. With the removable of the rewards program and now a horrible referral program, AzoogleAds is now a network for big media that cares only about profit margins and not a meaningful relationship, which I heavily emphasize on.

To finish off this in-depth post, let’s focus on two testimonials from Jordan Visco at NeverBlueAds and Kris Jones from PepperJam Network, whom I will point out, heavily respect their affiliates and referrals to their networks and continue to pay honest commissions on all referrals.

“Its great to see that Zac’s hard work has been paying off for him as he has just passed the 2K affiliate referral commissions mark. Even greater is the realization that new webmasters who have been referred by ZacJohnson.com have now made over $100,000 with the NeverBlue Ads affiliate network. We’re excited that we can work together with affiliates like Zac to spread the affiliate marketing word and bring steady income to entrepreneurs worldwide who are looking to make a living for themselves online.”

“You’re becoming the next Darren Rowse, Jeremy Schoemaker, or John Chow! I should mention to your readers that you are also one of the top referrers of new affiliates to PepperJam Network. Today marks the two week anniversary of the launch of PepperJam Network and since then you’ve referred more new affiliates to us than 90% of the other publishers in our referral program. In addition, your referrals (aka, your readers) are very high quality.”