Make Money with Financial Offers at LeadNetwork Affiliate Network

As an affiliate marketer, it’s always best to choose a niche market that is going to make money no matter what happens in the world or as the seasons change. The usual suspects that fall into this category are health, beauty, weight loss and anything related to finance. No matter how great or how bad the economy is, everyone wants to look their best and they’re willing to spend money on it. With that in mind, “money” and “personal finance” are the big industry marketers where even more money is always going to be made — especially when it comes to personal loans, business loans, pay day loans and everything in between.

For this very reason, LeadNetwork has established themselves as one of the prominent players in the affiliate marketing and financial space — focusing mainly on pay day loans, while also helping their affiliates earn hefty payouts in the process. With so much money flowing in and out of this space, let’s take a look at how LeadNetwork works and how you can start making money with their platform as an affiliate.

Looking for Payday and Financial Offers?

The majority of affiliate marketers in the world today already know what markets they work best in, and know how to provide the highest quality leads of specific types of offers. For anyone that’s already doing well in the financial space or has such traffic, LeadNetwork might be a great addition to your revenue generating arsenal. While most ad networks will have hundreds or even thousands of affiliate offers to choose from, LeadNetwork focuses strictly only financial offers — which allows them to be the best at what they do and offer the highest payouts in the process. By working with actual loan partners and lenders, LeadNetwork isn’t your traditional affiliate network, they are a full lead generation and brokering business in one.

LeadNetwork currently pays out a commission to their affiliates on a pay-per-lead basis. However, unlike traditional networks, LeadNetworks pays out a wide range of commission amounts depending on the quality of each lead and what type of financial offer they apply for. The payout of a lead will also depend on the demand from lenders and what the current market demands are for new financial leads. When it comes to the negotiation of such leads and amounts, LeadNetwork says that have a solid business model in place that “provides publishers with some of the industry’s highest payouts per lead.”

One of the main reasons why financial offers draw such an interest from affiliates is that they can sell for up to $230 per lead. Even on the lower end, some leads will sell for just $2 per lead — but that is often due to a failed lead or based off a limited supply of information coming from each lead. No matter what type of financial offer affiliates are promoting through LeadNetwork, the goal is to always offer the highest and most competitive rates in the industry, as they claim to be one of the best pay per lead affiliate programs in the financial space.

More than Just Payday Loan Offers

While the main focus of LeadNetwork is on their short-term payday loan affiliate program, they do have a selection of other financial offers to choose from — all based on loans. The concept of a payday loan is quite simple, in the fact that they are usually a short term loan with a high-interest rate if they aren’t paid back in time. The borrower can usually apply for a small sum of money with such loans, which are usually in the $100 to $1,000 range — which must also be paid within 30 days. To give you an idea of just how lucrative this space can actually be, more than 12 million people take out pay day loans every year.

Since these types of leads usually bring a higher return on investment to the loaner, they can also pay out a higher commission to affiliates as well. You can see some of the different loan offers available through LeadNetwork below. From personal and business loans, to car insurance and car title loans, LeadNetwork definitely has the loan market covered.

As mentioned earlier, depending on the type of lead an affiliate is promoting, the actual commission payout out will vary. Once signed up for their network, you can log in and see the different offers available, their individual landing pages and the commission payout ranges.

Inside the LeadNetwork Affiliate Area

As an affiliate marketer, you should already be quite familiar with any affiliate members area. In short, every affiliate will have their own login details, account ID and tracking links to make sure they are paid on all leads. Once logged in, affiliates can view their stats, offers, campaign performance and more.

Another benefit of LeadNetwork, is that their affiliate dashboard is quite clean and to the point. At the end of the day, all affiliates really want to know is how much money they are making, and LeadNetwork makes that easy.

Payments are sent out on a net-7 basis as long as the minimum payout threshold of $100 is met. Payments can be issued via PayPal, check, direct deposit, wire transfer or WebMoney. Payment preferences can be viewed and changed under the “Settings” section within your account.

In addition to everything else an affiliate network traditionally offers, LeadNetwork also has a referral program to bring in new affiliates as well. This program pays out a 3% bonus commission, which is based off the earnings of any approved affiliates to the network. This also looks like it’s a lifetime payout on each referral, which can definitely add up over time!

Analyzing Financial Offers within LeadNetwork

The simplicity and cleanliness of the LeadNetwork members area makes it easy to find offers to promote and know exactly what they pay out. This also goes back to the network only having financial offers, which means you won’t get distracted or overwhelmed with a wide range of offers to promote. As you can see from the screenshot below, some offers have a 90% revenue-share, which is quite generous… especially when a lead can pay out up to $230 per lead.

To get started with the promotion of any offer, simply click on the “offers” tab on the left side menu, then select an offer you would like to promote. You can then “create campaign” and set up any additional sub IDs, landing pages or other tracking variables you might want to use. In this same area, you can view the selection of creatives available, while also seeing the many different ways an offer can be promoted (ie: SEO, display banners, paid search, email marketing, pop-ups/unders, coregistration, call center)

As you can see in the screenshot above, LeadNetwork also provides you with detailed demographic targeting information on each offer, while also letting you know any states that might not allow such offer promotion. When looking at any other personal loan affiliate programs in the industry, you are going to find a wide range of offers to choose from. It’s up to the affiliate to not only find such offers, but also the best traffic sources and methods for promoting them as well.

Increasing Your Affiliate Revenue with LeadNetwork

Affiliate marketing is one of the best business models in the world today. In previous years, if you wanted to drive leads on financial offers, you would actually need to be a broker or bank yourself. Now it’s easier than ever through the use of LeadNetwork and the power of affiliate marketing.

The market for financial and payday loan offers is ripe and continues to grow daily. If this is a space you are currently in or one that you would like to test the market with, I recommend you take a look at what LeadNetwork has the offer.

Make Money Promoting Mobile Offers with Pinox Affiliate Network

The world of online marketing is one that is growing in all directions at all times. While most affiliates and advertisers got their starts with desktop and search marketing, now it’s all about mobile marketing and application downloads.

With more people preferring to use their mobile devices over traditional desktops, the demand for mobile traffic and monetization is now higher than ever. Not only is the market ripe for the picking, it’s also one that’s just going to continue to grow as lesser advanced countries get their hands on new technology and mobile devices.

Pinox is an affiliate network that focuses solely on mobile advertising, while also giving their publishers the offers and tools they need to find success. As an “innovative solution for publishers and advertisers” their ultimate goal is to help all advertisers, brands and publishers “monetize mobile traffic with the help of the most advanced tracking platform.”

Pinox Mobile Affiliate Network

With more affiliate networks and ad agencies in the world today, it’s amazing there is enough traffic and business to go around. However, with the massive growth and expansion into mobile, these numbers continue to grow and surpass even the demand that most networks and traffic sources can provide. With so much competition in the affiliate marketing and lead generation space, it’s important to choose a network that has a clear focus and not just a ton of offers on their platform for you to choose from.

In the case of Pinox, it’s all about mobile marketing and maximizing their earnings for their publishers and advertisers.

One of the many advantages to working with a network like Pinox, is that they have a dedicated affiliate support team to help setup, create and scale affiliate ad campaigns. At the same time, they are also there to answer any questions you might have, or even boost your commissions when the volume and quality are there.

At the same time, an affiliate network is only as good as the offers it has and the tracking platform it has to offer. With Pinox only working with quality advertisers, affiliates can rest knowing their promotions will provide the best user experience and conversions possible — all while being fully tracked and monitored through their network and dashboard area — breaking down affiliate earnings on metrics such as earnings per click (EPC), click rate (CR), click-thru rate (CTR) and more.

Inside the Pinox Dashboard

After creating an affiliate account, you’ll gain instant access to the dashboard area where you can navigate through all areas of your account. As with most networks, this is where you will be able to pull up your campaign stats, select different offers, view payments, account information and also any advanced tracking tools offered through the platform.

In this same area, you will find the latest news on the latest affiliate offers added, payment changes, statistics for the day, top offers on the network and also your affiliate manager contact information.

Affiliate Offers from Pinox

As mentioned earlier, an affiliate network is heavily judged on the different offers they have. While many networks are still swapping offers and skimming slim margins off the top, it’s always best to find a network that has their own private offers or is working directly with larger brands. Not only does this help with the payouts to affiliates, it also helps builds better longterm relationships for both the affiliate, advertiser and the affiliate network.

Pinox currently has over 400+ different affiliate offers available on their network. This a good amount, as they are available in a wide range of countries, mobile platforms, and operating systems. This is ideal for affiliates that already know which countries convert best for them, along which the best traffic sources and mobile devices to target. When logged into the network, all offers can be sorted through based on the offer name, ID, category, country or any specific combination of the few.

As you can see in the screenshot above, some offers will have a green link to “Get link”, while others will have an orange “Request access” button. When an affiliate first joins Pinox, they will have access to a set amount of general offers to promote, while others will require permission. This is simply in place to make sure the quality of leads is highest at all times.

With offers ranging in type and geo-location around the world, payouts will range heavily. While there are some offers that pay out in the $1-$3 range, higher end offers will pay out in the $20+ range.

Once an affiliate finds an offer they would like to promote, they can select the offer and start reviewing their affiliate link, landing pages, ad creative and tracking options. Some offers will also come with their own restrictions or guidelines, such as where and how they can be promoted. This is something all affiliates should review before actively promoting an offer.

Using the Pinox API to Promote Offers

With a heavy focus on mobile marketing, you will find that many of the offers on Pinox do not have traditional banner ads or creative that you might find on other networks. This makes perfect sense, as mobile marketing and display advertising are two completely different beasts in themselves.

Pinox has their own solution for tracking and affiliate promotions, which is done through their API.

To access the API for your affiliate offers or account, simply refer to the “Toolbox” section in your main navigation area. In this area, you will be able to grab your API key and start integrating it with any promotion methods you might have in mind. With most affiliate marketers being used to traditional tracking links and URLs, there might be some confusion on how to best set this tracking method up, but the Pinox affiliate support team is always there to help with this process.

Monetizing Mobile Traffic with Pinox Affiliate Network

As we all know, mobile is no longer the future — it’s already here and it’s growing at a faster pace than any of us had expected. It’s something we’ve all talked about for years, and the time to cash in on this opportunity is now.

With mobile traffic easily being accessible across a wide range of traffic sources, it’s simply a matter of teaming up with the right affiliate network and getting the best offers in front of the right audience. This is all possible through Pinox, as they already have a number of extremely successful publishers and affiliates working within their network.

When it comes to payments, Pinox is sending out commissions on a weekly basis through wire transfer or Webmoney (in GBP, USD and/or Euro) on net-15 terms. For any affiliates that can push more than $1,000 a day for a week in commissions, payments will be sent out on a net-7 basis. Boost your commissions up to $2,000 daily and affiliates can be paid weekly without any hold on their commissions. In either case, the minimum payment threshold is $500, and there is also a 5% referral program in place for any affiliates referred to the network.

With mobile marketing on the minds of all internet users, advertisers and affiliates… now is the time to take action. Create an account with Pinox today and see how you can start earning with their affiliate network.

Make Money with BitterStrawberry Performance Network

In the old days of Internet marketing, advertising could oftentimes take on more of a blanket approach. The same static banner could be shown to every visitor to a website, regardless of that visitor’s individual characteristics. In some cases, this is still how advertising on the Internet can appear, but through the powers of more advanced targeting, we know this doesn’t have to be the case. We know that this is a waste of time and resources for advertiser and publisher alike. We know there’s a better way.

That’s precisely what leads us to BitterStrawberry today. It’s a performance network where you can dig really deep into user targeting, all without having to integrate any other tools. Do it all from a single wizard and reap the hugely lucrative benefits as a result.

An Attractive Network with Intelligent Monetization

A mantra that you may have seen floating around the Internet for the past several years is this sense of reaching a global audience, but interacting with users on as hyperlocal a basis as possible. That is the core philosophy and strategy behind BitterStrawberry.

What you get here is a mobile-oriented affiliate network with offers specifically targeted at users clear across the globe, with a powerful performance tracker and analytics capabilities that help you deep dive and easily optimize your campaigns. Using the unified interface, you can filter and target your efforts based on country, operator, connection, device, operating system, browser, and time, providing more “intelligent monetization” for your web properties.

The scale is truly impressive. BitterStrawberry processes over 900 million clicks and over 4.6 million sales each and every month. Advertisers can lock in with automatic sales and clicks caps, which isn’t completely out of the ordinary, but publishers can do this too. This further enables you to maximize your revenue based on the data that you are gathering from your campaigns.

A Bright and Modern Interface

The affiliate dashboard with BitterStrawberry is at once familiar and unique in this space. You get plenty of white space, but you also get these huge splashes of the company’s signature bright pink. It screams personality, while still offering the same robust functionality you’ve come to expect from top networks.

All of your main navigation links are found along the top of the page, including quick access to the statistics, marketplace, and referral sections, as well as spaces where you can check your messages and notifications, plus the contact information for your dedicated affiliate manager. You can typically get in touch via telephone, Skype or email, even ICQ if you’re still on there.

I also find it quite helpful that the live feed for top opportunities, filtered either by carrier or country, are also featured prominently on the dashboard. This gives you a good sense of where you may want to refocus some of your efforts. As of this writing, for instance, it looks like there’s good money to be made with Meo in Portugal in particular, but these numbers naturally shift in real time.

Stay relaxed with SmartLink

No time to be on top of each offer? BitterStrawberry’ performance – benchmarked Smartlink will auto-optimize your traffic and maximize its performance. Practically it’s one single URL that segments traffic behind it, which covers all GEOs, and sends it to the most profitable offers in the world for each specific target. This tool allows you to target offers that match your every visitor with custom ads to meet the criteria of your user: Country, Connection, Carrier/WiFi, Device, OS, Browser, Day/Night Parting & more. You can choose different setup for your SmartLinks and customize them with different settings and promo tools: Pops scripts, Banners scripts, Smart API or Split API.

Into the Mobile Offer Marketplace

Of course, a network is only as good as its advertisers and their offers. To this end, BitterStrawberry boasts literally thousands of offers across some 250 markets across the globe. None of the offers are rebrokered and approximately 40% are exclusive. They operate on CPA, revshare, CPM and CPL payment models across a number of verticals, accepting all sorts of traffic types.

The offer marketplace is shown in a grid layout by default with each offer “card” highlight key characteristics like the RPM, the category and the country. Since there are literally thousands of offers here, browsing through page-by-page can be inherently daunting. Thankfully, you can filter through based on special, hot or VIP, as well as with more advanced filtering by country, category, operating system, type and billing flow.

Quickly skimming through some of the offers, I found that an abundance are more adult-oriented, which can be very lucrative for the right kind of traffic. If you tend to stay away from that vertical, you’ll also find an abundance of offers for entertainment, sweepstakes/surveys, and mobile apps.

When you click through to view the details of any specific offer, you can review the available targeting and the special restrictions. Note that there may be multiple versions of fundamentally the same offer, except the advertiser is targeting a different carrier or a different OS, for example. Keep this in mind as you look for the “perfect” offer for your audience.

Two other things that you’ll notice is that most offers do not have a set payout rate, but rather you’ll find the max payout and the RPM figure. That’s because the offer is constantly being optimized for both advertiser and publisher. The other thing that you’ll notice is that you’ll need to apply for most of the offers in the network. Approval shouldn’t a problem, but they want to know who’s promoting what.

The Power of the HybridLink

Perhaps the strongest attribute of BitterStrawberry is the mechanism with which you will promote the offers within the network. Instead of generating a simple, single link that will send all your traffic to just one offer, you build a HybridLink that can dynamically direct the traffic exactly how you want it to do it.

You have the possibility to create your own rotation of offers with custom rules and split the traffic between offers with your own conditions. Set it up once and you get access to thousands of single offers, freedom of choice in selecting what YOU see fit for your audience, all in ONE place, with no other tracking tool or platform needed.

While there may be some third-party solutions out there, the vast majority are paid and they are necessarily external to the network. With BitterStrawberry’s HybridLink, you never have to leave the site and everything can be managed in-house and for free. That’s great power.

The HybridLink is a powerful A/B testing, so you can split traffic as you feel like, with custom weight split test. Just pick the best-performing offers for your traffic.

The interface might look a little daunting at first, but it’s actually much more straightforward than you might think, consisting of four, easy-to-follow steps. After naming your HybridLink profile and defining the traffic source, you choose the link type. With both custom link and smart API, you build a link that can drive your mobile traffic according to your specific targeting. If a user falls outside of this targeting, the system can process the traffic with a backup smartlink. If you’d prefer to redirect this traffic elsewhere, you can use the split setup.

In the third step, you filter through the vast catalog of offers based on your specific targeting and the offer list will dynamically populate for the fourth step. You can add and manage multiple rules within the same profile, helping you further capture the right traffic with the right offer. You can search by offer ID if you already know it or, when the list populates, click on the “i” button to get more information.

And when you have offers that are targeting the same traffic, you can scroll to the lower portion of the page to distribute this traffic by cap or weight percentage. The offers/rules can then be enabled and disabled as traffic data starts to come in. It’s a really powerful system and it’s built right into BitterStrawberry.

In-Depth stats, updated every 10 minutes. They provide the most detailed multi levels in depth stats on the market about the performance of your HybridLinks, Marketplace offers or SmartLinks, on different metrics and filtering options. Here’s an example for the HybridLinks stats: quick stats & advanced stats.

Maximize Your Revenue Potential

It doesn’t make sense to put up an offer targeted at Vodafone users in Italy when the actual visitor to your site is using Telekom in Albania. With the advanced and smart targeting of BitterStrawberry’s HybridLink technology, you’ll make sure that all your traffic is monetized to its full potential and you’ll be in full control every step of the way. BitterStrawberry pays out on a net-5 basis when you reach the minimum balance of $100 US, weekly, bi-monthly or monthly. Payments are issued via Bitcoins, PayPal, Payoneer, WebMoney or wire transfer.

For more info make an quick account or contact them at

Amazon Dropshipping 101: 3 Expert Guides to Start Selling on Amazon

Amazon is the ultimate beast for buying and selling anything in the world today. With their massive reach and billions of customers, it’s no wonder they are quickly becoming the number one destination for everything. What started off as just books, quickly turned into movies, DVD, music and now consists of pretty much everything else you can think of. Not only is the site a dream for anyone looking to make a purchase, it’s also become an opportunity of a lifetime for entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking to sell through Amazon and their marketplace in the process.

While the concept of Amazon is simple enough (buy products through their site), what most people don’t realize is that a huge portion of the products and sales done through the site are actually from outside parties, dropshippers, and independent sellers. Amazon is simply providing the customers and platforms to such sellers.

With all of this in mind, it’s important to make sure everyone is as well informed as possible when it comes to selling on Amazon. To help with this process, I’ve hand selected some of the best Amazon dropshipping and selling guides out there to help you get started.

Free Amazon Dropshipping Guide – How to Dropship on Amazon

When it comes to selling anything online, Oberlo has become one of the ultimate tools for importing and fulfilling product orders on e-commerce sites, as well as an actual marketplace for researching and selling products. With that being said, they also have one of the best blogs out there for walking users through the process of how to sell more online and set up new accounts and businesses through the likes of platforms like Amazon and Shopify.

In their Amazon dropshipping guide, you will not only get to walk through the process of creating a Seller Account on Amazon, you will also find everything you need to know about drop shipping and how it applies to Amazon sales, marketing, and fulfillment of orders. Once live with your Amazon account, Oberlo recommends you focus on your seller rating and keyword research, while not expecting Amazon to simply start sending a flood of sales your way. The customers are there, but you still need to put in the time, work and effort to get your products in front of them.

In addition to Amazon drop shipping, there are also many other alternatives to selling online with different drop shippers and wholesalers. This can be done by setting up an online store of your own, then simply finding the right supplier for your product. Unfortunately, this is the hardest part in the process. To learn more about such options, you can see more dropshipping tips here.

How to Make Over $10,000 a Month Selling on Amazon

Not all resource guides need to come in the form of long-form content and with the intention to sell an individual product or service. In the case of Quora, the question “How can you make over $10,000 a month selling on Amazon and through drop shipping?“.

The end result was over 42 different in-depth responses that break down a number of winning methods for making serious money with Amazon. Ed Tyson, Author of “How to Sell More on Amazon” broke his answer down to three simple rules for finding success on Amazon.

  1. in making lots of cash: sell a ridiculously good product.
  2. in making lots of cash: find cheap, effective and cheap ways to market your product. Then do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.
  3. in making lots of cash: give ridiculously good service.

Jan Steen also had three recommended tips of his own, which were:

  1. Sell something nobody else sells or ensure the customer thinks you are the cheapest and the best.
  2. Drive your traffic and conversion. It’s all about GOOD numbers.
  3. Try to automate even yourself.

Be sure to check out the full Quora page, as it’s loaded with useful information on not only how to get started with an Amazon dropshipping business, but also how to scale it in size and hit that nice monthly five-figure mark.

Debate: Drop Shipping vs. Amazon FBA

When it comes to selling products online, there are plenty of options to choose from. You can create an e-commerce site of your own where you physically create and ship your own items, you can dropship, or you can sell through Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). Everyone has their own preference on which is best, and in this recent article on Empire Flippers we get to hear two players from both sides debate the issue.

In this exciting piece, two industry experts and successful entrepreneurs share their own expertise and history of what’s been working best for them. Anton Kraly has years of experience in the dropshipping, while also generating over $1.8 million in sizes by the age of 24. On the other side, they have Mark Brenwall, who has found some great success with Amazon FBA. Both players started their business from scratch and focus on providing their audience with the best products and sales process possible.

By the end of this article interview, you will have a good idea of what it takes to start an online business through both dropshipping and Amazon FBA. Be sure to read through til the end of the article to see if both Anton and Mark would stick with the same business models, should they get to start from scratch all over.

How to Make Millions Selling and Dropshipping through Amazon

When you think about a million dollars and the massive volume of customers and sales being generated on Amazon today, that number really isn’t that big at all — especially if you are trying to hit that seven-figure mark in sales. It only takes $2,740 a day in sales to generate a million dollars over the course of a year. When you factor in the reach, marketing and automation possible through Amazon, this definitely looks more attainable than ever before.

The toughest part about selling on Amazon is finding the right product to sell. The platform and marketing are already in place. Be sure to read through each of the Amazon dropshipping guides above and see how you can get started with your own e-commerce/dropshipping business today.

Make Money with TerraLeads – The World’s First CPA Partners Hub

When it comes to affiliate marketing and generating leads online, there is no time for sleep. The industry is always changing and there is always going to be a new ad network, traffic source or technology right around the corner. For affiliate networks and advertising platforms, this is one of the biggest areas of when it comes to staying relevant — after all, how long can you continually say “we have the best offers and the highest payouts” and continue to find success and new site partners?

TerraLeads is a new player in the affiliate marketing space, and instead of calling themselves a ‘network’, they would much rather act as a ‘hub’. With their completely innovative and creative look at the industry, they are focusing their efforts on three major components of the industry — the merchant, the network and the publisher.

Let’s take a look at TerraLeads and see how they are attempting to change the way affiliate revenue and leads are generated online.

TerraLeads – Making Way for Change

To stay relevant in the the world of technology, business and marketing, you always need to be ahead of the coming trends, while also adapting your business model in the process. It doesn’t matter if you are selling individual products, advertising, traffic or even a service — if you stay stagnant and don’t adapt with the changes around you, your business will fail. This is also true for affiliates, site owners, advertisers and networks they help connect them all together.

TerraLeads is focused on being that type of solution and provide for all components of online marketing. Having just launched their hub in January 2017, they are already seeing a great deal of success, while working with all of their site partners to continually improve what they already have in place.

As mentioned, TerraLeads has built a platform that is focused on helps all areas of affiliate marketing and lead generation, with focuses on the following:

  • For merchants, TerraLeads offers the production of their own products, while making sure they are all clinically approved and meet all European standards.
  • As a network, TerraLeads can connect advertisers, marketers and site owners together to make sure all parties are involved in the transaction process.
  • Publishers can benefit from the many offers and features TerraLeads has to offer through their arbitrage tram and creating original ad creative and copy.

With all of these different components and moving parts in place, you can see why TerraLeads is more of a ‘hub’, then a traditional ‘network’.

At the same time, it’s also important to note that they are currently focusing their efforts on the European market, which has massive potential for anyone not currently taking advantage of it. When looking through the list of offers and products within TerraLeads, you will find the majority of offers are targeted towards Europe, which a few other countries like Italy, Spain, Hungary, Romania, Greece, Czech Republic and Bulgaria sprinkled into the list. Their focus is on Europe right now, but there will be an aggressive move towards USA, Latin America, and Asia throughout 2018.

Inside the TerraLeads Dashboard Area

The best way to experience what TerraLeads is, and has to offer, is to simply create a free account on their site at Once live with an account, you will then be able to login to the dashboard area, as seen below. Right when you log in, you are offered a quick wizard path to help you best choose the direction you’d like to go (choosing a new offer, creating streams or generating an API file for your site).

As with all great dashboard areas, the left side will consist of a detailed navigation menu. From here, site partners and advertisers will be able to select from various areas and reports to their account, including accessing leads, streams, offers, statistics, purchases, API, profile, payments, and so on.

Even with TerraLeads liking to be called a hub, it’s still important to remember they are focused on affiliate marketing — and this is going to be one of the major components to the site, as we all need a constant supply of new leads to take place for business to remain profitable. We can now take a look at how this all comes together within the members area.

Affiliate Marketing within TerraLeads

At the time of this review, TerraLeads is still in their growth phase, so you won’t find a ton of affiliate offers to choose from — just yet. However, as mentioned, with all of their offers being custom and cleared from the European market, they do offer a valued service and selection of offers you typically won’t find elsewhere. You can see a screenshot of a few of the offers available below. The majority of offers are in the $20-$25 range, and new offers will continually be added as they get approved and are ready for mass market.

When looking for an offer on TerraLeads, you will find that they are mainly in the diet, beauty, health and adult niche markets — all of which are also physical products. Health and beauty products like creams, powders, and weight loss solutions will always have a market and never-ending supply of new customers, so it’s a great industry to be in.

Each product listing comes with a featured image, a listing of GEO-locations it’s currently available to be marketed in, the approval rate, cost, payments, and T-coins which can be earned on each transaction (more on that later).

To see more information on an offer, all you need to do is click on the expand button. This will show the different payouts, conversion rates, payments and T-coins by location as well. In the screenshot above, you can see how the Germitox offer has a payout ranging from $15-$19 depending on which country you decide to promote it to. As the commission rate varies, it’s likely the cost to the end consumer will as well.

Once you find an offer you’d like to promote, it’s then time to generate an API or create a stream from within your account. A stream is in place to allow for the promotion of offers through landing pages and pre-landing pages currently available on the TerraLeads hub.

One of the most important things to look for when choosing an offer to promote is making sure there are quality landing pages to choose from. When looking at an individual offer, you can see all of the landing pages and pre-landing pages within one area. Simply click on any of the URLs and they will open up in a new window for easy viewing. The ad copies are also set up with the appropriate language for the selected country of promotion as well.

Advanced tracking, URL postbacks and redirect URLs are also available from within this area as well. Affiliates can set up sub parameters to better control and track their campaigns, while also having split-testing capabilities and easy Facebook Pixel ID tracking.

TerraLeads T-Coins Rewards Program

A common theme among many affiliate networks and platforms is the ability to earn a bonus or rewards based on your earnings. In the case of TerraLeads, this is something they have put a lot of time and effort in. With each offer you promote on the hub, not only will you be earning a commission, you will also earn some T-coins in the process — which can then be claimed for some crazy items like the ones below.

If you are going to be earning money with an affiliate platform, a little incentivization to earn a bit more and get a reward is always nice. When visiting the TerraLeads store, you can see all of the items that are available for purchase when using T-Coins. In the screenshot above you can see a MacBook Pro currently has a rewards point price tag of 30,400 — which means you would need to generate around 10k-30k conversions in order to get your hands on one for free.

Not a bad incentive and something that can definitely add up over time. TerraLeads also knows that not every site partner is going to generate thousands of dollars in commissions, so there are smaller prizes and reward levels to choose from as well — such as a USB power bank for 300 T-coins or a camera drone for 3,000 T-coins.

How to Make Money and Earn Rewards with TerraLeads

We all know the world of affiliate marketing and how leads are generated online is going to remain somewhat the same. The biggest difference is what offers we promote, how we get them in front of the right audiences and the networks, hubs, and partners we decide to work with. TerraLeads is one more solution to help you find success and bring your revenue to that next level.

Payments are sent out to affiliates upon request through PayPal, WebMoney, Paxum, e-payments or wire. Earnings through the TerraLeads rewards store can be claimed at any time as long as there are enough T-coins within your account.

With the goal of TerraLeads being to build “The world’s first CPA partners hub.“, they definitely have a lot of work in their hands. The good news is that merchants, advertisers, and affiliates all have an opportunity to benefit from the work they are going to put in.

Take a few minutes to check out their site and join TerraLeads today.

Make Money with Adsterra – A Premium International Advertising Network

As an advertiser, you want to get the best possible return on investment (ROI) for your marketing dollar. As a publisher, you want to maximize your earning potential by utilizing the best available monetization methods. Through the use of affiliate and online marketing, both of these goals are now more attainable than ever.

When it comes time to choose a reliable advertising network, you not only want to go with one that will provide you with the best monetization method and earnings possible but also one that is keeping up with the latest industry trends. AdsTerra is one such advertising network that you should be keeping an eye on. With a few years under their belt already, the performance-driven network continues to improve and mature for advertisers and publishers alike.

Let’s take a closer look at the value they are bringing to the marketplace.

The Premium International Advertising Network

Many of the key features and benefits we highlighted in our original review, both for advertisers and for publishers, continues to hold true today.

Describing itself as a “leading digital advertising company,” AdsTerra is focused on performance-based marketing. They work with media partners all around the world, over 190 geos around the globe, delivering 10 billion impressions and six million leads a month. This kind of volume stems from some 20,000 successful campaigns across a range of verticals.

When you work with AdsTerra, either as a publisher or an advertiser, you are assigned a personal account manager who can help to develop personalized solutions to address your specific requests and needs. This is the expert advice and guidance you desire to optimize your performance, regardless of which side of the transaction you’re coming from.

Combined with optimized conversion tracking and real-time statistics, you’ve got all the potential for some terrific profits.

Ad Formats to Fit Any Website

One of the bigger strengths of AdsTerra is the sheer variety of ad formats that are available, both on desktop and on mobile.

These include classic display banner sizes that are “perfect as an AdSense alternative.” You’ve got standard leaderboards like 468×60 and 728×90, as well as less conventional sizes like the much larger 800×440 rectangle or the half-height 160×300 skyscraper. Beyond that, you’ll also have access to popunders, interstitials, direct links and video banners.

With an increased focus on mobile users and mobile responsive designs, AdsTerra also offers an impressive range of mobile-friendly ad formats. These include a range of banners, popunders and interstitials, as well as more mobile-specific formats like the sticky footer and push-up ads. It is positively critical that any ad network you work with supports mobile.

As a publisher, you don’t have to worry about targeting the right advertisers and right offers to promote on your website, as the AdsTerra technology optimizes these decisions for you in real time. All you have to do is log into your account, add your domain, and generate the corresponding ad tag (ad code) for the ad format that you would like to implement. It literally only takes a couple clicks of the mouse to start generating revenue.

AdsTerra is fully dedicated to delivering quality advertisers to publishers, just as much as it is dedicated to working only with top publishers for advertisers. To this end, all domains must be manually approved. If you want to expedite approval as a publisher, you are advised to contact the support team through Skype or by opening a support ticket. When you do, you must also indicate the ad format that you intend to use. This is important because it helps AdsTerra better sell the inventory to advertisers, which in turn leads to better eCPMs for you.

Some of the more notable partners who work with AdsTerra include AliExpress, StarGames, and Matomy Media Group.

Learning from the Experts

No matter where you are in your Internet marketing career, you can always stand to learn and to improve your performance online. While some other ad networks may leave their publishers and advertisers to their own devices, AdsTerra is much more hands on in working toward everyone’s mutual benefit and success.

One part of this over-arching philosophy is the AdsTerra blog. It gets updated about once a week on average, offering members key insights and advice into how they can do better, as well as to keep everyone apprised of any new updates or features of the AdsTerra network.

One post, for example, offers an in-depth comparison into how you might choose between implementing popunders or banners on your website for optimal effect. The article explains how popunders work great with retargeting and how they have a remarkable ability “to gain guaranteed traffic to your site quickly” as an advertiser. At the same time, pop-unders may not be as desirable on mobile devices.

The content is clear, concise and actionable.

Meet the AdsTerra Team in Person

Continuing with their dedication to the online community and working toward everyone’s mutual success, the AdsTerra team is also very active on the conference and trade show circuit. As an international affiliate network, AdsTerra can be found at events all around the world.

They recently wrapped up at Israel Mobile Traffic in Tel Aviv, Israel. Coming up next, they’ll be at Postback 2017 in Seattle, Washington before heading off to Affiliate Summit East in New York City. Other events that have been a part of the agenda for the team include Ad:Tech in New Delhi, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas, Affiliate World Asia in Bangkok, The European Summit in Prague, and Webmaster Access in Amsterdam.

No matter where you are in the world, there’s a good chance that you have an opportunity to meet with the team in person. As powerful as it is to make your living on the Internet, being able to shake hands and connect in real life is truly an invaluable opportunity and AdsTerra fully recognizes that.

Make More Money with AdsTerra

Campaigns on the network run on a number of paradigms, including CPM, CPA, CPC, CPL, and CPI, and they offer a 100% fill rate on all ad formats. No impression will ever go under-monetized with some of the highest CPMs around today, customized to your specific needs. The variety of ad formats helps a lot too.

Payments are offered on a net-15 basis through your choice of several withdrawal options, including Bitcoin, Paxum, PayPal and WebMoney and you can earn even more through the referral system, generating a 5% commission from all the revenue generated by the publishers you refer to the network.

If you are looking for an ad network that is engaged, dynamic, and versatile, AdsTerra could be a very solid choice.

HilltopAds – Worldwide Traffic with Popup and Banner Advertising

One of the greatest things about running a business on the internet is that there is pretty much a never ending supply of websites, content, and traffic to build ad campaigns around. Even if you never built a piece of content for your own website or brand, there are more than enough options out there for you to simply create a landing page and promote whatever it is you have to sell through media buying and ad placements.

With all of this in mind, it’s simply a matter of connecting with the right brands and ad serving solutions to make sure your campaigns and best offers are being seen. This is also extremely beneficial for both site owners and advertisers — as site owners need to continually find new ways to monetize traffic flowing through their sites, and advertisers need to have a direct connection of exposure on these sites.

This is where wonderful ad networks and media buying platforms come into play.

HilltopAds is one such solution for connecting site owners and advertisers together, while never needing them to directly communicate with each other. Today we are going to take a look at what the HilltopAds platform has to offer and how they are quickly scaling into one of the larger media buying and traffic solutions on the internet today.

HilltopAds says “It’s Good to Be King!”

Launched in 2014, HilltopAds is a global advertising network that aims to combine smart technology with a direct approach catering to both site owners and advertisers — giving them both the highest performance and earnings potential possible. Instead of relying on just one form of display advertising, HilltopAds is currently serving hundreds of millions of impressions, pop-unders and banner ads daily across their network of sites.

With more focus on display and mobile advertising than ever before, it’s important to choose a traffic solution that changes with industry demands. This is something HilltopAds has continually proven during their recent uptrend in the industry.In such a competitive space, the competitive task of secure high-value placements and authority sites within their performance network is also key. This allows for advertisers to continually monitor and track where their best traffic sources and campaign results are coming from.

In such a competitive space, the competitive task of secure high-value placements and authority sites within their performance network is also key. This allows for advertisers to continually monitor and track where their best traffic sources and campaign results are coming from — which ultimately falls back on the performance of payouts to their partner sites to make sure all advertisements are being displayed in the best locations and style of sites possible.

This is possible through the many different ways HilltopAds can make payments out to their partner sites, which includes CPC, CPM, CPL, CPI, CPO, CPS and even on a CPA basis. With such a business model in place, it not only makes sense for HilltopsAds and how they can best manage their inventory and costs, but also to make sure optimization and return on investment is there for the advertiser as well. When so many different variables are in place, it’s a much easier and more effective process to come up with the highest eCPMs possible.

With such a demand for traffic on the internet these days, HilltopAds isn’t shy about adding new sites of all styles to their already massive directory of sites. Such properties may include entertainment blogs, microsites, gaming networks and file sharing sites. There are also no restrictions on traffic volume or traffic type — as this can all be tested the sold on a quality and performance basis through the platform.

Again, the benefit here for site owners with low traffic is that there is still a monetization play in effect. Advertisers can also benefit from this, as it can allow for access to smaller sites that might not be accessible on larger or more strict ad networks.

Getting Creative with HilltopAds

As an advertiser, it’s important to test as many ad placements and sizes as possible. The same holds true for site owners that want to test different monetization methods and sizes on their own site. This is all possible through HilltopAds, as they offer a wide range of ads from within their network.

We can still find traditional display banners in sizes like 728×90 leaderboards, 300×250 rectangles, and 160 x 600 skyscrapers on everyday sites. This is common because big brands still love to use these sizes for branding and premium placements. However, there is a still a massive and growing demand for popunders, push-up ads, instant messages, direct links, and in-video banners as well. Naturally, the eCPM will naturally vary based on a number of criteria, but as a publisher, it’s great to know that you have so many options.

With mobile usage and video marketing on the rise, this is another area where HilltopAds has pulled away from the competition. Roughly 60% of their traffic is from mobile, while the other 40% being through desktop viewing. This in itself gives HilltopAds advertisers enough exposure and volume no matter what type of traffic source or audience they are looking for.

A Look inside the HilltopAds Control Panel

As with all great tracking and management platforms, the more you can control and track from within your account, the more likely you are to find success and improve earnings. HilltopAds has created an all-in-one dashboard area that caters to both advertiser and publisher accounts, making it ideal for both sides to take advantage of the full benefits offered from HTA at any given time. You will notice the separation between the two on the left-hand menu area.

The advantage here for many site owners and advertisers is that they are commonly working both sides of the spectrum — not just managing their own sites or ad campaigns, but actually doing both. With a platform like HilltopAds, it’s way too easy to accomplish this. To active your account as a publisher, you will need to answer a short questionnaire, then be approved by the network before actively serving ad placements on your site.

HilltopAds also offers a 5% referral program, should you refer any new advertisers or site partners to their network. Each account is provided with their own unique tracking URL to credit leads properly. Referring just one big player can quickly result in hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year in referral fees.

The Technology Behind HilltopAds

In addition to serving billions of ad impressions across millions of sites, HilltopAds has one of the most advanced technologies and tracking platforms behind the company — thus providing advertisers and site owners with the necessary tools and tracking to continually improve their earnings and investments.

One such example of this would be their ad network rotation and eCPM real-time optimization. This allows for site partners with the highest CPM rates to gain access to premium advertisers with higher payouts, all in real-time. This allows for the fastest and most accurate optimization for HilltopAds, their site partners and advertisers as possible. Another key element here is that site owners don’t need to pick and choose which offers they’d like to run on their sites, as HilltopAds will automatically do this and split-test and serve ads based on their performance.

Other key features and benefits of HilltopAds’s technology, is their ability to get around many anti-adblocking solutions, and also offering advertisers the ability to set up retargeting campaign to further convert initially lost traffic and leads.

HilltopAds Pays Out with No Fees

When using HilltopAds as an advertiser, you won’t come across any financial transaction fees. There are also plenty of options for payment when it comes to funding your accounts, such as PayPal, wire transfer, Paxum, ePayservice, WebMoney, ePayments or Bitcoin. The minimum deposit amount for advertisers is $200.

Publishers also won’t have to worry about any transaction fees on their payments, which are issued through Paypal. In an industry where most networks are paying out on a net-30 basis or longer, HilltopAds has a much faster net-7 holding policy, so you can get paid weekly to keep your cash flow going. This is all possible as long as you hit a minimum payment threshold of $50 in your account.

Stay at the Top of Your Game with HilltopAds

Whether you are looking to make some extra money by monetization content and traffic on your site, or simply looking to scale your campaign reach and brand to a whole new audience, HilltopAds has a solution in place to help with your needs.

To get started, click here to create an account and your start serving you ad campaigns within minutes through their platform. Take a few moments of your time to see if HilltopAds has the platform and reach to scale your marketing and monetization efforts to that next level you may have been looking for.

3 Big Mistakes Casino Affiliate Marketers and Site Owners Make

When it comes to affiliate revenues, online gambling is among the most lucrative niches. There are hundreds of online casinos out there, each of them seeking to grab as many players as possible from their competitors. To this end, they offer their players amazing promotions and bonuses, and their affiliates equally lucrative deals to convince potential players to choose them over their competitors. As I said, there are hundreds of casinos out there, and there are thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of casino affiliate websites, in many languages. However, out of all the sites out there, only a small portion are actually making good money with their sites, because they know where to focus their time, money and efforts.

Today we are going to take a look at three different areas where affiliate marketers and site owners are going in the wrong direction with their efforts. With more than a billion active websites and blogs on the internet today, you need to get the most out of your site content, audience engagement, and promotions as possible. Follow these three steps to set your affiliate site apart from the crowd.

Not Being an Authority or Reliable Source for Information

When it comes to purchasing anything online, whether it be a physical product, service or for online gaming, you want to trust who you are buying through and also know your information is safe at all times. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, there are millions of affiliate and review sites out there — many of which are just looking to make a quick buck and don’t care what type of products or services they are promoting. This is fine for them, but it’s usually not as a long-term and viable solution.

Instead, affiliate marketers and site owners should be focusing on building a trusted brand and following, which keeps coming back for more. This can be accomplished without needing to invest a ton of money as well, just make sure you are providing the best content and value possible. At the same time, it’s also important to make sure your content and site design portray this same feeling as well. Here are five recommended tips from Casino Affiliate Programs on how to improve user experience on your affiliate site.

  1. Incorporate responsive web design
  2. Devise clear calls to action
  3. Keep copy simple and scannable
  4. Minimize choice and features
  5. Include a search input box

Always remember, the more your audience enjoys the content and usability of your site, the more they will trust your brand and what you are offering. Last but not least, make sure your site is responsive and works properly across all desktop, tablets and mobile devices.

Lack of Fresh Content on their Sites

We all know that ‘Content is King’, yet many site owners are still unwilling to invest their time and money into creating quality content that can continually work for them for several days, weeks and months to come. In the world of online gaming, there is always going to new resource guides, world poker events, new jackpot winners and tournaments taking place in different areas. All of these events and breaking news stories are perfect opportunities for affiliate sites to not only create content but to also bank off a consistent supply of new search traffic as well.

In addition to creating content on your affiliate site about the latest events and news relating to your niche, you can also do individual gaming site reviews as well. For example, you can play hundreds of slot games at Wild Jack, which can be seen below. If you have an affiliate site, it would be of great interest to your audience to provide updates on the latest games offered through a site, what promotions are being offered to new members and also offering comparisons to other online gaming sites as well.

Another topic of discussion on an affiliate gaming site could be the industry stats on actual gaming odds. We all know that slot machines are completely random, but there is just something different about playing online versus in a real casino location. Online gaming sites like Wild Jack, will undergo biannual randomness reviews and audits to make sure their games are fair. Fairness, in this case, means complete randomness, which means that neither strategies, not rituals can influence their outcomes. Suggesting otherwise and making people believe that their chances of winning are bigger than they really are is irresponsible and an insult to their intelligence. Providing this type of valuable content and information to your audience will not only help you gain their trust, it will also give them valuable information in the process.

Not Using Testimonials and Previous Winners as Call to Actions

No matter what it is you are selling or trying to promote, if you aren’t using real customer testimonials, then you are missing out big time! This is especially true in the world of online gaming, promotions, and sweepstakes. Everyone wants to be a winner and when you see other ‘everyday people’ winning real prizes, that just gets the motivation going even further.

One brand that has always done this extremely well, is Publisher’s Clearing House. Not only did they send out promotions through the mail, they would also have commercials and live events on today. Now they also have one of the largest sweepstakes websites online, which also boasts their most recent winners.

For site owners and affiliate marketers, this is a call-to-action dream come true. Simply visit any gaming site that you might be promoting, then head over to their winner’s section and see who the big winners are as of lately. Since you are going to be promoting their service, it likely won’t be an issue for you to share this same content on your own site. This can instantly increase conversions and credibility for your own sites, and those you are also promoting.

How to Make the Most Out of Any Affiliate Niche Site

I’ve laid out three different examples for you on how gaming affiliate marketers and site owners can take advantages of the many opportunities out there to earn more with their sites. The good news is that these same methods can be applied to pretty much any niche market out there. At the end of the day, you and your website are against a world of competition. If you want to stand out from the crowd and make real money with your site, you need to create better content for your offer and provide value where others aren’t.


5 Ways to Keep Your Home Office and Online Business Safe

As entrepreneurs, bloggers and affiliate marketers, many of us have the opportunity to work from the comfort of our own homes. While the benefits of working from home are vast, there are many securities and precautions that you should always keep in mind as well. Once you have a business and start sharing your information on the internet, everything is readily accessible… not only opening the doors for your business but also to your personal information and maybe even where you live.

With all of that in mind, today we are going to look at five different ways you can protect your online business, personal information and your home office in the process. Each of these methods is unique in their own way, but will still likely apply to your business or home in the same.

The more precautions in you have in place today, the fewer worries and potential disasters you may have down the road.

1 – Choosing Reliable Internet and Hosting Providers

As with every online business, it all starts with your online infrastructure. At it’s most basic form, this comes down to your website, blog, e-commerce site and how you bring audiences to your site and content. All of this comes back to one core element… which is your web hosting. If you don’t have a reliable web host provider, your site, business and customer data can all be up for grabs.

However, just because you need to have a reliable hosting solution, it doesn’t mean that you are going to need to spend a lot of money in the process. Some of the best hosting solutions in the world offer shared hosting plans that start at just a few dollars per month. But again… it’s all about the reliability, history and advanced services that your host should also be providing you with.

In addition to keeping your online business up and running, you also need to be ready for the unexpected. Be sure to have daily server backups in place, WordPress hack monitoring and a customer support team readily accessible at all times. There are many crucial components to running a successful online business, and worry about your web hosting and online presence should be one of them. Also keep in mind that these same practices should take place for all of your personal, business and online data (such as mobile backups, downloads, documents and cloud storage).

2 – Security for Your Home Office or Workplace

Just as important as how your online business runs and operated on the internet, is how you are able to operate and run your business from home. With many entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers getting their start while working from home, a home can quickly become a ‘home-office’ or even your business headquarters.

With all of this in mind, it’s important to realize two things — your home is still your home, but now it’s also a place where you might be conducting business. This means you should have more reason to implement a security and home monitoring system than ever before.

Along with how the internet has changed how business takes place around the world, advancements in technology and wireless have also changed the home security game as well. Once such company that has been making big moves recently is SimpliSafe, which requires no professional installation and is easy enough to install within just a few minutes time.

In comparison to other security systems, SimpliSafe is just as cost-effective, while also offering more advanced features like live monitoring, cellular backup, and power outage backup. You can see a full comparison in the chart below, or in this SimpliSafe review on CNET.

The important takeaway here is that keeping your home office and business is now easier and more affordable than ever before. As we dive further into this article and explore the many ways running a business from your own home can open up new security and privacy issues, you may be wanting to install a new security system sooner than you think.

3 – Registering Your Business as an LLC or INC

When most people get started with an online business or even just a website that eventually goes on to make some money, they usually just operate everything under their personal name. However, as you continue to grow your business and start making some decent money, it’s important to think about making the move to a legitimate LLC or INC business identity. Not only is this the correct move from a business standpoint, it also allows for many business and personal legal issues as well.

A perfect example of this could be if someone ended up trying to sue your company (for whatever reason). If you are still running this business under your name and operating out of your own, they could go after your personal assets and where you live. This is just one of the not-so-exciting and fun things about running a business and making money online, but it is something you may have to deal with. You can see a few comparisons between the two business identities below. (source)

I’m no legal or tax expert, but luckily I know some people who are. If you are still running your business or websites under your own name, I highly recommend you listen to this interview I did with Nellie Akalp and how to start your own business. We discuss the differences between LLC, INC and what type of business identity is best for entrepreneurs, bloggers, and affiliate marketers.

4 – Protecting Your Domain and WHOIS Information

Another potential opening for leaking your personal information and home address is simply having your domain name registration left ‘as is’. Millions of domain names are registered every single day, and without the upgrade or feature of ‘domain privacy’ being added to your purchase, it’s simply left as public data for anyone to view.

This means anyone can look up your home address by simply typing your domain name into a WHOIS search. While this might not seem like a big deal, if left as is, it’s simply another way for anyone to look up your personal information and find out where you live.

By enabling domain whois protection on each of your domains, the following information will be seen when someone looks up a domain name you. Which would you prefer the public has access to?

6 – Use a VPN Network to Protect Your Browsing History

A big story in the news lately has been that passing of a new law that will allow internet service providers to collect, store and sell personal data and browsing history. This means any website you visit, or anything else you do online, can and will then be sold to different marketing and advertising companies around the world. Granted, this information likely won’t be able to zone in on direct individuals and provide advertisers with personal details… but still, it’s being collected.

One way to help keep your personal data and internet browsing safe is through the use of a VPN. The way a virtual private network works is simply, in that it basically provides a funnel between you and the ISP providing you with internet access. Instead of using the same IP address you are assigned, you can then be masked behind a different address each time you access the internet.

Best of all, this is pretty cheap and simple to set up. You can see a list of the top VPN providers here. Since most of these VPNs are set up in a way for anyone to access and use, there is no additional programming, software, or installation that needs to be connected with your existing internet access. Instead, it’s simply a matter of using their platform and making a few setting changes when browsing online.

Protect Your Business and Personal Information

When doing anything on the internet, you always need to think about where and how your information might be found or accessed. Even when purchasing from a well-known brand or business, there is always the chance for their information to get hacked and released to the masses. The best way to keep you, your business and your home office safe is to put in the necessary precautions beforehand. Run through the list again and see which are quick and easy enough for you to get started with today.

7 Ways to Squeeze More Profits from Your Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

It doesn’t matter if you are promoting affiliate marketing through content that you create on your site, paid ad campaigns or media buying across a wide range of sites… there is always going to be some extra money that can be made on top of what you are currently seeing. This is something all affiliate marketers will learn over time, however, not as many of them are willing to put in the time, work and effort to explore as many options as possible for increased profits.

When it comes to making more from your affiliate campaigns, it’s not just about increasing offer conversions or reaching new audiences. Sometimes it can be as simple as asking your affiliate network for a boost in payout, or simply knowing how to scale your budget the next time around. While a five percent increase might not seem like a ton of money at the time, if you are pushing a few hundred or even a few thousand leads per day, this can quickly add up over the course or a week or a month.

At the end of the day, the more profit you can make from your ad campaigns, the more money you will be able to put back into the promotion of such offers — which ultimately leads to more profit in your pocket.

Want higher affiliate profits? Try these 7 tips today.

To help with this process, today I wanted to highlight seven ways to make more with affiliate marketing, which was inspired by an infographic from Adcombo which can be seen below. Also be sure to check out their affiliate contest where they are giving away a $200,000 Ferrari California to their top affiliate, along with thousands of dollars in other prizes to several runner-ups.

1 – Select an Offer Based on Your Audience

Even before you start promoting an offer and think about using paid traffic sources, you should have a good understanding of the different type of affiliate offers out there. When joining an affiliate network, don’t pick an offer just based on its high payout. Affiliates need to have a basic understanding of the many different types of affiliate offers out there (CPA, CPC, CPI, CPS) and the actual conversion process that takes place. At the same time, it’s also important to make sure you joined multiple affiliate networks, so you can see if the offer is paying better elsewhere. All of this research and planning, in the beginning, will help for a more successful campaign down the road.

2 – Start with a Low Daily Ad Spend

To find the most success with affiliate marketing, you need to have patience and understand the process of studying your data. One area that newbie affiliates instantly have problems is with their budgeting and daily ad spend. When doing any type of media buying or creating a campaign with Google Adwords or Facebook Ads, it’s important to make sure you set a low daily ad spend when first starting out. Nearly all campaigns are going to be losers in the beginning, and this is a crucial time for your campaign and starting budget. Start slow, study your data and scale up as you learn more about how this campaign and it’s traffic sources may perform.

3 – Increase Conversions with Landing Pages

While nearly every affiliate network is going to provide their affiliates with a basic landing page, this doesn’t mean it’s going to be your best option. A perfect example of this would be in the world of online dating. Take a look at any of these killer landing pages that were provided by either the advertiser or the affiliate network. While being provided with a quality landing page is great, there is even more room for improvement if you are willing to put in the work — especially if you are going to drill down on your demographic audience and pre-sell them before sending them to your actual affiliate landing page. In short, landing pages are one of the best ways to convert audiences into high-quality leads and customers.

4 – Split Testing All Ad Copies

One of the most important factors to any affiliate or online marketing campaign is being able to split test your ad copy and landing pages. Just like a landing page can heavily swing conversions in a moments time, the text, images or persuasive language used in your ad copy can do the same as well. Most advertising platforms (like Adwords or FBADs) will already have a simple process or split testing and comparing different ad copies. You can see an example of how easy this is to set up here. Always remember to change just one component in each ad copy, so you know which is performing best. Once you have a variation of five or more ad copies in place, send traffic to each of them and start to weed out the poor performers.

5 – Split Test Different Traffic Sources

In addition to split testing the ad copy and creative used in your ad campaigns, it’s just as important to split test your traffic sources as well. This is pretty easy to set up when using a platform like Facebook Ads, as nearly all of the traffic will be coming from Facebook. However, if you were doing a Google Adwords campaign or running a massive native advertising campaign, you could be receiving traffic from thousands of different sites. Each of these traffic sources can be pinpointed with a unique site ID. Knowing which are delivering the best traffic and leads for your campaign is key. Always make sure you have pixel and conversion tracking in place to maximize the earnings of your ad campaigns.

6 – Use Retargeting to Increase ROI

Something we are all seeing a lot of lately, but not as many affiliate marketers have implemented yet, it’s retargeting advertising. The concept of retargeting advertising is simple. As the site owner or affiliate, you can place a tracking pixel on your site or landing page and after a visitor leaves your site, you can still deliver advertisements throughout sites (or even on Facebook). The benefit here is that you are reaching an audience that is already interested, engaged and was previously at your site. Click rates and conversions are also much higher, as you are delivering ads to someone who is already familiar with the service or product you are offering.

7 – Ask for a CPA Increase When Pushing Volume

Sometimes, one of the best ways to increase how much you are getting paid on an affiliate offer… is to simply ask. Affiliate networks are working off margins and this means two things — they is always going to be a little bit more money they can pay out on an offer, and the other thing is that they are always looking for more volume to send to their advertisers. If you are pushing legitimate and high-quality data to your affiliate offers, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to request an additional 5-15% more in payout on your best affiliate offers. Again, this really goes back to the relationship and history that you have in place. Always send a decent amount of traffic and leads before requesting an increase.

How to Increase Your Affiliate Earnings in 2017

It’s really crazy to think about, but affiliate marketing has been around for over 20 years now. With the billions of dollars that it’s generating annually for businesses around the world, there really is no end in sight — especially with the rise of mobile and technology becoming more accessible in third-world countries. In short… affiliate marketing is simply one of the best opportunities you have for making money online.

If you want to turn your affiliate marketing efforts into a real business and start working for yourself, you are going to need to work harder and smarter than the competition. Go niche with your affiliate focus, create better content and landing pages than the competition and also split-test, scale and grow on as many levels as possible.

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