7 Creative Ways to Start Making Money on the Side

Of all the different ways to make money online or in your spare time, I always say that blogging and affiliate marketing are two of the best options out there. Sure, blogging and content creation does take a lot of time, but this blog is a perfect example of what can be accomplished over time. Affiliate marketing is also great, because once you figure out the methods of creating ad campaigns and using the right traffic sources, your earnings potential is pretty much limitless.

However, to say that blogging and affiliate marketing are the only two methods for making money on the side would be a huge mistake. Today I’m going to list eight different ways anyone can start making money online or even offline. Each of these methods are practical and definitely offer a world of potential for anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort.

Let’s get started!

Many Ways to Make Money Online

1 – Being a Middle Man and Selling Stuff Online

Quite possibly one of the easiest ways to start making money both online and offline, is through the use of selling stuff you no longer need. Just look around your house or apartment right now, I’m sure there is a ton of stuff you could sell that you no longer want. I’m not just referring to throwing junk on Craigslist of even eBay, this type of offline buying and online selling is massively scalable.

A perfect example of this can be seen through a site like Alibaba. Everything they sell is in massive bulk, which means you can buy it for a fraction of what they might cost individually in a store. Buy a ton of stuff, then sell it online individually at a much higher cost.

If buying in bulk isn’t your thing, hit up local garage sales in your area. When someone has a box full of junk at super cheap prices, grab the whole thing and sell them online. You’d be surprised at how much people are making with such a simple and silly concept.

Not sure what to buy and sell for nice profits? Here’s a good list to help you get started.

2 – Trade Stock and World Currencies on the Side

Everyone always talks about making money in the stock marketing and hitting penny stocks to win big. The truth is that for most people, investing in the stock market is extremely boring and something that yields a small percentage over time (usually through a 401k).

However, to start investing in stocks, it doesn’t have to be a long and drawn out process. If you were to create a personal account with a few hundred dollars or even a few thousand, you could jump in and out of stocks for quick gains and earn 5% a week. Of course this all ties into your emotions, stock market knowledge and everything in between.

This is something Timothy Sykes has actually made millions with — both as a day trader and turning his expertise into a full online business. In short, Tim took his $12k bar mitzvah money and turned it into more than $4 million over several years.

Just like everyone has their own expertise and niche, investing in the stock market also offers many opportunities. Forex and world currency trading is another option. Depending on where you live, binary options is another area where people are finding success. Canadians for example, can learn more about this through a site like investopedia.com for US investors.

3 – Become an Uber / Lyft Driver

How many times have you hired an Uber or Lyft driver to pick you up? For most people… it’s several times a month. This has spawned a whole new world of opportunity for people looking to make money on the side, but also might be limited on what type of job they can get, investment money they have to spend, or simply working a job on the hours they want.

Uber and Lyft have completely changed the way people can make serious money in the world today, while also disrupting the taxi business in the process. Take a look at the chart below to see some of the different hourly rates that Uber and Lyft drivers are earning throughout the country.

Uber and Lyft Driver Earnings

Best of all, nearly anyone can start getting paid to become a Uber or Lyft driver. All it takes is a simple verification process through their site (or app), and having a car and mobile device to track everything.

4 – Create an Amazon Product or Become a Middle Man

Something that we likely all have in common, is that we all use Amazon.com numerous times throughout the month. While the concept of shopping on Amazon.com is quite simple and effective, most people don’t realize that Amazon isn’t the creator or manufacturer of all products on the site. Actually, individuals and small business create and send millions of products to Amazon and they get a cut of the action.

This is often referred to as “Amazon FBA” or “Fulfillment by Amazon”. I recently discussed this topic with Scott Volker, who generates a full-time income through this exact same process. Best of all, it’s free to get setup — the only downside is that it’s a ton of work to try and find a winning product that you can either create, recreate, improve and sell on Amazon for a profit. However… once you find something golden, things continue to sell on Amazon like crazy!

If you ever wanted to create an online business with a “set it and forget it” mentality (after the main set up and work is done), Amazon FBA is one of the best ways to accomplish this.

5 – Start a Coupon or Freebie Website

One of the best ways to start making more money is to simply learn how to start spending less and saving what you have. A perfect example of this would be walking into a retail store and purchasing something with a coupon you can look up online through your phone in 2 mins, versus paying full price at the counter.

What most people don’t realize, is that these free coupon sites are making a ton of money online by offering coupons and promotions to their audience. Even more exciting is that anyone can start these types of sites on their own, while also earning a commission every time a coupon is downloaded or viewed through your site. This is mainly all done through affiliate marketing or using an advertising platform like Google Adsense to serve ads on your site.

I recently went into detail on this topic and process in my “How to Start a Coupon Blog” article. Be sure to check it out! If you have any interest in clipping coupons and saving money, you will likely love the idea of getting paid to share such opportunities with the rest of the internet!

6 – Sell Your Expertise through Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the coolest job sites on the internet. Everything starts off at $5 and can scale into bigger projects with your demands and needs. However, when Fiverr just started out, everything was a flat $5. You could also find some of the craziest things in the world on the site, such as prank calls, drawings, SEO tips, article marketing, video testimonials and much more. One of the main reasons why so many people have found success with Fiverr, is that many of the jobs listed on the site are based off individual’s natural passions and abilities.

Today Fiverr is one of the most successful micro-job sites on the internet today. Many users are also making serious money with Fiverr through their expertise and turning side-projects and jobs into full online careers.

No matter what your expertise is, someone is likely already offering it through Fiverr. Be sure to check out there site and see if there are any new angles or opportunities you could take advantage of through their site.

7 – Buy and Sell Real Estate

It seems like whenever someone comes into a lot of money, they always want to get into real estate. The reason for this is simple… in most cases, real estate always increases in value over time. With there building a limited supply of land in the world and more people being born daily, the supply and demand is definitely there.

At the same time, buying and selling real estate is no easy task… especially if you want to flip houses for quick profit. Right now we are actually seeing a lot of millennials investing by buying up cheap real estate and looking to make a long-term recurring income, versus trying to save their money in a bank and get minimal gains.

If you are already an entrepreneur or online marketer, you could even use the internet to increase your knowledge, portfolio and real estate business in that process. This is exactly what Tom Cafarella did to increase his real estate company into what it is today.

US President Abraham Lincoln quote.


How to Start Making Some Extra Money on the Side

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to start making money both online and offline. No longer is anyone limited by their education, investments available or desire to success… at the end of the day, the opportunity is there, you just need to put in the work and effort to get there.

For another 50+ ways to make money on the side, be sure to check out The Penny Hoarder and this article on Inc.


How to Make Money with AdCombo Affiliate Network

Some people might tell you that all affiliate networks are fundamentally the same. Those same people probably aren’t the ones who are making the most money online, because they’re not looking for the most attractive and lucrative opportunities. The truth of the matter is that the devil really is in the details and it’s the little things that will make all the difference.

And so we turn our attention to AdCombo, a CPA advertising network that aims to provide the best possible ROI for publishers and advertisers alike. Better still, they want to make the process as seamless and as quick as possible.

Changing CPA Marketing Forever

It’s a rather bold statement to make, especially in as competitive a space as affiliate marketing, but there it is front and center on the AdCombo homepage. It’s not that they want to change CPA marketing forever; it’s that they’ve already done it.


Providing what they call an all-new solution, AdCombo is an affiliate network currently populated by hundreds of different offers across a number of industry verticals. As with other networks, you simply refer targeted traffic to the advertiser’s landing page and you get paid with each successful conversion.

One of the biggest differences that you’ll experience with AdCombo compared to other networks is its relative speed and efficiency. With some other networks, you need to first choose your offer, wait to get approved for that offer, make your own landing pages and prelands, analyze the campaign, and wait as many as 90 days to get paid. AdCombo streamlines all of that.

Benefits to Publishers

Rather than wait to get approved for each individual offer in the network, you can start promoting any of them right from the get-go. There’s no waiting game. AdCombo says that as a publisher, you’ll take less than 24 hours for everything. As soon as the lead is in the system, it’ll show up in your stats report.


This is all accessible through the affiliate dashboard shown above. The key navigation is located in the left sidebar, making it easy to see everything from network news to your referral history. If you choose PayPal, WebMoney or Paxum as your payout method, the minimum threshold is a mere $50 US.

The main page for the dashboard provides all the at-a-glance information that you need, including clicks, conversions, revenue, holds and rejects, as well as your total revenue for the calendar year. You’ll also notice the live chat function for whenever you may have any questions or require assistance.

Another great benefit worth noting is that AdCombo is very much interested in monetizing your global traffic. Offered without charge to all affiliates is access to their web design and localization team. Need a landing page translated into one of 40 other languages? You can order that right through the dashboard.

Looking for Lucrative Offers

At the heart of any great affiliate network is a selection of exceptional affiliate offers. Remember that sheer numbers don’t matter as much here as quality does. It doesn’t matter if a network has thousands of offers if they’re all junk.


As of this writing, AdCombo boasts north of 750 offers in its inventory. Many of these are basically duplicates, as they are meant to target different geographic regions. You might see the same offer being promoted in Italy as you see being promoted in Spain. The CPA can vary, because the advertiser might see a varying level of value associated with leads or sales in each country.

Sorting through the offers is a reasonably straightforward affair, allowing you to filter based on country, categories, traffic source, and conversion type, including multiple selections. You can also save any offers to your list of “favorites” for ease of access or punch in the offer ID to get straight to something specific.

The variety of offers that you’ll find in the AdCombo network is quite expansive. There are offers related to gaming, dating, e-commerce, health products, home improvement, business opportunities, coupons, insurance, food, mobile, music and movies, sports, and freebies.

A great number of the offers are cash on delivery, which should really help with your affiliate cash flow. I did find a very large number of adult-oriented offers that are perhaps best suited for adult websites. That is something you’ll want to keep in mind when thinking about signing up with AdCombo.

The Dynamic Tracking URL

Like I mentioned above, you have full access to the entirety of the AdCombo inventory as soon as you are approved as an affiliate. You don’t need to request approval for each individual offer. When you click on any given offer, you are presented with a page similar to this.


Your unique tracking URL is shown toward the top (masking this URL is naturally very highly recommended). Below that, you’ll have the option of using up to four subaccounts. And below that, you can see the available landing pages and prelanding pages. Clicking on the “world” icon next to any of these brings up the live preview.

What’s great here is that you’ll notice the series of checkboxes next to all the landings and prelandings. What this means is that by using a single tracking URL, you can send your traffic dynamically to these different landing and prelanding pages. You can also minify the script if you’d like.

Any restrictions are outlined to the right with the action flow described there as well; most will ask for an order on the sales page. You’ll also notice the offer preview to the right. At the bottom of the offer page are basic details like the country, current EPC (earnings per click), the payout commission, the allowed traffic source, the conversion type, and the offer category.

Just the Right Combination?

It wouldn’t be fair to say that AdCombo is the largest CPA network out there or even the one with the highest payouts or the most robust back-end system. What is fair to say is that all the most important pieces are in place to allow for a very lucrative opportunity.

The efficient workflow is a really big perk here. You are pre-approved for all offers, payouts are fast with low thresholds, and a number of landing and prelanding pages have already been designed on your behalf. Access to a localization time is a huge perk too. This could be a winning combination for the right affiliate marketer.

Building Landing Pages That Convert with Instapage

One of the greatest things about the internet is that technology is progressing all the time — thus making once complicating tasks, now extremely easy. A perfect example of this can be seen with landing pages. This process used to be quite complex, with the site owner or marketer needing to design the page in one program, code it in another, then connect it to a mailing list and upload it to the internet. In short, it was a huge headache.

Now anyone can go live with a landing page of their own in just minutes. Not only is the process a million times easier and faster, it’s also much more effective as well. Thanks to solutions like Instapage, going live with a landing page of your own is as simple as selecting a pre-designed template of your choice, clicking on your list host (or other data provider), then going live with your page. However, this landing page solution goes so much further than just providing a WYSIWYG page editor. In this article, we are going to take a look at how Instapage is changing the industry and making the concept of landing pages easier and more effective than ever before.

The Ultimate Landing Page Solution

Whereas other types of web pages may simply need to present some information or achieve a certain brand-appropriate aesthetic, the singular purpose of a landing page is paramount: conversion. And Instapage says that it boasts an average conversion rate of over 25%.


At its most fundamental level, Instapage aims to provide an easy to use and intuitive platform for launching landing pages. Whether you’re trying to capture emails or get potential customers to click that all-important “buy now” button, landing pages created with Instapage are geared toward conversion.

You never need to see a single line of code, because the landing page creator with Instapage lets you add advanced layers of functionality with a simple click-to-add interface. All landing pages are 100% mobile responsive and completely customizable unlike many of the other options on the market.

With its remarkably robust feature set, Instapage is truly impressive and it would be impossible to go over all of them within the confines of this review. We will highlight some features that are particularly noteworthy.

To walk through the many benefits of Instapage and see how easy landing page creation and customization can be, check out the short video below.

It Works with What You Already Have

A common challenge you may encounter with some other platforms is that it can be frustrating to integrate your landing page with existing services you might be using. That’s not a problem with Instapage.


Instapage has been designed with a number of integrations built right into the system. Want to set up a landing page that will capture email addresses for your AWeber or MailChimp mailing list? Not a problem. Want to import the form data into Salesforce or Zoho CRM? It can do that too.

It also works with marketing automation solutions like Infusionsoft, webinar tools like GoToWebinar, common analytics platforms like Google Analytics and Kissmetrics, and publishing platforms like WordPress and Drupal. Plus, one of the most exciting integrations Instapage offers is with Zapier, which marketers of all skill levels are discovering is saving them a ton of time and effort. With all of these integrations, there’s no digging into code or frustrating yourself with getting your landing page to gel with the systems you already have in place.

Getting Started Is Easy


The easiest way to get started is to choose from the over 120 pre-designed landing page templates. Some templates are more conducive to video, some may be more suitable for the long sales letter, but all are completely customizable and mobile-responsive. They have also been optimized for conversion.


After selecting a pre-designed landing page that fits your brand or message, you can then proceed to the landing page editor where you will have full customization control over the full design. In addition to selecting a pre-designed landing page, you can also create one of your own from scratch.

Click to Add, Adjust, and Optimize

As mentioned, you never have to touch a single line of code when you create your landing pages with Instapage. Whether you start with an existing template or you create your own from scratch, the various elements of your landing page can be easily added, moved and removed with a quick click of the mouse.


You can see here that each of the editable elements is highlighted in a colored outline. When I click on the “Start My Free Trial” button from the provided template, a series of buttons appear above it for me to delete, duplicate, or arrange the button, as well as to edit the CSS style or to define the click event. The round nodes make it easy to resize the button too.

Leverage the over 5,000 fonts available through the Google Fonts and Adobe Typekit integration. Choose from over 33 million royalty-free stock photos from Bigstock. Implement widgets for video, countdown timers, images and more.

Designing a landing page is going to take some time, of course, so be patient as you familiarize yourself with all the possibilities. Overall though, you’ll find it’s the most intuitive platform of all the options available.

More advanced users don’t need to feel restricted or confined either. Instapage allows you to utilize custom code (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) to build more functionality into your page, like remarketing. You can utilize dynamic text replacement, pre-populate landing page fields based on forms filled out on other landing pages in the network, and integrate multi-step forms, too.

No Limits to Your Potential

If you’re going to optimize your landing page for conversions, you’ll want to compare multiple variations for the best possible results. Depending upon the plan that you choose, Instapage will provide you with unlimited A/B split testing, complete with full performance tracking through the built-in analytics.


You’ll also notice that all pricing plans offer unlimited pages, unlimited visitors, and unlimited domains. There are no limits to your possibilities. The main differences between the $39/month basic, $69/month professional and $149/month premium plans is in the some of the specific features included. You’ll need at least the professional plan to get the unlimited split-test variations and you’ll need the premium plan for brandable lead notifications and custom web fonts.

Other big, value-adds the Premium plan offers are unlimited sub-accounts, a one-on-one on-boarding consultation, and an expert design review. The design review is a great way to learn directly from an Instapage conversion expert proven ways to improve your landing pages and get your conversion rates to skyrocket. The sub-accounts are especially useful for agencies and professionals who may be designing and publishing landing pages for clients. The projects can then be separated for each client, providing different permissions as you see fit.

Maybe you’re not sure if Instapage is right for you? Then, take them out for a free, no obligation test drive. A trial account costs you nothing and they don’t even ask for a credit card. They are that confident you will love what you see. Start building those landing pages right now and see just how far your business can grow.

Instapage Affiliate Program

In addition to everything else covered here, it’s also important to note that Instapage has an excellent affiliate program of their own as well. With such a premium and well-known landing page solution, it shouldn’t be hard for site owners and marketers to earn additional revenue by recommending the service to their friends and site audiences. Benefits of the affiliate program include:

  • Earn 50% revenue share on the first month
  • Earn a 30% lifetime revenue share
  • Weekly automated payments
  • Get a referral link
  • Personalized marketing material

Whether you are looking to create professional and customizable landing pages of your own, or simply looking for another premium service to recommend to your audience… Instapage is one of the top names in the industry when it comes to landing page design and optimization. Be sure to include their name into your marketing and business arsenal.

Click here to create an account with Instapage.

The Simple 5-Step Formula to Affiliate Marketing Success

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die” – Warren Buffett.

Buffet is so right. Poor people work for money while rich people find ways to make money work for them.

Did you know the surest way to make money while you sleep working online?

It’s affiliate marketing.

Most people say it’s easier to make money from affiliate marketing but it’s not true. In fact, it takes years of consistent efforts and dedication to make money while you sleep from affiliate marketing.

Bloggers like Jeremy Schoemaker, Neil Patel, John Chow are making millions of dollars from affiliate marketing and they know how to make more sales without pitching much. So what can you do to become a successful affiliate marketer like them?

If you are struggling to boost your affiliate product sales, this post is a treat for you where you will discover five of the best affiliate marketing tips you can use to grow your sales.

Are you curious to find them out? Let’s jump into the details then.


#1. Develop a solid content marketing strategy

Yes, you need more affiliate sales to make money even while you sleep. But sales don’t come easily without having a solid strategy.

You need to have a plan. You need a solid content marketing strategy to boost your affiliate sales.

You may ask, “why do I need strategies for content marketing”.

So, let’s quickly talk about it and then we can talk about how you can lay out a great content marketing strategy to increase your affiliate sales.

Content marketing is all about “attracting more people with your content and then turning them into buyers”. Content marketing is the #1 key for bloggers like Neil Patel, Pat Flynn, Brian Clark to grow their online presence and that’s how they have built multi-million dollar online businesses.

That being said, here’s how to lay out a solid content marketing strategy that not only attracts more audience to your sites but also boost your affiliate sales. You can also refer to this affiliate marketing guide for a detailed breakdown of the process as well.

  • Find your target audience first. Figure out their demographics, age, interests, wants and needs. Analyze where do they usually hang out online (forums, social media, groups etc). Gather as much information as possible. You should know more about your target audience than they know about themselves.
  • Brian Dean’s method of using the skyscraper technique to find the most popular content in your niche is one of the best working strategies out there. Then, create content that beats anyone else’s content in your industry. That’s how you grab more attention, social shares, and links.
  • Do email outreach with other bloggers in your niche. Frequently link to their content and let them know whenever you do so. Sooner or later they will also start doing the same which gives you a huge boost in your search rankings.
  • Always do keyword research before creating content. Find long tail keywords that your target audience are searching for. Make sure you are using long tail keywords properly in your titles, meta description, image alt tags, URL and throughout your copy to rank well in search engines.
  • Last but not least, create long form of content. Almost always detailed content (usually over 1500 words) ranks well and outranks short form of content on Google search results.


#2. Answer “what’s in it for them?”

There are a gazillion number of blogs out there. Millions of blogs are going live every single day. Almost every one of them try to sell something to make money.

Then how can you differentiate yourself from your competition?

How can you actually cut the noise and increase your affiliate sales?

Answer what’s in it for them first. Make a list of all the benefits that your target audience will get when they buy something from you.

If they are not getting any benefits, you have to find ways to add benefits to them. You can also give away your own products or services if someone buys your affiliate products. That way you can quickly boost your overall sales.

Make sure you are answering “what’s in it for them” before promoting any affiliate product on your blog to boost your overall sales.

Ask yourself the following questions if you want to increase your affiliate product sales.

  • Am I giving away anything valuable to the people who is buying from me?
  • Am I promoting the right affiliate products that suit my target audience?
  • Am I actually adding value to my audience?


#3. Trust comes first, sales come later

The #1 reason people buy from the most successful affiliate marketer Pat Flynn is “trust”. Pat knows how to build trust online and he also knows how to turn his prospects into buyers.

If you want to boost your affiliate product sales, you need to build trust. Without that, you can’t make more sales. It’s as simple as that.

Unfortunately building trust online is NOT easy. The reason is, online people has less attention span and they don’t care about buying from strangers.

At the same, they are ready to take out their wallets if they like you and trust you. If you are wondering how to build trust online, here are few things to consider.

  • Whenever you add affiliate links to your products, make sure to add the full disclosure. Just by mentioning “all the links using in this page contain affiliate links and when you buy something from the page, I get a commission” can go a long way and it instantly adds trust.
  • Add social proof. If your site got featured on top sites in your industry (either through incoming links or guest posts), make sure to showcase them in your home page or about page.
  • Position yourself as a thought leader in your industry. Really, positioning is everything in online. Observe any top blogger or marketer in your field and you will notice they positioned themselves as experts in a specific niche. That’s what you exactly need to do if you want to quickly build solid trust online.
  • Try to write as many case studies as you can. Case studies really increase your social proof and it helps you quickly connect with your audience. They also attract a lot of buzz online by giving you more social shares, comments, and backlinks.
  • Walk the talk. Before you say anything, first do it by yourself. Walk the talk. Action always speaks louder than words.


#4. Research your competitors

You can drive incremental affiliate sales and make a lot of money from affiliate marketing if you research your competitors. Find out your top 10 competitors and research every bit about them.

Find out how they are making money by selling or recommending products. Find out what products they are promoting on their blogs.

Figure out which promotion strategies your competitors are using to increase their affiliate product sales. Analyze their content, read their comments section and do everything you need to do to spy on your competitors marketing strategies.

Last but not least, focus on using the right affiliate marketing platforms to choose the right products to increase your sales. That being said, here are 3 of the widely known affiliate marketing sites you can use to find and promote affiliate products.

  1. Amazon Associates: The Amazon program is one of the most widely used affiliate marketing platforms used by bloggers around the world. With millions of products, your monetization options are endless.
  2. Commission Junction: This is another incredible network that is used to find and sell a ton of products on many different topics.
  3. ShareASale: Another widely used affiliate network mostly useful for marketing related sites and you can make a lot of commission through their products.

You might be wondering, how can I actually spy on my competitors?

You can use tools like SEMrush to find your competitors best performing keywords, backlink sources, and high traffic blog posts so you can use few of their tactics to increase your own website traffic and sales too.


#5. Write unbiased product reviews

The fastest way to increase your affiliate sales even if you are a beginner is to write product reviews. Not just any random reviews but honest and most unbiased product reviews.

Writing useful reviews about the products you personally use or promote is the surefire way to educate your readers and increase your affiliate sales.

Instead of writing product reviews just for the sake of increasing sales, make them useful. List out all the features and if possible write case studies.

For instance, when I wrote a detailed review of SEMrush, I didn’t just cover how it’s useful for the readers, I actually went in-depth and covered how it has helped me increase my overall website search engine traffic. People actually loved it so much so that my sales went through the roofs.

That’s what I recommend you to do. Use your products first. Get results. Then, share your case studies as product reviews. People will love such kind of in-depth product reviews and they will buy from you (if they find your products useful for them).

Here are few tips for creating affiliate product reviews that sell.

  • Consider creating video reviews about the products you promote. They work like a charm. You can describe in detail and you can also add a personal touch when you are using videos for product reviews.
  • Do a comparison of the products you promote. Find out the similar and relevant products and create product reviews about them. Discuss all the pros and cons and recommend the RIGHT product that suits best to your audience. They can attract more sales.
  • Always spend quality time on crafting the perfect headlines. Headlines are everything. Did you know that 8 out 10 people read your headlines first? They click on your posts only if your headlines are compelling to their needs.
  • Research your competitors. Analyze how they are writing their product reviews. Find out how they are promoting their products and boosting their sales. It gives you a better idea on how to increase your own affiliate product sales.
  • Write case studies about the products you promote. Do videos about them. Do whatever you want to do to educate your audience about your recommended products.


How to Find the Your Eventual Success with Affiliate Marketing

Making a lot of sales from affiliate marketing is not an easy task. If it was, everyone would be doing it. Successful affiliate marketing is an art. If you learn the art of selling, you can easily convince your audience to buy recommended products and services from you.

Another important factor you need to remember while going for affiliate marketing is to build trust. Without building trust, you simply can’t convince people to buy stuff from you.

Read books, marketing blogs and learn how to build trust to boost your affiliate sales. Don’t focus solely on increasing your sales or you will look like a salesman.

Affiliate marketing is here to stay, and those who continue to find the most success are the ones who put in the actionable time and effort using the methods above.


This article was written by Anil Agarwal of BloggersPassion.com.

37 Email Marketing Stats that Show Why Email is Still King

With mobile marketing and native advertising quickly becoming the main focus for many brands and marketers in the world today, it’s still important to realize the potential and power of email marketing. Not only is a medium that nearly everyone in the world is currently using, it’s also something that can now be targeted towards in more ways than ever before.

Here are just a few ways email marketing can help start and grow your business or brand into much more.

  • Mailing List – A mailing list or newsletter is simply one of the best ways to grow your following, while also capturing your site visitors before they leave and never come back.
  • Scheduling – Omnisend data confirmed that the best day to send promotional email is Thursday, the second is Tuesday.
  • Autoresponders – Automate the email follow-up process and build a valuable relationship by sending engaging and valuable emails (your best content) on a weekly or monthly basis. With an autoresponder series you can write your email series once, then have it sent your mailing list time and time again.
  • Email Capture Offers – Grabbing the email address of your audience is one of the best ways to start a lead generation process… especially if the offer is focused on purchasing something or it’s a multi-page process with a high drop off rate. Collect the email from the beginning, so you can follow up later on.
  • RetargetingRetargeting has completely changed the way advertising is done online when it comes to existing audiences. Two of the most popular retargeting methods are through pixel placements and email address. If you already have an existing email list, you can import those emails into Facebook Ads or Google Adwords and start delivering display advertising just to those users — thus lowering ad costs and increasing conversions.
  • Webinar Mailing List – Every time you run a webinar, you are likely using a new signup form to grant people access. Collecting these emails and building a new list of just those interested in your webinar is huge for conversions and ROI. Follow up to this list of webinar attendees before, during and after the webinar to increase sales and engagement.
  • Segmented Lists – Most sites have just one big mailing list. Through segmentation and building smaller targeted lists, site owners and marketers can know exactly who their audiences are and why they decided to join a list (content upgrades, promotions, free offer, training etc.)

The crazy thing about the email marketing methods listed above, is that nearly all of us know about them, yet the majority of us still aren’t actually using them within our businesses. This usually just comes down to lack of action or simply running out of time and forgetting to make the additions.

However, setting up a few of these options might only take 15-30 minutes of your time and can increase overall revenue/profit heavily! If you don’t have a list already, it’s also extremely low-cost and easy to get started. Also, if you need any help or guidance on how to set all of this up, simply follow my email marketing basics course on Udemy.

Now that we’ve covered some of the most effective ways to email marketing today, let’s take a look at some industry stats to remind us just how effective email marketing can be.

37 Email Marketing Stats to Blow Your Mind!

Special thanks to AfterOffers.com for creating this awesome infographic of email marketing stats from leading email marketing and data management companies. I’ve listed a few of my favorite stats below. Then refer to the infographic for all 37 of them.

  • Transactional emails have 8x more opens and clicks than any other type of email, and can generate 6x more revenue. – Experian
  • Email marketing technology is used by 82% of B2B and B2C companies. – Ascend2
  • 95% of companies using marketing automation are taking advantage of email marketing. – Regalix
  • About 53% of emails are opened on mobile devices. – Campaign Monitor
  • Personalized email messages improve click-through rates by an average of 14% and conversions by 10%. – Aberdeen
  • Marketers have noted a 760% increase in revenue from segmented campaigns. – Campaign Monitor
  • 81% of online shoppers who receive emails based on previous shopping habits were at least somewhat likely to make a purchase as a result of targeted email. – eMarketer
  • 72% people prefer to receive promotional content through email, compared to 17% who prefer social media. – MarketingSherpa
  • Email marketing has an ROI of 3800%. – DMA
  • 50% of marketers anticipate their company’s spend on email to increase during 2015. – DMA
  • The total number of worldwide email accounts is expected to increase to over 4.3 billion accounts by year-end 2016. – Radicati Group


Monetize Your Site with Clickadu Pop-Under Advertising

Advertising on the internet is constantly changing. The main reason for this is banner blindness and how audiences quickly adapt to the advertisements within their environment. For this reason, we continually see new methods of advertising make their way through the industry every few years. Banners are still popular today, but they definitely don’t get the same click-through rates they used to. Native advertising seems to be on every site possible today, but how long will that last?

There are plenty of other forms of advertising as well, such as those that demand to get your attention. These types of advertising include roll-over ads, welcome mats, and click-under advertising. The difference between these types of advertising and on-site display advertising is that the end user actually needs to take an action to view, click or close out the advertisement.

Clickadu Ad Network is an advertising network that focuses exclusively with pop-under and click-under ads. Throughout this network review, we are going to take a look at how Clickadu is helping not only site partners make money, but also bring new business to advertisers as well.

Clickadu Click-Under Ad Network

With over 70 million impressions being served and over 120,000 conversions taking place on a daily basis, Clickadu has established themselves as a premium ad network in the world of online advertising. To go along with their display and delivery numbers, the platform also has over 3,800 active campaigns running across its network of over 2,300 active publishers.


There are plenty of networks to choose from when it comes to the monetization of your site and traffic, so let’s take a look at why Clickadu might be a great option for your site.

When serving pop-under and click-under advertising to your audience, it’s important that you make money with all of your traffic and not just desktop or mobile users. Clickadu is currently serving ad campaigns that display and pay out for all desktop and mobile sessions. This is great to see as mobile is quickly taking over as the method of choice for internet access and site viewing.

On the publisher side, another big consideration when choosing an ad network is their fill-rate. Clickadu also has you covered in this areas as well. With a promised 100% fill-rate and a high eCPM, site owners can relax knowing that each visitor to their site is earning them revenue at all times.

Another important note to make is that Clickadu pays their affiliates once a minimum threshold of $100 has been met. When you break this down, it’s really only around $3 a day in earnings, which shouldn’t be a problem for most sites. Payments are sent out through PayPal, Paxum, Webmoney, Payonneer, wire transfer and even Bitcoin if requested.

Clickadu also has a referral program in place, which pays out a 5% commission on all successful partner referrals. This is also a recurring income for life.

Getting Started with Clickadu

Know that we’ve covered some of the key points of why Clickadu should be in your marketing and monetization arsenal, let’s take a look at their platform and reporting features. To get started with an account of your own, simply click here to join Clickadu.


Once you are setup with a Clickadu account, you will have full access to your dashboard and members area. From here you can view all aspects of your campaigns, such earnings, impressions, clicks and CPM for today and for this month thus far. A fun stat included in the dashboard area is the “forecast” feature, which gives an estimate on where your earnings might be at the end of the most. It’s simple, but a nice way to see where you might end up at the end of the month and a fun way to see if you can beat your forecasted earnings.

The left side navigation sidebar is where you will navigate through the site, and where you can access your statistics, sites and zones, payments, news, support and other features. Before running ads on your network of sites, you will need to place them into the system for manual approval. To do this, click on the “Sites and zones” section in the sidebar and add your site. After this is complete, you will be given a code that must then be pasted into your site’s main HTML file.

One of the main reasons why Clickadu has found so much success in the online advertising space is because of their strict approval process. By only accepting high-quality sites, they can keep their advertising rates high, which leads to higher payouts for site partners and affiliates. Clickadu is also serving the best advertisements for your site, versus a traditional network where you choose the offers you want to run. This allows for site owners to focus on their traffic and content creation, while Clickadu focused on the optimization of ads.

Clickadu Reports and Analysis

With advertisements being served and managed through Clickadu, it’s very important for them to have a detailed tracking platform in place. Through the screenshot below you can see a breakdown of daily earnings, impressions served and average CPM rates.


As mentioned earlier, with Clickadu serving the advertising and selecting the best campaigns for your site, it’s extremely important for them to provide you with the highest eCPM possible. For the publisher, all it takes is a simple placement of a JS code to start serving ads on your site. All of the technical analysis and campaign optimization is done on the Clickadu backend.

The type of offers being selected from Clickadu and served on your site are a mixture of CPM and CPA placements. CPM campaigns pay on a per view basis, while CPA are higher paying offers that pay out every time an offer is clicked, then acted on. By split testing which offers are performing best with your traffic, the network is essentially getting you (and them) the highest eCPM possible.

You can see a breakdown of how the CPM rates are tracked by country and platform through the screenshot below.


Depending on the type of traffic, demographic audience and where their location is, your earnings and eCPM will vary. The best way to see how Clickado monetization might perform with your site, is to give them a test run and review your numbers after a few days. Obviously, the better the traffic and higher-quality of your content, the more likely you are to see higher numbers — however, as mentioned earlier, Clickadu is also a great option for any sites that have foreign or low-quality traffic, as they offer 100% fill-rates.

Clickadu Summary

To find long-term success with your websites or online business, it’s all about testing and being aware of your options. Not only is Clickadu a great way to monetize traffic on your site, they might also be a great option for running ad campaigns as well.

Add to the list of marketing tools and resources you already have in place, and sign up with Clickadu today.

Make Money with Mobidea, the Mobile Affiliate Marketing Network

Mobile usage is growing at a rapid rate and even more exciting than the sheer number of users with a mobile device in their pocket, is the amount of money being poured into this space. Mobile applications are generating millions of dollars every day, and affiliate marketers who are taking advantage of this traffic source are are cashing in as well.

The affiliate marketing industry has been talking about mobile for over a decade now, and it’s still amazing to see how many marketers are still sitting on the sidelines and focusing on just ‘desktop’ traffic.

I feel one of the main reasons why this is happening, is that mobile marketing scares a lot of marketers because they don’t have an application or know how to code. The truth is, mobile marketing is just the same as any other traffic source — in that you simply need to find offers to promote, and traffic sources to get exposure to them. It’s that simple!

The same holds true for anyone that already has a mobile app, or simple mobile traffic coming to their sites. There are still plenty of ways to take advantage of the massive ad spending in mobile right now.

Here’s an idea. What if there was a way you could monetize your traffic with optimized offers for mobile apps and subscriptions? Considering just how much time people are spending on their smartphones and tablets, you are essentially leaving loads of money on the table if you don’t consider this possibility.

Even though it can convert, a desktop offer usually doesn’t work that well for mobile traffic. That’s why it’s important to understand the complexities and particularities of mobile. Mobidea, a mobile-based affiliate marketing network, is focused on not only making money off the current mobile opportunity at hand but also providing their affiliates with the tools and resources they need to find success. 

In today’s review, we are going to dive deep into what the Mobidea affiliate network has to offer, while also showing you how to put all of their best offers and tracking features to use.


A Network in Mobile Affiliate Marketing

Most affiliate networks let you explore mobile offers from their inventory. For Mobidea, though, mobile is all the rage since the platform is 100% focused on this experience. Indeed, when you work with Mobidea you know you’re working with a company that’s completely dedicated to mobile affiliate marketing.

Mobidea Academy

Mobidea cares about providing a great experience for affiliates. They’re ready to work with you every step of the way. In fact, one of the best resources affiliates can really dive into is the Mobidea Academy. There, you can learn a lot about how affiliate marketing works, how to optimize your campaigns, and how to reap the greatest benefits by generating the most revenue possible.


It’s always great to see when affiliate networks go out of their way to create original resources and guides for their affiliates, as many others will simply leave them hanging. Mobidea Academy was created in May 2015, and covers some great material (over 40 articles) on what’s working today in affiliate marketing and how to get the most out of your ad campaigns. After sifting through the site, you will find numerous affiliate guides to tutorials analyzing the most diverse topics in Media Buying — all while catering to both newbies and advanced marketers.

The Mobidea Academy is really worth checking. Why? Because the articles are written by an experienced group of account managers and online analysts who know more about Media Buying than most self-called experts. Moreover, the website is constantly updated. In fact, you can check a brand new article every week. Soon, I’ve heard they’ll start accepting guest articles from savvy industry gurus. If you believe you have something valuable worth sharing or any topic you’d love to talk about, get in touch with them by sending an email to guestwriters@mobidea.com.

FREE GUIDE: Mobidea’s Powerful  Media Buying Guide (Updated for 2016)

In addition to offering a ton of articles and resources, Mobidea also has a free downloadable media buying guide as well. Download this free guide to get the edge and find even more success in the fiercely competitive world of Media Buying!


You can subscribe to the Mobidea Academy using your email to make sure you don’t miss any of the knowledge being shared or you can visit the Mobidea Academy site directly to read the wealth of material and articles. Some recent topics include a case study on whitelists, a guide on everything you need to know about affiliate marketing, and an explanation of demand-side platforms (DSPs) and how they can work for you.

A Clean Affiliate Dashboard

After you’ve gone through the quick and easy process of signing up with Mobidea as a publisher, you’ll gain access to the main affiliate dashboard.


The clean and modern design means that everything is easy to access and understand. The left navigation dashboard automatically compresses into the simple icon view when not in use, but hovering your mouse over any portion of that vertical column will automatically expand it to reveal the main sections.

In the Mobidea affiliate dashboard, you gain access to reports that can show everything happening on your account, a number of smart tools for promoting offers, the actual searchable (and filterable) list of offers themselves, the cashier section for your payment preferences (available after you’ve generated 100 euros in revenue) and your account settings.

Below that, on your left, you can check frequently asked questions, understand how to get in touch with the support team, and become acquainted with Mobidea’s various social media accounts. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

On the bottom right, you can use the live chat, getting easy access to the support team. They’re a group of multicultural online analysts and affiliate marketing experts who always provide some great tips for users to increase their revenue. Unlike what happens on many other networks, Mobidea’s support is available every day, including on weekends.

Over 1,000 Mobile Offers on Mobidea

At the heart of any good affiliate network is its catalog of affiliate offers. As mentioned, Mobidea focuses exclusively on mobile offers. These consist of CPA and CPI offers. The CPA model is related to subscription services – you sign up for a service and are then charged for it. CPI is another game. This term refers to offers that convert when the user either downloads or installs the advertiser’s mobile app.

The offer section gives you access to many different offers that can be used with different types of traffic. Moreover, it’s important to realize Mobidea cares deeply for compliance. This is the reason why the approval process is in place. The company also focuses a lot of its efforts on business sustainability. Indeed, you can always rest assured, knowing every offer has been carefully tested.

In general, offers won’t accept incentivized traffic, for example, and they won’t allow any promotion that uses the word “free” as part of the marketing materials. You cannot use any copyrighted material and they will not allow promotion through chats or private messages on social media platforms. Be sure to read these rules carefully.


The list of offers – which you can preview without signing up – is heavily populated with a range of mobile games in particular. Considering just how popular gaming on smartphones and tablets has become, this should come as little surprise. This can also yield a fairly good conversion rate, as many of these games are also free downloads. They are monetized through in-app transactions (the “freemium” model) and that is why advertisers are willing to pay for the conversions.

Going through the list of mobile offers, you’ll also notice a couple of other key characteristics. Each offer is applicable only for a certain subset of carriers within specific countries. If you find that the majority of your traffic is coming from the United States, for example, you’ll want to find offers that are geo-targeted to that audience. Mobidea is very international. This means a wide range of geographic locations are covered.

It’s also important to note that you can’t just start promoting any given offer right away. You need to click on the corresponding “apply now” link for each offer, accepting the mandatory rules and indicating the traffic source you intend on using. This helps to ensure higher quality traffic for the advertiser, which in turn can yield better payments for publishers. The usual offer approval process lasts no more than 48 hours which means you can get started quite quickly.

Mobidea Smart Tools

It may be the case that you are not interested in promoting a specific offer and would rather use a more general link that is optimized for traffic, conversion and revenue. This is something Mobidea can deal with since there are a number of smart tools available to all affiliates.


The Smart Tools section is where you can experience one of Mobidea’s most impressive perks: the Smartlink®. Using Mobidea’s original, house-made technology, the Smartlink® is an advanced algorithm that will automatically optimize your traffic for optimal results. The link will be specific to you and will lead to the offer that the engine believes will perform the best for you.

There are Smartlinks available for mainstream, mainstream CPI, and adult traffic. The latter tends to offer a higher overall eCPM, but is naturally only applicable (and appropriate) for certain apps and web properties.


Beyond the simple Smartlink® are other promotional Smart Tools. The banners come in a few different sizes and effectively operate the same way as the Smartlinks. All you need to do is insert the iframe code where you would like the ad to appear.

Mobidea also offers redirects, popunders, and overlays, as well as “opportunities” for Smartlinks that target specific countries or carriers. Be careful when using redirects, as Mobidea points out they are “not compliant with the latest Google policies” and should only be used “in websites where SEO is not important.” Popunders and overlays are compliant with Google advertising policies, though.

Payment Methods

On Mobidea, affiliates get paid every day. This is something that’s truly special since you don’t get that on most networks. Another great thing about the platform is the fact that you can get paid however you like. Users can get their money via Wire Transfer, ePayments, PayPal, Payza, Paxum or Payoneer.

Coupon Code – 100% Revenue for the First 7 Days

Having worked alongside Mobidea, I wanted to make sure I had a special invite offer for all of my readers. Join Mobidea affiliate right now, and you will earn 100% revenue on all offers available through the network for the first 7 days of your account. After the first seven days of your account pass, commissions will go back to the regular 80% revenue share model. (THIS COUPON IS NO LONGER ACTIVE)

  1. Go to www.mobidea.com/sign-up
  2. Insert your personal details;
  3. Insert the  ZACMOBIDEA” promo code in the respective field (see image);  (THIS COUPON IS NO LONGER ACTIVE)

Note: In case you sign up with Facebook or Google+, this promo code won’t be valid. If you make a mistake and sign up incorrectly, you don’t have to worry. What to do? Contact Mobidea’s support team and explain that you’ve reached Mobidea after reading this post.

  • Email: communities@mobidea.com
  • Skype: support.mobidea

Mobile Money on the Go with Mobidea

If you’re ready to make more money from your mobile traffic and want to promote more mobile offers, sign up for Mobidea today. With over 1,000 mobile offers, auto-optimizing Smartlink technology, and a flat 80% revenue share model with an on-demand payment schedule, Mobidea is an attractive choice for many affiliate marketers all around the world.

Make Money with pCloud Cloud Storage Affiliate Program

When it comes to making money online, it’s always best to promote something of real substance and that offers value. This is especially true if you are in the online marketing or technology space and recommending products/services to your audience. With more people relying on mobile devices for instant photos and data sharing, cloud storage is something everyone needs.

As an affiliate marketer, this is where your opportunity comes in. With new stories of celebrities being hacked and their personal photos/information being leaked online, it’s now more important than ever to realize generic cloud storage simply isn’t going to cut it. As an affiliate marketer, using such entertainment and technology news within your marketing efforts is a great way to not only bring awareness to cloud storage programs you might be promoting, it’s also a great way to increase conversions in the process.

Today we are going to take a look at pCloud.com, a cloud storage service that stands above the competition for not only having premium features and encrypted security in place but also an affiliate program that pays up to 100% commission on referred sales as well! In this article we are going to cover the many highlights and features of pCloud, while also going over their affiliate program as well.

Why You Should Never Locate All of Your Data in One Place

  • You will lose everything at once.
  • There is no backup if you do not have it in a second location.
  • You risk compromising important and sensitive client information.
  • You risk legal action if someone’s identity is compromised.
  • You lose control of what third parties could do with the information they steal.

All of these are good reminders as to why you should have a good backup plan for your important data. Not only do you risk your data being stolen or compromised. You also risk your clients’ sensitive data falling into the wrong hands. This can cost you greatly regarding legal liabilities and credibility of your business and online reputation. It’s just too great a risk to take.

pCloud is the Solution

A great solution for your online storage needs is pCloud. With pCloud’s robust online data storage solution in the cloud, you will have a host of features at your fingertips that allow you to safely and securely keep your files where you need them.

The great thing about pCloud is that users can access their critical files and data from virtually anywhere. You are no longer limited to having to connect your various devices to your computer or storage drive to retrieve what you need. Now, you can just log into your pCloud account and easily access any files you need immediately.

pCloud Online Cloud Storage

Finding Your Lost Files

One of the common problems in retrieving data is in finding lost files. Even if you are organized, you can sometimes misplace a file or folder. The pCloud online storage solution even has its internal search tool so that you can find temporarily lost files in the cloud. In addition to finding lost files, they also have an easy to use platform in place for uploading, sorting and sharing content.

There’s much more to pCloud than meets the eye. You can filter your files in any way that you want, including the format that you save them to. They can be restored from a trash dump also for up to 180 days if you have the premium plan. You may find that this feature is well worth it if you discover you have deleted important files by mistake.

pCloud Access Files

One of the best things about pCloud is its ease-of-use. The web interface is simple to use and practical too. Just log into your account from any web browser and access all of your files easily and quickly.

pCloud Image Gallery


Your files are not just there on pCloud. They are interactive. No matter what the file format, you can interact with your files in the cloud in the way, they are intended. If you are accessing videos or photos, there is an online media player that allows you to play the video or see the pictures in full color.

You are also able to choose your view type and the way you see them.

Download to your desktop.

If you prefer to work with certain files on your desktop, pCloud allows you to download a desktop app to work with your files on your PC. You can also download the mobile app for smartphone access. By backing up the data and files that are most important, you can enjoy the mobility of downloading your file to various devices, while keeping them safe in the cloud at the same time.

pCloud Backup Files

You can choose what you save and what you don’t. It’s not like one of those all-in-one software programs that you often see packed with a computer system to backup your entire hard drive. You pick and choose which files pCloud backs up for you. Therefore, the control remains with you.

If you are concerned about security, there is a solution for that too. The pCloud solution protects your sensitive data by offering encrypted data. You can save your most important files to your pCloud Crypto folder for extra security.

Costs of pCloud

The good news is that pCloud is free (for the 10GB version). You even have opportunities to gain more storage under the free plan. For affiliate marketers looking to promote pCloud to their audience, this is a great incentive to get them interested — while also having them option to earn should they updgrade later on. Users who need more robust plans, you can opt for the $3.99/month plan, which allows you 500GB of storage, as well as the ability to protect your share links and other features.

pCloud Storage Plans

The $7.99/month premium plus plan gives you a whole 1TB of space and live chat support.

There are also a variety of other business plans that afford you even more options and access.

Make Money with the pCloud Affiliate Program

As mentioned earlier, the more reliable and legitimate an offer or service is, the better success you should have promoting it. With pCloud already having a solid platform and trusted network for cloud storage, this should be an easy sell for your audience — especially with the free initial signup offer.


Affiliates can earn up to 100% commissions on every pCloud sale you refer to the affiliate program. You can even choose how you’re paid and how often. The two options available are 100% commission on the first month of every payment, or to earn 20% recurring payment each month. If you have high-quality traffic and they are signing up for premium plans and sticking around for more than five months on average, the 20% recurring commission is a great way to build up a nice side-income of commissions that keep coming in month after month.

No matter if you are looking join pCloud to use their storage and backup system as a customer, or simply looking to promote it as an affiliate marketer — you are in good hands both ways!

To find the most success with promoting pCloud, be sure to provide value in your content and marketing outreach. Thousands of articles are going live every month on new reports of personal attacks, iPhone breaches and cloud vulnerabilities. Use these reports and stories to further push the importance of using a service like pCloud to keep your most important data safe.

Make Money with Sourcengo Business Software Affiliate Network

As a general rule of thumb, businesses are usually more inclined to spend more money than regular consumers. That’s because these expenses should generate some sort of return, helping the company run its business more effectively and ideally for more profit. It is also generally true that selling digital goods and services that can be delivered over the Internet is easier than having to deal with physical products — this is even more true for affiliate marketers, as digital products usually pay higher commissions as well.

Finding itself at the intersection of these two particularly lucrative market segments is the Sourcengo affiliate network. And it could prove to be an exceptional choice for publishers and advertisers alike.

Affiliating with Business Software

Unlike some other affiliate networks that tend to dabble in every possible vertical under the sun, Sourcengo is much more focused. It is a network that is “particularly designed to connect trusted business software advertisers to the right audience.”


All of the affiliate offers in this network are related to business software of one kind or another. As a publisher, you gain access to an exclusive inventory of such offers, capitalizing on high commissions, seamless payment processing, and dynamic and contextual advertising options.

If you have traffic that is already geared toward the B2B segment of the market, monetizing that traffic with Sourcengo could be the way to go.

Offers and Payouts

When you log into the main affiliate dashboard with Sourcengo for the first time, it will say that there is no data. That only makes sense. After you’ve been operational for a while, you’ll be able to see what countries, products, categories and offer types are generating your clicks and conversions.


As mentioned, Sourcengo is dedicated solely to business software and, as of this writing, the network contains over 300 offers. They cover such categories as communications, creative tools, customer management, business intelligence, ecommerce, finance and accounting, IT management, sales, security, and productivity.

Nearly every aspect of running almost any kind of business is covered here in some capacity. From online shopping carts to project management, antivirus software to DVD ripping solutions, you can promote software with high conversions and generous payouts.

Building Links and White Label Sites

Of course, great offers aren’t going to get you very far if you don’t have an effective way to promote them. On the absolute most basic level, you can generate an affiliate link for any one specific offer.


This is accomplished through the appropriately named “Link Generator.” When you click to build the link, you can also visit the product page to learn more about exactly what you’re promoting. The link generator also allows you to add source tags and sub ID tags to your tracking link.


A much more robust option that you might consider is the White Label Site. Building a white label site only takes a few moments. Simply select the categories that best fit your needs and go through the various theme options. You can customize the logo, banner image, header colors, custom menu and more.

Before you worry about promoting some random-looking URL that may appear fishy to the average Internet user, be comforted to know that Sourcengo provides a simple URL masking guide too. This lets you adjust the affiliate link domains to reflect your own. All you need to do is create a new CNAME record via DNS management with your domain host.

You can see how the above example white label site looks professional and has a clean and attractive layout. Business users who arrive at the site are immediately presented with these “hot deals” on relevant business software.

The Power of Native Widgets

The newest and perhaps most powerful promotion tool offered by Sourcengo are the Native Widgets, which actually come in three different forms. Rather than promote a single offer or develop a new site altogether, you can create a contextual and dynamic widget to place on your existing website.


The standard widgets pull from the full inventory of affiliate offers available through the Sourcengo network to optimize your clicks, conversions and revenue. You can choose between the CPA or CPC offers (there are far more CPA offers than CPC offers), or you can choose to run them all through the widget. Sourcengo plans on implementing CPL offers at some point in the future too, but that is still under development.

The wizard for creating and editing a widget is both simple and robust. After naming the widget (which is only visible to you internally and will not be visible to the site visitor), you can choose to place an optional title. Using the same widget, you can define a different layout for desktop/tablet and for mobile, choosing the number of rows and columns.

The widget can be further customized by selecting your preferred font family, font size and font color, as well as whether or not you’d like each item in the widget to include the featured image. Other options include background colors, border styles, border thickness and border color. The widgets automatically populate with relevant offers best suited to your audience.

If you are a more experienced web developer and want even greater control over the look and feel of the Sourcengo widget to be implemented on your website, you can create your own custom ad units.

Alternatively, Sourcengo also provides a number of banner ads in standard sizes like 300×250 medium rectangle, 728×90 leaderboard and 300×600 half page. These will be more familiar to publishers who have already worked with more traditional ad networks like AdSense, except here you’ll be promoting business software primarily on a CPC and CPA basis instead of the traditional CPM used in display advertising.

Make Money Online with Sourcengo

The process to sign up as a publisher (or as an advertiser) is very quick and easy. Just fill out the short form on the corresponding page and you will receive an email with your credentials and the next steps you’ll need to take. Commissions are paid out on a net-30 basis via PayPal or wire transfer, and they are based on the clicks and acquisitions that you deliver.

Click Here to Join

If you’ve got traffic that you think would be interested in business software, Sourcengo could be the laser-targeted affiliate network for you.

AdVault – The Native Ads Spy Tool You’ve Been Waiting For

Native advertising is taking over the internet. What first started out as something that was on just a handful of websites and blogs, is now on nearly every major new and media outlet online. Forbes, ESPN, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur — yep, it’s on them all… and plenty more are on the way!

Why is everyone jumping on the native advertising trend? Simply because it’s making all sides of the party a massive amount of money. Content sites are making a ton of money from their audience clicking on these link bait titles, advertisers are getting cheap clicks and the third party at networks are making money serving the ads for both sides.

When something like this comes around, it’s not an issue of trying to reinvent the wheel… it’s simply a matter of finding out how you can use it best to your advantage.  This is exactly what we are looking at today with all of the different native advertising networks to choose from. When someone had created something that works, don’t mess with it… just work it. The same fundamental principle can be applied to the world of online advertising and marketing. Sneak a peek into what other advertisers are doing and leverage their experience for your own benefit.

Positioning itself as the native ads spy tool, Advault gives you access to millions of hot advertisements from across multiple networks. By looking into the images, ad copy, and performance of competing ads, you can put together a far more lucrative and effective campaign of your own.

AdVault – Spying for Fun and Profit

Unless you’ve been surfing from under a rock, you’ve likely noticed that the internet is filled with advertising. Some of these ads are inherently more effective and more successful than others.


If you’re active with internet marketing, then you likely also recognize that a good deal of these ads are a part of affiliate campaigns, rather than being run by the end vendor or provider directly. Other affiliates are competing with one another for the same traffic to convert on the same or similar offers.

This is where a solution like Advault comes in handy. Through their native advertising spy tool, users can spy on other affiliates, not only seeing the images and written copy they are using but also how many times each ad has been viewed and where.

How valuable would a look like this be for your ad campaign success?

Focusing on Content Discovery Networks

The nature of the internet has shifted dramatically in recent years toward an increase in native advertising. More specifically, content discovery networks have proliferated. You’ve likely seen these as “suggested reading” and other similar widgets on some of the biggest sites on the web. If you want an idea of just how effective these types of ads are, check out my post on the most clickable celebrities online. These are the same types of ads you will likely see when browsing through AdVault.


When you sign up for an account with Advault, you gain access to the main dashboard above. As of this writing, the service is monitoring over three million total ads and these come from content discovery networks. By far, the two biggest names in this space are Taboola and Outbrain.

Advault also monitors advertisements that are published through other similar networks, including ContentAd, RevContent, Gravity and MGID. These all function in a similar way and thus Advault would be most appealing to advertisers who already work through content discovery networks. That said, the data can also be useful for more traditional ad networks too.

Viewing the Competition

While the main dashboard above can give you some useful “at a glance” information about the top keywords across all ads, the current top ads, and the current top advertisers, it’s through the Spylog that you’ll get to the real meat of the matter.


The search field on the dashboard is also linked to the same Spylog. Here, you can browse through the millions of ads in the Advault database, but it is much more sensible to search for keywords (or domains and advertisers) that are relevant to your purposes.

The advanced search unlocks the ability to filter based on date range, engine, country, device, ad run duration, minimum times seen, minimum ad strength, and whether you want to focus on redirects, non-redirects, or both. If an ad is using a redirect, it’s likely an affiliate campaign.

The results page can feel a little overwhelming at first, but it will get much more straightforward once you get used to the system and vernacular. In addition to watching the countries and devices, since geo-targeting and device targeting are increasingly important, you’ll want to pay the closest attention to the “times seen” and “ad strength” figures.


Clicking on any of the individual listings will direct you to a detailed page about that particular ad. If the “times seen” figure is comparatively high, it indicates that this is a popular ad that is getting good reach in the associated network or marketplace. Ads that aren’t being seen also aren’t getting clicked on and thus, also aren’t converting for the advertiser.

The “ad strength” figure, particularly over time, is also noteworthy. This indicates how often the ad was seen yesterday compared to all other ads in the network. A figure closer to 100 indicates more views and a figure closer to 0 indicates fewer views.

Scrolling toward the bottom of the detail page for an individual ad, you will see a list of websites where that ad was served. This can give you a good indication of the kind of audience you might expect to attract should you duplicate a similar ad. You can also click on the destination URL to see the landing page for where the ad is directed.

The Importance of Small Split Tests

By putting all of these pieces together, you get a far better sense of which campaigns have been running for the longest period of time. While the spy tool won’t reveal click-thru or conversion rates (that data is kept private, of course), you can see what ads are likely the most successful. An advertiser is very unlikely to keep a poorly performing ad running for a long time. If the campaign has been around for a while, it’s probably successful.

And if the ad is being successful, you can learn from the associated landing pages for your (affiliate) marketing purposes. The next big step is to utilize a series of split tests on an ongoing basis. Copying a successful ad verbatim may not be the best option. Try different landing pages. Try variations on the ad copy. Attempt slightly different images.


But by starting with the information you glean through your Advault searches, you’ll waste far less money on unsuccessful campaigns and focus on great ones right away. And if you find an advertiser that consistently puts out successful ads in your niche, you can follow him/her too.

Tracking the Top Advertisers

One other very important feature to point out is LeadFinder, which is only available on the top-tier “Network” plan.


If you find that a particular advertiser is consistently publishing ads in your niche, especially if it is a direct advertiser, it may be in your interest to connect with this advertiser directly. Perhaps you can work out a collaborative deal for your mutual benefit. You can build your own traffic network or approach new clients. The sky’s the limit.

With LeadFinder, you are given information about the over 28,000 advertisers in the AdVault database, including the name, phone and email. This can be exported to a CSV file for ease of use.

Try AdVault for Just $1

Marketers who are already spending hundreds or thousands of dollars every month on advertising are well advised to invest in a tool like Advault. Rather than waste your time and money on ads that might not work, you can spy on the competition and focus on doing split-tests solely on formulas that are already successful.


You can try Advault for 3 days for $1 to see if it’s for you. After that, the basic plan is $179 per month, whereas the pro plan is $249 per month. The main difference is the number of networks included (the basic plan only includes Taboola and Outbrain) and the number of countries included (USA/UK only vs. 12 countries). If you want to step it up to the network plan, that is $1499 a month and unlocks all the features.