Travel Affiliates Earn Up to $7,000 with Oceanwide Expeditions

Did you know that more than 90% of all travel is now researched and booked online? It’s true and the internet has completely revolutionized not only the way people travel but also how they research and find the best deals and travel destinations.

It was only just a few years ago that we saw local “travel” agencies and businesses all over the place. Now they are nowhere to be seen. Even in local malls you would find travel booking locations loaded with endless brochures and posters of the hottest destinations to visit in the world, where you could also talk to an agent and book your next vacation. Now none of that is necessary… and along with not having to choose your next vacation off a single photo in a book, you now have the option to read real customer reviews online. What’s even better is watching online video and seeing what your perfect vacation and travel destination is really like before making a purchase.

With the demise of local travel agencies comes the birth of new opportunity, such as that for online marketers and affiliates who can create great travel websites, blogs and reviews online to start revenue generating businesses of their own. Through the use of online travel sites and affiliate marketing, it’s now possible to create content for your target audience, sell the experience of any destination package or vacation getaway and earn some hefty commissions in the process.

Oceanwide Expeditions is an online travel agency that caters to once in a lifetime style ship-based exploratory tourism. Not only do they have some of the most exciting and exclusive cruise experiences in the world, they also have a great affiliate program paying up to $7,000+ per sale!

Oceanwide Expeditions – Antarctica & Arctic Cruise Experiences

The travel industry collectively generates hundreds of billions of dollars every year. The cruise industry represents about $40 billion of that amount.

When you think about world travel and vacations, cruise lines probably aren’t the first consideration to come to mind… however they should be! The common thought behind cruises is that you are stuck on a boat with a bunch of retired senior citizens and will have nothing to do. It’s actually the complete opposite — especially when you are looking at the travel opportunities through Oceanwide Expeditions.

After just a few seconds on their website, you can tell Oceanwide Expeditions is in a league of their own. Just check out some of these outdoor activities, wildlife adventures, and experiences below.

While some travel websites offer everything under the sun, Oceanwide Expeditions focuses their business on exploratory tourism in the Arctic and to Antarctica. Here is where lies a great opportunity for affiliate marketers who are willing to put in the time and effort to build out content-rich sites and travel resources for anyone looking to either book a cruise or make the trip to the Arctic or Antarctica.

With all of that said, let’s now take a look at the affiliate marketing aspect of this all.

Oceanwide Expeditions Affiliate Program

With so much money passing hands in the travel industry, it can be quite a lucrative space for affiliate marketers. As mentioned earlier, nearly all research and orders for vacations are now done online. This leaves for a great opportunity for affiliates to build out their own ad campaigns, resource and travel review sites to pass their users off to the right places while also earning commissions in the process.

Oceanwide Expeditions has an affiliate program of their own, which currently pays out up to 4% commission on all verified sales. While the sound of 4% commissions might not get you excited, here are some stats that will.

  • Earn up to 4% commission for each online booking completed
  • Earn up to 7.5% commission for an OTL28-17 booking
  • 60 day cookie period
  • Average trips range in value from $1,700 – $38,000, which means you can earn substantial commissions

The Oceanwide Expeditions affiliate program is currently managed through Affiliate Window. After joining as an affiliate, you can log in to the system and access your affiliate links, have full access to campaign stats, ad creatives and much more.

For many affiliates, one of the best ways to drive high-converting leads is through the use of a travel resource or review site. In addition to placing regular text links and banner ads on your site, you could also use any of the Oceanwide Expeditions booking widgets within your content (as seen below). Other marketing materials include videos, photos, blog posts, banners, and brochures.

Affiliates Can Earn Over $7,000 in Commissions with One Sale

How often do you come across an affiliate program that gives you the opportunity to earn thousands of dollars from one single lead? Not often… and even if you did find one, many will max out how much you can earn off a referral.

That isn’t the case with Oceanwide Expeditions, who currently has an affiliate promotion and bonus in place for their “most spectacular Antarctic journey ever.“, which is the “The Spectacular Ross Sea (OTL28-17) trip”. This Antarctica cruise is simply one of the best out there and even includes helicopter options to land on the Ross Ice Shelf if conditions allow.

The affiliate promotion for this cruise expedition is a massive 7.5% on the first sale of a filled quadruple porthole cabin, which results in a commission of $7,710!

Also mentioned at the beginning of this article… photos can only bring a vacation experience to life so much. Now it’s all about providing your audience with high-definition video to bring their vacation experiences to life! To see firsthand what type of experience is offered on the Spectacular Ross Sea adventure, be sure to watch the short video below.

Spectacular expedition to the Ross Sea! from Oceanwide Expeditions

How to Make the Most Money with Oceanwide Expeditions

The travel industry is massive and no matter what the economy looks like, people are going to spend money on travel — especially rich people who are looking for a once in a lifetime experience that Oceanwide Expeditions is currently offering.

As an affiliate marketer, it’s your job to seek out these audiences and provide them with the content, resources and reviews they are looking for. For example, if you were to do some research around keywords like “travel to antarctica” or “arctic adventures” you would find that the volume of searches is low, but those people searching for it are definitely interested in pursuing and maybe even purchasing something similar to what OC has to offer. The key thing here is to make it easy for your targeted audience to find what they are looking for, then sending them off to where they can complete their purchase.

There are many different angles you can take when promoting travel online, but the biggest advantage to promoting Oceanwide Expeditions (besides the earning potential) is selling the dream and the once in a lifetime experiences they have to offer. These high-end vacations are going to sell, you might as well start earning some high-paying commissions in the process.

Click here to join the Oceanwide Expeditions affiliate program.

How to Earn Money with Link Shortening – A Case Study

Site owners, bloggers and online marketers. The one thing they all share in common is the never ending desire to master the art of monetizing their content and audiences. While not all content and audiences are the same, the value in their traffic is always something that should is heavily sought after — no matter the country, focus or demographic.

One such method is for sharing content on social media and monetizing site traffic is through the use of link shortening services. In this article, we are going to take a look at what link shortening is, the different services out there you can use and how sites are making money link shortening services in the process.

What are Link Shorteners and Why Might You Need Them?

The concept of link shortening is just like what it sounds like. You provide a full website URL to a link shortening service, then you are instantly provided with a short URL redirect that sends users to your requested site location. A good example of this would be if you were to share a link on Twitter with your audience. You will likely notice that the long URL you provided is quickly turned into a shorter URL redirect so it doesn’t take up a lot of space within your Tweet.


This type of link shortening is automatically done through Twitter, but there actually several reasons what you might want to use a link shortening service for your own links or sharing on other sites, such as:

  • Saving space and making ugly long links look pretty. Yes, the most common reason for using link shorteners is to simply shorten very long links. This is especially true when using social media, as shown above.
  • Gain advanced tracking and statistics on your long links. Another great benefit to shortening links that you might be sharing in different locations is having the ability to track how many clicks you are actually getting, and from where.
  • Hide affiliate links and target URLs. Sometimes you want to promote an affiliate offer or link to another site with a referral ID, but you might not want that information to be public. This is a perfect example of why other site sites are using link shortening.
  • Linking to blocked websites and content through social media. Sometimes social networks like Facebook and Twitter block websites (for whatever reason). One method to get around this is to use link shortening services.
  • Making money with your links. In addition to each of the benefits above, site owners can also make money by using link shortening services to display advertising in between the visitor process, thus generating a new source of revenue.

How Paid Link Shorteners Work

As mentioned in the many benefits of link shorteners above, the one that probably stands out the most is the concept of making money with your links. While not all link shortening services offer a monetization option, sites like, AdFly and LinkShrink are the most common sites that do.

The way link shortening services make money for users of their service is quite simple, and it goes something like this:

  1. A visitor will click on the shortened link from your site or traffic source
  2. An advertisement is displayed on an intermediate paid (this is how you earn money)
  3. The visitor then has the option to view the advertisement or click over (skip) to their final destination

This type of advertising has many advantages for sites that are looking to push a lot of high-traffic volume away from their sites. Examples of these sites  are entertainment & gossip sites, file sharing, image uploads or any other high traffic site that is more focused on volume versus individual action.

You can see the full process of how this works through the image below.


Link Shortening Comparison Case Study

When a lot of bloggers decided to start paying greater attention to paid link shorteners, it was decided to give them a try as well.

However, with so many different solutions on the market, it’s hard to decide how to choose the right one.

Are link shorteners a scam? Or maybe they really allow to make money? Due to many contrary opinions among users, I reached out to a team to run their own link shortening campaigns to split test the results across top networks.

A few minutes with Google were enough to understand that and are the biggest players in paid shorteners niche. We also found some information about, so they were tested within this case study as well.

For testing purposes, non-bot traffic was purchased from 11 countries. There were:

  • Spain (ES)
  • Mexico (MX)
  • Brazil (BR)
  • Saudi Arabia (SA)
  • Indonesia (ID)
  • India (IN)
  • South Korea (KR)
  • Russia (RU)
  • Malaysia (MY)
  • United Kingdom (UK)
  • Bangladesh (BD)

The study took place on April, 15th, 16th and 18th. was used to generate the traffic and to display an interstitial ad (online advertising that lasts a few seconds before loading a destination page. These ads are typical for links shorteners).

For the sake of clarity, 40K impressions were bought from the countries previously before.

Below, you can see specific countries that delivered the traffic:


It was best to choose a wide range of countries to see the differences in payout rates.

Data Analysis

At first glance, all these numbers and definitions may seem difficult, but they’re really easy to understand.

Let’s start with an explanation of terms.

  • Impressions – how many unique clicks were bought. A different number of impressions were purchased from each country
  • Views – how many unique clicks were counted (recognized and accepted) by each link shortener
  • Revenue – how much was earned with each link shortener
  • vECPM is calculated by dividing total earnings by total number of impressions in thousands. It is an excellent performance measure for various ad units. Marketers use vECPM to compare their experimental results.

Data was also collected from the and publisher panels.

Due to the fact that counted scarcely any views, we will not focus on analysing this shortener any further. Below you can see the screenshot from publisher panel.


The next two images show views from and publisher panels.

Views and revenue achieved with


Views and revenue achieved with


To make the data easier to analyze, the stats from above were put into Excel sheets.

bench 7

The number of impressions purchased from each country


Summary of test results

Don’t get dismayed with these numbers. The image below will clarify everything.

screen objasniajacy

Explanation of summary of test results (on the example of Mexico)

At first glance you can see the differences in views counting. Overall, for 11 countries counted more views in seven of them. There were: Spain, Mexico, Brasil, South Korea, Russia, Malaysia and United Kingdom. took the lead with the following countries: Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, India.

Surprisingly, it turned out that paid more in most countries!

The exceptions were: Brazil (there was a draw) and United Kingdom (for this traffic paid me more).

It is worth noting that more was earned with although they basically counted fewer views. That means that has higher rates for each tested traffic.

And vECPM is a unit that shows this perfectly.


This study proved that allows to earn more for the same traffic.

If they only started counting as many views as, they would certainly leave all the competition behind.

Earn $250+ Commissions with Trumpia SMS Messaging

Mobile and SMS messaging is quickly becoming one of the most sought after markets for all brands and businesses today. While email marketing was once the most effective way to deliver your message to an audience, mobile is seeing explosive growth and user engagement rates like never before.

Just think about it… if you got a text message to your mobile device right now, how long would it take you to check and respond to it? Probably instantly!

Brands and businesses of all sizes are now realizing they shouldn’t just be capturing email addresses and Facebook likes, but also phone numbers as well. While the concept of mobile marketing and SMS messaging seems simple enough, there needs to be a platform and solution in place for better managing all of this data and making sure it’s working for each customer. is one such solution and not only are they working with thousands of customers and brands throughout the world, they also have an amazing affiliate program that pays out between $250 to $1,000 per referred customer.

Trumpia SMS Messaging in Action

Before we dive into the Trumpia affiliate program and the many ways you can start promoting their service, let’s first take a look at the service itself and what they have to offer. The concept of mobile and SMS text messaging is quite easy to understand, and if you already have a mailing list for your website or blog, the concept and process behind it all will be even easier. In short, Trumpia provides the platform and solutions for anyone to build their own SMS list, while also providing the tools to send out, automate and track results to such subscribers.

Trumpia SMS Marketing Solution

Just like when someone enters an email address to join your mailing list, the same is done with SMS messaging, except it’s a text message being sent to your specific list number. For example, as a customer of Trumpia, you will have the ability to setup a five-digit short code, which users could then send a text message to and automatically be subscribed to your SMS alerts (e.g., “text JOIN to 12345”). The option is also there to ad a subscribe form to your site, where the user can input their phone number.

Once your signup method is in place, you can then start tracking all of your signups through the Trumpia platform. Within your user account, you can also automate the process of sending out messages to your audience and tracking their performance. Another option available through Trumpia, is the ability to setup two-way messaging, which allows your subscribers to reply back to your messages. This would prove useful when trying to provide customer support or getting customer reviews and testimonials.

How to Grow Your SMS Subscriber List

Having the ability to collect and send outgoing messages to your audience is great, but if you don’t know how well your marketing and outreach is performing, what’s the point? Trumpia not only has the platform in place to run all of your mobile and SMS messaging, they also have full subscriber management and stats tracking features as well. Customers can also divide up their subscriber data based on click-throughs, interests and other useful data points.

To see the Trumpia platform in action, be sure to watch the short 5-minute video below.

With so many different options and providers to choose from in the mobile marketing space, it’s important to go with a reliable and trusted name. Trumpia is currently working with thousands of customers and clients around the world, while also partnering up with the likes of Amazon, Cisco, Microsoft, AirBNB, LinkedIn and more.

Earn $250 to $1,000 in Commissions with Trumpia

Mobile marketing and SMS messaging is just exploding right now. It seems like every brand and business is quickly trying to jump into this market and adapt it into their business in as many ways possible. This is a huge opportunity for affiliates and brand marketers to earn extra cash by recommending the best solutions to the thousands of people searching online every single day. has an affiliate program built right into their system, which pays out a hefty $250 to $1,000 commission on all referrals. With such high payouts in place, you won’t only need to refer a few customers per month to potentially earn several thousands of dollars per month in commissions.

Earn Commissions with Trumpia Affiliate Program

Since manages their own affiliate program, you won’t be finding it on any other ad networks. To join, all you need to do is visit their main site and create an account. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a paying customer of their service to promote their affiliate program, it’s just how they have it setup in their system for affiliate accounts.

Once this is completed, you can then apply for their affiliate program. You will then receive a follow-up email from their affiliate manager who will help with any questions you might have. Should you need any custom creative or landing pages to promote Trumpia, their affiliate management team will gladly have them put together for you.

Payments are sent out to affiliates via direct deposit.

Best Practices for Promoting Trumpia and Earning High Commissions

No matter what affiliate offer you promote, it’s always going to come down to the content you create, the marketing you have in place and how you target your demographic audience. With all of that in mind, it shouldn’t be hard to come up with some unique and effective ways to promote Trumpia and their SMS messaging service — one immediate concept that comes to mind is to create a “Trumpia Review Site” where you can provide guides, tutorials and reviews on everything they have to offer. To learn more about how to set something like this up, be sure to follow my create a niche blog guide.

Tips for Promoting Trumpia

Trumpia’s affiliate program page also has a few recommendations of their own, which are to write online reviews, create a review site and recommending their service to others through marketing forums and press releases. All of these methods could prove successful when hitting the right audiences.

Whether you are going to create a review site or build out your own pay per click marketing campaigns, be sure to highlight the “demo” available on The affiliate management team tells me that roughly 30% of all visitors to their site who go through the demo, end up becoming a paid customer!

  • Bottom line: Brands and businesses are anxiously looking to get more involved with mobile and SMS marketing. When they are researching different solutions online, make it easy for them to find what they are looking for and provide them with a reliable solution… all while extremely high commissions in the process.

Click here to join Trumpia and their affiliate program.

Make Money with Onnit Health & Fitness Affiliate Program

We all know there is a ton of money to be made in the health and fitness space. The problem is that so many of the products and affiliate offers in this space are just junk. As an online marketer, it’s always great to be able to promote something that you would actually use yourself and recommend to your family. However, with so many fake testimonials and advertorials spamming the internet with garbage weight loss and health products that don’t work, it’s hard to find something profitable and legitimate at the same time.

The good news is that there are still some legitimate brands and products for you to promote. The common problem with most of these sites is that they are usually well-known brands, but have very low payouts to affiliates — usually because their margins are small enough as it is.

For example, you could join the affiliate program for or even GNC and start pushing trusted products to your audience, but you are only going to earn a 4-12% commission on any orders. While the concept and brand power is there, the earnings really aren’t.

One company that is looking to make a difference in the health, beauty and fitness space is Not only are they a trusted brand among their thousands of customers, they are also doing it right when it comes to customer service, branding and yes… even affiliate marketing!

In this write-up I’m going to breakdown the Onnit affiliate program, the many benefits of promoting their products and how you can legitimately make money promoting real products and services that work.

Onnit Affiliate Program Review

Onnit is a nutritional supplement and fitness-focused company. The brand was founded in 2010 and launched with their flagship product Alpha BRAIN in July of 2011. After the launch of Alpha Brain, the focus of the company became clear — which was to become the leader in “Total Human Optimization”, thus improving performance on all levels. Through their site at, the company offers supplements, food, fitness equipment, personal care items and much more. All of which you can earn a commission on as an affiliate of their site.


It’s easy to for anyone to say go and promote a health and beauty site, but is actually different than the competition. Not only that they have higher payouts than more other industry sites, but also the legitimacy of their products, their associated with real celebrities and also the many benefits of their affiliate program, which are detailed below.


  • Top Commissions – As mentioned earlier, you have a lot of options when it comes to promoting health and beauty online. Onnit pays out up to 5% on their fitness equipment, up to 10% on health food and up to 18% on their supplements. Payments are sent out monthly through Paypal or via check.
  • Retargeting – To help with this process, Onnit has a retargeting plan in place where they will keep delivering targeted ads to your referred traffic for up to 60 days after that first visit. This is a huge benefit that we rarely see in the affiliate marketing space, yet one that heavily increases overall commissions and earnings.
  • Positive Customer Sentiment -As an affiliate, you spend a lot of money to promote the products you are trying to earn commissions on. To help with this process, Onnit has a retargeting plan in place where they will keep delivering targeted ads to your referred traffic for up to 60 days after that first visit. This is a huge benefit that we rarely see in the affiliate marketing space, yet one that heavily increases overall commissions and earnings.
  • Alpha Status – The Alpha Status program is in place for affiliate marketers and site partners who can provide high volume and attention to promoting Onnit. Such benefit of the Alpha program includes custom landing pages, product samples, and higher commissions.

Click here to join the Onnit affiliate program and gain access to all of these affiliate benefits.

Onnit Clinical Results & AlphaBrain

As mentioned earlier, the flagship product behind Onnit is their best-selling AlphaBrain supplement.

Alpha BRAIN® is a complete, balanced nootropic created from scientifically tested Earth grown ingredients to specifically activate vital areas of neurotransmission. This is a nutrient combination for your brain that in a pilot study indicated improvements in verbal memory and executive function, helping you to achieve greater focus, memory, and mental clarity.†

As an affiliate of Onnit, commissions of up to 18% are paid out on all Alpha Brain and supplement offers.


Also mentioned earlier, the majority of nutraceutical products on the market today come with false dreams and promises. Onnit actually has the clinical studies to back up their products — making it not only a valuable product for their customers but also something their affiliate marketers can feel good about promoting.


Alpha Brain is currently being searched thousands of times daily in the search results, which means you can benefit from creating your own niche review sites on the product and also using their clinical studies to backup the product and it’s benefits.

Real Celebrities and Spokespersons of Onnit

How many times have you been online and seen your favorite TV personality and talk show host supposedly pushing a new weight loss product? I’m sure you’ve seen the likes of Dr. Oz, Oprah and even The Rock being used in fake advertorials lately.

That’s the problem — THEY ARE FAKE!

Even after endless lawsuits and legal action, online marketers keep using celebrities without their permission to push garbage products online.

With Onnit, you don’t need to worry about that — THEY HAVE REAL CELEBRITIES BACKING THEIR PRODUCTS, and here are just a few of them.


Some of the more notable names on the list are Joe Rogan, who is a well-known comedian and TV host that also is closely associated with fitness and MMA fighting. Dominic Monaghan, actor from the Lord of the Rings movie series. Mark-Paul Gosselaar, everyone’s favorite star from Saved By the Bell… and many more professional athletes, stars and personalities.

As an affiliate of Onnit, why do celebrity endorsements matter to you? Simply because they gain attention, promote trust in a product and also help increase conversions when your audience is at the Onnit website and landing pages.

Join the Onnit Health & Fitness Affiliate Program

There are many opportunities when it comes to promoting health and fitness online. The best solutions are ones that offer real and trusted products to your audience. Yes, they might not have the highest paying conversions, but at the very least you will know you are working with a trusted brand and promoting products that work.

Whether it’s supplements, fitness equipment or health food, be sure to explore your options with Onnit Affiliate Program.

Make Money with BizProfits Affiliate Network

Affiliate networks are definitely one of the most influential reasons why affiliate marketing is as successful and prominent as it is today. It really all started back when launched their affiliate program and other sites started to catch on. However, once affiliate networks came onto the scene in the late 90s and early 2000s, other businesses and brands were then able to get in on the action. The benefit here was that an affiliate network acted as a middle man and made it easy for affiliates (and site owners) to partner with other brands that probably wouldn’t have a rev-share opportunity in the first place.

Jump forward to today and that business model is still alive and doing better than ever. With more affiliate networks on the scene than ever before, it’s important to keep an eye on which ones are worth your time and which you can pass over. The benefits of joining multiple ad networks is that you will always be in the know about the latest offers and exclusive campaigns in the marketplace.

With all of that in mind, today we are going to take a look at BizProfits, an affiliate network focused on high-paying offers in the health, beauty and loan space.


BizProfits Affiliate Network Review

As an affiliate or internet marketer, the concept of an affiliate network should come as second nature. Once applying to BizProfits as an affiliate, you will have instant access to their network (which runs off the HasOffers platform) and the many health, beauty and loan related offers available. While most affiliate networks like to load up their site with as many offers as possible, BizProfits keeps their offer amount to a minimum so they can focus only on the highest paying and converting offers.


Each affiliate network has their own perks, features and tracking solution in place. BizProfits is no exception and they offering the following to all of their affiliate partners and advertisers.

  • High-Quality Traffic – Each publisher that applies to BizProfits is put through a rigorous screening and selection process. After being accepted, affiliate traffic is also monitored to meet quality standards and advertiser needs.
  • Real-Time Data & Analytics – BizProfits offers a robust tracking platform that offers full analytics, tracking, and management of campaign performance.
  • High Converting Offers – Affiliates have access to a large selection of highest converting, exclusive offers currently available only through BizProfits.
  • Data Driven Approach – It’s easy to throw a bunch of offers on a network and call yourself an affiliate network. BizProfits uses performance data and insight to make sure their affiliates have access to only the best offers in the industry today.

As mentioned earlier, the majority of offers available through BizProfits are focused on health, beauty and finance. By keeping a tight focus on the type of offers available through the network, BizProfits can help their affiliates find and promote the best offers for their traffic sources and audience. In short, when looking at different affiliate networks, it’s important to look at the quality over quantity.

Affiliate Offers within BizProfits

BizProfits is running off the HasOffers tracking solution, which is one of the most trusted affiliate network platforms in the industry. As an active affiliate, you are probably already quite familiar with the setup of HasOffers and how to select offers, track campaigns and manage your account, so I wouldn’t go into too much detail on this. If you aren’t familiar, it’s extremely easy to use and has a minimal learning curve.


Once logged into the network, you can access all of the campaigns currently available to affiliates. Some of which we will cover now.

The latest numbers from BizProfits, in terms of offers, payouts, publishers and traffic volume looks like the following.

  • 432 Offers
  • $4,789,453 in Payouts
  • 2,785 Publishers
  • 27,927,643 Clicks

With over $4 million already being paid out to their site partners, you can be rest assured that there are some high-quality offers on the network for you to start promoting.

You can see some of the recent offers available within BizProfits below. Most of the offers on the network are health, beauty and finance related, with payouts mostly ranging in the $50-$200+ range. The majority of offers on the network require a credit card for trial/re-bill type related offers.


To learn more about how to effectively promote many of the offers found within BizProfits, I highly recommend you take a look at their blog. I’ve included three of their best articles below.


In addition to their blog, BizProfits also has a nice amount of updates through their Twitter and Facebook accounts on the latest offers being added to the network and resource guides on how to maximize your earnings through different traffic sources.

Payments are sent out to affiliates once a minimum threshold of $250 has been met. Since the majority of offers on the network pay out $40+, this shouldn’t be a problem for any established health, beauty and financial related marketers. Payments are sent out twice per month, and available through a wide range of methods such as PayPal, Epese, Paxum, WebMoney and wire transfers.

In addition to promoting offers within the network, BizProfits also has a 2nd-tier affiliate program, which allows you to earn 5% commission on any new affiliates sent to their network. This means if you were to send an affiliate to BizProfits and they went on to earn $10,000, you would earn $500 just for that referral.


How to Get Started with BizProfits

If you want to make money in the world of affiliate marketing, it’s all about learning how to do better and building relationships and trust. These same methods apply when partnering up with affiliate networks as well. Don’t expect to join a network and just start making money, you need to put the work in and utilize the resources they have in place for you. Affiliate and ad networks only success if their site partners succeed.


With all of that in mind, be sure to apply for the BizProfits network and connecting with their team today.

12 Must-Listen Marketing Podcasts for Affiliate Marketers

Podcasts are completely changing the way content is being created and delivered in the world today. While many of us are used to text and image-based content, podcasting is bringing the conversation to life through full audio and sometimes even video.

Think about it like this… would you rather spend 20 minutes reading a thorough guide on what’s currently working in the industry today, or would you rather listen to a podcast with someone talking about what’s working, while also giving real life examples and walkthroughs in the process? Nearly everyone would rather go with the audio version. Best of all, this type of content can be consumed from anywhere. The majority of people listening to podcasts, are doing so while on their commute to work, while at the gym or while they are working on other tasks online.

In short, podcasting isn’t just another medium to deliver content — it’s a better way to connect with your audience while bringing the conversation to life. Which is one of the many reasons why I launch my own podcast, Rise of the Entrepreneur.

With all of that in mind, podcasting is experiencing massive growth right now. With Apple iTunes fueling the way for podcasting and making it easily accessible to anyone with a mobile device or iTunes installed, there is no reason why we shouldn’t continue to see more growth in the coming years. As the Apple media player continues to be added into new cars, podcasting is only going to get more exposure and listeners.

We can also attribute a massive amount of growth and attention to podcasting, thanks to the many celebrities, brands and professionals who have started shows of their own. Of course, you also have many top bloggers, entrepreneurs and business experts funneling their site traffic to their podcasts as well. Open iTunes on any given day and you will find names like Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Ferries, John Lee Dumas, Dave Ramsey and many others right at the top of the business section.


Again, podcasting is bringing your content to life, while also connecting you that much closer to your audience. The conversation is getting real.

Speaking of business podcasts… now it’s time to showcase some of the best shows on the market today for business experts and affiliate marketers. This list was originally created by John Rampton of in his recent article on Forbes. I’ve listed each of the shows below, along with an excerpt on each. Below the list you will also find a custom infographic highlighting each of the shows and many other notable key stats in the industry today.

12 Marketing Podcasts for Entrepreneurs You Can’t Afford to Miss

  1. Business Mistakes – Business Mistakes has already received more than 150 five-star ratings and features various industry leaders who talk about their life-changing mistakes and the steps they did to rise after the blunder.
  2. PNR: This Old Marketing – Robert Rose and Joe Pulizzi puts their audience in the know about the latest trends and strategies in content marketing, this podcast is for you.
  3. The Solopreneur – Hosted by Michael O’Neal, Solopreneur aims to help those who consider themselves unemployable by leading them to the correct path to becoming successful on their own terms.
  4. Mixergy – Listen to Andrew Warner as he interviews the best of the best and asks them uncomfortable and thought-provoking questions to bring out the greatest success and heart-wrenching failures of his guests.
  5. Entrepreneur On Fire – Get into the minds of today’s entrepreneurs and leading business experts from John Lee Dumas’ award-winning podcast, EOFire or Entrepreneurs on Fire.
  6. Growth Everywhere – The Growth Show is the business podcast of HubSpot. It is dedicated to helping leaders and business people grow their ideas, businesses, a movement, or a team.
  7. The Growth Show – Growth Everywhere is a podcast dedicated to growing your business and your personal growth; thus, the namesake.
  8. Smart Passive Income – Smart Passive Income is what it is – helping you find passive income resources so that you have more time to pursue your other endeavors. It is packed with stories and lesson Pat Flynn, the founder, has experienced.
  9. Manager Tools – If you want to become a better manager and gain invaluable insight how to manage your team, Manager Tools has very comprehensive tools and resources to help you achieve that goal.
  10. The James Altucher Show – Psychologist and best-selling author, James Altucher does not just bring you business insights but also about finding your passion and purpose and build it to bring you profit.
  11. EntreLeadership – EntreLeadership is hosted by Ken Coleman, it includes lively discussions about business and leadership that can add more to your knowledge and insight.
  12. Rise of the Entrepreneur – Zac Johnson has interviewed hundreds of entrepreneurs that spill the beans on the best tips and tricks to launch, grow and have a successful business.

12 Must-Listen Marketing Podcasts for Entrepreneurs Infographic


Increase Traffic and ROI with Pop-Under Advertising from AdsRevenue

To run a successful website or business online, you need to continually increase the amount of targeted traffic to your site. It’s not just about ‘creating content’ or ‘ranking in the search results’, it’s also about knowing how to back up your marketing efforts with some real advertising and pushing high volume traffic to your site.

This is where most content creators and marketers fail. There is simply way too much information out there as it is, and if you are trying to generate traffic without having a set budget, you are going to be waiting around a long time. The same holds true for affiliate marketers as well. Yes, you can make money with social and organic traffic, but this could take forever.

One of the best options for increasing targeted traffic right to your site is through the use of media buying and popunders. Not only is there a never ending supply of pop under traffic out there, it’s also an extremely effective way to target your audience and make sure your advertising dollars are being spent in the right places.

Today we are going to take a look at AdsRevenue, which is an advertising network with plenty of targeting and CPM rates starting as low as just 50 cents.

AdsRevenue Pop-Under Advertising Network

Whether you are creating a campaign to start sending traffic to your site or to push leads for an ad campaign, you need to first have a few things in place:

  • An offer to promote
  • A targeted audience that converts
  • A set of landing pages to split test
  • A traffic source with tracking and targeting options

Most of these are no-brainers for active affiliates already, but the continuing mission to find new traffic sources is something we all need. This is where AdsRevenue comes in.


AdsRevenue is an advertising network that specializes exclusively in pop-under traffic. We’ve all seen pop-under traffic before, as both advertisers and site users. We also know how effective they can be. With pop-under window advertising, your website or landing page will appear underneath the current window of the website someone is visiting. The benefit here is that it’s a pop-UNDER and not a pop-UP (remember how annoying those were!).

As an advertiser with AdsRevenue, you will have access to the following network benefits:



The goal at AdsRevenue is to “deliver real results for your online advertising campaigns,” helping you “get large volumes of traffic to significantly improve your campaign performance.” One such method for accomplishing this is through the full-page display of pop-unders run through AdsRevenue — thus making it easier for the end user to complete an action on your site without the need to scroll or open/close new tabs.

Once setup with an AdsRevenue account, all advertisers will have access to quality traffic, multiple targeting features (including geotargeting, device targeting and language targeting), and real-time online reports to make sure you’re on track.

Inside the AdsRevenue Self-Serve Advertising Platform

Setting up your first campaign with AdsRevenue is quite simple. Like some of the best advertising solutions out there, AdsRevenue is running off a self-serve platform, giving you full control over your campaign settings, funding and stats tracking. Should you need to contact your account manager or someone from the support team, email and phone access is also available.


Through the top navigation area you can access your campaign settings, conversion stats, reports, financials and more. A quick performance chart of your campaign over the last seven days is also shown on the main login page.

Create a New Campaign in Under a Minute

Self-serve advertising platforms are an online marketers best friend. The last thing you want to mess around with is an annoying platform that you need to learn how to use and take time with on each campaign setup.

To create your first campaign with AdsRevenue, simply click on the “Campaigns” button on the top of the page. You can then click on “New Campaign” and you will be sent over to campaign wizard like the one shown below. You then just need to fill in your campaign setting and proceed through the process.


Once all of your campaign basic information is filled out, you will then need to fill out the more specific details of your campaign, such as site URL, daily budget, whether it’s a private program has special needs and if it accepts adult content and traffic.

Another important aspect of your campaign will be the categories that you select. The advertising of your campaign will be based off your selected categories, so make sure you choose them carefully and also track their performance separately. The range of categories available in AdsRevenue is quite varied, including business, coupons & rebates, games, mobile traffic, education, software, and weight loss, among others.

With all of your campaign information now in place, it’s time to setup the creative for your campaigns. In the section you will be able to customize what URL landing pages and tracking IDs should be used, while also incorporating in network IDs, sub-ids and more.


The last part of the process is to set your CPV (cost per view) price points and the different countries that you would like to display your ads through. Rates start at .00005 per view, and based on the country and category you select, this rate will vary based on advertiser demand. The higher your CPV rate, the more likely you are to receive a higher volume of traffic.

Once all of this is done, your campaign will go into the “Pending” process and you will be notified asap on its approval within the AdsRevenue network.

Increase Traffic and ROI with Pop-Under Advertising

If you are still sitting on the sidelines and not using pop-under traffic to push targeted traffic to your landing page, you are simply missing out. With low rates of .00005 per view, you can quickly get ad campaigns up and running and should have a good idea on their potential after just a few small test campaigns. Don’t forget to split test different landing pages, categories and traffic sources for best results. is another reliable advertising solution and traffic source that every online marketer, affiliate, and lead generation based business should invest their time and money in.

To sign up with AdsRevenue, simply fill out the one-page registration form and you’ll be on your way to making more money in no time.

How LeadsMarket is Building a Pay Per Lead Empire

The affiliate marketing industry is continually changing and if you are going to find long-term success in this industry, you are going to have to continually change with it.

As an affiliate, this means you will need to focus on new traffic sources, ad campaigns and work with high-quality advertising networks to make sure you are getting paid on all of your valuable leads. Surviving in this industry means keeping a good reputation, building long-lasting relationships with your affiliate partners and distinguishing yourself from the crowd by offering exclusive campaigns or services you won’t be able to find anywhere else. (or LeadsMarket) is the number one marketplace for affiliate marketers and lenders in the small dollar consumer loan space. The founders behind the company started their direct marketing journey over a decade ago and have built the company into the powerhouse player it is today. In keeping with the theme of what it takes to grow a successful business as an affiliate, I sat down with LeadsMarket CEO, Morgan Gethers, to get his expertise on how his business has grown and adopted with changes in the industry and much more.


When did start and what industry does it focus on?

Morgan: We’ve been around since 2011. Currently, our focus has been on leads for financial based products such as installment, payday, auto, and small business loans.

Now let’s talk about affiliate marketing and the types of partners you are looking for the network?

Morgan: Because we have a vast array of products, we get affiliates from all walks of life. We have affiliates specializing in search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), and more. Depending on the type of traffic we receive, we have different ways to monetize the traffic while also making sure that this traffic is monetized in the best possible way.

Basically, any good affiliate willing to play by the rules can join our network and we can help them figure out how to best grow their portfolio. We pay affiliates in their desired manner, either via check, ACH, Webmoney, PayPal, wire, and more. For revenues over one hundred dollars, payouts are generally distributed weekly. Many of our affiliates are generating over one hundred dollars weekly. This means most of our affiliates get their cash flows in a fast and efficient manner, which allows for faster and further growth in their business.

Affiliate support is something I feel so many networks lack in. Most of them will let you sign up to their network and you never hear from them again. How is different from the competition and what has worked best to increase affiliate earnings?

Morgan:  Great question. LeadsMarket does a few different things.

Firstly, we supply our affiliates with helpful materials to improve their PPC, SEO, and overall marketing strategies.

Secondly, we provide (1) JavaScript forms (iframes) (2) HTML templates (3) landing pages and (4) host and post sites that utilizes our robust hundred lender ping tree.

Thirdly, we have reporting that allows affiliates to break down EPL from wherever they’re trying to target and that allows them to see what kind of consumers they’re sending through, per ad, for example, and per sub IDs. So that they can always figure out the best ways to improve their profitable traffic while decreasing their less profitable traffic.

The loan market seems like a massive industry and one that is loaded with competition. Two questions; First, why should affiliates get into the loan lead generation space, and second, why is LeadsMarket their best option?

Morgan:  I agree, the loan market is massively huge and there are always going to be huge players with millions of dollars in advertising to pay their way to the top of the search results, or simply to be seen everywhere. However, at the same time, there is always going to be a market for financial services and more importantly, affiliates can still enter this space and take advantage of everything we have in place to help them succeed.

As a lead generation business we’ve grown very quickly throughout the years and now we do over two hundred thousand leads a day. And we do that through a few different methods.

First, our EPLs (earnings per lead) are by far the highest as we consistently go 20 and 30 percent higher than our next largest competitor which is why we have so much traffic.

Second, we pay out 90 percent of the revenue to the affiliate. So we make sure that the affiliate is completely and fully compensated. If they don’t have the capability, we can even help them put exit pages on their traffic, help them monetize their data, and we also don’t charge the affiliate any fees.

As for the why LeadsMarket is the best option, there are few different ways that I look at that. Obviously, we have an incredibly large lender network over one hundred fifty lenders in our system and that allows us to have the most coverage possible. Moreover, being an affiliate with us also means you get the advantages of all of our own internal traffic we do as we spend millions on radio and TV. That always assists both the lenders and the affiliates. On top of that there is our technology, our proprietary system, which is truly one of a kind. It is not only self-learning but it’s something that we’ve really never seen in our space before and that also helped us go even further than our competition.


It seems like when an affiliate starts to find success in one space, they tend to try and bring the offer in-house or want to cut out the middle man. What is the advantage for an affiliate to work with LeadsMarket rather than directly selling leads to an online lender?

Morgan:  There are two major reasons for working with LeadsMarket versus directly selling leads to an online lender.

First, building a large lender network like ours (100+) requires heavy resources, possibly twenty to thirty people to build the infrastructure and lender pool. From an affiliate’s perspective, the overhead expense combined with only making the 10 percent that our company takes is going to cost you a heck of a lot more than that 90 percent that you would be gaining.

Secondly, when you work with us because we are so large we’re going to be able to get looser filters and higher payouts from the lender than a single affiliate is ever going to be able to get.

Is there any selection process for new affiliates?

Morgan:  Of course. While we allow everyone to sign up, we’re very selective on who we work with because compliance with state and federal regulations and quality of leads are important to us. Therefore, we try our best to make sure the traffic generated by the affiliate is compliant for regulators, lenders, etc.

How can my audience learn more about or connect with your affiliate management team?

Morgan:  If you come to our website you can sign up and an affiliate manager will reach out to you directly. You may contact us through LinkedIn, email and phone. We’re also extremely active at tradeshows, serving as top sponsors for several national conferences. We are very viewable for our affiliates.

Final question… what is LeadsMarket’s industry outlook for 2016?

Morgan:  The outlook to me is very strong. We have products and services that our clients on all sides love. It really allows our philosophy to shine through, which is “win win win” in regards to consumers, lenders, and affiliates. Everyone benefits through our process.

Company website:


Thanks again to Morgan Gethers for taking the time to share his story and insights on what it takes to grow a successful lead generation business on the internet today. If you would like to share your story, please contact us today.

25 Highest Paying Jobs in America for 2016

The only thing more important than having a high paying job, is doing something you enjoy. If you have the opportunity to work for yourself, enjoy what you do and make good money in the process… the more power to you!

For the majority of people in the world today, it’s all about going to school, getting heavily into debt and usually stuck in a job they simply can’t make enough money in or one that they absolutely hate. Not only is your career choice something that you are going to be stuck with for quite a while, it’s also a financial decision as well.

The internet has completely changed the way individuals get hired for new jobs, the way businesses research and hire new people and of course, the research involved in finding what the best-paying jobs are and how you might be able to inch your way into one of these industries.

Glassdoor is one such company that is helping to revolutionize the way businesses hire and people get hired. In addition to helping employees and employers connect with each other, they also provide some of the best employment and personal finance reports as well — including their recent one on the Top 25 Highest Paying Jobs in America for 2016.

As expected, the jobs that required the most college experience are the big winners in the lists — which were physicians, lawyers, and research & development managers. On the flip side, we also have another article on top paying jobs with no degree required.

In collaboration with the infographic design team at CJG Digital Marketing, we were able to bring this data to life in our very own unique infographic design seen below.

Feel free to run through the list of the top 10 highest paying jobs in America for 2016 below, then referring to the infographic for the full list of 25 top paying career choices and other valuable information on who businesses are hiring, job search tips, and why it’s a benefit to everyone to be more open about salary amounts and getting the dream job you always wanted!

Highest Paying Jobs in America

1. Physician

  • Median Base Salary: $180,000
  • Number of Job Openings: 2,064

2. Lawyer

  • Median Base Salary: $144,500
  • Number of Job Openings: 995

3. Research & Development Manager

  • Median Base Salary: $142,120
  • Number of Job Openings: 112

4. Software Development Manager

  • Median Base Salary: $132,000
  • Number of Job Openings: 3,495

5. Pharmacy Manager

  • Median Base Salary: $130,000
  • Number of Job Openings: 1,766

6. Strategy Manager

  • Median Base Salary: $130,000
  • Number of Job Openings: 701

7. Software Architect

  • Median Base Salary: $128,250
  • Number of Job Openings: 655

8. Integrated Circuit Designer Engineer

  • Median Base Salary: $127,500
  • Number of Job Openings: 165

9. IT Manager

  • Median Base Salary: $120,000
  • Number of Job Openings: 3,152

10. Solutions Architect

  • Median Base Salary: $120,000
  • Number of Job Openings: 2,838

To view the full list, visit Glassdoor.

25 Highest Paying Jobs in America Infographic



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How to Make Money with StudyBay and Academic Writing Services

Content creation is one of the most important aspects of the internet. As a site owner it’s important for you to create content for your audience. As a freelance writer you can start a side business of your own and get paid to write content for other sites.

While the concept of “content creation” is quite simple, it goes way beyond just our little world of internet marketing.

Think back to when you were in school and the teacher told you to write a five page paper on whatever it was you were learning about in that given week. That was content creation! At the same time you are probably thinking about how much you hated writing those papers, or even how overwhelming it was while you were in college and had to write multiple term papers in a short period of time!

Yes, I’m sure it was stressful and if you had the option, you would probably have paid someone else to write these papers for you so you could focus on getting your most important term papers and finals done.

If so, you are not alone! is an academic writing platform that allows students to connect with professional teachers and experts to write a original content and academic papers. Such content includes reports, business plans, dissertations, essays, term papers, creative writing and much more. All for just a few dollars per page.

StudyBay – Academic Writing Platform

As a site owner, blogger and online marketing brand, you probably are familiar with how the process of content writing works. You select the type of content you want created, provide a work count, then hire a freelance writer or post the job to a writing marketplace. Studybay follows that same exact model except the site is heavily focused towards students and academic writing.

Now before you start screaming about how this can be seen as unethical or against school guidelines… it probably is! However, think back to when you were in school and how demanding it was to try and attend all of your classes and get all of your work done on time. Sometimes it’s simply too demanding, and more importantly I’m just showing you that there is a solution out there and plenty of demand to go along with it. Studybay is simply an online location where this is being done, versus students paying their room mates or other friends to get the work done.


To see how the process works, all you need to do is visit their site at, and signup as a Student or Writer. As a student (customer), you can place orders through their site and order any type of content creation you like, you can also choose the education level (high school, masters, phd) the articles should be written in. There is also an option to signup as an expert, which is similar to being a freelance writer for the site. As an expert, you would get paid to write content for customers of Studybay.

In terms of quality and conditions on the site, Studybay has the following guidelines in place.

  • QUALITY ASSURANCE – All registered experts have solid experience in academic writing and have successfully passed our special competency examinations.
  • ZERO PLAGIARISM GUARANTEE – All registered experts have solid experience in academic writing and have successfully passed our special competency examinations.
  • LOW PRICEStudybay offers the lowest prices on the market. Our prices start at just $5 per page!
  • NO INTERMEDIARIES – In ordering from us you are working directly with writers, and not overpaying intermediaries. So, you save up to 50% of the cost.

The Cost of Academic Writing Services through Studybay

A good way to look at Studybay is if you already know a topic front and back, but simply don’t have the time to rehash all the content and get it written down on paper. Or maybe you are just terrible at writing. Instead of spending endless hours on trying to write the perfect paper, you could simply have someone else do it through Studybay… and it won’t break the bank in the process.

You can see the many different types of writing styles available through Studybay below. You will also see the average cost per page for each.


The deciding factors on how much a paper will cost through Studybay are:

  • Type of paper (essay, outline, business plan etc.)
  • Academic level (high school, masters or PhD)
  • Word count (average paper is 250 words per page)

To get a better estimate on how much a paper will cost you, all you need to do is pull up the trusty “Price Calculator” on their site. Plug in the article type, education level, deadline and minimum/max words. You will then see your writing estimate and can place an order right away.


Unlike other freelance writing sites where you post a job and simply hope someone picks it up, and that it comes back written well, Studybay has over 10,000 experts writing content for their customers. This means your content will not only be written to your standards, but also in a timely matter.

There are of course also alternatives for academic writing services such as sites like UpWork and PaperWritingHelp, who both have the platform and tools in place to help with your assignments and writing projects!

Earn 60% Commission with the Studybay Affiliate Program

As with most sites and online businesses, Studybay also has an affiliate program — and a quite generous one at that!

We already know there is a big demand for this service. Millions of new students are attending high school and college every year and I’m sure plenty of them will be using services like Studybay to try and get more done.

In fall 2015, about 50.1 million students will attend public elementary and secondary schools. Of these, 35.2 million will be in prekindergarten through grade 8 and 14.9 million will be in grades 9 through 12. An additional 4.9 million students are expected to attend private schools. The fall 2015 public school enrollment is expected to be slightly higher than the 50.0 million enrolled in fall 2014. (source)

Should you have a content site or an ad campaign to target these audiences, you could be earning 40-60% on each referral and an additional 15% on all future orders from your referred customers.


As an affiliate of Studybay, you will benefit from the following:

  • 64% An industry beating 64% CR (Conversion Rate) for paid and fulfilled orders.
  • 10 orders – The average number of orders per client on our resource.
  • 24/7 – We convert your traffic even at night, holidays and weekends.
  • A Personal Manager, Available 24 hours a day
  • Instantaneous payments, in any method of payment you choose
  • Your referral is tied to you forever and do not expire.

To give you an example of how much you might earn from referring a new customer to Studybay, take a look at this.

The average customer purchases 10 writing jobs through Studybay. If they spend $120 on their first order, you would earn around $72 just for that one referral. You would also earn 15% on all future orders from that same customer as well. If there were to come back and order 9 more articles at $100 each, you’d be looking at an extra $135 in commissions just from that one referral. ($255 total)

To get an idea of how much their current affiliates are earning, you can take a look at their most recent affiliate numbers on their affiliate signup page.


Ideas for Making the Money with Studybay

To make money with any affiliate program, you need to take the time and effort to study it’s target audience and how you can best cater content and advertising to them. In the case of Studybay, it’s all about getting in front of study or providing them with useful writing style guides and tips. Such methods can be used through content creation of your own, SEO to rank in the search results or using paid advertising through social media (Facebook Ads) and media buying.

To start promoting Studybay, all you need to do is join their affiliate program. Once logged in you will have access to all tracking links, creatives, landing pages and much more.


In addition to earning LIFETIME commission on your referred customers, you will also benefit being a Studybay affiliate that you won’t have to wait long for your commissions to be paid out. While most affiliate programs have a net30 or net60 payment plan in place, Studybay can pay out to their affiliates at a much faster rate. This is possible because customers pay Studybay in advance, which means there is no waiting them to receive payment, wait to see if the customer is happy or not, then wait again to pay out earnings to the affiliate.

Once an order is placed through your affiliate link, you will see it within your affiliate dashboard. After the order is confirmed as legitimate, you can then withdraw your commissions at any time.

The minimum payment threshold is only $10 and payments are sent out through Paypal, Webmoney or made to bank cards (Visa / Mastercard).

You know the target audience and that there is massive money to be made. Now it’s time to take everything you just learned and putting it into action.

Join the Studybay affiliate program today.