5 Things for Spicing Up Your Business Blog

Blogs have been around for quite some time. Every respectable business has put effort into building respectability through helpful content. However, with many strategies said and done, what can you do to take your blog to the next level? 

Having a successful blog is a competitive advantage – a huge one. From appearing on the first page on Google search to raising awareness about your product, a blog helps do all that. For one, quality content lets you be noticed without the need for costly PPC

Furthermore, not only does a blog help drive traffic to your website, but it also builds trust and emotional connection with both prospects and existing customers. Simply put, it is an all-in-one marketing tool.

Here’s how to make it exceptionally good.

Know Your Audience

The most important word in marketing may just as well be – targeting. Every business strategy begins with getting to know its audience. Otherwise, you might be ringing the wrong bell and receiving little to no positive outcomes. 

The same applies to running a business blog, which cannot possibly grow and capture quality leads if there’s nobody around to read it. 

Get to know your audience first.

Audience targeting data will influence your blogging decisions, from when to post to what font to use. Ultimately, it will help you understand your customers’ needs and pain points, just as well as how to solve them before your competitors. 

Show Your Expertise

Now that you’ve found a perfect solution to all your customers’ problems, you finally have an opportunity to brag. A blog is where you show off everything you’ve learned while trying to be the best in what you do.

It’s time to convince them you are number one in your niche.

Sharing expert opinion on your business blog requires some hard work, though. To begin with, you need to be sure that you know what you’re talking about, which means backing your words with research and relevant sources.

However, you also need to make it fun.

Nobody likes reading dry facts, which is why successful bloggers use easy-to-read formats such as how-to articles and so-called listicles. Feel free to include video content with many first-hand tips, interesting stats, and quotable thoughts. 

Post Shareable Content

Another reason for making your expert opinion quotable is – you need social media shares. In terms of traffic and ranking, a successful blog can do a lot on its own, but add a share button to it too, and you’ll quadruple your brand mentions in no time.

Approximately 82% of marketers repurpose content across social media. 

It’s not hard seeing how this strategy helps increase your reach and why this is important. You’ll see new crowds coming to your blog from social media, but you’ll also register heaps of new followers on relevant networks that allow you to push your business forward.

However, while expertise is appreciated on popular social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and especially LinkedIn, you’ll probably want to reconsider your content for other platforms like Instagram and TikTok. That is if you need to be there at all. 

Stay Fresh & Relevant

Speaking of different channels and their varied audiences, you might be wondering – is there a way to win them all? How can you possibly make your blog a welcoming place for so many ideal customer personas? Also, how can you keep them engaged?

The answer is simple – stay fresh and relevant. 

This popular marketing catchphrase means never to stop producing original, high-quality content. You need to offer value to your readers.

In terms of topics and themes, you need to make sure that you’re following the latest trends from your niche. Always be the first one to share opinions on industry news. 

Thus, there might be times when you will need to research markets and find local competitors. A Virtual Private Network is a convenient tool many marketers and blog writers take advantage of daily. 

Not only does it protect communications and file exchanges, but it also offers another perk. A VPN can help unblock Google results to find those specific to a certain region. If you need to find more information about the concerns and preferences of a certain locale, this tool will be highly helpful. 

Start a Conversation

Finally, talk to your readers.

You should keep the conversation flowing. Successful bloggers know that engagement is way more important than traffic because it directly translates to satisfied customers. 

Visitor engagement is ensured by interactive content such as polls and contests. It’s a way for them to participate in your creative process and for you to say thank you for being loyal. To show you’re listening, always share customer feedback. 

Today’s customers appreciate transparency above all else. Savvy brands use blogs and social media as platforms for sharing behind-the-scenes and sneak-peek content, which helps them build trust and convert their customers into brand ambassadors. 


Running a profitable business blog is hard work, but only in terms of consistency. Ultimately, what you need is a foolproof content schedule. Posting regularly shows your respect towards the audience and paints you as a professional.

When it comes to blogging about your business, originality, creativity, and consistency make all the difference. 

How to Start Sleeping Comfortably At Night And Stop Waking Up Tired

Are you finding it difficult to get a restful night’s sleep? Waking up tired and exhausted, no matter how long you slept at night?

Don’t worry – there are a few simple solutions you can try to get more restful sleep. Luckily, many of these solutions can be addressed using household items and existing materials you have, so you don’t have to wait before you start seeing an improvement in your ability to rest!

Follow Good Sleep Hygiene

You’ve probably heard of bodily hygiene – but have you ever heard of sleep hygiene? Sleep hygiene is a set of practices that you can follow to get more restful sleep, including:

  • Staying away from screens (phone, computer, and tablet) for at least 2 hours before you go to bed
  • Have a regular bedtime routine that you follow, including sleeping and waking at the same time daily when possible
  • Cutting down on naps during the day to 20-30 minutes at a maximum

Make Sure Your Bed is Comfortable

It’s simple math – if your bed isn’t comfortable, you’re unlikely to be able to get good quality sleep. Additionally, being uncomfortable at night means you’re more likely to wake up halfway through the night as opposed to sleeping right through.

This may involve changing your mattress, not just so that you can move to a more comfortable mattress but also so that it can fit your sleep needs. So, if your children join you and your partner frequently, you need to upgrade to a king mattress – a smaller mattress, like a queen, simply won’t have the space needed to ensure you have a restful night’s sleep. A new mattress may seem like an unnecessary expense, but we promise it will pay off. 

Don’t Overuse Your Bed

Not sure what this means? Well, it’s simple – you should only use your bed for sleep (or intimacy) unless absolutely necessary otherwise. If you use your bed for other reasons, like working on watching TV, your mind will associate being in bed with not sleeping.

Your bedroom may be your oasis, but your bed isn’t always your best friend. Even if you work from home, try and find a dedicated workspace rather than opting for your bed – both your work and your sleep with thank you!

Wake Up

Sounds counterintuitive, right? However, the fact is that forcing yourself to sleep can be just as bad as getting poor-quality sleep. If you’ve ever forced yourself to sleep when your body didn’t want to, there’s a good chance you woke up even more tired the next day.

Instead, do something else away from the bed. This can be something relaxing to make you feel sleepy or something strenuous to tire you out. Once you fall asleep again, go to your room and hit the hay as soon as possible.

Sleeping pills aren’t always the answer to sleep problems – it’s possible to solve them at home as well. However, if your sleep problems persist and you’re unable to get enough sleep regularly (about 7 or so hours a night), make sure to contact your doctor for further advice.

Discover the Many Different Ways to Make Money with a Blog

Creating a blog site is a great way to express your thoughts and feelings through writing. What’s even better is that you can earn money from it. If you check website traffic and see that you are getting a high number of visits, you can monetize your site. There are several ways on how you start making money out of it.

However, you should choose one or two of these options, which best suit you, before you dive in on all other opportunities. It ensures that you can focus on a few things first, be a pro on them, and maximize your earnings.

Sell Products or Services

One of the most popular ways of earning through blog sites is by selling products or services. If you have physical items to sell like clothes, accessories, bags, shoes, or anything else, you may post them on your site for users to see. Add descriptions and prices and an option to buy if customers get interested.

Besides physical items, you can also sell digital products, such as tutorials in PDF forms and digital artworks. You can also post about the services you offer.

Focus on Affiliate Marketing

Be an affiliate marketer and promote products or services by other companies on your site. Then, when users purchase something from those businesses through your link, you will earn a commission. It’s a form of passive income since the link will be there on your site and your cash increases for every purchase.

Banner Advertisements

There are different sites where you can copy codes for business advertisements to show as banners on your site. You will make money for every click on the banner ad or every specific number of impressions it makes. Besides banner ads, you may also display articles from advertisers, where you can earn money each time users click on them.

Post Sponsored Articles

You could also start earning by posting articles from sponsors on your site. They may write the article, and all you have to do is post it on your site. Once you have a good number of followers, many companies would want to work with you. They may also ask you to write the article, which is another income. The rate for writing will be different from your posting fee.

Create a Business Directory

Building a customer directory that offers details of various businesses may take time, but it can be lucrative in the long run. Instead of just writing the company’s contact details, step up the game by adding photos and more information, such as restaurants’ foods and ambiance. Companies will pay to be included in your directory as it will help them reach more customers.

Get Paid for Product Reviews

If you have several followers on a specific niche, companies may ask you to review their products and pay you for that. There are also sites where you can select from a list of products to try and then write a review.

Start a blog site now, so you can unleash your writing skills and creativity and earn simultaneously.

How to Make Money with a Blog

At the end of the day, there are plenty of ways to monetize the traffic and content of a blog. However, not all of them are going to work as well as you might hope. For this reason, it’s important to always test and compare what methods work best.

No matter what optimization and monetization methods you use, it’s important to always put the value of the end user first. After all, without the engagement of your audience, there is no point in even having a blog!

How Can Your Website Attract Highly Targeted Traffic That Delivers Results

Websites are digital storefronts for your business. Setting up a blog or website for your product is just the beginning. For your site to get traffic, it needs to get noticed first.

While having a good website structure is paramount, following an effective content marketing strategy is also critical for generating traffic. So what can you do to reach that perfect target audience who is genuinely interested in your product?

How can you convert your traffic to substantial sales? In this article, you’ll discover the top ways to help your website attract highly targeted traffic that delivers results.

Search Engine Optimization

Ranking high on search engines is all about passing the test of credibility and quality. In addition, keyword placement also plays an important role in showcasing a website high on the search results. You can make your website visible on the search results by optimizing its content for search engines. How do you do that?

Make sure to fill out the alt text option in all the images on your website. In addition to this, you can make the most out of meta-descriptions. SEO experts advise you to create internal links on your website that connect to the latest content being posted on your site. Being proactive and performing keyword research can help generate organic traffic that will most likely engage with your business.

Social Media Marketing

Almost everybody uses social media nowadays. For businesses that cater directly to the customer’s needs, social media platforms are one of the best ways to advertise their products.

By posting relatable content based on a formalized media strategy, any business can gain followers on social media easily. With a notable online presence, you can increase brand awareness for your business.

Most social media platforms allow businesses to link their websites to their account so that visitors can seamlessly check out their services. If you have an engaging and visually pleasing landing page, chances are high that your social media campaigns and paid ads will generate value for your business in return.


According to the top SEO experts, one of the best ways to add relevant keywords, that can help your website rank high on search engines, is to start blogging.

Most people who look for a product, service, or even answers to some questions turn to search engines for help. If your website provides relevant information to seekers, it won’t be difficult to create a positive brand image.

According to the inspirational quotes on https://bloglingo.com, life has its challenges (like driving targeted traffic to your website). By faith, however, all things are possible. Although it may take you some time to see consistent results, keeping your content as genuine as possible is crucial. If you try to trick the algorithm by stuffing keywords meaninglessly, your blog may even get banned.

Paid Advertisements 

The best way to get your website noticed by potential customers is by smartly placing ads all over the Internet. You can use search engines and social media platforms to build your brand and attract new customers. More traffic means more sales.

Paid advertisements are highly customized to suit your needs and help your business reach its goals. You can focus your ads to gain more traffic for your website, get more footfalls on your blog, and convert visitors into new customers. However, you need to consistently modify your advertisement strategy based on the feedback you get from your previous ads.

Referral Traffic

Many new businesses find it profitable to collaborate with another business of the same or somewhat related niche. By adding relevant links in meaningful places, you can guide potential customers from one website to another. Also known as referral traffic, this strategy is focused on interlinking similar businesses to help them benefit mutually. You can collaborate with reputable sites to help your business gain visibility in front of visitors.

However, if you link your website to malicious sites, you may face penalties from the search engines. The best way is to create high-quality content that compels other sites to establish links to your website.

Structure, responsiveness, and quality of content are major factors that affect the way new visitors react to your website. In addition to a compelling and visually appealing website, you might want to set up Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and use Social Media Marketing (SMM) to get your brand noticed.

If you’re already implementing these two strategies, you can also do blogging, paid advertisement, and referral links, to help your site reach a wide base of potential customers further.

Little-Known Sites That Can Help You Monetize Your Writing

If you’re good at writing, you can use your skill to make decent earnings. Eventually, you will build up a steady flow of work and income for yourself. 

There are more than a few sites offering writers and bloggers opportunities to monetize their writing skills. While you can always go the freelancer route on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork, there are sites that pay you to write the content you like.

Here are some of the wonderful options for earning money for your writing. 

1. Blasting News

Launched in mid-2013, Blasting News is the world’s largest social news publisher today. It is one of the 200 websites in the world, with more than 80 million unique on-site visitors every month. Reporting in 25 languages across 34 countries, the platform accepts various submissions. According to its founders, the idea behind Blasting News relates to the open media industry, or the hope to help people express themselves. As a bonus, it is an opportunity for people to earn money. 

The articles published are contributed by freelancers referred to as blasters. There’s a team of senior professionals in charge of quality control (senior blasters) that fact checks and curates the publications received. For the best results, the distribution of the news is done by a team of leading digital influencers, the ‘social blasters,’ and the writers themselves. Blasting News pays up to $150 for each article. 

2. Income Diary

Income Diary publishes articles on topics dealing with starting a business online. The articles are on how to make money online, optimizing traffic and conversions, social media, web design, and other related topics. Your article will make Income Diary happy as long as it discusses building an online business. Do make sure that your article is easy to understand, bringing to life any human experience the readers can relate to. 

The pieces should ideally be between 2,500 words and 4,500 words, and you are paid $500 for every accepted contribution. The best part: you’ll be encouraged to write even if you don’t have any published work under your belt. However, when submitting an article, do not forget to mention that you would like to get paid for it. 

3. Contena

Contena comes with a host of cool features that help you get started with your freelance writing career right away. With Contena, you’ll be able to search for writing jobs all across the web to jumpstart your writing career. Some of its useful features are:

  • A database of pay rates of 1600 companies
  • A tool for finding jobs
  • Alerts on receiving emails
  • Submission finder

Every member is given access to Contena Academy, which provides a 6-module video training course along with materials guiding you on how you can give your freelance writing business a flying start. Even those who possess writing experience find the Academy useful as it has helped them learn new methods to fine-tune their writing. Platinum members also get help in preparing a portfolio to pitch for jobs. 

4. Publish on Amazon

Like writing fiction and have dreams of publishing a book? Well, your dream might come sooner than expected. Thanks to Amazon, or Kindle Direct Publishing, you can present your book to the world without worrying about finding an agent or publisher. Anyone can self-publish on Amazon, and it is a great opportunity to earn a steady income. 

A great tip before releasing a book on Amazon is to build a community of people interested in your writing. You can do this by being active on social media or writing a personal blog. Whatever it is, make sure to attract like-minded people that will value your writing. 


There are many opportunities for you to monetize your writing. It might just be a side hustle, or you might opt for a steadier income. Whichever you choose, the success depends on how much effort you plan to put in. However, there are fraudulent pages and offers that claim to guarantee easy and fast earnings. In fact, money-making scams are one of the most common online. 

As soon as a suspicious pop-up claims that you can earn a thousand dollars while working from home, ignore it. Usually, it is not a legitimate offer but a scam, hoping that you will click on the ad or share your personal information. There are tools that can help you, however. For instance, Atlas VPN is a tool that encrypts your entire online traffic, meaning no one can snoop on it. Additionally, it offers protection from ads and suspicious websites. Thus, you will be able to secure the integrity of your data and stop these scams from popping up on your screen. 

Overall, being a freelance writer often gives you a better quality of life. There’s no hectic daily routine to follow or a mad rush to reach your workplace on time. Things are much more relaxed. Life’s a breeze if the stress of finding a steady flow of work and earning is gone. Our article with the details of leading websites offering decent pay with steady work can help you jumpstart your writing career.

How to Create a Niche Plumber Resource Blog

Have you ever wanted to create an online resource or blog that could provide a lot of value to your audience, but also to make some money with in the process?

If so, one of the best ways to accomplish this is to go after a niche market that is small enough where you can break into local markets, while also having enough people searching for the topic on a daily basis as well.

For this example, “plumbing” is a perfect niche market to get into… and there are a number of reasons why this is true:

  • Plumbers are needed in all economies, no matter what’s happening
  • It’s a specialized skills and necessary in all local markets
  • People are always searching online for “how-to” articles
  • New individuals are looking for education/professional

With all of these factors in place, you can start to get a good idea if it’s going to be a good niche focus or not. We will continue to dive into this as we make out way through the article.

Figure Out What People are Searching For

With all of those topics listed above, you can start to plan out how you want to create your site. You can go with a niche site that covers all of the topics as a whole, around “plumbing”, or you can go after a specific action or task — such as “how to find a plumber in your area”.

Another great idea would be to create a site that provides resources for plumbers as well. This could be everything from supplies, work info, and even plumber insurance — which pretty much every plumber would need to have.

And if you were to select any of these niche topics and zone in even deeper, that would make your site even more relevant and set up for better monetization. For example, here are some topics you could cover if you build a site around just “plumber insurance“:

  • General Liability
  • Building
  • Property Coverage
  • Auto Insurance
  • Workers Compensation
  • Tools Coverage

No matter what topic you go after, it’s important to make sure all of your site info is unique and provides value — as this will help later on in the promotional process.

Monetize with Google Adsense or Affiliate Marketing

Now, when it comes to the monetization of your site, you are going to have a few different options.

The easiest is going to be Google Adsense. With this method, you simply join the Adsense program and place a few lines of code on your site and advertisements will serve from Google. You would then earn a commission on every click, and the majority of them should be plumber related.

Your second option is to go with affiliate marketing, which would work really well with plumber insurance leads or if you were selling inventory. A great way to explore your options with affiliate marketing is to see what lead generation programs are out there, or even linking to different products offered by Amazon.

While the monetization of your site is always going to be a big focus, it’s important to first focus on your content and getting traffic to the site.

Promote Your Site and Build Up Your SEO

With traffic, your site is just another site on the internet taking up space. This means you will need to not only have great content, but also some social media activity and backlinks coming to your site as well.

Backlinks from other sites are really going to help your site rank in Google. Some of the best ways to acquire such backlinks and references from other sites are to:

  • Create your own plumber resource guides
  • Interview plumbers and compile their tips and info
  • Make top lists for plumbers to find resource
  • Write content around the best plumber videos on YouTube
  • Guest post on other related sites and link back to yours
  • Design a quick infographic for other sites to reference

To learn more about what keywords to track and go after, we recommend using a tool like Zutrix, as you can set up a free account and start tracking keywords and rankings for your site right away.

Takeaway Tips for Creating a Successful Plumber Resource Site

As you can see, there are plenty of things you will need in place to create a successful plumbing resource blog.

It starts out with the foundation and planning process, then your content, marketing and monetization.

With enough of these elements in place, you might start seeing a few high listings in Google, which can start sending a few thousand visitors to your site every month — and with traffic, comes earnings and further monetization.

If you’d like to get started with a niche specific resource site of your own (and not in the plumbing space), be sure to read through all of the recommendations above and then apply them to your own niche topic or market.

5 Ways to Improve Your Content Writing

Did you know that there are now more than a billion active websites and blogs on the internet today? It’s true — and guess what all of them have in comment?


Every site on the internet needs to have content in order to rank in the search results, provide value to users, and also convert audiences into paying customers and to generate revenue.

With that being said, it’s extremely important for all written content to be of the highest quality content at all times. And for this to take place, you either need to be a great writer, or have someone else writing the content for you.

Many people will often think they aren’t great writers, and this is something they have to live with. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth, as we can all become better writers.

Read on to learn about five exciting, unique and different ways to improve your content writing skills today.

1 – Use a Grammar Checking Tool While Writing

When it comes to content writing, most of the time this is being done online. For site owners and bloggers, content is often being written in WordPress. And if you are running a business or working from home, you may also be using Google Docs or Microsoft Word.

In either of these cases, there are free (trial) word checker tools like Grammarly, ProWritingAid and WhiteSmoke, that can help critique your writing as you are typing.

These tools and applications are great because they can help spot any spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and also help you become more aware of ways to improve your writing skills.

2 – Get Creative and Increase Mindfulness Before Writing

In addition to using spell checkers and writing tools, it’s also a great idea to get the mind going before writing your next article.

Two excellent ways to accomplish this in a quick amount of time, is to color in your free time, or to play word games like Scrabble, or even some word games on your mobile devices.

Through the use of a word unscrambler, you can also create your own fun word searches and print them out for future use. This way, before you have a new article due, you can run through a quick game sheet and your mind juices flowing.

This also works well if you have a handy coloring book and pencils by your desk at all times. After all, it only takes a few minutes of mindfulness and creativity to really get the mind flowing.

3 – Break Apart Your Content Before Writing 

Writing a lot of content throughout the day can really take a toll on your mind. When you write enough of it, you start to get better at formatting your content before you actually start writing.

An excellent way to do this is to open a word document and write out your title. After that, you would then write your sub-titles and category headlines. You should also throw a summary in there as well.

By having all of these sections in place before writing, it will actually help you in the content creation process, as you will have a much better idea on your word count throughout the process, and you also won’t be staring at a blank sheet trying to figure out what to write.

4 – Read More in Your Spare Time 

Want a quick and easy way to improve your writing skills? Simply read more!

According to this MasterClass, there are five ways that reading can continually help to improve with your writing skills on a daily basis. These include:

  1. Reading helps you develop critical thinking skills.
  2. Reading exposes you to a variety of writing styles
  3. Reading allows you to study grammar in context.
  4. Reading helps you expand your vocabulary
  5. Reading inspires new ideas.

By spending just a few minutes a day reading articles, blog content and books, not only will you keep your mind flowing with creative juices, it will also help you better understand how professional writing looks as well.

When reading other material, be sure to keep in mind how that content looks, reads and relates to the content you write. 

5 – Hire a Proofreader and Learn to Improve Your Writing

Last but not least, you may want to consider your options with hiring a proofreader to look over your written work.

This can benefit in two different ways.

The first being that your work will get a second look over, and will be provided to your audience or client in even better form.

The second being that a proofreader can help you with any common writing mistakes that you are currently making, while also giving you recommendations and tips to further improve your writing along the way.

It’s also important to note that proofreaders are relatively cheap, and can be hired on a single article basis through the use of a freelancer micro-job site like Fiverr.

Five Winning Methods to Improve Your Writing Skills

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, there are more websites and blogs on the internet than ever before. Each and every one of these sites are publishing content daily, in order to attract new audiences and generate sales. For this to happen, their site content needs to be the best possible.

Before writing your next article, be sure to consider each of the recommendations and winning methods above.

It doesn’t matter if you are writing for your own site, a company blog or even doing freelance work in your spare time — you will always want to make sure the quality is there, and to have your audience hanging on every written word.

Useful Tips for Starting a Vegan Blog

Going vegan is a major lifestyle decision that many people make in a bid to become healthier. Since a lot of people are vegans or are just about to be one, it can be lucrative to make a blog about the lifestyle choice. Of course, starting a vegan blog is not as easy as it seems.

If you want to start your own blog about it, then you may need to consider these tips first.

Pick A Niche

It’s not a good idea to not narrow down your ideas when it comes to blogging. As such, it’s best to pick a niche before starting a blog first. You could make a blog about the best vegan restaurants, or even one about how veganism has changed the lives of others. You don’t need a unique niche, you just need one that gets people hooked.


A good idea would be to do reviews of vegan products. For instance, you can do a blog that focuses on reviewing the best vegan protein powders and health supplements. In doing so, you’re able to attract a certain market already – thus giving you momentum to stand on.

Begin Making Your Website

The next major step is to actually make your website. The first thing you need to do is find a platform that can host your blog. Good choices are WordPress and GoDaddy as they are intuitive and relatively cheaper than most platforms. While picking a host, you should also begin thinking of a good and unique domain name.

Next, design your website. Most web hosting platforms give you access to tools and templates that let you build a good website simply by clicking and dragging. While easy to use, they are pretty much limited with regards to what they can do.

If you know proper coding, dive deeper into your web design. Alternatively, you can have professional web designers do the job for you.

Make Good Content Consistently

With your website set up, the next best step is to start making good content. Obviously, it should be a must that you know your stuff about the lifestyle. Providing wrong information and misleading facts will draw ire from the community.

Creating good vegan content is not enough. You must also be consistent in posting. As much as possible, stick to a posting schedule. What this does is that it gives your visitors something to look forward to each day. Posting at least every other day is more than enough to keep people coming back for more.

Be Patient

Don’t expect your blog to get thousands of visitors from the get-go. In fact, it might even take months before you get a hundred visitors per day. Just stay patient and consistent and eventually, your following will grow.

Starting a vegan blog is easy. What’s hard is maintaining a good one that vegans will turn to again and again. This short guide is a broad look at how you can start. How you can make it successful and better depends entirely on your perseverance and creativity.

7 Most Effective Tips to Monetize a Blog

Blogging can be both a hobby and a source of income. At first, it will become a source of additional income, and in the future, if you are able to grow traffic to your blog, it can even become the main source of your income.

One of the most difficult parts of monetizing a blog is growing the number of daily visitors, though only a proper promotional strategy will help you increase these numbers. Also, it is important to come up with more than just a few ways to generate profits from your blog.

Therefore in today’s article, we will share some tips and tricks that will help you find more ways to monetize your blog.

Tip #1: Sell Your Own Merchandise

If you already have a proper number of daily readers, you can release your own merchandise in order to make some extra money. If this sounds like a big investment that may not pay off, we ensure it will be a successful experiment if you produce the merchandise via a print-on-demand platform. 

The first best thing about a print on demand platform is that you do not need to foresee how many items you will need, order them in large quantities, or pay upfront for those large quantities. The second best thing is that the production and delivery are up to the POD platform. The number of orders Printify stores have received has tripled in June 2020. The numbers indicate that Printify is one of the best choices for your print-on-demand needs as far as orders go. 

Tip #2: Offer Online Courses

Depending on your blog’s main concept, you can create an online course and promote it on your blog, or you could start teaching online. Building a course will take some time at first, but it will become a form of passive income afterward.

On the other hand, if your readers appreciate you as a personality and follow you on social media, being able to talk to you online might be a bonus point for them, but in a longer time, teaching online will take more of your time. 

Tip #3: Accept Guest Posts

If your blog has good ratings and generates great traffic, many link builders might be interested in publishing guest posts on your website. You can either choose to write an article yourself and add their links or accept an article that is already written by them.

However, when accepting guest posts, be selective about what you publish. You need to make sure that the link builders provide unique quality content and that it matches the concept of your blog. Publishing random content for money will lead to decreased traffic, and no one wants to publish guest posts on your blog anymore.

Tip #4: Do Freelance Blogging in Addition

If you are an experienced blogger and have been writing your blog for years now, you can do freelance blogging. More to it, if you have been creating and publishing quality content on your blog through the years and have generated great numbers of traffic, the link to your blog will work better than any portfolio.

To find projects that need freelance bloggers, make sure to check out freelancer websites such as Fiverr and Upwork. Also, you can find projects to work on in Facebook freelancer groups, local or worldwide. 

Tip #5: Write Sponsored Reviews

Depending on the main topic of your blog, you can offer paid product or service reviews. For example, if you are a beauty blogger, you can review various kinds of decorative cosmetics brand products.

On the other hand, if you run a blog that publishes content on such topics as marketing or SEO, there will be fewer products or services for you to review. However, you can share your opinion about specific online courses or online tools.

Tip #6: Use AdSense

Adding Google AdSense to your website will help you grow your business revenue by showing related ads on your website, which means that each website visitor will see different ads on your website, depending on their geographical location, interests, age, gender, and so on.

Tip #7: Add Your Own Ad Banners

If you want full control of what kind of ads are shown on your blog, you can add stationery banners to your website and offer payment packages for the brands that want to advertise on your website.

If you choose the ads well and make them relative to your blog, your readers will find it rather beneficial than annoying. For example, if you are promoting a new social media marketing online course with a discount code, your readers will appreciate it because it’s not only informative but also beneficial.

5 Things You Must to Know to Launch a Successful Blog in 2021

Blogs are everywhere. Celebrities have them, businesses need them and pretty much anyone with an opinion can start one. With so many blogs all over the place, why are some more successful than others, and how can you start one that’s more likely to succeed?

At the end of the day, the main reason why there are so many websites and blogs on the internet today, is simply because it’s so cheap and easy to get started. Heck, you don’t even need to have any technical or design skills anymore, with most site builders offering simplistic drag and drop editors.

A perfect example of this can be seen with the millions of users that have gone through the process to create a blog on Wix. In fact, they even have an ad campaign that shows celebrities creating their own sites in seconds — showing it really is that simple.

However, even with it being extremely quick and easy to start a blog of your own… does it mean that you should? Nothing in life worth doing is easy, and that’s the same with creating a successful site or blog as well.

To stand out from the crowd and create a site of real value, you are going to need to pre-plan for the launch of your site and how you will continue to grow it over time. And that is exactly what we are going to be covering today.

1 – Know Why Are You Blogging in the First Place

What’s the point in starting a blog if you don’t have a reason for one? Well, that is why you need to first think about it and consider the different options available.

Of the many different reasons to start a blog, here are some of the most common reasons:

  • Inspire your audience and share your story
  • Improve writing ability and being more tech-savvy
  • It’s a fun and exciting new skill to learn
  • Building a site and brand for your business
  • Generate income through content, traffic and ads
  • To meet new people and become a voice online
  • And many more…

As you can see, when it comes to blogging… you don’t really need to have a reason to get started, you just need to get started.

The more clear of an idea and message you have for your site, the more likely you are to succeed with it. Also, try to stay as niche focused as possible, as this will help with your content creation and audience targeting — which we will be talking about next.

2 – Decide Who Your Target Audience Is

So, you came up with an idea for your site… now what? Ideally, you would want to promote it and bring new visitors to your site.

Before we do all of this, you need to know who your target demographic audience is, where you can find them, and also how they are going to get value out of your site.

This is important because there are already a billion different sites on the internet, already talking about a million of the same things… So why would your site be any different?

With both this point and the previous one in mind, try to think about why you are going to create a site, who it’s meant for, and why it’s better than what’s currently out there.

And if you think your new shiny little blog has no potential or chance for success… just take a look at this story on a woman that created a coupon blog, which then turned into a multi-million dollar success story!

3 – Go Live with Your Social Media Accounts

When you think about social media, you might be thinking this is something you would want to set up after your blog goes live. Actually, it’s best to start it before going live.

There are several reasons for this, but the first is that you can secure a nice set of names across each of the social platforms. It would be best to try and get the same name as your domain name, but this is often hard to accomplish.

When creating your social profiles, try and make sure they are all branded in the same colors and language, so they have a consistent look and feel across them all. You will also want to link back to your site from your social profiles as well. This will help people find your site.

Once your site is live, it’s important to share all of your blog content across each of your major social networking platforms. You can also create a Facebook Fan Page as well, along with accounts on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

4 – Launch Your Site with Live Articles

Another important thing to consider before actually going live with your site, is to make sure that you have a few live articles for people to read as well.

Many people will go live with their blog and share it with everyone, and only have one article on the site. It’s very exciting to get your site live, but if it’s just one article… then there isn’t much else to do.

With that being said, try to have at least three to five articles live on your site. Also don’t forget to add some nice visuals within each article, and to also link out to any other reliable references or sources you talk about.

5 – Learn the Basics of SEO and Social Media Marketing

After your site is live, you will then want to focus more of your time and effort on the outreach and promotion process. This can best be accomplished through the use of SEO to rank in the search results and social media marketing.

Google will eventually index your site in the search results for free, but you will need a lot of backlinks from other sites and high-quality content to compete against other sites.

For this reason and more, social media marketing is often the go-to method for new bloggers and site owners. Since most of us already have friends and a following online, it’s much easier to share new blog content with friends versus trying to rank in Google.

If you’d like to learn more about the many different ways to bring new audiences to your blog, be sure to read through these 8 recommendations from Forbes.

How to Start Your Blog in the Right Direction from Day One

No matter what type of blogger you are, it’s important to try and make your blog as fun, informative, visually pleasing and useful as possible. With a billion other blogs out there fighting for attention, you are going to need to do something special to win your audience over.

The best way to accomplish this is by making sure you read through each of the questions and data points we listed above.

The more you know about your site, it’s audience and reason for being, the more likely you are to set a foundation for success.

The most important thing for you today is to start planning and getting everything in motion. Blogging is an extremely fun process, but can be slow at times, so best to get started now versus later on.